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11 Of The Best Games like Runescape To Choose From

Are you in the search for a similar Games like Runescape to play? 🤔 We got you covered in this post.

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If you like to play MMORPGs, then Runescape can be your ideal choice. Perhaps, you have played it with enthusiasm and know somebody who has played it at least a few times.

The game comes with its own addiction, thanks to some exciting features, worlds for you to explore, missions to finish, and players and monsters to destroy. 

Apart from that, you can gather your resources and craft items for fishing. Something is intriguing about these multiplayer games that keep you wanting for more. They are unpredictable and exciting, to say the least. 

So, why is Runescape so popular among the masses? The first reason is apparent, it is free. Well, you would be lying if you said that you do not play games for free.

Just because some games come for free, it does not mean that they are poorly designed and come with no intensity. 

Well, Runescape is one of them. It is a living example of the fact that even free games are excellent and pleasant in their own way. When it was released in the market in the year 2001, when video games were beginning to shine, many high school students had an affinity for the game. 

Of course, not everybody can afford to have a Play Station in their living room when you are still in high school. This contributed to the game becoming popular among the masses. Another reason for the game to become popular was the fact that it provided you with imaginative gameplay. 

Using one’s creation offers good content to explore. When the game is downloaded, you need to start playing it and be able to earn through the Runescape gold. You can also progress further to parts of the game. 

As you play the game, you realize that there is plenty of things you can do in the game. You can master several of those skills and play min-games in the game itself. With the help of Runescape gold, you can gain more levels. 

Lastly, the game comes with no direction. Gamers can choose their own goals and achieve them. It is evident by now that Runescape came with its own category and unique style that made it famous. 

Below are some games that are similar Games like Runescape that you should consider playing.

Best Games like Runescape: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Wakfu

Wakfu is the first game that we will review on our games like Runescape. Ankama Games designed the game. The game comes with a cartoon design. However, when you get inside the game, you find out a considerable farming system. 

Best Games like Runescape

The plot is exciting because it happens more than 1000 years, in Dofus. There is an ogre called Ogrest, who collects Dofus eggs. However, Ogrest only wants the eggs and then kills her in rage. 

He begins to cry, which continues for 1000 years and brings us to Wakfu. The RPGs start the movie ideas, with your character named Dofus. There are characters in the game that come colorfully animated with the cast. 

Having so many games that deal with slash and hack, this is a refreshing game. Most of the designers engage in the enemy. There is a cute kitten that comes with huge eyes. It can be quite scary to fight it. 

Gamers and the enemies take turns in spending points to move and take actions. You have 30 seconds to decide what to do. There may not be any AFK, so you do not have to go ahead with the combat.

The moment of your gaming session is smooth. For example, we have to go around large sunflowers, and surprisingly, we were able to do so quickly. Though you can see the tile, your camera angle, at times, does not enable you to view surroundings ideally. 

The combat in the game is excellent. You are infused with puzzles at times, where you have to highlight mirrors. Not to mention, you have a barrel of weed killer. There are also similar puzzles that enable you to navigate to avoid your enemies. 

The graphics are intense and gives you the ability to view and see things clearly. That is important for you to play the game. The game can start like an exam with blurred edging. The character also is pixelated. 

The creatures come with cartoon faces, like cat heads and tongues. The user interface tested your ability to view and analyze them. When there is too much text on your monitor, it becomes difficult to understand what is happening there. 

We noticed an interesting thing in Wakfu. They do not grow on their own. You have to plant the seeds and then collect the world’s fauna. If you are keen on plants, then you might prefer this game mode. 

There is the extensive usage of politics in this game. Whether you love or hate it, when you are at level 15, you are given a player elected governor, who sets laws, taxes, and then has competent leaders. 

Overall, the story is simple and comes with a basic plot where you walk through your crops, and if you are attacked, you bring an army to counter them. We were impressed with the players in the game. 

Should you play Wakfu? Yes, you should consider playing this game. It comes with a very niche audience. When you are fond of playing RPG when compared to action games, you have got yourself an excellent option. 

The graphics are right on the eyes; the combat mode is perfect. You are done into the political system that offers you ample choices. This is a good option for you to make use of playing a game that promises to deliver.

Wakfu First Look Impressions - Is It Still Worth It?

2. Dofus

Dofus is another MMO game that you would like to add to our Games like Runescape list. This is a tactical game that comes with plenty of changes since the time it got released in the market. This game is not free, and you have to pay to play it. 

DOFUS – Join the Legend!

Dofus is a 2D game that is designed by Ankama Studios that is based on an interactive comic book. It is placed in the land of Amakna, where you get to collect and find dragon eggs. 

It gives you incredible powers to fight and take control of the situation. As a player, you can take on missions and play on more than 200 levels of adventures. You can explore dungeons, learn your spells, combat with your enemies, and do much more. 

You have 2 continents with seven islands, and 15 cities to explore. As if that were not enough, you can make use of the 50 dungeons that are also there. Gamers can make use of the combat action for fighting more than 2000 demons. 

Yes, there is a limited amount of content to play. You can play using it with a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription costs 5 Euros, and you can earn it by playing the game. You need to get used to the farming and crafting system to be able to subscribe for some time. 

3. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is third on our list in search of the best games like Runescape. This is an MMO game that does not need any introduction. The game was released in the year 2004 by Blizzard.

It was released into the market in 2016 and again in 2017. Gamers can enjoy the game, providing you with what you want in an online RPG. There are several players, fun mechanics, and content that keep getting updated. 

Sadly, the game comes paid. You will set back by $240 during your first year of gameplay. There are nostalgic memories present in the game. The game World of Warcraft provides you with ample entertainment and fun. 

You have something or the other happening around you all the time. The design of the game can annoy some players. The mechanics in the game tend to get cumbersome when you are playing. 

However, it brings character and flavor to the game. There is no denying the fact that World of Warcraft is the same classic game that it used to be more than 20 years ago. 

4. Rift

We have Rift next on our list of games like Runescape. The game enables you to collect, craft, and fight together. Apart from that, you can customize your gear. Some gamers feel that this is a free version of the World of Wizard game. 

RIFT | The ultimate fantasy MMORPG

However, many gamers feel that you can purchase customization items and actual gear. Not to mention, you can get things that are much better than you stand to buy them.

Some online RPG players prefer to play and grind along, while others may search elsewhere.  

5. Project: Gorgon

We have Project Gorgon next on our Games like Runescape list. Gamers have compared this game to Runescape thanks to its similar features and design. In this case, similar means you are offered a wide world, a large number of quests, and decent graphics. 

 Games like Runescape

However, there is one aspect quite unique and unusual to have in Project Gorgon. The game has a new spin offering you plenty of skills and a PvE focus. The initial moments in the game are not about winning. Instead, you need to know how to win over others. 

There are three races offered to you. You can select your gender and two color options. Its customization is easy, and you can create characters. There are also individual combat skills using each weapon. 

We liked the feature in this game, where the bosses keep cursing you until you kill them. They are quite a kill. In a sense, some of them can curse you to become a cow. What happens then, is quite fun. 

Some games take you on a different objective completely, catching you off guard. However, in this game, nothing of that sort happens. You are given directions as to how to move about and reach your goal. 

The user interface is one of the strong points in this game. It comes with the classic MMORPG design, which is nicely themed. At times, you can feel that some areas let you highlight your skills and fight combat. 

We were quite happy with the combat. You could feel the smoothness during the fight. Not to mention, Gorgon makes use of the tab-targeting system. There are several changes provided in the auto-attack feature. 

Though many games make use of a similar kind of story, it has worked well. Here, there are two kinds of fighting styles that you can make use of and attack your enemies accordingly. Each of them comes with their Hotbar, but you can switch between weapons.

Project Gorgon is a promising game that comes with intense excitement. The game might not come with all the best aspects of gaming, but it is not exceptional. There is an astonishing amount of gameplay in it. 

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6. Planeshift

We will take a look at Planeshift now. The game comes with some features that are quite reminiscent of Runescape. You play your game in Hydlaa with nine races for you to select your quests. 

The races come with their own unique characteristics that can make use of including humans and other creatures. The game also comes with features with characters, which are similar to humans.

We were highly impressed with the game initially. The graphics and the environment were good. The manner of your quest feels good, and you are immersed in the concurrent powerful age of piracy.

There are dinosaurs, numbers, and plenty of excitement everywhere. You have a diversity of player technology, races, and other ingredients in the game. The diversity of the game provides you with immense fun as you are using a reduced aspect of different cultures.

You are able to control your destiny in the Sun Empire and try to reclaim lost land. Gamers can get used to the environment here that is dynamic and active. The art in the game comes with an emotional mix of people in this faction. 

The options of characters in the game were mind-blowing. You have sirens, humans, vampires, and other creatures that make your stay and work there easy. Logical developments too in the game come with their own flair.

The descriptions of the culture went down poorly. Since it is essential that the culture of both Sun Empire and River Heralds is not explained correctly, you are lost at the time, when playing.

The equipment in this game is just fine. Though, we would have preferred to have more technology in it. 

The game comes with a 47-page booklet that tells you how to play it. At times, you wonder what you are doing with it. The background and the visuals that come along with the surroundings are pleasant. 

Do you want to download this free game? Absolutely. The set comes with a lot of potential and refinement. Yes, you can find the same features on several other MMOs, but it comes with plenty of excitement. 

As a player, you may be intrigued to know more about the game. You can do that with the help of communicating with the NPCs. You can learn a lot from them, and you can also make use of the text entry to give your answer. 

7. Eternal Lands

Eternal Lands is next on our Games like Runescape list. This is an MMORPG that is set in a medieval fantasy scenario. You have 3 races, or you can use more with the paid mode. 

Yes, this is a free game. But when you want more features and action, then you may want to use the premium version. Gamers are provided with a classless character creation system offering you 3 methods that let you communicate with other players.

The gameplay and the visuals are similar to Runescape. However, the characters and the community there are quite different, due to the open-source game. You can select through the 12 different kinds of schools that are present. 

We liked the fact that you can play the game on several operating systems available in the market. A few of them are Windows, Mac, and Linux. Due to the fact that this is an open-source game, continuous updates are occurring in the game. 

Unlike other games where the options are quite less, this game comes with 12 different types. You can select from the 12 kinds of characters depending on your skills. You also have six races like gnomes, elves, orchans, humans, and the like. 

Out of the six races, you can play 3 for free. To play the remaining races, you should make use of the premium version. You also have the option to explore several things. For example, you have two continents and more than 37 different maps. 

Some of them include buildings, towns, caves, and others. This is community-based gameplay that provides you with the ability to contact other players from around the world and decide on your gaming session. 

You can also make use of live events in the game. Gamers can participate in them and also mod them. They can select to engage in the combat using the monsters and demons with the PC-controlled features on the special day events.

Can we recommend Eternal Lands to gamers? We noticed that two things could set this game apart from other MMOs. You can learn all the skills required according to your playstyle. 

Secondly, this is an open-source game where you can add, modify, and play the game. Probably, it is because of this reason that it has been around so long. Not to mention, this game is in the beta stage and is playable as you feel.

8. Last Chaos

Last Chaos is next on our list of best games like Runescape. This is a classic MMORPG released in November 2006. As a player, you can choose from the six classes present there. You can create a craft, solve your missions, have guilds, enjoy parties, and even have your pet. 

LastChaos Infinity Trailer

The game was designed by Aeria Games Entertainment, which has published games such as Scarlet Blade and Grand Fantasia. The game comes with excellent graphics with a resolution of 1680 x 1050.

We were slightly disappointed to note that there was no tutorial system in place. You can make use of the objectives placed in the middle of the monitor, so they are quite hard to miss.

You are placed in a place called Iris, where you can begin your first understanding of this game. You get to kill wolves, foxes, and deer. It was amazing to note that you are not pointed at any progress, thanks to the fact that there is no fanfare or announcement. 

It’s not that we always want to know that, but some information would have been useful. The gameplay was slightly on the slower side, but that is acceptable because of the nature of the play. 

You get to understand the game better that way. You may want to use the Guardian system that provides you with the ability to mentor other players, not to mention that you can learn from other players.

You must navigate to the Guardian Window and then select which you want from the list of Guardians. The game only lasts until Level 30. However, when you play with somebody who knows the game well, it adds some spice to your gaming experience. 

We found this feature in this game very reassuring. Because you can become good friends with your guardian or apprentice, other games need to have this kind of function in place. We were also highly impressed with the crafting system that offers you three options. 

You can also choose to own a pet if you want. You have the option of a dragon or a horse. Not the ideal kind of pet you wished to have. But that is the beauty of the game. 

The pets may not come in handy for your combat. After Level 31, you can train your pets to be used as mounts. Once you are at a level of 184, you notice that some slots are open for characters. 

Do you want to play Last Chaos? Why not, it is a good game that comes with its own set of goods and flaws. However, we felt that this MMO tends to make you dish out money. The makers will have to ponder on that. 

There are some other hassles when playing the game. On the other hand, the game has managed to survive the test of time and comes with a broad audience that has been able to enjoy its several content updates. 

Though you may find it difficult to recommend this game to new players, we are not least surprised to see those who have played it in the past and again due to its addictive nature.

9. Ultima Online

Ultima Online is another game that was released during the period of Runescape. You will be amazed to know that this game is still going strong despite its age. It was released in the market by Origin Systems.

11 Of The Best Games like Runescape To Choose From

The game is famous thanks to its multiplayer combat options. Hence, they have provided you with two kinds of servers. It comes with servers that include Felucca and Trammel. You will be surprised to know that this game is funded using a subscription model.

One of the users writes that she enjoys playing the game because she can communicate with players of all ages globally. Even other gamers share the same kind of vibes with her. 

When you play with an MMORPG, designing your character is one of its main features. Gamers are incredibly fortunate that they get to play this game using it. You can travel through as a Samurai. 

You can dress up as anybody you want to that represents yourself. We were quite happy using the tutorial that comes for free. You can destroy the baddies and collect your items. Of course, there are few glitches, but you can handle them well. 

You can better your character if you want. At times, you do get lost into the world of a maze that comes filled with demons. It may not sound appealing to you. But, once you are in the game, you get to appreciate the fact that you can play so many characters. 

The need to commit yourself for hours when you want to play a raid is practically not there. Summing up, Ultima Online is one of those games that seems to remain with you no matter what. 

A gamer gets the feeling of having something that is within them. You are offered with plenty of options and play modes. When you prefer visiting and experiencing strange fantasy worlds, then Britannia is the place to be.  

10. Drakensang Online

Lastly, we have Drakensang Online in our best games like Runescape list which comes with more than 40 million accounts worldwide. That is a lot.

This online role-playing game comes with several options for registrations, so we may not be able to tell you the number accurately. 

Drakensang Online | Official Trailer 2014

In 2012, the game was considered the best browser game by the German Video Game Awards. Its story is quite similar to that of Diablo. The game is played in the European world of Dracania, where you can get to see shades of the Path of Exile. 

You do not have to download anything because it is an online game. There are four classes that you can select for your gameplay. Every gameplay comes with its pros and cons, where you can design your character as you want. 

You can make use of customization for your male character. The tutorial is fun. You can understand the gameplay and concept of it quickly because they offer you some interesting tips. Of course, you can turn it off when you do not want to experience it. 

When you reach Grimford, you can interact with other players who are playing the game. We were profoundly blown away by the amount of detail in the game. You can feel things moving around you. 

Perhaps, the only snag is that it takes a while to load during a new environment. The sound effect is fantastic, and your playing experience gives you a new level. Having said that, they are not superb or anything of that sort. 

You initially get mobs of foes. It gets your adrenaline pumping, and you become prepared to face more of them during your quests. Yes, the plot is cliché, but it has proven to be a significant success with the number of players you get to see. 

Earlier, gamers complained that using newly found weapons was a nightmare because you could not make use of them. You could do that only when you pay premium membership. 

The gems and essences also come with their character. It is an item that can quickly increase your damage. Each time you attack your enemies or go on the offensive, they are used. You can get them from merchants or demons. 

The game comes with excellent graphics and with an in-depth display. But, we felt that it does not have the diversity in classes that are amply found in Runescape. Drakensang Online comes with themes that are reused by many games. 

However, you would be impressed with the sound effects, the kinds of classes and builds that you can choose, and the engaging PvP system. The game is fun to play, and you must try it when you are a fan of MMORPG games.

What are the best games like Runescape?

We have ended our review of the best games like Runescape. We sincerely hope that you had fun reading it and were able to find your quest by now. If you haven’t, you can take your time to find it. 

You can rest assured that all the games listed here are fun and come with their unique elements. With the fading popularity of Runescape, this is high time you checked other alternative games

The top game on this list would be World of Warcraft. Though it is not free, it comes with those ingredients that can make your dull day bright. We were spellbound playing it and kept going back for more. 

We know that you would love to play it during your weekends. At the same time, the other games listed are good too. Most of them come for free. That means more hours of fun. Did you find your favorite game as of yet?

Let us know what you think of the games and write to us in the comments.