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7 Best Geotag Photos Apps That Records Your Position

For every person who is not familiar with the term ‘geotag’, here is its brief description.

In the simplest terms, a geotag is all the information regarding the place, location, and time of any photo that a person might take. This feature is an incredibly useful one as it functions to increase and enhance all the data and information about a photo that a person is capable of storing on their devices or on their clouds.

A geotag is an especially essential and helpful feature for photographers, travelers, wildlife specialists, plant life specialists, or people with other similar professions or careers. People who partake in these activities due to their hobbies or passion can also take advantage of this feature.

Adding all the information about a particular photo and uploading it on the internet can also help and provide suggestions to other people who might go and visit that place one day in the future.

Geotags are generally added to the photos through particular applications that are created for this function only. There are quite a few free applications that allow any individual to add a geotag to their photos.

They are compatible with any device and with any operating system. Here are the best apps that allow users to add geotag photos for free.

Best Geotag Photos Apps – Our Top Pick👌

1. Geotag Photos Pro 2

Geotag Photos Pro 2 is a professional platform used for geotagging photos and images. It is equipped with all the possible tools, features, and services that a person could possibly ask for their traveling, photographing, and other related activities.

This application has been highly reviewed, has won the critics’ acclaim, reported to be incredibly useful, efficient as well as effective.

Best Geotag Photos Apps

This application allows the users to geotag any and all kinds of pictures and photographs. They might have been taken from their cameras, which could be a DSLR, a mirrorless one, or a compact camera.

This application also supports images of a variety of different formats including jpg, nef, cr2, crw, dcr, ciff, erf, orf, k25, kdc, mef, mrw, nrw, pef, raf, tif, tiff, raw, arw, rw2, srf, sr2, srw, x3f, dng etc.

Geotag Photos Pro 2 has proven to work excellently with a number of different applications including Lightroom, Aperture, Picasa, and other photo editing and managing applications. Any individual can use this application for 3 trips for free.

Subsequently, they are supposed to provide a one-time fee for continuing the use of this application for as long as they want to afterward.

This application can track the exact location of the place that its users travel to and record the time and place accurately and efficiently. It offers a complete solution for geo-tagging and photograph management.

It also provides flawless Lightroom compatibility through its Lightroom’s Map module which is used for geotagging. The person can also access your application through their Smart Watches. This application is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

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2. The Photo Investigator

The Photo Investigator, as the name suggests, is able to find, edit, manipulate, remove and change all the metadata of a filter easily and simply.

This is a complete and all-in-one picture geotagging platform that allows its users to view and access absolutely every possible metadata information of the file or files that the user has chosen.

Another advantage of this application is that it does not only geotags pictures, it can be used for and with videos as well.

Best Geotag Photos Apps 1

The photographs and videos can be taken or recorded through the mobile phone itself or shared from any other external device like cameras, desktops, laptops, etc.

This application is able to support each and every type of file. It has an incredibly user-friendly interface that makes it a delightful and comfortable platform to work on.

All the user has to do is choose the required file and start editing its metadata. It also allows the user to view depth maps in portrait form and share them as well.

The Photo Investigator offers a wide range of features to its users. This application lets its users see and access their photographs and videos along with all of their metadata that includes but is not limited to the location, filesize, xattr, albums, date, camera, and other related details of the file.

It also allows the users to edit or remove the location-related details of the file and enter or manipulate other information like captions, copyright, dates, etc.

This application is free to download and use. But there are some major and advanced features that can be unlocked only after the user pays for them.

The payment has to be provided once only. The amount that has to be paid is highly affordable and also completely optional. This application is only available for iOS platforms.

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3. GeoTag

GeoTag is a pretty great platform to view and create geotags of any photographs and videos that the person chooses. Currently, this application is not compatible with DSLR cameras and is unable to sync and connect with the cameras to access their photographs and videos.

But it is capable of supporting the files that are taken, recorded, saved, or downloaded on the mobile phone itself. Therefore, in order to work with the files of a camera, the user will first have to save them on their mobile phone before they are allowed to edit their metadata.

This application is the host of a number of different features and services. It allows its users to show and share their GPS locations, take photographs or record videos while having the exact and accurate GPS coordinates of the location, add voice or text notes to the photographs while working with them.

Share the photos on the internet, display the geotagged photographs on the maps, add and edit customized timestamps and geo stamps to the photographs and videos, edit the GPS coordinates of any files, etc.

There are three modes in which the user can work with this application. These modes are called Camera Mode, Image Mode, and Gallery Mode. The Camera Mode is launched as soon as the application is opened.

GeoTag app for Android!

It allows the user to work with and edit the required metadata of the photograph and video exactly while it is being taken or recorded. 

The Image Mode allows the user to edit the data of the files that are stored on the device. The Gallery Mode helps the user in arranging, saving, and managing the photographs and videos saved in the gallery according to the metadata of the files.

They are then saved in folders and locations as per the specifications provided by the user. This application is only available to people who have and use Android devices.

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4. Pixelgarde

Pixelgarde is the perfect application for adding, editing, changing or removing the geotag information of any and all photographs and videos.

Along with geotags, this application also allows the user to change other metadata of any chosen file including dates, time of day, titles, authors, and much more.

Thus, this application is a pretty impressive one that specializes in content management of the videos and photographs stored in the devices of the users.

7 Best Geotag Photos Apps That Records Your Position

This application also considers data security and privacy to be of utmost importance. It is equipped with a lot of different features that allow the users to maintain and keep their privacy and security by hiding and locking their personal data from their videos and photographs that have been geotagged.

This can be done by adding blurring effects to the files, adding texts and images that hide all the personal details and information that the user wants to hide.

Pixelgarde is a free-to-download Geotag photos app. But it is ad-supported as well. The free version of this application has some limits too though. Any person can get rid of the advertisements for just $1.99 and get all the features of the premium version just by paying a relatively small amount.

This application also provides excellent customer care service to its users. The staff is friendly and willing to help in case of any problems. They try to respond to any problems that the users have asked to be helped with as soon as possible.

Pixelgarde is mainly used by people who want to protect and not disclose their location details to the public.

Therefore, it has proven to be an excellent application for people who share their photographs and videos on various social media platforms as they can now edit and privatize the information that they do not want to share. This application is currently only available on the iOS App Store.

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5. GeoSnap — Geotag filters – Free & Easy Geotags

GeoSnap is the absolute and perfect Geotag photos application for all the people who love Snapchat as it majorly functions with and for the Snapchat platform.

This application allows the user to add and use a number of different and interesting geofilters on their Snapchat. These geofilters can be created and accessed anywhere and anytime, as per the conveniences, wishes, and requirements of the user.

This application is extremely easy and simple to use. With only a couple of clicks, the users can find, gain access to and apply the geofilters of their choice.

Best Geotag Photos Apps 3

The filters created by this application allow the user to mark and mention their locations accurately on their snaps as well as restrict the people on their friend list who have access and are allowed to watch their stories.

This way the location of the user would only be visible to people to who they want to show it and absolutely no one else.

Currently, this application covers a little over 500 different locations. These include popular cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. The users of this application can look for filters through a list that can be filtered and looked for through the list of the continent.

But there might be times that the user is not able to find the desired location. This is completely normal because, despite the varied choices of geofilters provided by this application, they still do not cover each and every location on the planet.

The solution to this problem is also provided by the application itself. It offers the users the option of looking for their precise location by using a worldwide map.

This map is completely free for use and easy to access and apply. The users can preview their applied filters before posting or sharing them. This application is only available to Android users.

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6. GPS Map Camera

GPS Map Camera is an excellent application for adding geotag photos and videos. This application was created with the objective of allowing people to immortalize their precious memories by adding and saving the details of their travels and associated photographs and videos on their mobile phones and cloud storage.

This application has a lot of useful features to offer to its users. It allows its users to get customized camera settings with the option of changing and modifying the grid, ratio, flash, focus, mirror, timer, etc.

Best Geotag Photos Apps 4

The map data of this application can be set either manually or automatically. It also provides a large number of readymade and ready-to-use templates to its users.

The advance template option offers a lot of different feathers including changing the map type (from Normal, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid Options), the address of the location, the longitudes, and latitudes of the location of the video or photograph, date, and timestamps for the file, logos, notes, hashtags, weather, directions and compasses, magnetic fields, wind, humidity, pressure, altitude, and other related details.

GPS Map Camera can also be used to add Satellite Map Stamps on the photographs and videos chosen by the user. It can be used to insert the GPS Map Location Stamp as well.

It is the perfect application for travelers, explorers, nature, wildlife and plant life lovers, bloggers, businessmen, personal uses, and in numerous other situations. This application is only available to Android users.

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7. Marki: timestamp and GPS camera

Marki: timestamp and GPS camera is another one of the best geotag photos apps available on the internet.

The main feature of this application is that it allows the user to add time and location-related watermarks to the photographs and images that have been selected by the user. These watermark geofilters are provided in the form of a number of different stamps that are available in unique and attractive designs.

This application is equipped with a number of useful, beneficial, and effective features and services. The watermarks provided by this platform are protected against any form of tampering.

7 Best Geotag Photos Apps That Records Your Position

It uses the GPS of the device automatically to find the accurate and exact longitudes and latitudes of the location. The timestamps are also perfectly accurate. It has an excellent cloud-based security system that is completely free yet highly efficient and effective.

Marki also auto-calculates the time of the working hours to provide accurate timestamps to the users. It does the auto calculation through its clock-in and clock-out time feature.

Its attendance watermark also supplements the application’s ability to keep track of its attendance and timestamps. It has proficient work efficiency features that maximize the working capabilities of the application.

This application uses its GPS tracking feature to record and save all the places and locations the user has been to. All of this information is saved on the cloud safely and securely.

FREE Timestamp & Location Watermark APP丨Introducing Marki

This application also uses this information to create a GPS map of all these locations. Marki is available for use on both Android as well as iOS platforms.

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If you are using Lightroom then you can easily do the geotagging easily with the below-embedded video.

Geotagging with Lightroom

Final Thoughts

A geotag can add a lot of information to any photograph or video. This information can be completely objective and factual like the date, time, weather, location, atmosphere, longitudes and latitudes, climate, etc.

But it can also be something personal like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, celebrations, and any other event that will be worth remembering and celebrating in the future.

There are a number of different applications available on the internet that allow the user to add a geotag to their files. While a large percentage of them are paid ones, there are quite a few free applications as well that are equally capable of doing so.

To find the correct application for themselves, the readers would have to try and see which one of them suits them the best.