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9 Of The Best Games Like Tomb Raider To Play

Need a helping hand to find out the Best Games Like Tomb Raider To Play in 2022? 🤔

There are many out there, but we collected 9 of the best ones for you in this post.

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Tomb Raider is an adventurous game that introduces players to an action-filled adventure fantasy. The series is all about players exploring the different places and getting easy riddance of the odds coming their way.

Tomb Raider is a game that also belongs to the puzzle-solving gaming genre, where the players need to go through varied environments that are not just dangerous but even filled with traps.

The game has a controlling setup allowing players to move characters forward and backward by making use of steering buttons. The combat system of the game detects enemies automatically when the players reach within the range of the enemies.

Third-person perspective views are throughout the game, and there are even Quick time events. Thus, it can rightly be said that Tomb Raider is one of the most exemplary gaming series that came up in the year 1996.

Once considered an iconic and thrilling franchise, Tomb Raider went off the radar for a short time. However, the gaming series reappeared in the world of gaming for the second time in 2013. Since its reboot in 2013, the series has come up with a couple of more games based on the same formula.

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that all the games from the Tomb Raider series are fun and adventurous. But the problem with these games is that they can quickly become monotonous for the players because of their lack of variety in quests and their repetitive tone.

So, it is worth trying out games like Tomb Raider for a change of mood, pace, and feeling. Games like Tomb Raider provide astounding activity along the same lines as the hugely popular Tomb Raider series.

The games come with the guarantee of incredible experiences and activities with their subjects of strength endurance, fluctuated gameplay, and solid stories. Some of the best games designed on the same lines as Tomb Raider are as follows:

Best Games Like Tomb Raider: Our Top Pick 👌

1. The Last of Us

There have been a lot of discussions out there regarding this game, and thus the game requires no introduction. The entertainment value of this game is high, and any individual who might have read gaming opinions and news might be aware of this masterpiece.

Best Games Like Tomb Raider

The beginners into gaming might not know that The Last of Us is set in post-apocalyptic America, which is a very harsh place. Surviving in this place for just one day is a major goal for humans here.

Joel is the main character of this game. He is a middle-aged man who passes through this desolate and ruined country in close coordination with Ellie, another teenage character of the game.

In a place where there is not much expectation and not much to do, only a few fortunate individuals are isolated in varied groups. Amongst these individuals, many of them work for their end.

Important features of these Games Like Tomb Raider are as follows:-

  • If you have made up your mind to play this depressing and adventurous shooter, do not be in haste to churn through the entire affair. The game is an experience specifically meant to be replayed over and over again and savored for years.
  • Players should take their time and allow the depravity and desolation of this game to sink into them.

The Last of Us is one masterpiece, you should try out if you have already played Tomb Raider many times and are on the lookout for some change.

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2. Uncharted

Games from the Uncharted series follow Nathan Drake, who is a treasure hunter all set to solve some of the biggest mysteries of the world. Very similar to Lara Croft, Nathan loves to play with fire no matter where he goes. All his missions are filled with a lot of danger.

The series has gone through a lot of changes over the years, with the core of the game remaining the same.

Important features of these Games Like Tomb Raider are as follows:-

  • The game consists of puzzles along with scaling walls.
  • The game is an action-adventure that serves as one of the perfect sources of adrenaline for gaming enthusiasts across the world.

For the ones who are coming hot on heels of games like Tomb Raider, the Uncharted series might require some time to get used to.

Dissimilar to Tomb Raider, Uncharted is quite heavy on its story and has a darker tone as well. The ones who are fine with ultra-violence can always play this game. It would be the best bet for you.


3. Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games is the name behind Horizon Zero Dawn, and with this game, the grand and open-world RPG has actually taken a major risk.

Games Like Tomb Raider

Initially, Guerrilla Games were limited to first-person shooters, but with Horizon Zero Dawn, the RPG has tried taking a different path. It has comfortably taken up the challenge of coming out of its comfort zone and has been successful in this attempt to a considerable extent.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a complete blend of varied genres and ideas that come together in the form of a unified package. The gameplay has the player in the character of Aloy, the female hunter.

Aloy has set out to finish all monsters across the world and is aiming to free the world of the rule of robots. The RPG, Guerrilla Games have outdone themselves in coming up with this game.

Important features of this Games Like Tomb Raider are as follows:-

  • Horizon Zero Dawn is a PS4 exclusive giving the other RPGs a major run for their cash.
  • Initially, the players did not expect much from this game mainly because it did not come from a recognized IP. Considering the fact that new IPs take a bit of time to make their presence felt, Horizon Zero Dawn comes as an exception here.
  • The game presents to its players a huge and luxurious world that captures their attention instantly, and from the time they get going with the game.
  • With its exclusive setting and an incredible selection of beasts along with a plethora of side workouts for the players to engage in, this game is probably one of the highest-ranking titles in the list of the best RPGs.
  • This is an amazing game featuring remarkable and awe-inspiring graphics.
  • The game promotes action role-playing in a world that looks primitive and advanced.
  • There are dinosaurs in the form of robots.
  • The game is filled with a lot of explorations for the players by the time they reveal a number of secrets and even solve varied mysteries.
  • The main weapon of the players is a bow that they need to hold throughout the game.
  • There are different explosive materials that can also be used. 

Walking from one part of the world to the other, discovering every nook and corner of this action-packed adventure game is a complete experience for the players. PS4 owners should not miss out on this game.

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4. Just Cause 2

The game provides ongoing comparative interactions to the initial or the first game of the series. Players of the game are in the character of Rico Rodriguez, who is on the mission of sparing the entire world from a perceptive despot.

The island setting of this game makes it beautiful, and the players can engage in numerous film-style activities within the game.

The game is set on Panau Island highlighting a larger game world than Just Cause, the first game of the series which covered only 400 square miles.

Important features of this Games Like Tomb Raider are as follows:-

  • Just Cause 2 is an open-world and complete experience where players are given a chance to handle the whole game by themselves.
  • The game comes in the form of extraordinary expansion of the first game in the series with some pleasant and mind-blowing upgrades.
  • Just Cause 2 features improved ongoing interactions.
  • The gameplay of this game is action-based, with a grappling hook being the main equipment for the players.
  • The hook can be used for attaching oneself to any object or for traveling to a certain location.
  • The game comes with enhanced parachute techniques enabling the players to fly with a lot of efficiencies.
  • The main quests of the game can easily be ignored, and players can even enjoy the different side games.

One of the best things about Just Cause 2 is that you can enjoy playing the game on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. So, what are you waiting for? It is time for you to up your adventure gaming fun and entertainment with Just Cause 2.

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5. Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 is one of the most spectacular and fantastic games when it comes to playing games that are the same as Tomb Raider.

9 Of The Best Games Like Tomb Raider To Play

Playing this game is like experiencing an open world where players have the freedom to explore almost everything and anything. It is the open-world adventure experience offered by this game that attracts a large number of players.

Also, the game comes filled with some of the most exclusive destruction techniques. The game has the players in the character of Rico Rodriguez once again. The character is all set to free the Mediterranean island of General Sebastiano Di Ravello and his evil plans.

Important features of this Games Like Tomb Raider are as follows:-

  • Players get to discover a Mediterranean island with vertical freedom. They can base jump, free dive, and skydive in the open world with no limits at all.
  • Players can glide through the air and even sweep through mountain ranges with their Wingsuits offering them new ways of reigning death.
  • The players of the game can use their parachute and grapple for scaling buildings, hijacking vehicles, and moving quickly from one place to another. They can also use these tools for tethering objects together for innovative new methods of creating chaos.
  • Players get all scopes of getting as adventurous as they can with a plethora of collectibles to explore and challenge missions.
  • They can make their choice from a massive collection of varied vehicles for driving, which includes jets, speedboats, turbo-fuelled sports cars, superbikes, and helicopters.
  • They can cause huge destruction in harbors, military bases, police stations, communications facilities, and prisons for bringing down the distractor.
  • Players can even arm themselves with different varieties of explosive weapons like missile launchers, shotguns, air strikes, and tank-busters.

With a lot of understanding done on the part of the players, Just Cause 3 is a real adventure-packed game that will surely give you an adrenaline rush.

If you love working with weapons and explosives and are fond of taking up challenging missions, then Just Cause 3 is for you.

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6. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction is a game where the players are in the character of Sam Fisher. Sam is on the mission of finding the main cause behind the death of his daughter.

Games Like Tomb Raider

This game again belongs to the action-adventure gaming genre and is thus considered one of the best games like Tomb Raider. However, the game also makes use of stealth elements.

The whole game is an investigation where the players meet some enemies that they need to terminate on their way to finding the mystery. The game comes from the house of Ubisoft and is one of the most famous games from Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series.

Important features of this Games Like Tomb Raider are as follows:-

  • Mark and execute feature helps players in marking specific foes without even targeting them.
  • Players can even set priorities for their targets.
  • They can make use of real-time interactions with things and use them the same against their opponents during attacks.
  • A complete arsenal of top quality and world-class innovations allows the players to outflank enemies with the last known position mechanism.
  • The exclusive storytelling style of the game keeps the players on the edge of their seats while they navigate the world where justice means making your own rules.
  • The game is filled with jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring visuals and graphic directions that lend a seamless game-playing experience to the players. The graphics will surely keep the players engrossed in Sam Fisher’s story.
  • Weapons of the enemies can also be chosen and used. The players have access to all kinds of non-suppressed firearms.

Blending revolutionary gameplay boosters with the no-holds-barred and high-octane storyline, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction is one gem of a game.

It arms players with high-tech weapons along with lethal skills generally found in elite operatives. It invites the players to get into a savage world where the meaning of justice is coming up with your very own rules.

This is one game you should not miss out on if you are on the lookout for games as mind-blowing and as action-filled as Tomb Raider.

7. Boiling Point: Road to Hell

This is yet another game that makes an easy entry into the list of the best games like Tomb Raider. The game comes loaded with FPS elements that permit the players to experience role-playing at its best.

9 Of The Best Games Like Tomb Raider To Play

Players are in the character of a journalist who is the lookout of her missing daughter. The game is set in a jungle called Realia, and the entire game presents a setting where the main character needs to deal with criminal, military, and political elements.

The gameplay of Boiling Point: Road to Hell takes the players through a 25×25 kilometer map where they explore different villages, estates, lands, and bases. The players can use different vehicles like helicopters, trucks, cars, and planes for transportation.

They can make use of assigned skills for taking down their enemies for fathering more details about the journalist’s daughter.

Important features of this Games Like Tomb Raider are as follows:-

  • The game is a combination of intense armed combat with interaction and exploration.
  • It presents a seamless, open-ended, and vast gaming world to the players.
  • The game comes from the house of Deep Shadow, the developer known for its innovative gaming engine streams.
  • The game offers a non-linear gaming experience with zero loading times. Also, there are no separate levels for the players to clear.
  • The wide and open gaming world features an assortment of varied AI factions that the players can interact with.
  • There are many diverse missions for the players to create original experiences every time they play the game.

Blended with a vast and seamless gaming world, the result of playing Boiling Point: Road to Hell is complete gameplay freedom along with replayability on unprecedented scales.

You must try your hands at it if you are craving more adventure and action, which was unavailable to you while playing Tomb Raider.

Click here to download. 

8. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

This is the latest installment from the Metal Gear game series and is undoubtedly one of the best from the series.

It lives up to all the hype surrounding the Metal gear gaming series and even exceeds the expectations of adventure gaming enthusiasts across the world.

This game comes from a franchise that allows players to explore more of the open-world than was the case with the other games from the same series.

Important features of this Games Like Tomb Raider are as follows:-

  • The gameplay of Metal Gear Solid V has stealth as one of the major elements. Players need to use stealth elements of the game for sneaking around and even for killing enemies.
  • Gameplay follows the same mechanics as in the other games of the series but with major advancements made in the equipment and weapons. This helps the players in misleading the enemies in a better way.
  • The typical day-night cycle of the metal gear game series also takes place, keeping the game all the more interesting.
  • Events take place accordingly.
  • Players get to explore many things using different means like cars, horses, war tanks, and even on foot.
  • The game even offers AI companions to the players so they can call them whenever they feel stuck while playing the game.

Offering a luxurious and exciting cinematic gaming fun and experience without a match, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is one gem of a game that you must not avoid trying your hands at. This game will offer you more adventure and action than Tomb Raider, and that’s for sure.

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9. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2 is a continuation of the excursion of Nathan Drake from the first installment. Here the players are greeted with new conditions and environments. The entire game is about getting hold of several lost ships along with their crew members.

This is a whole new action-adventure game where players get to discover several regions, and they even meet their enemies.

Important features of this Games Like Tomb Raider are as follows:-

  • The complete assimilation of factors such as puzzle-solving, shooting, and climbing make this game more interesting and exclusive as well.
  • Gameplay makes the players assess different weapons for combat. The weapons also come with cover systems for hiding the same.
  • It is completely upon the players to decide on whether they would like to make use of the stealth-based game playing experience or go for the basic one.
  • Going up, the levels of the game bring players to treasure collections as well.
  • Multiplayer mode allows players to have an impeccable experience while coordinating with the other players.

All in all, Uncharted 2 has lived up to the expectations of players who are fond of the Uncharted series and have liked the first installment of the series.

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This list of games like Tomb Raider will surely help you in finding the games that best meet your craving for adventure games that are as good as Tomb Raider. These games are a perfect mix of exceptional storylines and stylish storytelling along with top-of-the-line characters.

Not to forget, the ambitious missions and challenges that the players need to meet and go by. Puzzles, shooting, weapons, graphics, parachutes, and grapples, all these things together make the games as adventurous and as entertaining as Tomb Raider. Give them a try and experience the difference!

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