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How To Skip Recruitment and Get the Perfect Tech Specialist For The Job


Recruitment is a pretty precise process, which takes time, energy and a lot of efforts. There is even such a position as a recruiter, which says about a tedious and long process of successful search fulfillment. There is an opinion that good specialists don’t usually go viral, and are caught at once they are somehow free for offers. The positive news is that the tech talent pool still full of unemployed specialists. This article will serve you a good help if your company or you personally are in a need of Python developer, for instance, but don’t have any desire to run a full process of recruitment.

Pay all the attention to the candidate’s CV

The process of recruitment consists of several stages: you search a Web looking for relevant candidates, there is tedious work with their resumes, as you look for needed technology skills on a resume and then there are several stages of interviewing, which can last for 1-2 months. It is a long process and we are here to cut it twice. A candidate’s CV says a lot about its owner.

What should be mentioned in a well-written resume? If you are looking for Cloud DevOps, so it is your keyword, which you’d better add to your inner scan during searching all the array of information. Achievements and technical background are more important than skills: previous experience can tell about an ability to create a good product in a team or deep knowledge of a narrow area of working. It can be that a good candidate made a collection of his skills in his CV, in such a case relevant information about a career path you may find out in his or her cover letter. A cover letter is an opportunity to stand out. It is guaranteed to be read, and candidates usually mention the information that they cannot put in a resume.

The selection is usually carried out according to a simple algorithm: first, we find the best candidates in the industry, then select suitable for a position, and keep those who can be fully understood by the resume.


  • It is the fastest way to find a good candidate
  • The process is absolutely free


  • You can miss a good candidate if he or she failed to mention something, that could be important in a case

Work with professional staffing services

The most difficult and long-term hiring is a hunt for rare and highly skilled employees.

If the position had to be closed yesterday, and you are ready to give away any money, just for a project not to be closed – it makes sense to involve specialized recruitment agencies or services to work with professional recruiters. It will be expensive, but qualitatively.


  • If you collaborate with an agency, it is not necessary to hire an HR recruiter
  • You’ll get a candidate in fast terms


  • On average, one vacancy is more expensive than if a specialist was hired by you or an internal recruiter

Look for Freelance or Remote Developers

The advantage of a remote employee is that you are not limited to the search area – as a result, the range of employment with good skill sets is quite broad. But it needs to be further structured, and this is monotonous and tedious work.

Where to hire developers? If you want to hire the best developers, in addition to the standard placement of vacancies and the analysis of responses, you will have to look through some specialized IT websites and social networks. Experienced IT professionals can be recognized by the presence on the resources where developers are: GitHub, Stack Overflow and others. Mostly, you cannot meet personally remote worker, so there is a shorter process of recruiting: you search and select candidates on the Net and, than communicate through messages or phone. Remote IT jobs have advantages and disadvantages, but you can gain the best results from working properly.


  • It takes you little time
  • Freelancers cost less than in-house workers


  • It can be challenging to train and get a worker involved in a company remotely

How to manage remote teams

Remote employees are profitable for business: the cost of office maintenance is reduced, and the ability to choose the best candidates without referring to a specific location. But how to make people, which you have never seen in your life work efficiently – that’s a riddle for many executives. You need to find a convenient approach for working with remote teams. It is important that for the tasks not to be confused, not lost, not duplicated. Everything should be simple and transparent. You need to create a single information space, where the necessary documents and everything else for comfortable work will be loaded.

The remote team needs general motivational meetings: every remote developer needs to understand what the company is doing, what are the difficulties and what can help the team to be even more efficient than ever before. Be sure to support and implement employee initiatives.

Define and clearly state your goal, mission, and tasks, make sure that everyone knows, understands and shares them. IT outstaffing services provide a full team of developers, which is good. You can control all the process personally or remotely, choose any convenient way for you.

Bottom Line

The IT industry is in constant development and requires highly qualified specialists.

It is carried out through recruitment agencies and special sites that specialize in the selection of qualified personnel for the vacant position.

Even if you skip all the stages of recruiting, you need to clearly study and analyze the information received from the candidate. For example, it is unacceptable to study a resume already during the interview. The best experts can be the best in their field, but not so savvy in writing a resume. Providing the candidate with a test task and having one interview will help to find out how this or that person is suitable for your work.


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