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Get Microsoft to Guess Your Age

If you are not easily offended, why not ask Microsoft’s How-old.net robot to guess your age?

visit how-old.net and click “Use your own photo“, then upload a photo in which your face is clearly visible ( you can use an image with several people in it, too).

The highlights each face it recognizes with a squae and shows an estimated age and gender for each one.

Get Microsoft to Guess Your Age

At the bottom of the page, Microsoft says “Sorry if we didn’t get it quite right – we are still improving this feature”, and there’s definitely some truth in this.

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We noticed significant age variations even when analyzing photos of the same person taken a couple of years apart, and some predictions were out by as much as 30 years!

To understand in more detail how Microsoft’s Face API works, visit https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/services/cognitive-services/face/ and upload an image to the Face Detection section.

As well as age and gender, you will see how the tool uses machine learning to identify your emotion, pose, smile and 27 different facial ‘landmark’.

Get Microsoft to Guess Your Age

The app at the top of the page can use this information to analyse two photos and tells you how likely it is that the face belongs to the same person.

Simply click Browse below each window or copy an image URL to the appropiate boxes to test it.

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