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15 Best Alternatives Games Like Kahoot 


The online learning platform has emerged recently and Kahoot is one just game that has made learning more adventurous for kids. The app is known among game-based learning platforms due to its active users. 

It allows users to have fun while answering and solving quizzes, the best part is that you can even play along with your friends and can also challenge them. Apart from this, they have many more features to unveil.  

But if you are fed up with playing the same game over and over again and want to test other horizons also then there are many other games like Kahoot in the market that users can once try to test the water. 

Many people are looking for alternatives to Kahoot for whatever reason they have so I decided to lend my help and make a list myself of the best games like Kahoot. 

Best Games Like Kahoot: Our Top Pick ūüĎĆūüĎĆ

Let’s get started with our first one without any further ado. 

1. Poll Everywhere

Let’s get on the track with our very first game that can be considered among the best games like Kahoot out there in the market. Poll Everywhere is the best bet for users who wants to play something that is a combination of mystery and studies. 

It comes in handy when a person is particularly looking for quizzes so that their children can enjoy learning in a healthy competitional environment. But the twist in this app is that instead of old school quizzes, students are asked questions by giving them polls. 

Just like quizzes, there will be a set of options in which the correct option will be hidden, students have to guess the right one. And the finest part of Poll Everywhere is that questions can be curated by teachers or even parents. 

Teachers and parents can decide the difficulty to not make students confused, only two options can be given but to make it difficult, more than two can also be selected. The app not only serves as one of the games like Kahoot but also makes learning interesting. 

The atmosphere gives a competitive competition due to which students thrive to get more answers correct, leading to more time investment in books.  

2. SeeSaw

When searching for popular and known alternatives to replica Kahoot, SeeSaw would be the finest game like Kahoot, keeping the essence of it in its core. 

The app is fully loaded with tools and features and different gaming setups, ensuring a fun and exorbitant learning platform. To ensure proper communication, SeeSaw has tried to encapsulate interactive features.  

Meaningful student engagement with Seesaw

SeeSaw has tried to make the platform as close as it could have been to a proper school classroom, with its interactive features, double players mode, and games consisting of school activities.  

And to make sure that children are highly invested in what they are learning, SeeSaw is providing different means for teachers to approach so that fun and learn can go hand in hand. The best replacement for those who do not like putting up with books. 

SeeSaw is trying to make digital learning more prominent among the schooling system and parents so that people would get accustomed to the ever-growing digital learning platforms.

The visual learners would absolutely love the platform as it helps them to showcase their studies in visual forms, like videos, collages, and many more. 

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is among other alternatives to Kahoot that has made quite a name in the digital learning platform and has maintained the title till now. It is a perfect balance of normal boring quizzes and newly emerged polls. 

Best Games Like Kahoot

It all depends on what the teacher or parents are feeling up to, as both quizzes and poll options are present. If a minimal approach is what you are looking for in games like Kahoot the Quizlet is the best option as the game has a very simple interface. And it does not let communication between teacher and learner fade.  

There is active interaction after every semester to clear the doubts that may be in the mind of students regarding the questions. Teachers can also put up new videos via the app or can refer to a video and can do all minimal things like any other app. 

And to make interesting factor one level up, MCQs can have pictures attached to them. The app makes marking easier for teachers and avoids chaos while presenting the marks as an instructor can add answer cards. 

Back to school 2021: However you study

So after children are done with the test they can see their mask and the reasons behind their marks.

Quizlet is an all-in-one game that has made it to the list because of its feature-packed features and due to its initiation in providing a platform for both instructor and students. Give Quizlet, one of the top-rated games like Kahoot a shot. 

4. Socrative

Next on the list is Socrative, another well-listed game like Kahoot. Just like SeeSaw and Quizlet, Socrative is a full-fledged digital learning platform that has so much to unveil and open up.  

Speaking in general words, the game is very easy to use, has a ton of tools, presence of different levels and varieties of games, and there are many things for you to see by yourself.  

Socrative & Socrative Pro Overview

The app was launched with the aim to make studying better, faster, easier, and interesting. And by seeing its active users, we can say that it has somewhat achieved its goal. They have quizzes, MCQs, polls, space races, exit tickets, and whatnot.  

If you are fine with the web version then it’s alright but if you want it to be accessible even without having internet then you can go for its cell phone version.   

The app has an inventive approach for learning and it does not compromise on active interaction. And getting the work done is a lot easier than in old-school learning methods. The platform is a great way to make non-learners open their books and start studying so that they can pass these tests with flying colors.  

5. Kids A-Z

Kids A-Z is another option for gamers looking for games like Kahoot. With this easy-to-understand and no hardship game, learning is guaranteed.  

You will get hang of Kids A-Z, games like Kahoot as the game comes with a user-friendly interface and has an armory of online class conducting tools. It let you run quizzes, along with educational games thus giving tough competition to Kahoot. 

It also offers e-boots for better access. The aura and charisma of this app make learning a tad bit more interesting and more competitive. This is one of the instruments that make teaching easier for students. 

After the completion of the test, the correct answers along with rated sheets will be sent to the instructor so less paper marking in this app. Apart from quizzes, and educational games, students can also access other learning instruments that may help in their studies.  

The app is housing a plethora of interactive activities, and can also come in handy if one would love to improve their reading skills. The interior is super fun with the alien theme thus breaking the stereotype of education can not fun be fun. 

Students can also customize their robots avatar and space ships with the help of points earned in the test thus fuelling them to do better in their next test. All in all, it would not be any hindrance to check Kids A-z once, because undoubtedly it is among the best games like Kahoot.  

6. Quizalize

From the starting game like Kahoot and till Kids A-Z we are trying to make learning and education more entertaining rather than rote memorizing everything so we are presenting you with Quizalize.  

The app is one of the games that are absolutely at your service without asking for a single dime. There are over 120K quizzes that are not computer curated but rather users’ creation. And the best part of this app is that teachers can ask students about their progress. 

Quizalize Quick Start

Like any other game, you can set up tests and make them fun. It put light on the students’ weak spots so they can improve that point and be a better version of themselves in the study.

Although it lacks a modern approach to studies and does not have polls question, the app covers it up with its loaded features. The subjects that are present are basic such, as no need for rocket science there.  

Unquestionably, Quizalize is lending a helping hand to teachers as the interface is quite easy to get used to therefore no problem in assigning homework or scheduling the next class. When summing up I can clearly say that you won’t feel disappointed if you go with Quizalize.  

7. Nearpod

Moving with our next digital platform to replace Kahoot and become better at their studies, students can approach Nearpod for interactive sessions.  

The app is one of the platforms that is changing tests into gamified versions with the help of the internet. There’s a lot to check out in the app and when I say a lot it means over 7,500 personally curated sessions.  

Best Games Like Kahoot 2

The platform is not a student-centric one, being available for both teachers as well as the administration makes it one of the future-packed games like Kahoot. It allows teachers to customize these lessons according to their comfort and preferences. 

Teachers can have real-time insight into their students’ performances via various deals such as lessons, videos, games, and activities. There are assignments allotted for students that they can either finish up in a group or individually.  

Nearpod is trying its level best to make a platform for teachers so that they can have an easier approach for better results, all in one place. Exclusive media features and influential assessments are getting better results out of the students. 

A visual approach to studies can only be exciting with informative slides, videos, engaging activities such as draw it, matching pairs, and many more. Teachers can select the difficulty level according to the grades and subjects. 

8. Acadly

Acadly has mostly received better responses from critics when it comes to being a platform that resembles games like Kahoot. It is another tools overloaded platform that helps teachers curate customized quizzes. 

And if you are looking for polls then Acadly has it too but only accessible in live in-classes. But if you can overlook this minor caveat then there’s much more to look up to in the app.  

It has a set of features like an analytics tool, attendance recorder, assignments, and a very exclusive course structure that brings new style and better results to teaching techniques. And all this at no cost at all.  

The app will remind you of Quizalize as they both are thriving to make education accessible to anyone and everyone as they both are free for professors and students. 

The app is the epitome of jam-packed with its collaborative features, modern teaching techniques, BYOD teaching, interactive sessions, flipped classrooms, and many more. It is a one-stop destination for teachers as apart from live classes, it has a built-in chatbot.  

Apart from free services, teachers can also go for their paid subscription as it opens up zoom integration, alarms that point out at-risk students, and you will get basic features as you are getting in free services. 

Why letting go of such a resourceful platform that can very well act as one of the games like Kahoot. 

9. Blackboard Learn

A very known name in the field of games like Kahoot is Blackboard Learn which beliefs in providing a platform that has a modern, intuitive, and responsive tint to it. They believe that students can only do better with an engaging platform. 

The app has an accessible interface that allows students to have a better experience. It acts as a mediator between engaging content and students who love to study online rather than old-school meaning methods. 

The app has a better learning environment and helps in attaining the level set up by businesses. Jose Bernier, the Associate vise president of IT believes that users can get a partner willing to listen in the Blackboard, one who thrives to drive solutions better for both faculty and students.  

Blackboard Learn Ultra: It’s never been easier to teach and learn

As we said this app is pretty simple yet effective as its three easy-to-implement toolkits allow instructors to work more freely, get better student responses, and improve institutional effectiveness.  

If you are searching better platform that can provide better results and can be considered among the best games like Kahoot then do give a chance to Blackboard Learn.  

10. Glu

Can not miss Glu while talking about games like Kahoot as it is one of the games that allow students to have social interaction with not only their classmates but also with other people outside of school premises.  

The quizzes are not bounded to school-going students only, due to which they can be played with strangers also. The range of games is broad in Glu as there are over 1000 categories from which students can pick what attracts them the most.  

And if you are confident enough that you will be the one with victory then you can also challenge your friends for a duel after selecting the category. Signing up with Glu is pretty easy so that you can enjoy engaging online platforms better, and without worrying too much about the money. 

The bar setup is pretty high in the Glu as they believe in high quality so that you can stay assured that you will only get the best experience from the best people themselves. 

11. Google classroom

Well, another alternative to Kahoot is Google Classroom, a classy platform that educators can use. The app allows teachers to make educational content much easier and more engaging than the normal way. 

Quizzes and question cards are a good way to replace pen and paper and the eye-catching part of this app is that it makes student life easier by allowing them to link their notes with the lessons.  

It is one of the collaborative apps that let users attach assignments from different app with Google Classroom. It would not be a wise move to let go of a game that can be an asset to your tutoring life. 

12. Explain Everything

One get used to the things if said more than hundreds time and teaching is one such profession that needs revising the same thing again and again so to make it little easier, developers have created Explain Everything.  

It is again one of the moments where teachers are getting a platform to create content and lessons. If Google Classroom was not the right pick for you then you can always transfer to Explain Everything. 

Best Games Like Kahoot 3

It let you make pretty slides of lessons that consist of images, audio, as well as videos thus making it more interesting. The app keeps a tab on your activities and your gestures so to help you avoid daily activities again and again. 

It may not be at the level of Kahoot but it is enough for those who are looking for an easy content creator, therefore, added to the list of games like Kahoot.  

13. Book Widgets

If you want a competitive environment of teaching along with fun then you can go for Book Widgets. It is a perfect blend of polls and quizzes.  

It not only allows teachers to use their creativity in creating lessons but also allows them to assign homework for the students. It is all in the hands of teachers as to what type of format they are selecting.  

The app is providing different approaches and learning methods to get the response. 

14. Aurasma

Other a-listed games like Kahoot are Aurasma. This is slightly different from other games like Kahoot as there id no quizzes, and instead, users have to scan things in the game, and then only they can get the information.  

It has transformed studies into hunting games. The app provides users with a virtual scanner so users can scan things around them and get new knowledge from it. Learning new things by only opening the app, capturing images via the phone’s camera, and then scanning things seems relaxing to me. 

Apart from this gaming hunt, teachers can also have students engaging and interacting live classes, and to make it more interesting help of visual communication is taken in the app as it lets teachers share videos and images.  

15. Photomath 

If you are one who gets chills and nerves every time there is a conversation about Maths then I have got the solution for you, Photomath (Download Here).

Some of the students are math lovers waiting for more questions but some will faint seeing questions so Photomath is trying to help such students.  

In photomath, problems are solved step to step so that no confusion can occur and students can clear any doubt they have in their mind. In a class, everyone has a different range to understand so Photomath is lending a hand and allowing them to better math understanding environment. 

Photomath s one of the games that are available as a mobile version so that users can access it any time they want so if you want to download it you can get it from the Google Play Store. 

Wrapping up 

In the article, we have written down some of the best games like Kahoot that you can look up. However, if you are looking for a free alternative to Kahoot then there are two options that teachers can go for, Quizalize and Acadly.  

All the listed app here are trying to make online learning more common, and are trying to approach education with more fun and interesting manners. Poll everywhere, SeeSaw, and Quizlet will give you a resemblance with Kahoot.