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Get The Most Out Of Your Link Building Campaigns With These Tips

Nowadays, digital marketing and its implications for businesses are widely known among marketers. As consumers’ behaviours have changed along with the rise of the Internet, businesses have also needed to change how they operate and approach modern customers. Creating and maintaining a reputable and professional online presence is one of the pressing priorities for any business regardless of which industry it is in or what it is selling.

In order to manage effective marketing campaigns online, businesses need to make use of digital marketing tools including online promotion, customer outreach and search engine optimization. Search engine optimization has substantial benefits for businesses.

Simply put, SEO helps your business to rank higher on search engine result pages, which in turn, attracts more attention and visitors to your site. There are many factors that contribute to an effective SEO strategy, of which link building is one of the most important.

This article is a guide to help you get the most out of your link building campaigns. 

Aim to be Number One

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In the past, people used to turn to their local newspapers to find what they needed, whether that was a phone number for a local restaurant or the most highly rated dentist. However, those days are gone. The experts at SEOJet.net explain that in these modern times, people turn to the internet search engines and simply type a few keywords into a search engine on their smartphone to find thousands of results instantly.

The problem with results pages for businesses is that 90 percent of Internet users typically stop scrolling down after the fifth result. Therefore, only results and websites that rank at the top will get traffic that they can turn into potential customers.

Search engines such as Google and Bing rank websites on their results pages using different algorithms, which are designed to identify and place websites with the best related content at the top.

Normally, websites that appear at the top are the ones that have successfully used modern SEO tactics. Remember that the aim of your link building campaigns should always be to get you to the top of search pages in order to give you the best chance of being noticed by potential customers.

Implement Quality Anchor Text

Anchor text refers to the text that serves as a link to your website. Anchor text is considered to be one of the most important attributes of an effective link building campaign. Anchor text can be written in a few different ways, however, it is important to make sure that your anchor text does not come across as a promotion, because if it does, the Google spiders might detect it and punish you by downgrading your site or even blacklisting you.

Link building is not an easy tool to master as it is challenging to optimize your links whilst ensuring that Google does not detect and flag up your anchor text. Effective anchor text writing takes time and practice to perfect. Fortunately, there are tools that can help generate anchor text with better ratios and effectiveness.

Another thing to remember is to implement a wide range of anchor texts for every link as diversity can improve your ranking with the Google algorithm spiders. For instance, you can use your company name in an anchor text for one link whilst at other times it can be either a direct URL or a text that relates to your products and services.

Find Websites with High Credibility and Authority

Link building is a complicated process, which requires utilizing tried and tested processes in order to maximize the effects of your campaign. One of the most challenging problems for marketers to handle is finding qualified third-party sites that can increase your sites’ credibility and traffic.

For example, if your website sells tour packages across Asia and you wish to drive traffic to your site, you are going to find a lot of websites that offer similar products and services to yours. In order to compete, you will need to rank in one of the top spots on result pages. A potential option would be to source a well-known and reputable travel blogger who already has a large number of followers to boost your site. However, sponsorships and endorsements can be quite costly for businesses with limited marketing budgets.

Authority sites can be a practical solution for your business to increase your traffic and credibility as these sites typically have large and fully engaged audiences with high levels of trust in their advice. With a link to your website from an authority site, your business will not only benefit from a large number of potential customers, but will also earn a boost in search engine rankings as well. The reason for this boost is that high-authority sites are highly regarded by Google’s algorithms and links to your site will reflect well on you as a result.

Utilize Authority Links to Disguise Your Links

Authority links have an important role in your link building campaign as they assist your link in not being detected or flagged up by Google’s algorithm spiders. This is due to the fact that articles with only one link are suspicious to algorithm spiders. By adding extra authority links to an article, you will make the search engine algorithms treat it as more legitimate.

There are two important criterias to remember when using authority links. The first criteria is using authority links from highly reputable websites only as this will ensure the credibility of the article. The second criteria is avoid using links that refer to your direct competitors.

For instance, if you are planning on executing a link building campaign for Samsung and its phones, it is vital for you not to create a link using Apple’s website as an authority link. This is to avoid providing your competitors with free advertising.

Link building is one of the most highly effective marketing tools for digital marketers. In order to successfully execute link building campaigns, marketers need thorough planning skills and extensive experience. The benefits that a great digital marketing plan can provide to businesses are tremendous. Hiring experienced SEO experts to help build high-quality links to your website is an excellent solution to maximize your marketing performance.