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11 Great Games like God of War to Play in 2022

The God of War series is one of the most popular video game series. The popular PlayStation exclusive was known for its classic hack-and-slash gameplay and its protagonist Kratos’s short fiery temper until the most recent addition in the God Of War series on PS4, which took the franchise down a more linear narrative storytelling route.

The first three games in the franchise followed Kratos as he sought revenge on his father, Zeus, having Kratos hack and slash his way through countless gods such as Poseidon and Athena.

By the time Kratos was done with the Greek Pantheon, Kratos had little family. These games relied heavily on the third-person hack-and-slash gameplay in games such as Hades.

On PlayStation 4, the God of War series was later revitalized, introducing players to a very different God of War game focused on linear storytelling and narrative.

The game once again follows the story of Kratos, but this time his son, Atreus, follows them as they seek to uncover the mysteries behind the Nordic gods and why they are being hunted.

The latest God of War is considered one of the greatest games. Similarly, the prior God of War games is also highly regarded.

There are many games like God of War; this article will cover them and split them into two sections, those games that are similar to the first three God of War games and other games like God of War on the PlayStation 4, the latest game in the series.

Games Like God of War – Our Top Pick👌

  • Hades
  • Apotheon 
  • The Battle of Olympus 
  • The Bayonetta Series
  • The Star Wars Force Unleashed Series
  • Assassins Creed Odyssey
  • The Uncharted Series
  • Immortal Fenyx Rising
  • The Last of Us Series
  • The Rise of Tomb Raider 

Games Like God of War 1,2 and 3


The popular game Hades is very similar to the first three God of War games in that both have identical hack-and-slash mechanics.

Although the graphical art style differs significantly between both games, both games rely on simple attack options to take down enemies through hacking and slashing.

Similarly, both games also have greek god influences, with the main character in Hades seeking to escape the underworld by wielding the powers of Olympus and beating Hades.

Kratos also had a run-in with Hades as he entered the underworld in God of War 3, slaying his uncle. Thus, both games are similar in gameplay, mythology, and war.

It is worth noting that although Hades is more of a roguelike game than the first three God of War games in the series, God of War has very similar camera angles at times, with similar gameplay, even if Hade’s gameplay might be more technical. Thus, Hades is like God of War, 1, 2 and very similar to God of War 3.

Hades is considered one of the best games of the last decade and has been reviewed incredibly well by critics, with an average critic score of 93 and an 8.9 user score.

Overall, Hades is a fantastic roguelike action game and should be played by anyone who enjoys the genre. 

Hades - v1.0 Launch Trailer


Apotheon is a 2D sidescrolling action game developed by Alien Trap Games. Apotheon, much like Hades and God of War 1-3, uses ancient greek mythology in its plot.

The game features similar gameplay mechanics to the first three God of War games, with hack-and-slash combat. Apotheon has you take control of humanity’s last champion with the singular goal of saving the human race from the wrath of the gods.

Like God of War 1-3 Apotheon, makes you hunt down and defeat the gods of Mount Olympus so that you can wield godlike power and save humanity.

Thus from a gameplay and narrative perspective, Apotheon is a game like God of War but does differ in art style. The game features a unique art style reminiscent of ancient greek hieroglyphs, capturing the spirit of ancient Greece.

Apotheon was released in 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PC and was reviewed well on the platforms. The game scored around the high 70’s from critics, with a user score in the 7’s.

Apotheon is a must-have game for any fan of 2D platforming and sidescrolling or any history buff who loves ancient greek history. The game is fantastic to play and a lot of fun.

Games Like God of War

The Battle of Olympus 

The Battle of Olympus is one of the older games on this list. Originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Gameboy in 1988, The Battle of Olympus was one of the first games to cover ancient Greece.

The game is a sidescrolling action RPG that follows the story of Orpheus, who seeks to save his girlfriend from the evil Hades. Along the way, Orpheus seeks the help of several Greek gods, such as Zeus, who lend him their power to defeat Hades.

The Battle of Olympus even has you encounter ancient greek monsters such as the Minotaur, Cyclops, and the Nemean Lion.

Battle of Olympus is similar to the first three God of War games in that both feature ancient Greek mythos and have sidescrolling elements. Thus the game is like God of War due to its narrative, lore, and some gameplay elements.

The game is similar to popular Nintendo titles such as The Legend of Zelda, with similar platforming and fighting mechanics.

Likewise, the game takes heavy inspiration from the Mario games, with both series narratives being saved by the damsel in distress.

The game is highly regarded by critics and fans and should be played by retro enthusiasts. It is one of the lesser-known games on the NES and Gameboy and should not be overlooked.

The Battle of Olympus - NES Gameplay

The Bayonetta Series – Games like god of war with awesome gameplay

The Bayonetta series is similar to the first three God of War games in that both feature similar hack-and-slash gameplay against powerful large enemies.

Platinum Games first released the first Bayonetta game in 2009 on various platforms and took the video game world by storm due to its fun and action-packed gameplay.

Games like God of War

The series follows the character Bayonetta as she takes down epic bosses using her iconic two handguns. Currently, the series covers two Bayonetta games, with the third releasing soon on the Nintendo Switch.

The Bayonetta games are similar to the first three God of War games in that they both include epic boss battles, combos, and hack-and-slash gameplay.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, they mirror each other. Thus the Bayonetta games are like God of War in many ways.

Furthermore, the Bayonetta series of games is critically acclaimed, with Bayonetta 1 and 2 scoring in the ’90s on Metacritic and a higher user score.

Thus, the Bayonetta series is one of the best hacks and slash video game series and can be argued to be better than God of War.

Bayonetta - E3 2009 trailer - HD version

The Star Wars Force Unleashed Series

Although some of you might wonder how a Star Wars game is similar to God of War, cast your mind back to the release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and you will see the similarities.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was first released in 2008 and quickly became popular amongst Star Wars fans and video game fans in general as one of the best Star Wars games.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed later got a sequel due to its popularity, titled Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. The first game followed Darth Vaders secret apprentice Starkiller, tasked with defeating and killing the remaining Jedi.

The game took players on a galaxy-spanning adventure across the stars, meeting familiar faces and new ones. The second game also followed Darth Vaders apprentice, but this time, the clone of Starkiller, a much more powerful version.

Similarly, a third game, known as Star Wars Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition, added new content to the first game, including new missions and other content.

All three games feature hack and slash gameplay similar to God of War and have similar quick combo cutscenes. Likewise, both games feature huge bosses to take down, such as the Rancor in Force Unleashed 1, Star Destoyers, and other huge enemies.

God of War also features giant enemies such as Kratos grandfather Chronos. Likewise, both Kratos and Starkiller have very similar temperaments, with both having short tempers, which makes them powerful. 

Similarly, both characters end up on a mission of revenge filled with tragedy and plot twists. Thus, the Force Unleashed games are like God of War in many ways.

Overall, the Force Unleashed series scored pretty well, ranging in the low 60’s to low 70’s, with the first game in the series reviewing better.

As a result, pick up this great Star Wars game. It is a classic and should be played by all fans of a galaxy far away. 

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Game intro

Games Like God of War PS4

As highlighted, God of War 1,2, and 3 are very different from the most recent installment in the God of War series.

The God of War remake on the PS4 follows the story of God of War 3 but portrays Kratos in a new light using in-depth storytelling and dynamic gameplay mechanics rather than hack-and-slash gameplay. There are many games like God of War on PS4.

Assassins Creed Odyssey

Assassins Creed Odyssey is one of the biggest Assassins Creed games ever created. The game was first released in 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and took players across ancient Greece as either Alexios or Kassandra to become a legend.

The game follows either protagonist as they seek to find answers behind their past and make their way in a world full of war, tyranny, and anarchy.

Assassins Creed Odyssey is set in a time of greek history when the Spartans and the Athenians are battling for dominance over the Greek world.

The game has you take control of either protagonist as they explore ancient Greece, uncovering treasure and mystery, and even partaking in some deadly conflict between the Athenians and the Spartans.

The game is sprawling, consisting of a huge open world, hundreds of quests, and a huge selection of combat options through skill tree’s weapon types and customizable loadouts.

Assassins Creed Odyssey is unlike any other Assassins Creed game that has come before, turning the franchise away from purely stealth mechanics and towards RPG-based gameplay, with options to play aggressively, customize your loadout and play how you want.

Assassins Creed Odyssey is similar to God of War on PS4 in that both games feature fully realized explorable 3D worlds based on ancient Mythos.

Both games are stunning, run great, and have excellent stories showing how Mythos can elevate narratives. Assassins Creed Odyssey also featured ancient Greek Gods similar to Kratos’s encounters during the first three games.

Assassins Creed Odyssey was reviewed well when released in 2018, scoring around the high 80s from critics. For fans of open-world games and RPG style, open-worlds such as Skyrim, this game is a must-have. 

Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Gamescom 2018 - Kassandra Cinematic Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

The Uncharted Series – Games like god of war for ps4

Aside from God of War, the Uncharted series of games is the most popular first-party exclusive series on the PlayStation. The Uncharted series consists of several games, with the most recent game in the series being Uncharted 4.

The critically acclaimed developer Naughty Dog developed the series and followed Indiana Jones-like adventurer Nathen Drake as he uncovers the world’s lost treasures.

The first game in the series was released in 2007 and received critical acclaim. The other games in the series also received critical acclaim, with uncharted being one of the most popular first-party PlayStation IPs.

The series is an action-adventure series and involves different gameplay styles, from puzzle-solving to third-person action gameplay. Uncharted is similar to God of War, not just because of its PlayStation heritage but because of its level design.

Both games feature identical level designs, that being semi-open-world maps and locations. Both games feature explorable maps that allow you to go off the beaten path for a while, but not as far as games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Thus both games have semi-open worlds that encourage exploration but not too much. This type of linear world storytelling is why God of War on the PS4 and the Uncharted series has succeeded.

These level design choices have allowed both games to focus on their story and express their narratives while at the same time giving players creative freedom to explore. Thus, the Uncharted games are like God of War in this regard.

The Uncharted series of games have been reviewed very well, receiving scores in the ’90s and high user scores. Similarly, the games have achieved 10/10 scores from reputable news sources such as IGN and other outlets.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - E3 2017 Trailer (Official 4K)

Immortal Fenyx Rising – Action games like god of war

Immortal Fenyx Rising is one of the newer games on this list released in 2020 as another open-world greek action game similar to Assassins Creed Odyssey.

In Immortal Fenyx Rising, you play as Fenyx, who seeks to wield the power of the gods to save them. The game has you explore a vast open world, encountering ancient greek monsters such as Medusa and the cyclops as you try and save the Greek gods from the Titan Typhon.

The game is a blast to play and has an expansive open world full of monsters to defeat, quests to complete and items to collect. The game also has a load of secrets and mysteries to uncover.

Although the game i is not graphically similar nor similar in its gameplay mechanics to God of War on PS4, it is similar in that both lean on ancient Greek mythology, except this time in Immortal Fenyx Rising, you are not killing the gods, rather saving the game is like God of War as a result.

Furthermore, the game takes inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with clear gameplay similarities and comparable items, graphical style, and open world.

The game has been inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Overall, Immortal Fenyx Rising scored a 77 from critics and a high user score of 7.7.

If you love ancient greek inspired games or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you have to play this game.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: World Premiere Trailer

The Last of Us Series

The Last of Us series would come at the top of our lists as the greatest video game series of all time.

The Last of Us is a third-person action-adventure series that follows the story of protagonists Joel and Ellie as they seek to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

The series takes players across the United States as Joel and Ellie seek to cure a plague that has wiped out most of the human race.

The series is one of the most critically acclaimed video game series of all time, with both games receiving 10/10 scores across the board from reviewers.

Both games are masterclasses in video game narrative storytelling and set the bar for a narrative video game-based story when the first game was released in the series on the PlayStation 3 in 2013.

The Last of Us series has some of the best narrative sequences in video games, with both games telling a story filled with tragedy, loss, and dynamic twists and turns.

Aside from God of War, The Last of Us is one of the best games. It is similar to God of War as it features the same linear narrative storytelling of the series.

Both have fantastic stories and limited open worlds, but enough of a world to explore and get lost in. Both games in the Last of Us series score exceptionally well, with Metacritic scores in the mid-’90s making the games some of the most critically acclaimed video game titles of all time.

The Last of Us Remastered - E3 Trailer (Official)

The Rise of Tomb Raider – Games like god of war on Xbox 360

When the first Tomb Raider game was released on the PlayStation 1 in 1996, few could imagine how popular the franchise would become.

The Rise of Tomb Raider was the second game in the franchise’s reboot, released in 2015 on Xbox and later in 2016 on Playstation and PC.

Games like God of War 3

The game once again followed Lara as she sought to uncover the world’s mysteries and, more specifically, the secrets of the invisible city of Kitzeh.

The game takes players across Siberia and includes new features such as a bow and axe, an improved crafting system, and more open-world environments. The game also added the ability to climb and swim and a coop survival mode.

The Rise of Tomb Raider is similar to God of War on the PlayStation 4 in that both have similar linear stories and an open world with exploration but in a limited way.

Similarly, both feature dynamic cutscenes. Overall, The Rise of Tomb Raider scored well on Metacritic with 86 and a high user score.

Rise of the Tomb Raider - E3 Trailer (Official)


What Games Are Similar To God Of War?

Suppose you are looking for games like God Of War. In that case, you can go for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Devil May Cry 5, Bloodborne, NieR: Automata, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Ghost Of Tsushima, and Horizon Zero Dawn.  

What Type Of Gameplay Is God Of War?

God Of War is an action-adventure game. The game is based on ancient mythologies. The story revolves around Krato, a Spartan warrior who later becomes the Greek God Of War. His former master tricked him and made him kill his own family. The gameplay involves war between various mythological pantheons.  

How Many Games Are There In The God Of War Series?

There are a total of 13 games in the God Of War series. The GoW series includes the following titles- 
God Of War 
God Of War II 
God Of War: Betrayal 
God Of War: Chains Of Olympus 
God Of War Collection 
God Of War III 
God Of War: Ghosts Of Sparta 
God Of War: Origins Collection 
God Of War Saga 
God Of War: Ascension 
God Of War III Remastered 
God Of War 
God Of War Ragnarok 

Is There Any Game Like God Of War?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is considered to be the most similar to God Of War. It is because they have a lot in common, such as gameplay, game elements, weapons, and others.  

What Games Are Like the Elden Ring?

Some of the games that are like Elden Ring are- Horizon Forbidden West, Bloodborne, Dark Souls III, Dark Souls, Cyberpunk 2077, God Of War Ragnarok, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, God Of Tsushima, etc.  

Is There Any Realistic War Game?

If you want to experience the real war through a game, we recommend Enlisted. It is a squad-based game with a realistic feel to that of a war, including all the vehicles like tanks and aircraft, and all the weapons are similar.  

Which Is Harder Elden Ring Or Ghost Of Tsushima?

Well, the Elden Ring is much harder than Ghost Of Tsushima. Even though Ghost of Tsushima is easier, it does have various elements that make it an interesting game to play, like a large world, side quests, and technical sword combat.   

Final Thoughts on the games like god of war list

Overall, this article has highlighted 10 Great games like God of War. As shown, there are many games like God of War, with some titles, such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, similar to the original three God of War games.

While other games, such as Assassins Creed Odyssey, are more like the last God of War game on the PlayStation 4. As a result, the God of War Series has taken a dramatic left turn with the latest installment in the franchise on PS4.

Compared to the previous games in the franchise, the game differs through narrative-based gameplay and combat rather than hack and slash.

Thus, showing how diverse the God of War series is and how great it is. The next installment in the God of War series, God of War: Ragnarok, will release next year, likely taking the series to all-new heights.