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9 Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch To Play Better

If playing golf is something you love, you will want to invest in an apple watch that can assist you with all of your golf tracking and can completely transform your game. Advanced golf applications are available for Apple watches, which may help you as a GPS golf watch in a variety of ways. 

With the aid of a golf watch, you can keep track of your score, locate local ranges, and learn some extremely useful golf tips that will help you improve your game and have the finest golfing experience possible.

There are a lot of applications to select from, but how do you choose which one to use? To address this issue, we have compiled a list of the best golf apps for Apple Watch, which you may use during your next round of golf!

Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch – Our Pick👌

1. Hole19 Golf GPS and Scorecard

The first app on our list of best golf apps for Apple watch is Hole19, which is designed for golfers and can be used on your iPhone as well for GPS tracking and scoring.

You might wonder how much range this software can provide. Well, this app offers about 43,000 courses, which is a lot if you want to golf and have a good time.

You’ll be able to chart your distances from all three sides of the green, including the front, back, and center, and after you’ve done so, all of your scores will be logged as well.

Hole19 is a free application that offers a variety of features to help you have a great golfing experience. And as you collect gold, you may need to learn a variety of things, which this app allows you to do.

Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch

It has features such as a digital scorecard that allows you to mark your scores after each take. It also keeps track of all your gold statistics, which might be useful if you don’t have someone to do it for you; this software functions as a team member.

Once you’ve compiled all of your golf statistics, you may share them with your pals to show them how well you performed throughout the session and dare them to join you for the next one!

Isn’t it fantastic that there’s an app that uses GPS to monitor all of your scores? Effectively, Hole19 can accomplish that quite well, and you can also watch your partner’s scores while tracking your own, making you more conscious of the competition and ultimately increasing the pleasure.

Also included is the ability to see graphs of your performance in all short games, greens, and total scoring.

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2. SwingU Golf GPS/ Swing-by-Swing App

The Swing by Swing app was originally designed for smartphones alone, but it has now been updated to add features that may benefit your smartwatch as well.

Isn’t it true that if you want to follow any golf course and check the distance, you’ll need a GPS device? Isn’t it amazing that this program allows you to track all of the golf courses and their distances all around the world?

This means it will function on every golf course in the world and will provide you with correct information. You can also see how far it takes to get to the middle of the green and any impediments that may be there.

SwingU Golf GPS is one of the best Golf apps for Apple watch owners that serves as a rangefinder and is also compatible with other smartphones and devices as well.

Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch 1

It provides you with the benefit of satellite photographs, which will assist you in determining distances from your current location to the place where you are pointing to golf. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your scores monitored so that when you’re done golfing, you can look at a scorecard with all of your scores listed?

This software has a digital scorecard that keeps track of your scores and lists them digitally, which means it automatically scores holes as you go.

Haven’t we all begun something and wanted to see how far we’d progressed after a few weeks? This software allows you to track your progress by using graphs and data from your golfing sessions to see how well you’ve been performing.

It also has a club track, which provides you with the benefit of having an app that can advise you on which club to hit while you are standing at a given distance from the green; it functions as a team member and allows you to answer such questions in minutes.

Even if the free version is more than adequate for any golfer who is just getting started or has some experience, if you want to use it more frequently, you must purchase the premium version, which has many more features than the free version. The premium version may be purchased in two different ways: monthly or on a yearly basis.

With over four million users worldwide, there is something about this app that makes it the second-best golf app for Apple Watch on our list.

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3. Tag Heuer Golf App

Tag Heuer is another app to consider for your golfing session that is highly compatible with your Apple Watch. Its golf app is appealing at first glance, and you will want to download and use it since it has some pretty nice images and course flyovers. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if your maps were displayed in a 2D format so you could enjoy your golfing and keep track of your courses more easily? This program provides you with an interactive 2D course map as well as distances to the green and any hazards.

Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch 2

Have you ever had trouble calculating your shot and determining how you’ll get to the hole? It won’t be a problem to measure it all with this software since it has a shot measurement tool that will assist you in making the perfect shot and enjoying a game-changing experience! 

With the aid of this software, you can even keep track of your results. All of your scores will be kept as you progress through the game by charting your route and earning points, and you will be able to see how much you scored and how much your partner scored at the conclusion of the game, which will keep the heat up for the next session! 

There is also an on-device gaming option, which allows up to four pals to be on your watch at the same time and keep track of who is winning, making your game more engaging.

It also includes a shot measurement tool that shows you which hole is at what distance so you can keep track of your distance and the hole distance to check whether your shot will actually go inside the hole.

With this application, your Apple Watch has so much potential that you can now win the entire game by simply wearing it. All of your measurements and information are immediately recorded in this app, so the next time you try to game and score, you’ll know most of the details.

This golf software is not free; to receive the most features and the finest golfing experience, you must pay $39.99 each year.

Similar features of this software can be found in Hole19, which is also a golfing app as mentioned above and is free to download, so if you are on a budget, you may choose the other option.

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4. Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie

You undoubtedly desire golfing software that allows you to keep track of your scores and distances while also allowing you to use a variety of functions on your smartphone and, now, your wristwatch.

Golfshot is another one of the top golf apps For Apple Watch, that allows you to keep track of your game and maximize the program’s functions. 

Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch 3

You might be able to see the typical distance to the green with a standard golf apple watch app, but nothing more. However, this software provides much more. It not only allows you to track the distance of golf courses, but it also allows you to see the hole from above.

It also allows you to view the distance from the green to the front, center, and even rear of the putting surface, allowing you to be in one location and see a map of practically everything. 

Once you begin golfing, it allows you to keep track of your scores as they relate to your stroke in the hole and creates a list for you to examine at the conclusion of your session so you can see, calculate, and try to improve your scores in the future.

It’s tough for a golfer to stay in one position and ensure that there are no hazards around or around the hole that might make scoring your stroke and earning any genuine points difficult. Golfshot also contains a function that allows you to keep track of the distance to any hazards that may be present on each hole. 

It is also a lifesaver when it comes to blind dangers over holes, as it identifies them, something you wouldn’t be able to accomplish if you were shooting from afar.

It also functions as a tip and guidance app, allowing you to determine which club to use based on your past shots with each club, saving you time from having to figure out which one to use next.

It includes a toggle auto shot tracking mode that detects and records swings automatically. You simply need to enable it in your app and you’re ready to go. You can see the distance traveled from the last shot you made and the club you used in the bottom left corner of your apple watch’s display.

It also includes a function that allows you to track your whole game and offers you a history of your game and statistics depending on your location and performance, so you can make changes and monitor them over time.

The Golfshot app is just as robust and appealing as the smartphone version, with features that help you in a number of ways and visually great imagery.

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5. 18Birdies

How could we have overlooked 18Birdies when compiling our list of the top golf apps for the Apple Watch? This app is one of the finest golf applications for the Apple Watch since it has a variety of features that will help you improve your golf game.

One of the benefits is that it provides a Doppler radar image of the weather in the area where you are or where you want to play golf.

This function assists you in selecting a day that is both suitable for golfing and sunny enough for you to enjoy the day with your companions and friends while shooting your shots.

9 Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch To Play Better

It also informs you of the distance between you and the chosen golf course, as well as ensures that you may see different golf courses from across the world.

It contains a function called tee shot planner that shows you the optimal place to hit based on all of the data from other players and combines it to determine which one is best for you and your next move. It also has a blind shot compass, which guarantees that you aim correctly while shooting at some blind targets.

With so many features, it’s easy to overlook the fact that you will receive some golfing advice. During your session, it gives you some pro suggestions to help you grasp how to play your strokes correctly from a variety of positions.

18Birdies has proved to be the most comprehensive free version, with features such as GPS monitoring for all of your courses and automated hole shifting to determine which shot to fire next. 

It keeps track of all your swings and breaks them into categories such as penalty shots, fairways hit, GIR, chipping, and sand shots so you can see where and how you scored well or poorly.

Obviously, you would want to know where you lacked in the game and what your highest moment was, right? This software gives you a full breakdown of your whole game so you can identify all of your strengths and weaknesses, improve in future sessions, and keep track of your golf game.

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6. V1 Game: Golf GPS Distances

This app has everything you want and need in a golf app and thus makes our list of the best golf apps for Apple Watch. It gives you a thorough understanding and supplies you with absolutely everything you need to know, such as yardage readings and shot tracking.

Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch 5

When you are playing golf anywhere, you will want to know your scores and how your strokes actually went. This apple watch software allows you to monitor your shots while you play your finest game, and it also offers you a report of your overall scores at the conclusion.

One of the finest aspects of this software is the GPS function, which allows you to monitor over 40,000 golf courses from all over the globe and provides you virtually all the information of all the courses, covering almost every layout on the planet. 

As a result, you will be able to be at your location and view everything from yardage to the green, as well as any water hazards, bunkers, and landing zones, making it easier to plan your hole from the tee during your next golfing game with your pals.

It also has a rangefinder, which allows you to manually change the position of the pin on your Apple Watch for a more precise club selection. You may keep track of your shots to see how you’re doing with each club and the hole you believed was the best fit for it. 

It’s all down to the GPS capability, which aids you in improving and regulating your distance, as well as going closer to the hole with some precise shots that might help you improve your scores.

It also serves as a digital scorecard, recording and tracking all of your swings and compiling a list of your scores at the end so you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve on them.

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7. The Grint

The Grint, an app that may completely revolutionize your golf game by supporting you when you have your apple watch on your wrist, is an amazing option for tracking your scores and courses.

9 Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch To Play Better

If you want to keep track of your scores, having The Grint with you makes it incredibly simple and quick since it offers you all of the scoring information for your shots and allows you to judge whether they were excellent or not. 

It offers a hole-by-hole scoring system that allows you to record putts and driving accuracy while also tagging any hazards that may be present, such as bunkers.

It’s especially useful when you are playing with a large group because this app is a quirky one that allows you to see where you rank among your peers in the same field. 

The scoring tool also keeps track of your putt distance and the number of putts in every hole. Along with that, you may keep track of the club that you used for all of your prior shots.

It also features a GPS capability that allows you to monitor multiple courses and offers yardage to landing zones on the fairway and green.

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8. Golf GameBook

If you prefer a friendly rivalry with your friends and family when golfing, then Golf GameBook is the software for you. It will ensure that you win every golf match! 

Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch 7

This software is mainly focused on group scoring, which means it can monitor all of the scores and then display a list of everyone’s scores so you can see who won and who lost the game, as well as cheer you up with some nice swings at the end! Isn’t it great that you can build tournaments with real-time scoring and watch where you finish?

It also functions as a rangefinder app, allowing you to monitor courses all over the world from a single app, with the added convenience of attempting to input statistics on fairways struck or missed, as well as putts made.

Overall, while this software is not any near when compare to Hole19 or 18Birdies, the group scoring element makes it worthwhile to download and use.

You can use Golf Game Book on your Apple Watch to view the leaderboard in the watch, which will give you an at-a-glance stroke play score for up to four of your friends who are golfing with you, so you can see if the competition is high or low and if you have a chance to win to keep the healthy competition going.

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Choose The Right Golf App for Your Apple Watch

Wouldn’t it be tough to navigate everything through your smartphone while out golfing if you had an app that allowed you to do so? To have more control over your monitoring, you’ll need a smartwatch like the Apple Watch, which will give you applications that will allow you to track everything from your wrist.

Having the best golf apps for Apple Watch is a huge benefit since it allows you to monitor your courses from all around the world, something you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

It also allows you to keep track of your scores as you are shooting your shot and generates a list of your scores with your friends so that you can understand where your weaknesses and strengths are so that you may improve your golfing in the next session and keep the competition going.

But, out of all the applications on the App Store, which ones are truly compatible with your Apple Watch and provide reliable results?🤔

Finding that one golfing app can be difficult, but we’ve made it easy for you by producing a list of the top golf apps for Apple Watch that can assist you in determining which app best matches you and your golfing needs.