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11 Best Gardening Apps To Manage Your Garden Like Pro

For many people, gardening is not just a hobby or job it has become their lifestyle. Gardening, and taking care of plants are as hard as raising a newborn child.

If you think gardening is all about planting plants and watering them every day, you’re completely on the wrong side. Gardening takes lots of expertise and effort, especially if you’re a beginner.

There are so many things in gardening, apart from planting and watering, that a gardener must keep an eye on. But thanks to the gardening apps that have made the gardening process easier. With some of the best gardening apps, you can efficiently manage your garden and enjoy gardening. 

Though gardening looks easy, it was never that easy. If you’re searching for the best gardening apps to help you out, you’ve come to the right article. This article is all about the best gardening apps that make gardening easy and efficient for you.

So, let’s start with the list. 

Best Gardening Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌      

 1. Garden Tags

While managing your garden, how many times have you struggled or failed to identify a plant? Yes, it happens a lot, especially to newbie gardeners.

Garden Tags is one of the best gardening apps that helps gardeners with plant identification, planting inspirations, growing advice, etc. Garden Tags allows you to log each plant individually and manage it.

Best Gardening Apps

By creating your plant’s profile on Garden Tags, you’ll be able to record its looks, growth history, caring plan, etc. which is an amazing feature for gardeners.

Garden Tags has information about over 20,000+ plants, which immensely helps gardeners, and they’re growing the encyclopedia continuously. On this app, you’ll get plant information like- planting seasons, plant care instructions, growth strategy, etc.

Garden Tags also has one of the largest communities of 100000+ gardeners. You can ask gardening-related questions to experienced gardeners there and get advanced planting advice.

You’ll also get how-to video tutorials for gardening tasks linked with plant information. Garden Tags provides daily plant care tasks to help you take care of plants more efficiently. Try the Garden Tags app for better and hassle-free gardening experiences.  

GardenTags Grow Well, Together


  • Get plant information, growth plan, and plant care instructions  
  • Track plant growth  
  • Community-powered encyclopedia of 20000+ plants  
  • Community of 100000+ gardeners  
  • Make virtual samples of your garden 
  • Plant identification feature  Plant care tasks 
  • How-to videos

Available – Android & iOS 

Ratings:- Android – 3.7/5 and iOS- 4.2/5  

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2. Planter – Garden Planner

Once you start gardening, you’ll understand how difficult it’s to arrange plants efficiently. Arranging plants and taking care of them takes lots of effort and calculation.

Planter is an amazing gardening app that exactly helps you to get out of this garden arrangement problem. With Planter, you can virtually add plants to your garden and see how you can manage it efficiently.

Best Gardening Apps 1

Planter isn’t only helpful for arrangement, it helps newbies with plant knowledge also. On Planter, you’ll be able to see plant descriptions, varieties, how-to-grow articles, etc. which will help you to become a better gardener.

Planter provides a separate weather section and growing calendar that adds extra value to this app. In the weather section, you can customize information about the weather and get different gardening plans accordingly.

On Planter, you’ll see detailed information about 50+ fruits and vegetables. Creating gardening schedules, watering reminders, and caring reminders are the other useful features that make this app different from other gardening apps.    


  • Awesome Garden Arrangement tools  
  • Virtual garden planning  
  • Plant information, varieties, and How-to-grow articles  
  • Weather section and growth calendar  
  • Detailed information about 50+ fruits and vegetables  
  • Automatically detected frost date and planting zone  

Available – Android & iOS 

Ratings:- Android – 4.5/5 and iOS- 4.6/5  

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3. Sowing Calendar – Gardening

Sowing is one of the first steps of harvesting. Gardeners and farmers need to have a good knowledge of sowing. Sowing Calendar is a gardening/farming app that helps gardeners and farmers to keep track of sowing.

Along with keeping track of sowing, this app also provides gardeners with important and useful information about sowing.

On this app, you’ll see different types of crops with full details of their sowing time, growth plan, required treatment, etc. which is very helpful.

11 Best Gardening Apps To Manage Your Garden Like Pro

Sowing Calendar also allows you to keep a diary of your plants by recording their sowing date, photos, watering reminders, fertilizer reminders, height & weight, etc.

Planning the whole harvesting season becomes easy on Sowing Calendar. Not only about plants, but on this app, you’ll also get detailed information about pests and diseases.

Sowing Calendar has developed a separate section for describing pests and plant diseases, and how you can protect your plants/crops from them. This section provides so much information to the gardeners.

Sowing Calendar has the support of the cloud, so you can save your gardening details to the cloud seamlessly. The weather forecast feature of this app provides extra advantages to gardeners.

Plan your gardening on Sowing Calendar, and get reminders and clickable notifications that will help you in efficient gardening.  


  • Sowing calendar  
  • Plant information with sowing detail, growth plan, required treatment 
  • Create plant record  
  • Cloud support  
  • Weather Forecast  
  • Set reminders  
  • Pests and diseases information 

Available – Android  

Ratings:- Android – 4.3/5 

Download for Android  

4. Gardenize 

Gardenize is considered one of the best gardening apps. This is a simple app that helps you to manage your garden and make it grow. There are lots of amazing gardening features on this app that make gardening easier for you.

On this app, you can gather all your plants and arrange your garden’s areas for them. This virtual arrangement feature helps gardeners to understand their garden space and arrange plants accordingly.

With this app, you can also track your plants by recording their details including images, pictures, and notes. This profiling feature helps gardeners to differentiate between plants and treat them individually.

Gardenize App – Smarter gardening!

Gardenize provides recommendations on plant growth, and sustainable practices for better harvesting, which can be helpful for new gardeners. Gardening and planting a caring journal is another valuable feature of this app.

With the help of this app, you can also manage your gardening space very efficiently. See where the borders are, where the Flowerbeds, and how you gonna manage them.

On this app, you can also connect with fellow gardeners and get valuable tips from them. By connecting with fellow experienced gardeners, you can get various important and advanced tips for efficient gardening.  


  • Gardening and plant care journal  
  • Keep track of your plants  
  • Organize your garden space  
  • Connect with fellow gardeners  
  • Record plant details with pictures, texts,  
  • Reminders and clickable notifications  
  • Get expert advice  
  • Share your gardening knowledge  

Available – Android & iOS 

Ratings:- Android – 3.8/5 and iOS- 4.4/5  

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5. Groww 

The next gardening app on this list is Groww. Groww is one of the best apps for gardening. Groww considers itself the #1 app that you can download for gardening.

From sowing to trimming, Groww has almost all the features that you need for gardening. Groww has a large database filled with information on plants and gardening.

11 Best Gardening Apps To Manage Your Garden Like Pro

There is information about more than 1500+ vegetables, houseplants, and ornamentals. This app is most suitable for newbie gardeners as it contains all the details.

In case you’re searching for the best gardening and plant management app, Groww is the right choice for you. With the help of the Groww app, you’ll be able to plan your day at gardening, plan the whole month, and the whole harvesting season as well.

You can also create gardening projects and make your gardening hassle-free. Read informative articles, How-to articles on Groww, and never make a mistake in gardening again.

The whole encyclopedia of Groww is like a treasure for the new gardeners. Groww also allows gardeners to set reminders (watering, caring, nurturing), which make the process seamless.

After all the information, if you have any queries related to gardening, Groww provides you with the support of an expert community. Ask about your gardening problem and get answers from the Groww community.

Groww - c'est quoi?


  • Manage your plant and garden easily  
  • Large database of information  
  • Details about more than 1500+ plants  
  • Plant tracker  
  • Informative and How-to articles  
  • Set reminders 

Available – Android & iOS 

Ratings:- Android – 3.0/5 and iOS- 4+/5  

Download for Android  

Download for iOS 

6. Gardroid 

With over 100k downloads and a rating of 3.8, Gardroid is considered one of the best gardening apps on the internet. This gardening app specifically focuses on vegetable plants.

If you’re planning to grow vegetables in the backyard garden, this app will be very much beneficial for you. As this app mainly focuses on vegetables, you’ll get detailed information about almost every type of vegetable planting.

11 Best Gardening Apps To Manage Your Garden Like Pro

Gardroid has separately built profiles of all vegetables, and each profile contains every detail about that vegetable. These profiles contain details like- suitable sowing time, harvesting period, desired temperature, etc.

On this app, you can also manage your vegetable garden for better arrangement. This app also guides gardeners to set the right sowing depth, rowing distance, and spacing between plants.

With the help of the plant tracker system of Gardroid, you can also track the progress, diseases, and color changes of your plants. Gardroid also provides the feature of plant profiling.

With this plant profiling feature, you can manage your plants individually and set personalized notifications. Set customized reminders, write down notes about your plants, and add photos to the profile to take care of your plants efficiently.

To ensure the safety of your plant details, Gardroid makes use of cloud storage. The whole garden management becomes easy with this app. 


  • Details about almost all the vegetables  
  • Learn about suitable sowing and harvesting periods  
  • Learn about temperatures and watering requirements  
  • Track the progress of your plants  
  • Write down notes, add pictures  
  • Set reminders, get notifications  
  • Cloud storage support  

Available – Android  

Ratings:- Android – 3.8/5 

Download for Android  

7. What’s that Flower?

What’s that Flower? The name of this gardening app is enough to understand its functionality. Often people fail to recognize flowers and plants.

Not only common people, new gardeners, and sometimes experienced gardeners too find it difficult to recognize flowers or plants. It’s very important for gardeners irrespective of their experience to recognize plants and have good knowledge about them.

What’s that Flower? makes the recognizing process easier and provides users with detailed information about the plants. With the super helpful functionality of this app, you can learn about any plant along with photos in just 4 easy steps.

On this app, you’ll get to know about more than  1000 flowers and plants, which is amazing and would be very helpful for gardeners. There are various categories on this app based on plant types.

Best Gardening Apps 5

What’s that Flower has 6 categories, and those are- Meadows or Grasslands, Gardens or fields, Moorlands or wetlands, woodlands or forests, rocks or mountains, and trees or shrubs.

The crazy fact about this app is that it can also tell you which flower has what number of petals. Search plants or flowers based on their types, continent, color, etc.

High-quality photos of plants and flowers and detailed descriptions are the factors that make this app one of the best gardening apps.  

A quick tour of the "What's that flower?" mobile application


  • Recognize any plant or flower  
  • Get detailed information and high-quality photos  
  • Search based on types and continent  
  • Know in easy 4 steps  
  • 1000+ flowers and plants  

Available – Android & iOS 

Ratings:- Android – 4.0/5 and iOS- 4.3/5  

Download for Android  

Download for iOS 

8. Urban Veggie Garden 

Urban Veggie Garden is another gardening app that helps you in vegetable planting. Wondering to plant vegetables in your garden? Well, Urban Veggie can be very useful for you. This app has so many useful tools that can help you in effective gardening.

While gardening vegetables, there are lots of required things that are needed to keep an eye on. This gardening app will guide you from the basic sowing to the last day of your harvest season. Learn about vegetables, their harvesting season, growth strategy, etc. with this app.

11 Best Gardening Apps To Manage Your Garden Like Pro

Not only written articles, but on Urban Veggie Garden, you can also see high-quality gardening videos and HD photos. Those high-quality gardening videos will be very helpful for beginner gardeners.

The UI of Urban Veggie garden is pretty amazing, clear, and simplified. This app also shows you the latest updates and gardening techniques in form of stories, just like Instagram.

The garden planner is a very helpful feature that a gardener will get with this app. Along with the planner, you’ll also get features like Plant tracker, doubt chat, etc. that make your gardening much easier.

With the help of this app, you’ll be able to set watering limits, fertilizer reminders, pest and diseases check reminders, etc.  


  • See vegetable details (Sowing time, required temperature, wagering requirement) 
  • High-quality gardening videos  
  • Garden planner,-plant tracker  
  • Expert tips and doubt-clearing lessons

Available – Android  

Ratings:- Android – 4.2/5 

Download for Android  

9. KhetiBuddy 

KhetiBuddy is another great gardening app that you can make use of. This is an Indian gardening app made for the world. KhetiBuddy is a Hindi word, and it means harvesting. This app is full of gardening and harvesting features.

On the KhetiBuddy app, you will get more than 50+ plant planners across various categories. KhetiBuddy provides important information and guides for planting veggies, ornamentals, medicinal, fruits, air-purifying plants, etc.

11 Best Gardening Apps To Manage Your Garden Like Pro

Having all the needed gardening features, KhetiBuddy can be your one-stop solution for garden management. Facing problems or having queries related to gardening?

KhetiBuddy helps you get connected with expert gardeners over face time, audio calls, and text messages. This app provides users step by step guide for planting and growing the plant.

KhetiBuddy is one of the best gardening apps for newbies as it explains every gardening aspect very deeply. KhetiBuddy always keeps you updated with all the recent techniques and upcoming gardening practices.

With it, you can plan your garden, arrange plants, set activity schedules, set reminders, and many more. KhetiBuddy has also set up the garden shop to make all the gardening equipment available for you. KhetiBuddy has a rating of 4.0 on the Play Store, which speaks about its quality.  

Take care of your plants like a PRO with KhetiBuddy Home app


  • 50+ plant planners across different categories 
  • Get tips and advanced knowledge from expert gardeners  
  • Connect with experts over face time, audio calls, and text message  
  • Daily activity reminders and notifications 
  • Step-by-step guide on planting  
  • Stay updated on new techniques and upcoming practices 

Available – Android & iOS 

Ratings:- Android – 4.0/5 and iOS- 4.4/5  

Download for Android  

Download for iOS 

10. Gardening Manager 

For efficient gardening, it’s very important to manage the garden. Garden management can be very intimidating and time-consuming. Garden Manager is an amazing app that can help you manage your garden and enjoy gardening.

This app has so many garden management tools that would help you in day-to-day gardening. On Garden manager, you can set up a work calendar and reminders for various gardening tasks.

11 Best Gardening Apps To Manage Your Garden Like Pro

By setting up reminders on the Garden Manager app, you’ll never forget watering your plants, fertilizing, and spraying again and making your gardening effective. With this gardening app, you’ll also get a photo logging feature.

The photo logging feature records the pictures of a plant and helps you to understand the growth. The garden manager records the plant’s details (height, width) from the day of sowing till the last day.

This record gives you a detailed description of your plant’s lifetime, which can be very helpful for your next harvest season. With Garden Manager, track every plant individually, make personal notes, add pictures and videos, set customized reminders, and do many other gardening tasks.

Garden Manager has a great community of gardeners, and by logging in you can also be a part of the community.

Ask gardening questions, share your garden photos, seek expert advice, share ideas with the community and make the gardeners’ community grow. On Garden Manager, you can also find florists near you, which is an extra benefit.  


  • Manage your garden seamlessly  
  • Set reminders, alarms, working calendar, etc. 
  • Plant Photo logging feature  
  • Record plant details from sowing to the last day 
  • Share your virtual garden sample to your contacts  
  • Find your nearby florists 

Available – Android  

Ratings:- Android – 3.5/5 

Download on Android  

11. Gardenia 

Gardenia is the app we’re ending the list with. Gardenia is an amazing gardening app that helps you to arrange gardens effectively. Because of its clear UI and useful gardening tools, Gardenia becomes one of the best apps for gardening.

Gardenia has information about over 90000+ plants, which is a huge database. The complete toolset of gardenia is built for your smart gardening.

11 Best Gardening Apps To Manage Your Garden Like Pro

With the help of Gardenia, you can set watering reminders, fertilizing reminders, and caring reminders and make your plants grow seamlessly. With the help of the Gardenia app, you’ll be able to plan your gardening tasks efficiently.

Gardenia also provides information about pests and plant diseases, that can help gardeners to keep their gardens out of danger. Using the weather forecast feature on Gardenia, you can manage your garden according to the weather.

In the Gardenia community, gardeners can get expert tips, and advanced gardening knowledge, and share their gardening ideas with experts, which will make them grow as a gardener.   

Smart gardening with Gardenia!


  • Information about 90000+ plants 
  • Great clear UI 
  • Almost all the gardening tools  
  • Set reminders, plan working schedule  
  • Weather Forecast  
  • Expert Community  

Available – Android & iOS 

Ratings:- Android – 3+ /5 and iOS- 4.3/5  

Download on Android  

Download on iOS  


So, people, this was the list of 11 best gardening apps. Gardening is a pretty difficult task but with the help of these 11 apps, it would be easier for you. These 11 apps have almost all the features that a gardening app should have.

From plant profiling to plant tracking, these apps provide them all. Start your green gardening world with these apps as the first step.