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31 Of The Best Games Like Terraria To Try Out

Terraria is one of the most popular action-adventure sandbox video games available for mobile devices. The game is also available on a variety of platforms, including PC and PlayStation 4.

Terraria is compatible with low-end Android handsets, and players must pay INR 410 for the game. Players looking for comparable games can check through the list of the best games like Terraria provided below.

Are you a fan of Terraria? Do you enjoy exploring large worlds, mining for minerals, and creating new products, among other things? If you do, we have something special in store for you.

Terraria isnt the only game with these capabilities. Several different games have comparable gameplay components and perhaps some added unique characteristics that may be more appealing.

Are you willing to check out new games such as Terraria? If you answered yes, then keep reading for a list of 30 fantastic games like Terraria that you can play right now.

Best Games Like Terraria: Our Top Pick

1. Minecraft

Nobody can deny that Minecraft is currently one of the most popular games like Terraria available globally. This game pioneered the mining and survival genre, which has since been adopted by many other games, including Terraria.

Minecraft has classic block graphics that arent as appealing as some 3D games, but the gameplay is delightful and engaging.

Minecraft is the perfect game for you if you enjoy creating things and mining for new resources all the time. Its a fantastic sandbox, survival, and adventure game with fantastic RPG aspects that will keep you engrossed for a long time. If you havent tried it yet, you should.

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2. Starbound

StarBound is a game that plays and feels a lot like Terraria. When it comes to the games appearance and feel, its one of the most similar games like Terraria on our list.

The game is chock-full of incredible random aspects that add to the excitement. Every part of the game, including but not limited to quests, objects, planets, weather, day/night cycles, and much more, is randomized.

Starbound 1.0 Launch Trailer

Because of the randomizations, you can repeatedly play the game and yet not see everything it offers, giving it a high replayability value. If you are looking for a game to keep you fascinated for a long time without losing interest, Starbound is the game for you.

3. Dont Starve

Dont Starve (Download Here) is a bleak and bleak survival-action game in which your only goal is to survive. You are thrown into a world full of horrific animals and monsters, and your only goal is to stay.

Best Games Like Terraria

In this colossal game, prepare to wander around seeking materials, crafting new tools, and surviving in the face of actual danger. Build fortifications for yourself and make goods to aid in your survival.

Dont Starve is a game with a gloomy art style that appears rather excellent than a colorful one. Depending on your preferences, you can play the game in a variety of ways. Make your way to the conclusion of this thrilling game by crafting, hunting, or farming.

4. SteamWorld Dig

SteamWorld Dig (Download Here) is a mining adventure comparable to Terraria that integrates some of the Metroidvania genres awesomeness to make things even more thrilling.

Best Games Like Terraria 1

Put yourself in the shoes of Rusty, an antique mining robot, and start on a thrilling trip through the ancient ground, unearthing riches and treasures as well as an ancient menace.

SteamWorld Dig is a fantastic adventure game that you must play if you enjoy Terraria. Because the universe is randomized, youll get the most out of the game every time you play it.

Prepare to mine for valuable elements, then return to the surface to sell them for upgrades and money. It is one of the most recommended and preferred games like Terraria.

5. Junk Jack

Junk Jack (Download Here) provides excellent mining, exploration, and crafting experience on both your PC and mobile device. Junk Jack is a game that takes inspiration from both Terraria and Minecraft and offers a thrilling and entertaining gameplay experience.

31 Of The Best Games Like Terraria To Try Out

It has various features such as cooking, planting, crafting, mining, and much more, making it a fun game that will keep you captivated for a long time. Best of all, the multiplayer mode allows you to play with your friends online.

The planet is generated at random, so each time you create a new world, youll get something fresh and different, adding to the games total replayability.

6. Crea

Crea (Download Here) is a terrific mining adventure with some fascinating RPG features thrown in to keep things interesting for everyone.

Its a mod-friendly game from the start, and the mods are strongly reliant on the community. This is one of the most recommended and entertaining games like Terraria.

Best Games Like Terraria 3

Modders will improve the game by changing characters, environments, and adding new content, making the game even more enjoyable. The makers have completed all of the modifying tools available with the games debut, as the game is being touted as a mod-friendly game.

As a result, even those who are terrified of the complexities of the modding scene will have an easier time customizing the game. Crea is a fun game that blends the most significant elements of RPGs and crafting games.

7. Deep World

Deep World (Download Here) is a fantastic sandbox game with excellent crafting mechanics and appealing visuals. It also offers gamers an exciting adventure as well as extensive gameplay (No pun intended).

This game is akin to Terraria and StarBound in terms of its fantastic steampunk feel and outstanding gameplay.

31 Of The Best Games Like Terraria To Try Out

Because the games fundamental gameplay is focused on multiplayer, players can engage with other players online, making it even more entertaining and immersive. Because the game is cross-platform, users from various platforms can play with one another, creating a sense of community in which players can engage.

8. Craft The World

Craft The World (Download Here) combines the sandbox, crafting, and strategic genres to create a unique and unforgettable gameplay experience that will keep you engrossed for a long time. In terms of gameplay aspects and variety, this game is greatly influenced by Terraria.

Best Games Like Terraria 5

This game gives you control of a Dwarf kingdom, and your goal is to expand the colony into a full-fledged domain with all of the dwarves living together. Exploration is the most critical aspect of the game.

Prepare to develop your Dwarf kingdom and solve tricky riddles in this fantastic game. You must go around a randomly created world searching for resources, craft items, and construct your complete colony.

It would help if you also defended your territory from any hostile attacks. It is one of the best choices of the available popular and fascinating games like Terraria.

9. Epic Inventor

Epic Inventor is a fascinating blend of Terraria and Minecraft, complete with some incredible sandbox elements that will completely enthrall you. The gameplay incorporates action, RPG, and side-scrolling platformers to make the gameplay more enjoyable.

Epic Inventor is a completely free game with Open Source Code requirements. It has single-player and multiplayer modes, and it allows you to explore, roam, and mine in a vast, randomly generated universe.

Epic Inventor features appealing 2D graphics that allow you to explore the globe, harvest unusual resources, construct stunning structures, and make various objects. This helps to populate and prosper in your World.

10. King Arthurs Gold

King Arthurs Gold (Download Here) is an enjoyable game that emphasizes multiplayer fighting. In this fascinating game, players wander around gathering resources, building constructions for defense or offensive, and fighting each other.

31 Of The Best Games Like Terraria To Try Out

You can play various classes, altering your gameplay perspective and contributing to the games overall lifespan. Because of the games emphasis on PvP, its a fun title for those looking for some friendly competition.

The primary game is free to play without the online multiplayer, but you must pay to play online with other players from across the World. You will gain access to additional perks and features, such as premium servers, customization options, and premium equipment to aid you in the game.

11. The Blockheads

The Blockheads is like a cross between Minecraft and Terraria, but with a few more features to make it even more fun. This game features a giant realistic block planet complete with weather and climate. It is among the highly fascinating games like Terraria that you must try.

31 Of The Best Games Like Terraria To Try Out

In this massive block universe, you can craft, mine, explore, and fight monsters. In each manner you can, assist your blockheads. Please provide them with food, shelter, relaxation, and anything else they need to survive.

Begin your exploration of the blockheads colossal realm. Make a boat and set sail across the vast oceans to explore. Your imagination is the only limit to this game. In this open-world game, you can do whatever you want.

12. Spelunky

Spelunky (Download Here) is a fun platformer that gives you randomized worlds each time you play, giving you a fresh experience each time you start the game.

31 Of The Best Games Like Terraria To Try Out

Set out on a voyage deep beneath the earth in search of the most dazzling of treasures for our quest. Explore locations rich in diverse treasures while battling monsters that afflict them.

Spelunky is a fantastic combination of platformer, adventure, and action games, with satisfying gameplay that improves with each new run. In this fascinating game, prepare to explore enormous tunnels, battle wicked monsters, and locate fantastic loot.

13. Treasure Adventure Game

Treasure Adventure Game (Download Here) is a fantastic adventure game set in a 2D open world that you may play for free. However, the game doesnt have any building components, but it does a fun exploring activity.

31 Of The Best Games Like Terraria To Try Out

Its undoubtedly one of the best exploration experiences available in any 2D game. Treasure Adventure Game has a large open world with changing weather and seasons, engaging NPCs, fascinating environments, and a satisfying gameplay experience.

You may step into the shoes of a young explorer who is about to go on a voyage. Accepting quests allows you to explore the sizable open globe and oceans in search of treasure.

14. Dwarf Fortress

If you like adventure games, you should try Dwarf Fortress (Download Here), one of the more unusual selections on this list. Players control a group of dwarves attempting to construct a fortress at the mountains summit.

31 Of The Best Games Like Terraria To Try Out

Begin gathering resources, building a shelter, and fighting creatures at night. Its critical to stay safe since the night creatures will attempt to assault you, ransack your kingdom, and kill all dwarves.

So, while constructing your country, try to stay safe. Dwarf Fortress has a lot of depth to it, and if youre not afraid to check out the ASCII graphics, youll have a blast playing this enormous adventure game.

15. Asteria

Asteria (Download Here) is a fast-paced indie game that combines platformer aspects with a sandbox sci-fi open world where everything is destructible, mineable, collectible, creatable, and craftable.

31 Of The Best Games Like Terraria To Try Out

Its an entirely new take on the mining and crafting gameplay, with a sci-fi twist. Youll find a plethora of space caverns to explore and mine for resources, as well as construct valuable stuff for yourself.

Asteria is a fast-paced indie game that combines platformer aspects with a sandbox sci-fi open world where everything is destructible, mineable, collectible, creatable, and craftable.

Its an entirely new take on the mining and crafting gameplay, with a sci-fi twist. Youll find a plethora of space caverns to explore and mine for resources, as well as construct valuable stuff for yourself.

Also, put your skills to the test in multiplayer mode, which adds to the excitement of the game by allowing you to play with or against other players online.

The game encourages and supports modding, which means youll be able to gain fantastic stuff from mods to revamp the game completely. It is among the highly recommended games like Terraria which is worth your time.

16. Raft

Take the survival and management features of Minecraft or Terraria and place them on the open sea, and you might get this hidden treasure for PC.

Raft (Download Here), like Re-game, requires players to utilize their wits and various objects to survive the fragile, dangerous environment in which they find themselves, whether alone or with a friend.

With an aquatic setting, the game takes a more minimalist style, as one might expect. Still, theres much to keep ones mind occupied while working on the life raft and plenty of shark attacks to avoid in the meantime.

17. Ark: Survival Evolved

This survival adventure by Studio Wildcard appears to be as far away from 2D pixel art as possible in terms of its clean, realistic aesthetics. Despite its awe-inspiring design, Ark: Survival Evolved (Download Here) is on a fundamental basis comparable to Terraria.

31 Of The Best Games Like Terraria To Try Out

Players are dropped on a wide, dangerous island teeming with deadly creatures and other dangers. Working with a wide variety of items to create and craft with is crucial in Terrarias style.

The games progression is similar since it combines open-world exploration with a loosely-bound arc of defeating a few enemies and reaching a scary final dungeon. The game combines the adrenaline fight-or-flight urge with a sense of personal adventure to create an addicting experience.

18. Astroneer

A superb games staying power is generally characterized by an addictive, ageless appeal that keeps the player coming back for more. This is true for Terraria and many others who have uncovered System Era Softworks hidden treasure.

Astroneer (Download Here), like Re-game, Logics offers an aesthetically fundamental but vast wilderness to explore and populate in an open-ended manner. The game plays like a mix of Minecraft and The Martian, with an astronaut exploring alien planets searching for manufacturing materials and resources.

They can use these jobs to complete challenges, develop structures, and transform the land. The game has a lot to offer solitary players, but the co-op mode adds even more depth and fun to the experience.

19. It Lurks Below

This game has a lot in common with Terraria, notably in terms of graphics and gameplay. It Lurks Below (Download Here) is an action-oriented survival role-playing game featuring stats and character classes that appeal to RPG fans. There are also randomly generated underground levels in the game, each with its foes, items, and thrills.

The game was released in 2018 and has received regular upgrades and support since then. Cooking and farming, missions, potion brewing, holiday events, and, of course, a plethora of weaponry to collect are all available to keep players active.

20. Archmage

This Early Access sandbox game is a fantastic way to unwind at the end of a long day. Archmage is unmistakably a Terraria clone, which is a good thing, as it contains many of the games gameplay aspects and excellent music, weather, and aesthetics.

Players are stranded in a mysterious environment and must work their way back to safety. Players can build homes and shelters along the way, explore their hearts content, fight monsters, and play multiplayer mode with pals.

21. Forager

Forager (Download Here) has been compared to Zelda meets Stardew Valley meets Terraria, and its a challenging task compared to a distinguished list of games. Despite this, Forager manages to be both addictive and adorable enough to be worth your time.

31 Of The Best Games Like Terraria To Try Out

For fans of survival and crafting games, the game focuses entirely on constructing and combat, to the point where many players have reported that hours pass in a flash while playing. It is one of the most popular games like Terraria which you must try.

The primary objective is to buy land, build, and explore from the ground up, clearing and developing purchased areas to access more resources and games. Of course, theres also battle, which involves raiding dungeons and defeating monsters to advance ones quest for wealth and glory.

22. Dig Or Die

It isnt easy to pick a favorite game genre. Dig or Die (Download Here) is touted as a sci-fi platformer, sandbox game, and tower defense game, and it appears to function quite well, according to user reviews.

Dig or Die differs from Terraria in its detail and difficulty, night threats, tile structure, and excessive exploration and mining. Thus its always intriguing and enticing when games successfully merge genres.

At night, fending off the increasingly sophisticated and crafty opponents who may break walls in their way to get to the player and their resources becomes a genuine challenge.

Fluid mobility and controls, various weaponry, and a genuinely enjoyable crafting system encourage development in the game.

23. Hollow Knight

While players will not be mining or building in this huge Metroidvania, Hollow Knight (Download Here) has close combat and an open-ended exploring feel. Like Terrarias underground mines and chasms, the game takes place in a giant underground labyrinth with an ominous ambiance.

Despite its 2D side-scrolling, Hollow Knight provides a fantastic sense of freedom as players explore giant mazes of interwoven dungeons and hallways.

Terrarias arcade-style features are captured in this exploration, coupled with plenty of exhilarating combat and an intricate progression system. On both the visual and gameplay fronts, Team Cherrys Metroidvania is a compelling experience.

24. Growtopia

Growtopia borrows from the Terraria playbook in several ways. This great sandbox game takes that games free-flowing adventure and crafting features and makes them even more accessible in this delightful sandbox game.

Unlike some other games on our list, this can be played on almost every modern platform, including mobile devices.

Growtopia: Create Worlds

In terms of gameplay, this lovely little MMO is more on the casual, passive side. Growtopia is a game for those who appreciate flexing their creative muscles in games but dont want to be bothered by enormous spiders or zombies.

Those who enjoy Terrarias building and multiplayer components, on the other hand, will undoubtedly find enjoyment in this vibrant game.

25. Dragon Quest Builders 2

This sandbox RPG builder is underappreciated because of its adorable graphics overshadowed by the more popular DQ titles. Still, on its terms, this successor to Dragon Quest Builders (Download Here) is outstanding in terms of the scope and diversity of the experience.

The game features a fast-paced, well-organized campaign with a more traditional RPG plot and monster-slaying action.

Theres also much Minecraft-style building, resource collection, and even some town management, so its a well-rounded journey. The multiplayer components of this sequel are also fleshed out, even more, allowing players to link up with pals and explore this magnificent environment together.

26. Dig-N-Rig

Terrarias vibrant retro design, which harkens back to late 8-bit or early 16-bit software, drew many people in at first. Dig-N-Rig evokes a similar creative response, but its ugly, blocky visuals, which mimic early 1980s PC software, transport the player even further back in time.

This game, created by DigiPen students, similarly emphasizes mining and resource collection with a more straightforward premise and mechanics. Players control a mining robot that must lay down conveyor lines and pillage further and deeper depths to collect minerals.

These are then upgraded and changed into more effective tools. This software mixes a building simulator with mining and crafting and feels like a more straightforward but imaginative variation on the Terraria formula.

27. Wildcraft

The two major themes of this game are crafting and exploration. Players can also explore the open-world map in this game, which has a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store (Download Here).

Players will have to fight enemies and live until the finish, much as they did in Terraria. To defeat the monsters, players will have a variety of weapons to pick from.

28. Block Fortress: Empires

This game (Download Here), like Terraria, features creative building and dangerous survival components. Over 200 unique blocks are available for users to employ in the construction of constructions and buildings.

The players ultimate goal is to survive. Players must stay in six different environments: volcanic, tropical, frozen, radioactive, lonely planets, and Earth-like planets.

29. LostMiner: Block Building & Craft Game

The mining and crafting aspects of this sandbox game will undoubtedly remind you of Terraria. The game (Download Here) is only 12 MB and has received over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

This game provides a variety of activities for players to do, ranging from farming to building houses. If players wish to play the game offline, they can use the creative survival modes.

30. Terrablock

Players will quickly recognize that this game is a Terraria clone in a variety of ways. As the game progresses, players will encounter monsters and perils. Terrablock (Download Here) is among the most preferred games like Terraria which you must try for a fun time.

In this game, players can build houses, castles, gardens, and various other structures. Terrablock, a 2D block world game, is suitable for children because it is simple to play.


With all of the games listed above, get ready to explore, mine, craft, and build your way to a new adventure. If you were seeking a few games like Terraria, you now have a choice of approximately 30 games that are just as exciting and beautiful.