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11 Of The Best Similar Games like Spore To Play Out

Maxis was the main man behind the famous game of Spore. The game was launched in 2008 with Electronic Arts as the publishing partner. Over the years, Spore has found a crazy fan-base and some of the very loyal players.

The game revolves around life simulation and can be played in real-time. It enables a gamer to control how a creature will evolve right from its initial stages. Spore helps a player explore their imagination and create organisms based on their thinking. 

From making customized characters to building cars and buildings, one could do a lot in Spore. One could also design their gameplay by using some external portals. And, later on, the same gameplay would also be available to other spore players through Sporepedia.

Spore has various stages where the complexity of the game changes with each level passing. Players are rewarded with special powers or some money when they unlock new stages. 

Spore takes gamers to a ride in a different galaxy where they can do whatever they aspire for. No stage in Spore has time limits, and that’s what makes the game even more exciting. One may advance at their own pace.

However, for the gamers who have reached the final stage in Spore, the gaming world has many more games. Moreover, these are some of the best games like Spore. 

We are sure you would love these games if you enjoyed playing Spore for endless hours. These games have become quite famous and are also loved by some of the craziest spore fans. 

Best Similar Games like Spore: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Planetoid 3

Planetoid 3 (Download Here) takes gamers to space. Once there, a player is free to choose their race, and field to expand the empire. The game indulges gamers in activities like economic boosting, warfare, and military expansion. 

Planetoid 3 Trailer

The ships in the game could also be trained and made more powerful. Once a gamer declares war against another player, they both use their boats to attack and defend their territories. The game gets intense with each new stage. 

One may start playing Planetoid 3 in the free mode, where gameplay begins from a solar system that is randomly generated for every gamer.

There are two sources of energy in the game, which can be used to expand one’s territory and add more power. 

Moreover, once a gamer has been playing for a while, their planet gets an upgrade, and they don’t have to play in the same set-up again. A real-time strategy game, Planetoid 3 digs deeper into the imagination of a gamer. Furthermore, enabling them to shape their universe as they want to look.

The two sources of energy in these Games like Spore are Keldanyum and energy. These need to be preserved as they help the gamer upgrade the ships and expand the armies. 

Pros of playing Planetoid 3:-

  • The game is free to play. One may play the game for countless hours without paying anything. 
  • The game has a very welcoming community. One may also post suggestions, questions, doubts about the community, and fellow member’s answers very well.
  • One may play the game at their own pace. 
  • The graphics of the game are impressive. As a gamer, if you love high-quality graphics, you won’t be disappointed by Planetoid 3.
  • The game is a real-time strategy game which makes it even better.

Cons of playing Planetoid 3:-

  • Planetoid 3 might get boring for some players after a while as the game keeps changing set up now and then.
  • One cannot customize ships as per their wish. For customization lovers, this game is not worth their bet.

2. Thrive

When someone plays the thrive (Download Here), they get to witness the evolution of life in a video game. The game, however, begins with the player being a microorganism. It starts small but gets crazy as one proceeds through various stages in the game. 

Thrive 0.5.0 Release Trailer

From being a microorganism at one point to being the cosmic leader, thrive takes the story to the next level. The excitement and thrill are beyond amazing. The game features seven stages in all. 

These stages walk the gamer through different worlds of Thrive. The species gather knowledge over time, and they evolve in complex beings. As the game proceeds, the challenges get more robust.

A gamer is allowed to create and customize their organism in the game. This organism and its species develop complexity and become more significant with time. The game focuses more on conveying the theory of evolution as it is to gamers. 

One may find there are sharp curves between the new stages of the game. One moment, a gamer is a microorganism; the next moment, they are the leading force in the universe. The steps might seem exciting and easy, but these Games like Spore will test your skills. 

Pros of playing Thrive:-

  • Thrive is free to play. Nobody has to pay anything to play the game for endless hours. Free access makes the game worth trying.
  • The community of Thrive is always open to new suggestions, insights, and ideas. Developers are keen to make the game better and to do so; they listen to what people have to say. 
  • The graphics of Thrive are beyond impressive. The developers did a great job with the graphics of the game.
  • The storyline of the game is engaging and keeps the gamer hooked to it for long hours. If you’re looking to kill some time, Thrive could be your best bet.
  • The game allows the customization of organisms.

Cons of playing Thrive:-

  • Thrive gets predictable at times. This happens because it follows the evolution of life. 
  • The game has some stages which could get annoying to pass through. Thrive could be a lot about testing the skills and patience of gamers.
  • The game is available for free for Windows and Linux only.

3. Endless Space

Endless Space (Download Here), as the name, suggests transfers gamers in a different galaxy altogether. There in the universe, they strive to become the leaders of different constellations. The game demands various strategies that one may use to evolve in the game.

Best Similar Games like Spore

The game is based on the future and makes players imagine how things would be in the year 3000. Based on imagination, players make strategies to excel in the game. 

Endless Space offers variety to the gamers, and the game seems pretty engaging even for the easily bored people. There are as many as nine civilizations from which a player has to choose one for themselves. Moreover, each culture of Endless Space is different from another.

The game has a lot to offer. It includes military expansion, formation, with scientific boosts that give a satisfactory, heroic feel. The aircrafts provided in the game were also based on futuristic technology.

In many ways, Endless Space test skills of gamers which include diplomacy, explorer. One may even find themselves learning a few trading skills from such Games like Spore

Pros of playing Endless Space:-

  • The game is full of choices. A gamer gets a variety of civilizations to choose from.
  • Endless Space is a game full of possibilities. One may think of craziest stuff and find themselves implementing the same in their galaxy in the game.
  • The graphics and effects of the game give a realistic feel, which is exceptional.
  • The game is economical for the pocket of the gamer. Endless Space is free for everyone. One doesn’t have to spend hefty sums of money to get entertained through the game.
  • The game is always getting updated to make the gameplay even better.

Cons of playing Endless Space:-

  • Violence and Action in the game might not be perfect for the mental health of some gamers.
  • Spore had much better growth of species.

4. SimLife

Also produced by Maxis, SimLife (Visit Here) is a game that lets a gamer play with eco-system and genetics.

The game enables the players to create a world that is their own. This generated world becomes the playground for gamers, where they become experimental with the species of different plants and animals in SimLife.

One may customize the world as per their will and change the environments as and how gamers want it to look and feel. Gamers generate new species of both plants and animals in SimLife, and that makes the game engaging. The role of the player in SimLife becomes that of a creator in real life.

The game is entertaining, but subtly also serves the purpose of educating gamers about the evolution of life. It also allows players to observe the process of genetic development.

Over the years, since its release in 1992, the game has found enormous popularity and some crazy fans.

The game has no limits in terms of what could be done with the environment, from mixing genetics of plants and animals to rectifying the laws of nature and physics. SimLife is a promising game that won’t get boring for a very long time. 

Pros of playing SimLife:-

  • The game is highly customizable. SimLife offers the freedom to go crazy and change anything that is there to be replaced.
  • SimLife makes you look closely at the genetic development and evolution of life.
  • It has crystal clear graphics that provide even more gaming experience.
  • The game has some of the best features when it comes down to creating a new world. One can even alter the laws of physics.

Cons of playing SimLife:-

  • The game has a lot to offer, and it could become overwhelming for some gamers. The abundance of choices could lead to a lack of decision-making ability and slower developments in the game for players.
  • The game gets time-consuming after a point, and that could become problematic for some gamers.

5. The Kerbal Space Program

A game for the science geeks, The Kerbal Space Program enables the gamers to create their own space crafts and control the race of aliens called Kerbals.

The game was launched in 2011, and over the years, the game has been getting regular updates to be still relevant for gamers. The game has to be played, following the laws of Physics and Aerodynamics.

One may find themselves creating and maintaining a lot of space crafts and ships in the Kerbal Space Program. The main idea of the game revolves around space wars. 

In these space wars, a gamer has to launch his crews to watch over the galaxy’s happenings. Kerbal Space game could be played in three modes, with each mode providing very different gameplay from the other. The methods available in the Kerbal Space Program are career mode, science mode, and sandbox mode.

Kerbal Space Program 1.0 Launch

The game requires a lot of upgrades to be made by the gamers to increase their power and strength of crews. The exciting part is, with a lot of customization, the game gets better and better. This is one of the coolest Games like Spore

Pros of playing the Kerbal Space Program:-

  • A gamer gets to create a lot of spacecraft while playing the Kerbal Space Program.
  • One may get to understand the laws of physics and thermodynamics when playing the game. It is so because the aircraft in the game fly using the laws of physics and thermodynamics only.
  • The game is very engaging and tests the skills of the gamer at every step.
  • The game demands a lot of attention and focus on beating enemies. Without paying proper attention, one may get frustrated due to continuous failures. 

Cons of playing the Kerbal Space Program:-

  • The game is not free. A user needs to pay a subscription fee to play the Kerbal Space Program. 
  • The graphics of the game could be better. Even though impressive graphics are there, there’s always a scope for improving how the game looks and feels to the gamers.

6. Void Hunters

The multiplayer game, Void Hunters (Download Here), demands the gamers to defeat opponents using ships and rockets. The fights take place in space, and opponents need to defend themselves from attacks through spaceships. Based on the action, the game has a lot of wars and crazy battles involved. 

Unlike other games, Void Hunters doesn’t focus on the evolution of life. However, it focuses more on building aircraft through scrap found in space. The game follows the pattern of the universe, and every battleship needs to be made through scrap.

Void Hunters has three versions to try and play. These modes require a lot of focus and attention to move forward in the next stages. The patterns are called blueprint mode, sandbox mode, and war mode. 

In the war mode of Void Hunters, a gamer may indulge in team attacks against opponents. Whereas in the blueprint mode, players are asked to take on a battle with their customized ships. Furthermore, in the sandbox mode, gamers can test the spacecraft that they have made using scrap.

The game has plenty of action, and it also needs players to understand the art of warfare. The attacks on opponents could get intense at times, and the game becomes exciting with highly customized ships. Some of the weapons in such Games like Spore can only shoot in one direction only. 

Pros of playing Void Hunters:-

  • The game allows gamers to create ships from scrap. Shipbuilding could become a very interesting process in itself.
  • The game has as many as three modes, a lot of entertainment from one tournament alone.
  • There are missiles that can aim anywhere, and it is quite interesting as when most of the weapons can only target in one direction.
  • Many gamers have found some amazing friends from the game as it is multiplayer.

Cons of playing Void Hunters:-

  • The game requires gamers to pay for the full version. To unlock all the features of the game, the subscription has to be taken by the players.
  • Some gamers might find the subscription fee a bit too high. 
  • The graphics of the game could be improved with advanced updates.
  • There are three modes in the game, and to play all of them might seem like a huge task for many.

7. Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of a Solar Empire (Download Here) is a gaming gem for the Science fiction lovers. The game takes gamers into space where they fight their way through to gain power in the universe of the game. There are military forces, spaceships, air crafts, and much more to explore in this crazy game.

Best Similar Games like Spore

The game demands players to sharpen their diplomatic skills. If one wants to be the best in the universe of Sins of a Solar Empire, one must have these skills. There has to be a real-time strategy in the mind of every player.

The strategies can be useful to move forward in the game. To conquer the universe, one has to use the ships, economy, and diplomacy subtly to emerge victoriously. Gamers have to increase their territory in the world.

The Sins of a Solar Empire was launched back in 2008, and Ironclad games developed the game. The game is based in the future, and space has technologies that can only be imagined. 

There are quests to complete, and one also gets rewards for completing each mission in the game. These rewards could further be used to expand the territory or upgrade the ships.

These Games like Spore features a 3D set of planets and solar systems, which makes the entire gaming experience very impressive

Pros of playing The Sins of a Solar Empire:-

  • The game requires players to pay the utmost attention to the game. Without paying attention, one may lose their progress and fail in missions.
  • The game is set in the future that means imagination gets top priority in the game.
  • The Sins of a Solar Empire can help gamers aspire to learn the art of diplomacy or manage the economy.
  • Military expansion requires patience, and it can get very interesting.

Cons of playing The Sins of a Solar Empire:-

  • The game requires players to pay a subscription fee to play the game for endless hours. The free version only gives access to limited features of the game.
  • Sometimes, online players could use foul language that is not suitable for minor players.

8. Spore Hero

The advanced version of Spore can be found in Spore Hero (Download Here). The game has very similar characters to that of Spore. However, the gameplay and other features of the game becomes challenging and complex in Spore Hero.

11 Of The Best Similar Games like Spore To Play Out

Spore hero demands gamers to work more with their imagination and create stuff that’s absolutely amazing. There’s the evolution of life in the game, and the controls are unique. The game features two different sets of meteors. 

There are a blue meteor and a red meteor in the game. The blue meteor is responsible for giving players DNA in abundance while the red meteor provides rocks that make the creatures go crazy.

These meteors also preserve various creatures that make the game enjoyable with their presence.

A gamer has to defend the planet on which they are living. Moreover, to do so, gamers have to take part in various battles as the organism a gamer has chosen to be in the game. The game also features multiple puzzles that a player can solve to earn rewards.

The rewards from puzzles can be used to upgrade the spaceships and various other weapons in the game. These rewards could also be used to expand one’s territory in the game. Apart from that, there are alien invasions in the game in the form of attacks from fellow players in the game.

Pros of playing Spore Hero:-

  • The game includes characters that are very similar to of Spore. These features give a nostalgic feel while maintaining the excitement of playing Spore Hero.
  • There are ships, and there are aliens, there are puzzles, Spore Hero is a treat for Spore lovers.
  • The game demands a lot of attention and focus, which can help one learn new skills and excel in the game.
  • One has to customize their character in the game, and customization can be very interesting in itself.

Cons of playing Spore Hero:-

  • Gamers are asked to buy the paid version of Spore Hero to play the game without any limitations. The full text of the game might be expensive for some gamers.
  • The graphics of the game needs some work; otherwise, Spore Hero is one suc exciting Games like Spore that keeps gamers hooked.

9. Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution

The game of species (Download Here) takes gamers on a journey where they can play around with life for real. In the game, players are asked to make new creatures, destroy the existing ones, make unique atmospheres, and design the cosmos.

Species ALRE - Steam Early Access Trailer

There is a wide range of creatures in the game, and each of these creatures has a unique ability, defined by their genes. The game of Species has a lot of action and requires gamers to have excellent warfare skills and other skills like of diplomacy. One needs to observe a lot while playing Species. 

The game features loads of advanced weapons that give players power when they are attacking or defending their planet. The roots of the game go deeper into the world of one’s imagination. The stronger the vision, the better the gameplay will feel and look like. 

One may also customize their characters, weapons, and planets. The evolution of species feels realistic and brings some great experience to players of such Games like Spore.

Pros of playing Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution:-

  • The game works as per the imagination of a player, and it gets crazy with wilder imagination. 
  • There is no need for concrete strategies to play the game. A gamer can plan his game as per the conditions, which makes the game even better.
  • The game supports customization that enables gamers to choose their gene for their organism and grow it as they want it to grow.
  • The game feels realistic, and the graphics of the game are impressive.

Cons of playing Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution:-

  • The gamer needs to have high imagination power to enjoy the game. Without great imagination, the game might look dull and boring.
  • The online players often misbehave when they are losing and use foul language. Foul language isn’t appreciated for minor gamers. Foul language used by other players could be a concern for some parents.

10. Osmos 

Yet another game for science fiction lovers, Osmos (Download Here), takes players on a journey to a world where they can bring their crazy ideas to life.

The game runs on windows, mac, iOS, and even Android. Launched in 2009, Osmos has found a huge fan base over the years.

The game has three different levels, which are all equally challenging. First, the conscious level, here a gamer has to protect himself from being absorbed by other players. Second, the ambient level makes things even hard. 

The ambient level a gamer has to make himself the largest of them all. If a gamer fails to do so, the game will take them to the previous level. The third level is called the force level, where survival is tough. 

In the third level, the gamer has to attract smaller players towards his own organism. While playing all these levels, a gamer has to be careful of some laws of movement. If someone doesn’t follow these specific laws, they won’t be able to move forward in the game.

In Osmos, a gamer’s journey from a small organism to a huge giant takes patience and knowledge of gravitational forces’ laws to move ahead. The game demands a lot of attention and needs the entire focus of a gamer. However, it is still one of the most playable alternatives to Spore.

A lot of wars occur in the game as players strive to defeat others by becoming the largest organism on the planet.

Pros of playing Osmos:-

  • The game requires a gamer to know the laws of gravitational force. Osmos is one of those games that teaches something to gamers, and requires players to be familiar with some laws of physics.
  • A player has to put in a lot of focus and attention to move to the next stages in Spore. Once a player shifts his attention from the game to something else, there are high chances of losing the stage.
  • The game is available on almost every operating system. One doesn’t need to buy a unique method to play their favorite game of Osmos.
  • Apart from eating other organisms, one has to work to build and evolve their body in a more sophisticated plant. The process of evolution for the organism takes time and could be very rewarding.

Cons of playing Osmos:-

  • The game requires a gamer to develop a microorganism from scratch, and this process could be hectic for some players.
  • While playing Osmos, one has to be careful about a lot of physics laws. For nonscience people, the game could become frustrating.
  • The graphics of the game requires constant updates to make the entire experience of playing Osmos better.
  • Over the years, the game has grown popular, which shows at times when the servers get slower for some users.


There are plenty of games that could be alternated for Spore. These Games like Spore have become fierce competitors for Spore. Moreover, fans love playing most of these games for endless hours. We hope some of you will find your new crazy games in one of these games.

For the loyal fans who have loved and adored playing Spore for years, the markets have made very similar games that we have also mentioned in our list above.

These games will feel nostalgic for some. Moreover, they will also maintain the excitement of being new to gamers who haven’t played them at all. 

Spore’s crazy game may not be erased from the memories of gamers who invested their endless hours in the game, but it sure can be replaced with some crazy games.