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11 Of The Best Similar Games Like Mass Effect

Are you searching for the Similar Games Like Mass Effect? 🤔 There are many out there, but we collected 11 of the best ones for you in this post.

Without any further delay, let’s explore this guide. 📗

Sports or games are a part of our life. As we have heard earlier, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” What does it mean? It is not always about studies or work.

If we don’t get any type of relaxation or refreshment in between our daily work, then we may soon become dull.

Moreover, we may lose productivity or efficiency in any job. So it is said to make sports a part of your daily routine. Physical activity of 2 hours a day is sufficient to keep your body and mind healthy.

But have you noticed something? Sports or games are no more physical activity. Whenever games come to our minds, then it reminds us of exercise, physical games like cricket, football, volleyball, etc.

But how come games are no more categorized only as physical activities? The answer is simple- “Technology has become the ruler of the world.”

When the word “technology” comes in, computers, smartphones, TVs, and other gadgets come to our minds. But technology has not only enhanced the hardware component, but it has also increased the software components. Everything started changing due to technology since the 1990s. And games were also a part of it. 

Technology brought virtual games for us. Do you remember the snake game that you used to play on your keypad phone back in your childhood? Those games were black and white. Then arrived games in dual tones.

After some years in the late 2000s, after high technology equipped smartphones entered the market, the definition of games changed. The smartphones with their touch features and hi-tech software were equipped with high-end or massive games. There also existed virtual games before the arrival of smartphones?

Have you ever played with the old video games or with gaming consoles? Yes, they were so exciting and felt like real games. You just need to connect them with your television and then take the fun of different games equipped with the package.

Your channel watching TV changed into a field of sports. There is a different craze for video games. The children, the youth, and even some of the old aged people are still crazy about video games.

Technology has changed the way we used to look at video games. Today, we can see that almost every child in the house has forgotten about physical activities. Most of them are glued to mobiles, TVs, and other video games. Virtual games have created a different world for them.

So, there is also the categorization of those virtual games. All of them are not of the same type. Some of them are designed for children, and most of them are designed for teenagers or younger generation people. Moreover, many of the games are also designed according to different genders- both for children and youths.

If you are a lover of virtual games, you must have heard about “Mass Effect.” So, what is Mass Effect? Is it a popular game? It is a video game of the role-playing action category.

BioWare created it. The Microsoft Corporation handled the distribution of particular games. Microsoft had initially released it with its product, i.e., Xbox 360. Mass Effect was published in the year 2007. That was the time when technology equipped games began to take a good peak.

It is a single play game. As we mentioned above, it also lies under the role-playing action category. Let us know about this exciting game adopted by Microsoft. In the game, there is a player who plays as the Commander Shepard of the game.

You can determine the features of the particular player before the beginning of the game. The features of Commander Shepard include complexion, looks, combat-training, and also the first name.

You will be amazed to know that in total, six different classes of the particular player exist. With each type that you choose to play with, you get a player with different characteristics and strength abilities.

For example, if you choose the soldier class, then you will get a player who is an expert in damaging weapons and also with a better health structure. Similarly, if you choose the Sentinel class, then you get a defensive player. He has better protective and healing features.

However, you can select any type of weapon through any class of player that you choose. But you should keep in mind that your player can play more effectively with the particular weapon for which he is compatible, according to his class.

You can find a galaxy map with the game. You have to explore a particular plan and complete different types of quests. Moreover, you will also be involved in defeating your enemy and finding arms and other things throughout your journey in the game.

Throughout the game, you will come across many combat missions. Gradually, with defeating enemies and completing different types of quests, you earn various experience points and other rewards.

With sufficient experience points that you gather each time, you are promoted to the next level of the game with more difficulty and missions. 

The players move from one place to another in the game, mostly through a starship. When the player is on the ship, he can talk to different squad members present in that place. Moreover, you can also buy new equipment in the game with your earned rewards.

There will be many planets in the game which need to be adequately examined by the player. The pieces of equipment in the game contain armor, ammunition upgrades, and weapons.

The material can be found or bought throughout the game at any place. You can have real-time battles in the game. However, you can pause anytime to carefully study your players and target them accordingly.

Overall, the particular game is exciting to explore. Every game lover should take the fun of the game at least once. So, this was all about Mass Effect. What then? Does the genre of the games like Mass Effect end here? The answer is no.

There are many games in the market which are like Mass Effect. Those games are specifically designed to give you the feeling of thrill and adventure. Those games are made with different features, and you will find different backgrounds here.

After Mass Effect, with an increase in technology and other modern amenities, new and modified games have been developed by some of the biggest firms in the world.

Do you want to explore those? So, let us go through some games which are like Mass Effect. If you love adventures and combat missions, then you will surely like those games.

Similar Games Like Mass Effect: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Dragon Age: Origins

We start the Similar Games Like Mass Effect list of our games with Dragon Age: Origins. Doesn’t the name sound interesting. As the name explains, the game is all about dragons and their games. Dragon Age is one of the most popular video games released in the market.

Similar Games Like Mass Effect

Many teenagers are crazy about a particular sport. You will be amazed to know that the specific set is developed by the team BioWare, the same organization that created the “Mass Effect.” Does that create a thrill inside you? It is just another innovation from the creator of some of the famous video games. 

Dragon Age: Origins was released in the year 2009. Electronic Arts published a particular sport. It is also a role-playing game that is similar to that of most of the adventure games in the market. 

The game is compatible with any type of operating system. It works well with Mac and Windows. The game consists of a fictional kingdom named Ferelden. Here, Grey Warden is the player.

Archdemon is the enemy of Grey Warden in the game. In the game, Grey Warden has been assigned the task of saving the world from a dreadful event.

You can create your own Grey Warden character in a particular game. In addition to this, you can customize the playing style based on gender, looks, clothes, etc. 

Just like the Mass Effect, different classes of the character are available here. Here also, you can earn experience points and many other winning points.

Moreover, you can recruit friends or companions to assist you during the battle in the game. The main character can also interact with his companions in the game. 

The storyline of the game is outstanding. You will also get multiple paths to complete your mission here. If you are a beginner in the genre of an adventurous game, then this is the perfect one to start with. Overall, you will earn a great experience by going through a particular game.

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2. Osiris: New Dawn

The next item that we include in the list of games like Mass Effect is none other than Osiris: New Dawn (Download Here). It is a recent game that entered the video games market a couple of years ago.

Games Like Mass Effect

It is one of the most loved video games by users in the market. Let us discuss more about the particular game. The game was released correctly into the market in the year 2016.

Fenix Fire Entertainment has developed a specific set. Do you love sci-fi content? How would you feel if you get a sci-fi game to play with?

You will be amused to know that Osiris: New Dawn is entirely a sci-fi video game. It is of the survival genre. The particular game is compatible with significant video gaming platforms. 

The theme of the game is such that the scene is set in the year 2078. During this year, humans are involved in interstellar traveling. The United Nations of Earth sends the player of the game to a different planetary system.

The name of the planetary system is Gliese 581. The task of the particular player in the game is to study or research different planets for habitability.

In the meantime, the light speed travels affect the spacecraft of the player in the game. So, as the spaceship crashes, and the player lands on a deserted planet. The real game starts here. You can play the game in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

The player is equipped with many scientific instruments for use throughout the mission. After landing on the planet, building up a colony is the responsibility of you and your friends.

Here, you can travel to many planets in the solar system and also discover many forms of aliens. So, if sci-fi is your thing, then don’t miss out on this exciting game.

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3. Borderlands

We continue the Games Like Mass Effect list of the games by including Borderlands (Download Here) in it. Borderlands is one of the most popular games available in the market for video games.

If you are in love with action or action role-playing, then Borderlands is the right game for you. The game is quite old. It was released in 2009. The latest part of the particular game was released recently in September 2019. Gearbox Software developed or created a specific game. 2K Games published it. 

Borderlands is available on multiple platforms for the game-lovers. The game is set in an open world. There are numerous characters available in the game. You have to select one of the players who will represent the Vault Hunters.

It has traveled to Pandora planet in search of fabled Vault. Each of the Vault Hunters is equipped with different skill trees. You have to deal with the wildlife of Pandora here, which is very violent.

The loot system is the theme of the particular game. Borderlands holds the record of having 17 million different possible guns in the Guinness Book of World Records. These guns can be generated at any point in time. 

It is an RPG series. The particular game has an excellent storyline too. If you love the Mass Effect, then you will love this game.

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4. FTL (Faster Than Light)

The next item that we add to our list of games like Mass Effect is FTL or Faster Than Light (Download Here). What comes into your mind when you hear the name of the particular game? Speed, thrill, etc.? FTL is one of the most popular games in the video games market.

11 Of The Best Similar Games Like Mass Effect

Many teenagers and younger people prefer the game. The particular game was released in the year 2012. Subset Games both developed and published the above game. 

The game is compatible with almost every type of platform or operating system. The whole game is based on space. You will get a spacecraft in the game. You have to control or ride the particular shuttle. You will be given crucial or critical information. You will have to make it reach an allied fleet. 

Your spaceship can travel faster than light. Your leading destination is the Federal headquarters. It is situated at a very long distance. You will face many hurdles during your journey to the final destination. Your final battle will be with the Rebel Flagship. 

There will be different types of space sectors present inside the game. You can distribute the power of the ship and repair its damage too. The game starts with a single, but later, as the mission continues, you can avail of other ships also.

You will find different alien races on a particular platform. Overall, the game is filled with a lot of adventure. You will genuinely love the specific game and have a great expedition.

5. The Witcher

The Witcher (Download here) is the next game like Mass Effect that we would like to add to our list of games. It is another popular game among users. Almost all of you must have heard about the particular game.

The game was released in the year 2007. CD Projekt Red developed the game mentioned above. It was published by none other than the most famous publishers in the market- Atari and CD Projekt.

The game is compatible with every type of platform such as Mac OS and Windows. You get three types of cameras in a particular game. Most of your controls or actions in the game are done through your mouse

You will get different types of fight situations in a specific game. You can choose different types of combat styles for your fights. Strong style, group style, and fast style are the three different types of methods that you can get here.

The more points you earn, the more you stay healthier in the game. You will find Alchemy having an essential role in the whole game. You can switch to any style of fighting at any point in time in a particular game.

It is a beautiful space exploration game. Its theme is quite similar to that of the Mass Effect. It is considered to be one of the best RPG franchises ever made in history.

You will be thrilled by the type of characters that you come across while playing the game. You should go through the particular game once, at least. It will be fun.

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6. Elite: Dangerous

The next item that we include on our list is Elite: Dangerous (Download Here). Most of the users just love the particular game. The game was both produced and released by Frontier Developments. Elite: Dangerous was published in the year 2014. How thrilling it would be to be on a space flight combating your enemies! 

The particular game is all about a space flight mission. It works on every type of operating system. The game begins by landing you in the year 3300.

You have to be in the open galaxy. You will also be given a small amount of money for expenditure or buying your weapons. You have to be involved in different role plays to earn money. 

You will go through various activities in the game, such as mining, bounty-hunting, trading, assassination, etc. The game has the feature of being played in online multiplayer mode.

While playing the game, more than 400 billion star systems can be explored by the player. Isn’t it fascinating? In a particular game, you will get the real feeling of astronomy. 

You can trade or purchase different types of goods in the game. You can also renovate your spacecraft. All of these can be done by the money earned by you while playing the particular game.

In the current market, Elite: Dangerous is one of the most popular games in the genre of space and galaxy missions. It is an exciting exploration game. In fact, you will get no limitations on your moves in a particular game.

With a different star system, you will have a unique experience each time you play the game. In addition to the Mass Effect, if you want to add the games from the genre of space, then Elite: Dangerous is definitely the right choice for it. You will have a different experience with a particular platform. 

Elite Dangerous Trailer

7. Bioshock

The next game like Mass Effect on our list is BioShock (Download Here). The particular game has managed to create its own base of vast customers. It has also gained immense popularity in the video games market. The game was released in 2007. It was developed and published by 2K Games. 

BioShock: The Collection Announcement Trailer

You will be amazed to know that the game is of first-person shooter type. In fact, the BioShock series made its debut with this game. The game is set in the year 1960.

Here, you will find yourself in Rapture, the underwater city. Till now, most of the games that we discussed involved space. This underwater game can give you a different thrill. 

Jack is the protagonist in a particular game. After Jack’s airplane crashes in the ocean, he is led to the underwater city mentioned above. The game is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, and many other platforms.

 The game has a great storyline. You will enjoy every plot and scene in a particular game. The particular video game is a dystopian masterpiece. It is one of the most immersive video games in the market. 

Every entry in the specific game series will give you a new picture and a different feeling. Once the game gets started, you cannot move your eyes away from it. It is really an exciting game, and it is worth trying for.

8. Knights Of The Old Republic 

The next item on our games like Mass Effect list is Knights of the Old Republic (Download Here). The name sounds very classy, right? Many teenagers are crazy after this video game. The particular game has managed to develop a huge fan base for its platform.

11 Of The Best Similar Games Like Mass Effect

You will be glad to know that the Knights of the Old Republic is also produced by BioWare. It was published by LucasArts. The particular game was released in the year 2003.

Like all other games, this game is also compatible with almost every type of platform. The game has been widely accepted by the public. It has even given fierce competition to its rivals. The game has also got several international nominations.

The story of the game is set 4000 years ago. Jedi is the character in the game. The aim of the role is to defeat Malak, the Dark Lord of the Sith, by visiting different planets. You can customize the part of the game before the game starts.

Here, you can also interact with other players and make team meetings for any decision. In fact, this game is one of the best gaming versions of Star Wars that has been ever released on the market. 

You will go through a lot of fun while playing this game. The game is a pure source of excitement and entertainment. The story of the game is quite rich and engages the player throughout the game. If you are a fan of the Mass Effect, then you should definitely try Knights of the Old Republic.

9. Pulsar: Lost colony

Pulsar: Lost Colony (Download here) is the next game similar to the Mass Effect that we would like to include on our list of games. It is another popular game in the market, having a massive craze among its users.

The game was released in the year 2014. It is developed and published by the Leafy Games, LLC. Again, this is another sci-fi video game on our list. If you are a lover of sci-fi video games, then don’t miss out on this one.

PULSAR: Lost Colony - Beta Trailer 2

Here, you are allowed to choose your own ship in the galaxy. You will get regular tasks of upgrading or repairing your ship. Here, you will come across many enemy ships. You can attack and board them too. You can play this game in both single-player and multiplayer mode.

You can also avail of any of the classes of players available in the game, such as weapon officers, pilots, etc. Choosing your own role in the game creates more excitement. You can play a particular game as humans, robots, or sylvassi.

You can go to the deepest corners of the space through this video game. If you love a lot of exploration, then this game is the right choice for you. The game will give you a feel similar to that of the Mass Effect. Overall, you will have great fun playing this video game.

10. Gods Will Be Watching

The last game on our games like Mass Effect list is Gods Will Be Watching (Download here). It is also a popular game in the market of video games. The particular game was released in the year 2014. Deconstructeam developed this game, and Devolver Digital published it. 

You can play the game only in single-player mode. It is an adventure video game of the point-and-click genre. It also has a touch of science fiction in it. The name of the game is exciting. Like the name, the theme of the game is also very different and exciting. 

Gods Will Be Watching - Official Gameplay Trailer

The whole game is about resources and time management. In the game, you, as a player, will be put in different situations. There you have to struggle and fight through the crisis. The game becomes more enjoyable with your decisions. There are six chapters in the game.

Each episode will provide you a puzzling scenario of resource and time management. Doesn’t that sound very interesting? In each section, you will be provided with a group or team. Your task will be to pass the group under severe circumstances through your moral decisions. 

You will also be given a limited amount of time for each chapter. In the given time, you have to make the proper or efficient use of the resources provided.

You can talk to other characters in a particular game and also assign orders to them for any task. Sometimes, you also get the choice to kill any group member for preserving the limited amount of ration for the assigned group.

You will have high engagement with the game for sure. It will create a thrill inside you. You must try it at least once.


Almost every one of us is a fan of the Mass Effect. Its release created a new thrill in video games. However, After the Mass Effect, many games arrived in the market with similar themes.

Surprisingly, many of these new games successfully managed to create enormous fans for their platforms. In the above article, we have mentioned some of the best video games similar to that of the Mass effect. Those games are exciting.

Each game has a different plot and storyline, which will keep the customers engaged in the platforms.