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37 Of The Best Gifts For Architects And Designers in 2020


For this Best Gifts For Architects Buyer’s guides, we reviewed 150 gifts available in the current market and we picked the best 37 for our readers. 🤴

Let’s dive right in. 👓👓

When selecting gifts for an Architect, it can be tough especially as you’re not an architect. Choosing a gift for an architect can be a mounting task as these architects are known for paying great attention to details and possessing an exquisite taste in style and things in general. Their selective nature makes it daunting to select the right kind of architecture gifts that’ll suit them.

If you think you have found the gift that suits them or you’ve been able to decipher their taste or have the slightest idea on their style and the kind of things they like, well, it’s sad to let you know that Architects are like the leaves of a tree that changes with the season.

Architects are known to possess a rapidly changing sense of taste and an incredible knack or taste that is not easily shopped around. The secret guide to establishing what to give to them architects has been compiled and is available.

To proffer help with fulfilling this task, here are a collection of gifts that’ll suit them and amaze them. Among the gift are creative gifts, and practical gifts.

These gifts would make an architect surprised and smiling. Here are examples for architects for men;

Best Gifts For Architects: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Turn Coffee to architecture mug

Gifts For Architects
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This is a fantastic gift for any Architect to begin their day with, it guarantees that they get off to a great start every morning. This mug emphasizes the passion of the Architect; it renews faith in the career path they chose.

When working late at night on either urgent or at any time of the day and you need a cup of coffee to invite your creative juices.

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2. Miniature dollhouse with furniture

There are very few things that would cause an Architect as much excitement as starting up a structure from the beginning. These miniature dollhouses with a complete set of furniture and DIY wooden kit would inspire ideas for any of their projects.

Gifts For Architects 1
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The collection is made up of a tiny building with a full set of furniture, DIY kits, dustproof and music movement, and an instruction manual.

They are made in different sizes and colors. The materials are usually plastic, wooden, very little mortar and concrete which makes it perfect for gifts for architects and designers in 2020.

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3. Architects funny cushion designs

this here is a simple gift to give one’s Architect friend or lover for either a birthday, graduation or any ceremony worth celebrating and remembering in their lives.

This definition designed cushion spells out the meaning of the word architect. This handmade polyester material cream-colored pillow has a zip and an inner microfiber cushion inside of the polyester material; this is a gift that’ll go on to put a smile on their faces and get them to remember you whenever they make use of it. This is a great day starter and an unwinding tool.

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4. Blueprint Cufflinks

Gifts For Architects 2
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These cufflinks are a perfect piece for stepping out in a formal manner. They look great on Architects with their blueprint design heads and add to the style of the profession.

This idea is spot on for a gift to an Architect because they can pull it off in a smart manner.

5. Lego Architecture studio

Gifts For Architects 2 1
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This studio is a legitimate source of inspiration to Architects because it works on your imagination while you play. The studio is designed to spring up ideas for real-life buildings and lose your imagination and develop your creativity.

Includes a booklet that details designs in English and Italian and gets inspired by well-known Architects through their projects.

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6. Concrete Desk set

Gifts For Architects 3
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This is a desk set made out of concrete which is a perfect set to gift your Architect friends. This is a weighty set of office tools which include tape dispenser, pencil holder and a small tray.

It is an industrial and architectural aesthetic that would make a good design atop the desk and serve the architect in his job.

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7. Frank Gehry’s Architecture and design course

world-renowned Architect Frank Gehry teaches an architecture and design course through an online education medium known as MasterClass.

You can give your friends this exceptional gift which would enlighten them about Architecture and designs as Frank shares his story and process of learning while providing advice on students’ work.

He also has an enormous model archive from whence he would share his philosophy and take on design and Architecture. He would also offer his students a glimpse of his creative process using case studies, storytelling, and progressive models.

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8. Funny Architect T-shirts

Gifts For Architects

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This is a 100% cotton or 50% cotton and 50% polyester made a t-shirt that has funny and elating inscriptions on them.

Most of the inscriptions are a fun take on the daily life of an Architect. It makes an excellent gift for an Architecture graduate or an aspiring Architect. The shirt is a lightweight, made to custom fit and has a double-needle sleeve and bottom stitching.

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9. Leica DISTO D2 Advanced Laser Measure 330 Ft

Gifts For Architects
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This tool right here is vital for every Architect to have as they’re used to get an accurate and instant measurement. This tool eliminates the use of tapes in measuring and saves stress.

It works by pointing the laser beam across where you want measured and through Bluetooth, sends the measurement to a free DISTO sketch app on your phone.

It is available for Android and IOS devices. Its slim and sleek features enable it to take straight line measurement and area calculations. Comes with a removable pocket clip that makes it easy to carry.

10. Notre Dame Cathedral 3D Metal Model Kit

Gifts For Architects
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This is one of many Architectural designs from Fascinations.

The model kit starts as a 4” X 8” metal sheet that would be popped out using wire cutters and through the instructions on the manual, you can assemble your model using tweezers to bend and twist the connection tab.

After assembling, the cathedral stands at 3.2” X 4.6” X 2”. The assembling is done without the use of glue or solder iron.

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11. Micro Concrete Cufflinks

These cufflinks represent style, because of their design. Any Architect gifted these links would be oozing of taste and style. These links are called Elements by their producers and are conceived to follow you to any formal gatherings. They are made of concrete and sterling silver and weight very little.

12. Skyline Rings

Gifts For Architects

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You can give your Architect friend a gift of his favorite architecture in his beloved city in the form of these beautiful rings from stuntwoman.

Designed to meet your taste, these rings are lightweight and would remind your friend of his favorite place to be in a gift for architect girlfriend in 2020.

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13. Mod Tab 5

For your Architectural friends who move around with enough gear, you can gift them this magnetic modular case built to carry their tech equipment and small gear as they move around for fieldwork.

The interior of the case has been redesigned to carry your Laptops, tablets, phones, money notes, all manner of cards, pens, pencils, notebooks, and headphones.

The tab case is made of magnetic leather, has a hidden tile pocket, dual magnetic lock and Italian made zip. This would make a perfect gift for an Architect who keeps their movements as stylish as the design of this bag.

14. New 2018 IPad pro 12.9 inches and document leather organizer

Gifts For Architects
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A handmade leather pouch for the new IPad pro with keyboard pro. Hand sewn with a waxed thread can have your initials added to it on special order through stamping.

This leather folder is essential for use by Architects on field trips or for moving around, so it’s an elegant present to gift to an Architect.

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15. Matte Black pocket business card

Gifts For Architects 9
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A small matte black pocket business card holder would be preferable to move around with as an Architect and looks very professional and sophisticated than perusing through your bag or pockets or car pigeonhole to pull out a card.

This cardholder can contain 22 cards either a business card, credit cards, and ID. It’s designed to be easy to carry after being stocked with the card. It’s a perfect gift to give an Architect.

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16. Architect Triangle Scale

This is a 3-in-1 measurement scale which is made in a way that the Architect gets three readings all at one time of measuring.

Gifts For Architects
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This helps them convert measurement on different scales without doing too many calculations, saving the Architect time and brain energy that would have been spent on performing the calculations.

The scale is made of a bamboo base, high impact plastic laminated face, and tapered edges.

The measurement lines are machine engraved and are color-coded. This triangle scale comes in a hard plastic case. The scale is generally white. Its amazing quality makes us make this in our gifts for architects 2020 lists.

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17. Pentel Arts GraphGear 1000 Premium Gift Set

why not enlighten the mood of your Architect friend or loved one by gifting them this set of mechanical refillable pencils. The set has four superior quality pencils with lead refills and erasers.

Gifts For Architects
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The lead refills come in all shades of thickness and can be used by anyone from Architects to enthusiasts and perfectionists. The set is boxed neatly with each pencil carefully enclosed with foam.

The pencil has a nicely carved grip making it easy to hold and draw with for hours. They do not need sharpening because they are mechanical pens. This is one of the best things to gift an Architect.

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18. Apple Pencil for IPad Pro

Gifts For Architects 12
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This is for technological enthusiast Architects who work with an IPad. This pencil makes recording measurements, sketching plans and the use of other apps simple.

This pencil is sensitive to pressure, so for ease of use, tilt. It allows for use on various models of IPads, charges using the lightning cable and connects via Bluetooth for use.

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19. Digital Alarm Clock

Gifts For Architects
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This is a perfect gift for Architects who are still practicing, with their love for edgy designs, Architects would love this design. The shape and the material used in making it makes this clock fit into any part of the house it’s been placed.

The extra features of the clock apart from the time include a thermometer to detect temperature and humidity, different sets of an alarm, flexible brightness, use of battery power or electric charge even though plugging into a power source isn’t that necessary for it to function.

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20. Lego Guggenheim Museum

Gifts For Architects 13
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This is another one of Lego’s famous building designs which brings a metal plate to a real-life structure. This is a structure that stays true to its real-life counterpart.

The model is set on a gray and black base and stands 4” with a printed name label. There is also a booklet about the building, its design, construction, and history. This piece of art would be perfect for any New York Architect or world tourist or a fan of Architecture.

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21. Architect parking only sign

Gifts For Architects 14
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An architect can use this plastic signage to label their workstation and keep unwanted people away. The parking only sign has a bit of a fun joke to it where it says violators shall be leveled pointing to the fact that to function right, everything needs to be leveled.

Produce by SignMission, they have produced a lot of funny, cute, and epic signs that’ll suit your taste and humor. There are a lot of already made American signs that’ll tickle the fancy of you and others who come a crossed it, make people smile and show off your irritable attitude.

This signage was made from special material built to withstand a beating, and this sign can bend forward and backward without it breaking or cracking. Its colorful makeover would see it last up to four years when under the sun and a lifetime indoors. The signage is one-sided and was made to resist rust and fade.

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22. 101 things I learned in Architecture school

Gifts For Architects 15

a lot of knowledge is passed on in the Architecture school, there’s no harm in refreshing one’s memory, or else you’ll forget. This book will make a good reference for your Architectural friends to update the important things they learned in school.

This book teaches from the basics of how to draw a line to the problematic aspect of color theory or the primer in architectural learning. This book is in a unique two-page format, coupled with a brief explanation and illustration.

There are also lessons on how to draw a line, the good and bad lines, and a discussion of the comparable difference between traditional and modern buildings. The book provides important guidance for students going through the Architectural design studio and the architectural curriculum.

This book acts as an inspiration for young designers, experienced practitioners, and a guide to complex design problems to the critical aspect when solving.

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23. DIY Lego Clock

Lego Clock DIY 1

This is a design clock made out of Legos. They are made out of building blocks that help inspire Architects through its design to create new or existing buildings. The design of this clock can be kept simple by removing the mini-figures.

This wall clock is a DIY customizable piece that can be done and presented to your Architect friends. Things needed to design this clock are; Clock kit, Lego Baseplate, Lego pieces, spray paint, and a drill.

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24. DIY Metallic Desk Tidy

Gifts For Architects
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This metallic DIY is a desk tidy that is capable of keeping the workspace tidy. It looks expensive from the first sight, but it’s quite cheap and easy to make.

All you need to do it yourself are reasonably priced items. Supplies needed to make a desk tidy are spray paint preferably metallic antique gold, spray primer, metal tubes, white spirit, sandpaper, cork trivet, and glue.

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25. DIY flip Desk

Gifts For Architects 17

You can reward your Architect friends with a desk, and they would never forget it in their life. This desk is designed to flip up a part of it and create an additional workstation.

This piece can instantly convert your home into a home office.

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26. DIY desk organizer

Gifts For Architects 18
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your Architect friend’s desk will never be more organized after giving him this desk organizer. This organizer can be easily done by yourself and would save you a lot of expenses as the materials can be easily sourced from around your area.

This organizer was created with a lot of space for different office supplies, or it can serve as an inbox and outbox tray. The materials for making this desk organizer are lucite or rectangle-shaped boxes and two hangers for their handles, spray paint.

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27. Black: Architecture in monochrome

Gifts For Architects 19

This book is part of the books you can gift your Architecture friend or and Architecture lover and admirer. The beauty of black buildings is shown in this book.

It highlights over 150 works of art in black buildings. This book explains the visually impressive side of the color black used in buildings. The unique designs set across wide and beautiful landscapes is what make the designs in this book beautiful.

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28. Fisher space pen bullet, space pen with clip

Gifts For Architects 20
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This is a very cool pen to gift an Architect. It was originally produced for use in space by astronauts, it can write accurately from any angle even upside down.

This pen was marvelously designed to still write from freezing temperature -30F to scorching temperatures 250F.

The pen’s ink cartridges are pressurized and tightly sealed ensuring flawless writing and eliminating leakages. The pen includes a removable clip and each one is precision assembled, comes with a lifetime guarantee and is hand tested.

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29. Wooden folding book light

Gifts For Architects
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Magicfly wooden folding light is made uniquely to function to the taste of an Architect since they love to possess unique yet functional items.

The wooden light has the shape of a book that comes on when the book is opened and goes off when the book is closed.

The wooden design is made from eco-friendly maple wood and is as stunning as its operations. Its design makes it easy to take along to anywhere, and it can be charged via USB.

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30. LEGO Creator Expert Taj Mahal 10256 Building Kit

Gifts For Architects 22
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LEGO has dropped another perfect Christmas present for your Architect friends so you can stop cracking your brains and take the LEGO Creator Expert Taj Mahal 10256 Building Kit and wrap it up and present it to them. The detail of this building kit is spectacular.

The Arches, Balconies, Windows, and Towers have been represented so well to give a view of the main building and set a beautiful air of authenticity.

The Taj Mahal measures 16” high and 20” wide and 20” deep. The building features an affluence of elaborate details such as arches, ornate domes, balconies, towering minarets, and decorative finials.

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31. Bridges: A History of the World’s Most Spectacular Spans

Bridges have been part of the world’s ever-growing landmass, they are known to stand without support and prove to the world the advancement of Architecture and Engineering.

In this book, you’ll find out more about bridges and how it’s possible that they join countries, islands, suburbs, and districts.

For a growing Architect, this book takes you through the rich history of some of the most significant bridges in the world. Some of the pieces of art have become iconic landmarks while others were the road pavers for history.

This book will intrigue architects and those who are fascinated by the amazing structures and functions of the bridge.

In this book, you’ll find a visible history of the world’s highest bridges, amazing and breathe consuming photographs which capture the explicit details, behind the scene perspectives of how the bridge was built, and your all-time favorite bridges from the military rule to those present in movies.

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32. An Architectural model of Paris

you can gift your architect a model of their favorite city from above which will inspire them and pass on ideas. This piece of art will brighten up their workplace.

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33. The Skyline New York Chess set

Gifts For Architects 23
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This unique but stylish item is perfect when considering gifting someone a piece. The designers of this masterpiece took a cue from the exciting world of architecture to make a chess set that’s going to take over the media waves his winter.

The set replaced the old chess pieces and replaced them with famous architectural landmarks found in New York. The new pieces of this set show some of New York’s most recognizable buildings and the famous brownstones found around the inner city.

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34. Pallet Board World Map

this is a wall map built on a pallet board, this map would look great on any office wall it graces especially that of an architect.

This map is a DIY project which would save on the cost of buying new arts. To create this map, one would need a pallet, hammer, pry bar, saw, nails, tracing paper, tape, a map that outlines the world, carpenter’s pencil, color sharpie of your choice, indoor latex paint, and two paintbrushes, one thick and one thin.

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35. Art Prints

Gifts For Architects 24

These can be an excellent gift to inspire an architect, with this print job, he can liven up his workspace and get ideas from the drawing patterns. The print features 44 iconic modern chairs wand comes in two shades of black and white and colored.

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36. Modern Mousepad

This mousepad is a DIY project and can be easily created and handed over to your friends as gifts.

It would encourage them to keep working and striving harder which is the jobs of an architect. This mouse pad would inspire ideas into their head after going over a building site. It’s a perfect gift for architect boyfriend in 2020.

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