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Getting Your Feet Wet in Making Money Online: 5 Proven and Easy Methods for Beginners to Try


Making money online is a dream for many people because you can stay home, find your riches from your laptop and run a business your way. Many people are scared of trying because they aren’t sure if they can really make the leap to generating money online. These five methods are easy to start and they will help get your feet wet.

Blog Writing

Blogging is the easiest way to make money online. There are two ways of doing this. You can either start your own blog and write about a niche or you can write for other blogs.

If you are making your own blog, then you will make money from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and selling products. If you are writing for another blog, then you will receive payment for each blog post that you create.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is like a regular assistant or secretary. The only difference is that all of your tasks are carried out online. An employer will give you tasks such as making payments on bills, arranging travel, taking calls from clients and other common tasks.

You can often find these postings on many job boards, especially those focused on online jobs.

App Development

If you are good at coding, then you can try your hand at app development. Creating an app is much easier than other types of software and the rewards can be huge. If you have the inspiration or vision for your own app, then try building one and putting in on the app marketplace.

You can also go on job boards and find positions for app development. This helps you get your feet wet and lets you see how the industry works.

Social Media Marketing Manager

This might sound difficult, but social media marketing manager is a fairly simple position if you are good at social media. This largely involves creating posts, responding to followers, getting new followers, making graphics and all other tasks involved in fostering a good social media account.

If you can write well and you are knowledgeable of Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets, then you can likely make a good living with this position. This is one of the easy ways to make money online if you have the skill for it.

Sell Digital Downloads

Normally when people think about selling products they think about physical items that you can hold with your hands. Digital downloads are items that exist solely on a computer. For example, you can sell article packets, website designs, audio files and much more.

While there are marketplaces for digital downloads, you can also use WordPress plugins to create your own digital downloads store. It’ll only take a few minutes before your store is up and running.


Making money online isn’t that difficult if you know how to do it. While traditional businesses can thrive online, most people make money by using skills for marketing, generating content or selling digital downloads. Try any of these methods and you might be able to make a sizable income right from your desktop or laptop.


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