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How to Get Mojave Dynamic Desktop on Your Mac or Windows 10


Apple amazed us with a slew of improvements that it bought onboard with the Mojave. At this years WWDC the company announced a Dynamic Desktop Feature. This feature will change your desktop as you progress through the day.

For instance, the wallpaper in the morning might be that of a sunrise while the same automatically changes to sunset in the evening.

Before you dismiss the feature as downright fancy please note that it is not just the wallpapers that change.

Get Mojave Dynamic Desktop

The feature also offers a time-lapse static view which is more like a live wallpaper in progression. For instance, the sun will move on the horizon and this syncs up with the time of the day.

All said and done this is one of the coolest features that the Mojave has to offer and most of us with MacBooks have been waiting for.

The problem, however, is that the Mojave is still in beta and it is not advisable to run a beta build on your daily driver.

How to get the Dynamic Desktop on any Mac?

Well, in this segment we will explain how you can get hold of the Dynamic Desktop on any Mac.

Before you begin please remember that you need to change some system settings and if you are not comfortable with the same please proceed with caution.

Also, ensure that you have scanned all the executable files for viruses.

  • Download the wallpapers here
  • Unzip and store them on your Mac
  • Head over to Settings System Preferences>Desktop and Screen Saver
  • Select the Desktop tab
  • Open the finder and redirect to the folder in which you stored the unzipped files
  • Select the folder and ideally, the photos will appear on the right side of the desktop

  • Now select “Change Picture” checkbox
  • From the drop-down select “Every hour.”

You can change the frequency of the sun moving over the desert by changing the progression to “Every 5 Seconds.” I know some of you might complain that the Dynamic Desktop lacks the accuracy as compared to Mojave, well that is partly true.

However, until Mojave moves to an alpha build this is as best as it can get. We are pretty sure that Apple will launch other wallpapers that will progress in sync with the change in weather or seasons.

Did you try this cool new trick to add Dynamic Desktop to your mac? If yes, let us know in the comments section below.

How to get the Dynamic Desktop on Windows 10

Windows has the ability built-in spotlight feature to cycle different wallpapers, but only at regular intervals, not based on the times of sunrise and sunset.

With Win Dynamic Desktop ( Download Now ) Program you are able to get a Dynamic Desktop feature in Windows 10.

This program will ask for your location where you lives in.

It then uses this information to determine what the correct sunrise and sunset times are for your location so it can show the proper images.

It then downloads the 16 high definition images used by the macOS Mojava Dynamic Desktop feature and causes Windows to cycle through them throughout the day.

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