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Getting started as Amazon seller


Amazon is the largest online internet store with over 80 warehouses across Europe, North America and Asia. Looking to become one of Amazon’s sellers is just a natural step in partnering with this gigantic corporation if you’re looking to promote and sell your product.

If you’re not completely familiar with Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon program) essentially it is a service that lets you store your product inside Amazon’s warehouses and lets them prepare the shipping, handle your goods, and ultimately allows buyers a direct contact with Amazon as customer service support. This way you don’t have the need to engage in logistic tasks as they are all handled by Amazon.

Before you register on Amazon’s website you first need to…

Decide what will you start selling

There are several tools that can help you with that, such as AMZ Scout, Jungle Scout, and others. If you’re not sure which one to pick, there’s a comprehensive review here – AMZScout vs. Jungle Scout. With these tools, you may unlock the full potential of searching for the most profitable product.

DIfferent variables such as price, category, and ran can help you in determining the ideal product to start selling and making a profit.

It is important to choose a product that people are interested in. Social media trends are a perfect source for that as they offer and an endless stream of trends and things that are currently most relevant. But be careful trends are often quickly replaced so you need to stay on top of your game while searching for an ideal product to sell.

Advisable thing is to know your desired audience so you may always align and adjust your offer based on their needs.

Select a selling plan

Amazon offers two of them meeting different seller needs. The professional plan lets you sell an unlimited amount of different products for just 39.99$ a month. Individual this selling plan is free of maintenance but instead, with every purchase you need to pay 0.99$ for every item sold.

Start advertising

You can not expect that if you place a certain product on Amazon it would start selling by itself. You are required to advertise your storefront on all platforms including web pages, social media and so on.

Creating an Instagram page dedicated to your business is a way to go in 2019. One of the benefits of this social network is its ever-growing fan base with super easy advertising options to fully expose your page to potential buyers. Building an email list with links to your store has also proven as a successful marketing technique that drives ultimate sales for Amazon sellers.

Let’s not forget the good old “word of mouth” as good service and product is the best advertisement by itself.

Start Earning

An important thing that is strongly advisable to pay attention while establishing yourself as an Amazon seller is to focus on more than one product. There will come a time when the market becomes saturated with your current offer and you naturally want to have a backup if this case becomes true.

Keep an eye out for holiday season. Christmas alongside Cyber Monday is proved to drive enormous sales to every online retailer. Just be sure you are well prepared and stocked when the day comes.

Why not include affiliate links to some of your products? This way when someone buys a product from your store, not only that you will learn the profit from the sale, but also you will be rewarded with referral commission. Sounds good?


Amazon FBA program is a perfect way to start pursuing your passion in online sales while also driving profit to your pocket. Let Amazon deal with all the necessary logistic while you focus on exploring different product opportunities, branding, and sale strategy.

Before we wrap this up let us quickly cover the steps explained above:

  • First, you wish to choose a product that is most relevant and deemed highly profitable
  • Next thing is choosing the appropriate selling plan depending on your needs.
  • Start advertising on all accessible online platforms to drive traffic and customers.
  • Keep your game on top of the league by staying updated with trends, holidays and the needs of your customers.



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