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11 Best Goal Tracking Apps To Lead Your Goals

A goal in mind, without a way to execute it, is just a plan! And plans alone are of no use at all. We need firm goals, consistent hard work, and utmost dedication to achieve our goals.

Considering that, if one can get a helping hand in completing his or her goals, there’s probably nothing better. To assist in accomplishing your goals, technology has come up with several goal tracking apps.

Goal tracking apps are there to keep a handy track of your goals, for instance, what percent of your goal is achieved or what percent is yet remaining, helping you to realign your tasks accordingly.

A devised and full-proof plan to lead ahead with your teammates or even alone can be easily set and kept on record by using the goal-tracking apps. 

With them on your device, you never need to worry about having a pen or paper to note down something. Whatever is important to you can simply be noted in them and tracked even more easily.

And for those having multiple goals, managing all of them could be a burden. But with these goal tracking apps, you can keep an uncomplicated account of them.

Because maintaining and continuing a goal is as important as having one, we have created a list of a few goal tracking apps that could be extremely beneficial for you. 

With these apps, systematic planning will become just your thing! So, here’s a list of the best Goal tracking apps to be more efficient than ever.

Best Goal Tracking Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Strides: Track all your Goals & Habits in one place

Strides is a goal tracking app wherein you can effortlessly create, manage and track all your goals. The app comes up with dual benefits, that is, that the users can track all their goals as well as their habits in one place. 

The app suits best those who are short on time and do not want to switch from one app to the other to match different needs of theirs.

Stride is an app that will keep you motivated under all circumstances. To keep you going, Strides give you constant reminders. The app also brings about a big change in your daily lifestyle by getting it routinely managed.

Best Goal Tracking Apps

Strides have four different types of trackers, which ultimately makes the app more effective to use. The tracker types are-

Habit – With the habit tracker, you can set any habit, say, Read 5 Pages a Day. Suppose you set this habit on the tracker for 15 days. For the next 15 days, you’ll get a notification of having achieved your goal or have not achieved it.

The app then shows the percentage of goals met. So, accordingly, you get your results! On the habit tracker, you can manage your good and bad habits and receive reminders for uncompleted tasks.

Target – On the target tracker, you set the goals by date. For example- You set a target for reading 5 pages a day from 10 February to 12 February(3 days), so the total number of pages is 15.

The target tracker will show you the number of pages you’ve read and the number of pages remaining, that too using a paceline, which helps you to increase your speed as per the need. Therefore, a graphical representation of your goals on the paceline makes the goal easier to manage.

Average – Average gives you the mean estimation about completing your goals. For example- if you have to read 15 pages in 3 days, your average should be 5 pages a day, and if you read 4 pages a day, then the app will show you the results and your success rate.

Project – The project tracker has charts and percentage sliders to record your goals, their completion, and the history between the dates.

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2. LifeRPG: Goals or Games?

LifeRPG is a goal-tracking cum gaming app. On the app, you can automatically prioritize your goals and gain XP for achieving them. It is just like a video game, but for real life. Setting goals as “missions,” completing them, and then getting rewarded is how the app works! 

The app keeps you disciplined and even displays the due dates for your goals. This feature makes the users keep going. With regular reminders, the app keeps you motivated. It is a fun-loving app, mostly meant for people who like gaming a lot!

Best Goal Tracking Apps 1

With more goals accomplished, the user gets a level up. So, the more goals you accomplish, the higher the level you will be at. On the app, the user can always set their own goals, achieve their self-set goals and magnificently work like a boss! 

The missions on LifeRPG are primarily designed and divided into three major parameters. Those are:-

Difficulty Parameter:- This parameter works absolutely on your perception. It is about how hard it would be for you to get your goal done. The harder you think achieving your goal will be, the parameters set for you.

Urgency Parameter:- The urgency parameter is about how fast you want your goals to get completed. As the name suggests, urgency parameters are specially for the tasks you want to do, most importantly.

Fear Parameter:- This parameter measures the stress or anxiety the user feels while on or completing a mission.

From these parameters, the users have to choose between a scale of 0 to 100 according to the parameter they feel best suits them.

On LifeRPG, you will also get a steep learning curve to enhance and modify your growth. As you succeed, the app will be much more enjoyable.

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3. Weekdone: Work Efficiently

Weekdone is a quarterly goal tracking app that manages and records your apps weekly. Your complete week can be planned on the go with week one.

Systematic goals can be set for you and your team. Weekdone is an app that sets and manages OKR(Objectives and Key Results) for your goals. With Weekdone, you can always re-align your goals with the best outcomes every quarter.

How Weekdone Works - Weekly Planning & OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Tool

The app provides the users with a graphical representation of the records, thereby making it way easier for the users to understand and interpret. 

Moreover, feedback can be given on the app as well. You can also collaborate with your team members or your colleagues anytime on Weekdone. After completing your records, you get a weekly report via email, mobile, or tablet. 

The report obtained follows three basic parameters-

Progress:- “Progress” part of your report tells you how much of your record is already done and achieved. It is basically about the completion of your set goal. 

Plans:- This section is about future planning regarding your goals. Here, you can set goals for the upcoming week. You can keep a beforehand track of your goals, the goals of your team, or the goals of your company. This makes your work even easier.

Problems:- This part of the report deals with the issues faced by the users in fulfilling their goals. Any problem encountered in achieving your goals or the goals of your company can be started and kept over here.

Weekdone is the best alternative for those who have to multitask and manage tracks in their lives. The paid plan of the app starts at $90 for iOS users.

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4. Lifetick: Way to Success

An online goal-setting and goal-tracking software, Lifetick helps you to be goal-oriented. With Lifetick, setting your goal is so simple and extremely easy. This app is undoubtedly a door to success. Lifetick works on S.M.A.R.T. methodology, that is-

S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Achievable
R- Realistic
T- Time-specific 

With this methodology to opt for, one can assure to be the best of all, always! Before beginning, the app sets the core values of your life for you.

You can set and note down the basic values you want to follow in your life. Everything important for you can be noted down on Lifetick, just effortlessly. 

Next, using the app, you can analyze your lifestyle and get assistance in developing the right habit for you accordingly. This makes the app even more realistic for its users.

The app is a dream-setter for its users. Everything you have ever dreamt of can be accomplished and achieved by using this goal tracking app. 

11 Best Goal Tracking Apps To Lead Your Goals
Lifetick helps you achieve your goals.

With the feature of a personalized journal, the users can anytime write down their experiences and can even keep a track record of their goals. Adding to this, a personal to-do list can also be maintained in the journal. This makes the app extraordinary.

Therefore, with this app, you never have to worry about missing out on any day activity. Lifetick assists its users in getting organized with both short-term and long-term goals, which can be easily achieved too!

All your achievements, records, and data are well-presented to you in the form of charts. These charts offer you a better understanding of how to realign your goals as per your preferences. 

This also helps you to stick to your plan to get better outputs and maintain a particular level of consistency to lead ahead with your daily routine.

5. Way of Life: Lead your goals

Habits are an integral part of life. Habits shape us as individuals. Having habits that might restrict you from being better is of no use at all! Letting go of a habit is difficult but not impossible and can be simply done on this app. 

The app lets you break a bad habit and invest your time, energy, and effort into good and better ones. It is primarily a habit tracker, which is a permanent source of motivation for you.

Best Goal Tracking Apps 3

All it requires is some minutes of your day, and your work will be done! Until your bad habits are broken and reshaped into good ones, the app keeps reminding you of the same. The app is more or less of a caretaker for its users. 

The app comes with an inbuilt and very special diary feature where the users can keep a record of their newly built or old habits and also write down if they are returning to old or old ones or if the bad habits trigger them someday.

Moreover, the app presents your success ratio through well-designed charts. These charts help you to easily pick out positives and negatives about you and your habits. 

Keeping a daily record of your habits with a unique color-coding system makes the app more interesting and the user experience even more vibrant. 

On the app, the users can painlessly build habits for days, weeks, or even lasting up to years and keep a handy record of them as well. If you are willing to let go of a nasty habit, then this app is the ultimate solution for you.

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6. Toodledo: Do it Today!

Another great app to organize yourselves is Toodledo. Toodledo has some extremely powerful tools which can lead to increased productivity and help you to manage your tasks better.

It is an app to schedule your work and life without any stress and with much ease. It helps you schedule and modifies your growth and tasks according to your needs and preferences. 

On Toodledo you can maintain a to-do list wherein you can write down all the tasks you have to do. You can also note down any important dates or events in the list.

11 Best Goal Tracking Apps To Lead Your Goals

All your long notes, experiences, and personal stuff can be kept safe by using the app. The user faces absolutely no trouble while using the app.

Moreover, the app allows you to make custom lists and divide your tasks accordingly.  You can schedule tasks for yourself and your company as well. You can create outlined schedules for much more efficient work. 

The app also lets you socialize with your friends, family members, or even your colleagues. This awesome feature of Toodledo makes the app user-friendly.

On the habit section of the app, the users can track their habits too. Moreover, you can also share individual folders with people, realign your tasks and, add to this, track each other’s progress. 

With Toodledo, you can easily customize almost anything! You can also control and access what, when, and how your data is displayed. Using its exquisite search tool, users can save a lot of time by simply filtering their data in one go. 

Not only this, but your data can also be imported or exported from other applications or devices very easily. 

As a result, a user needs not to worry about the security of their data. Also, you can always and anytime personalize your workspace in whichever way you prefer! Toodledo prominently caters to the needs of its users.

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7. GoalsOnTrack: The Right Way Ahead

For those who are determined to be on the set track in life, this app is the right and the most suited one. It is a web-based goal-setting software wherein the users can pursue smart goals and prioritize their goals in a way to produce the best results. 

On the app, users can plan and modify their set steps and follow them after that. The users can always create effective action plans on GoalsOnTrack to pursue their dreams systematically. Tasks on the app can be scheduled by using the drag-and-drop calendar interface and then simply be followed. 

Best Goal Tracking Apps 5

The users can subdivide their tasks into smaller segments for better work efficiency. The add-on feature of the app is the goal template that a user can access to record important tasks. Including this, the user is also provided with a journal; wherein all the goals can be stored and achieved. 

There’s also a goal dashboard that gives the users a crystal clear view of their major targets, their better-done tasks, and their new habits, all in a single place. 

With the help of the inbuilt timers, a user can even track the time spent on each task. The most exciting feature of the app is that the calendar present on GoalsOnTrack combines with other calendars such as Google Calendar or iCal, allowing the users to sync their goal tasks with the calendar apps they use. 

On GoalsOnTrack the user also gets a habit tracker using which good and beneficial habits can be developed, thereby breaking the bad ones. This helps users to lead ahead onto the path of their goals and build a better future ahead. 

GoalsOnTrack is a multitasker app in itself. It is handy and easy to operate, and especially, the user can take note of almost everything on the same app by using this.

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8. ATracker: Track Your Time

Time is money, and sometimes, money is a success! With ATracker users can keep a handy record of the amount of time they spend on a task. This makes time management easier for the users. 

Short video presentation for ATracker - Daily Task and Time Tracking (Android 3.0.9)

The app comes with minimal settings, posing no trouble for its users. Only what a user needs to do is to log in with a legit name or an icon before initiating a task.

Furthermore, the user needs to open ATracker while performing the task and then stop it or undo the settings once it is done. 

Users can simply start or stop recording according to his/her convenience. After this is done, ATracker brings up a report of the total time that the user spent accomplishing the goal of performing the task. 

The time reports on ATracker are created in the form of magnificent pie charts and bar charts, which make the data look extremely appealing to read.

The existence of records and data in the form of pie charts and bar charts makes the usage of the app super-easy and also the information more understandable. 

The app also allows you the liberty to share your records on any of the social networking sites. You can always customize the background color of your choice, and you also get to choose from a wide-ranging background style on the app. 

Adding on to this, the user can set both daily and weekly goals based on their tasks and various other inbuilt Numeric tags.

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9. Coach.me: Your Virtual Coach

With Coach. me, you get a personalized 24-by-7 coach available for you at all times, in all the odds and evens.

First of all, the app has a habit tracker wherein you can set up some extremely useful habits for you, track them and can reschedule or align them anytime. This feature enables you to create short-term or long-term goals and achieve them accordingly. 

The app keeps you going towards your goal and lets you grow and improvise with it. It is a community-based app that offers you a chance to get connected to various people.

11 Best Goal Tracking Apps To Lead Your GoalsOn the app, you can publicize your goals, and the people connected can hold you responsible for not completing your goals timely. It also creates a fun-loving ground to work efficiently with many other people. 

The most exclusive feature of the app is the high-five feature present on the app. This feature enables you to celebrate nicely when you reach your goals or milestones, and you can also get props from online community support and other people. 

Moreover, the app also provides you with the extraordinary option of recruiting or having paid private coaches who can help you set your goals, track them easily, and also achieve your goals efficiently and in a systematic manner. 

So, for those who are socially active and work well in a group, this app is a boon!

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10. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

Habitica is an app that motivates you to treat your life like a game and get going ahead. The app has 2 superior benefits:-

  • The users can line up their goals and preferences. 
  • The users can do so simply by enjoying and playing

Habitica enhances your productivity and helps you in building necessary habits and leaving behind the waste ones.

It motivates you to inculcate those good habits in your daily routine. Accomplishments of your habit goals and to-do list will reward you, and not only this, but you will also be punished for the unfulfilled tasks and goals.

11 Best Goal Tracking Apps To Lead Your Goals

Habitica has a strong social network of over 4 million people who would constantly inspire you to achieve better. As your goals get completed by merely playing and winning, the app proves to be very entertaining and enjoyable for its users.

Complete as many tasks as possible and then level up your “Avatar” and unlock some enhancing and appealing in-game features such as battle armor, mysterious pets, magic skills, and even quests!

With other habitations, you can also battle with monsters by using the Gold earned. Not only this, but the users can also buy in-game or custom rewards, for example, watching their favorite movie. 

All your toughest tasks can become very easily manageable by accessing the Habitica app. It keeps an on-time track of all your goals ready and handy for an instant look-through. Even the school reports or projects of students can be kept and tracked on the Habitica app. 

Moreover, users on Habitica can get a customizable task list ready. It means that by using Habitica, you can always set your personal goals.

The user on Habitica also gets a list of creative projects to work on, to focus more on self-care, and to follow up on their passion or dream, as per their liking!

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While exploring our 11 Best Goal Tracking Apps To Lead Your Goals for you, we found an awesome video on “The Only Habit That Will Change Your Life“😎😎

The Only Habit That Will Change Your Life


Is there an app to track your goals?

Yes, there are some amazing applications readily available on the App Store as well as the Google Play store, designed to help you track your goals with a lot of success. Some of the most popular goal-tracking apps are Strides, LifeRPG, Way of Life, and Coach.me, Habitica, etc.

How do I keep track of my goals?

Identifying your goals is the first and most important step to tracking and achieving your goals successfully. List them and recheck them every day to keep yourself motivated.

Instead of hunting for bigger goals, go for smaller tasks initially. Assign logical deadlines to your goals and review your progress regularly. Establish a reward system that can be helpful for your goals.

Build a schedule and follow it with discipline. And remember, you are a human, so forgive yourself when you are off track. For better results, you can try using goal-tracking apps like Habitica, Way of Life, Lifetick, Weekdone, Goals on Track, etc.  

Are the goals app free? 

There are some very effective goals tracking apps easily available free of cost on the App Store and Google Play store. You can try using apps like Loop Habit Tracker, Way of Life, Goal Meter, etc., to stay on top of your goals and track them effectively.  

How do I set daily goals on my iPhone? 

You can try downloading and using some amazing goal-tracking applications available for iPhone, including Strides, Habit Tracker, Habitica, and Coach.me, etc. to set daily goals on your iPhone and follow them successfully, as well as track them to check out your progress.  

How do I set goals on my phone? 

usually, a note application is quite effective for setting goals and tracking them on your phone. However, if you want a customized and better goal-setting and tracking experience, you can download any goal-tracking apps available on both the App Store and Google Play store. Some of the most popular apps to mention are Coach.me, Any. do, Habitica, Strides, Lifetick, etc.  

How can I track my progress? 

Always keep a calendar handy, and whenever you perform an important task, market on with an abbreviation, symbol, or sticker. A calendar is still one of the best ways to track progress and achieve important goals. Don’t forget to test yourself and challenge yourself to check out your overall progress.

Log your progress to inspire yourself when you feel you are down. Make a goal-tracking journal if you want to achieve important long-term goals. Meditating on your goals can also make a lot of difference.

And, if you don’t want a lot of hassles, you can simply look for some amazing goal-tracking apps and download what suits you the most.  

How will I monitor my success as I work to achieve my goals? 

Always remember to look at the big picture and understand how little steps can make a lot of difference. This is the most important aspect of tracking your overall progress and accomplishing your goals.

Stay ahead of your planning and organize your time smartly. Don’t forget to make yourself accountable for mistakes and blips, but don’t go so hard on yourself, either. And, of course, focus on celebrating small wins as well. 

How do you know you have reached your goal? 

If you have noted down your goals on a paper, calendar, or journal, it will be very easy for you to check out whether you have reached your goal or not. Sometimes, different life goals, like fitness goals, are not about writing them down and checking.

They are more about being healthy, looking better, and, more importantly, feeling better. And, when you accomplish something important, you get a very good feeling of achievement and victory. Your inner self will tell you whether you have done justice to your goals or not. 

What is the SMART goal-setting strategy? 

The “SMART” is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. if you are good at understanding these parameters of your goals, you will be able to attain them successfully within a certain time frame. 

Grow with your Goals: A Better Start for Tomorrow

Accomplishing goals with extreme honesty and dedication is the biggest triumph ever! The satisfaction and happiness of having done something good for yourselves are incomparable. 

Moreover, having your strengths and weaknesses all known, turns out to produce better results and even help you to improvise. 

With these apps, you get the privilege of doing so and being better organized. Being simple and easy to operate, these goal tracking apps are no less than a messiah to people nowadays.

Considering everything that has been stated so far, it can be suggested that having an efficient goal tracking app on your device will reduce a lot of stress. 

All your bigger and lengthier tasks can simply get divided into deliverable ones. By disintegrating your goals into smaller ones, completing them becomes painless.

Not only this, but by setting a deadline for your tasks, you can always track your progress, know your pace and reset your goals for a better alignment in no time. 

Managing group tasks with these apps can help divide the tasks evenly. Adding on to this, you can always have a to-do list ready wherein you can write down all your tasks, and therefore, you also can achieve them easily. Concluding, a goal tracking app will lead to a growing future ahead of you!