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9 Best Goodreads Alternatives To Meet Your Favorite Book

Goodreads is primarily a social cataloging website that allows its users to search the database of several books and quotes and it is also a platform for authors to showcase their talents and have their books uploaded to the bookshelf of Goodreads.

You can read a book and can easily share its reviews with others as well. Goodreads is a connective link between avid readers and the authors who are looking for readers. 

Goodreads comes with a bookshelf where users can add books that they have written or read or the one that they plan to read. It is a prominent site for book lovers.

It has always engaged and attracted a large number of readers towards itself. Because with Goodreads the users get easy access to track their book completion goal or the number of books they have read so far. 

For a long period, people have been consistent in considering Goodreads as their prime book-reading source. 

But over the years Goodreads has lost its significance, the major reason for it being that the site has not come up with many innovative improvements since its launch and even after being owned by Amazon.

Considering this, people have been shifting their preferences from Goodreads alternatives. Like Goodreads, there are several other book reading sites that offer their users several exciting features!

Therefore, the following are the Goodreads Alternatives.

Best Goodreads Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. BookSloth: For the bookworms

BookSloth is one of the best Goodreads Alternatives for all passionate readers. BookSloth lets you discover several new and personalized books according to your preferences.

It is a user-friendly app wherein you can get connected to various other people who share the same mindset. The app allows its users to socialize by putting greater emphasis on creating a platform for “discussions” about the book you’re reading.

Best Goodreads Alternatives

You can chat and discuss with people about a certain book, and even ask questions or doubts of yours! Adding to this, on BookSloth you can put forward recommendations for a book you have already read.

Booksloth has an inbuilt conversation section where you can chat with random people regarding your choices of books. 

Just like other social networking sites, Booksloth has followers and following tabs, using which you can follow people who seem interesting and you can get followed too. Not only reading but reviewing and rating too can be done on the app. 

While rating, the users are provided with rating badges(such as awesome appearances, mystical stories, etc). So, with much ease, the users can review the books they have already given a read to.

Booksloth provides its users with a bookish profile that they can maintain and manage by adding their favorite books to it, the users can see their reviews on the same profile and can also earn achievements accordingly. 

In addition to this, the users have the opportunity to buy the books they are most captivated with! It is a two in one app built for both book readers and chit-chatters. With dual benefits, the app becomes preferable for the users.

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2. Bookly: Track Your Reading

Bookly is a book-reading cum book tracking app where you can track and keep an in-hand record of your books ready, in no time.

Adding a book to the app requires a mere scanning of the book or just a search online. After that, you can keep a track of whom you are lending your book to or what are the books in your collection. 

Best Goodreads Alternatives 1

For those wanting to develop reading as a daily habit, Bookly fulfills the purpose. To keep yourself accountable and get going you can set reading goals and then you can track your daily reading time. You can also keep track of every book you read. The app inspires you to get modified and enhanced with time. 

Bookly is an app to get better, get organized, and simply improvise. You can set a book-reading goal from a particular date to another one and can then manage your daily average reading time. With more goals achieved, your consistency and confidence outgrow your complexity. 

Bookly has an inbuilt “reading stats” feature where you can analyze your improvements in book reading over time. All the books that you read are safely stored in the “Book Club Reading List”. So, moving on or opening an already read book becomes a handy task. 

Your personalized quotes or thoughts can also be added while you are reading a book or lending it to someone.

During “readathon” you can track the total reading time, the number of pages reads your reading speed, etc. So, this app can help you to build a better habit easily.

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3. Bookfam (Formerly Bookstagram)

Formerly known as Bookstagram, Bookfam is yet another one of the best Goodreads Alternatives for all bibliophiles.

Like many others, Bookfam too serves twin objectives: a user can read books on the app along with the feature of having a chat with random book-lovers. A wide range of E-books and E-novels are available on Bookfam and the user can get easy access to all of them. 

Best Goodreads Alternatives 2

The inbuilt features of the app are more or less like Instagram, for instance, you can post a bookish picture on the app. In the caption of the picture added, you can write your stories, poetries, and quotes to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, the stories and quotes can be shared in no time. 

Using the inbuilt followers and following option of the app, you can always find people to follow and also get a chance to make new friends who are like-minded people.

If you are willing to read a book then you can get beforehand reviews of the book ready to give you a better understanding of what the book is about! 

Also, you can write your reviews of a book you have already read as well. The app provides a social platform to connect to various other bookfammers.

This is the app to enhance and glorify your writing skills because on Bookfam users get a chance to write their E-novel. Adding onto this, the books on Bookfam are classified as per different genres which is a major time-saving factor for a user. Just select your favorite genre and all the recommended books will be displayed on your screen. 

Users can let others know of their favorite stories as Bookfam is a storytelling app too. Therefore, unlike Goodreads, Bookfam is a socio-friendly and efficient app for bookworms!

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4. The StoryGraph: The Ultimate Solution for you!

Adding onto the list of alternatives for Goodreads, The StoryGraph is a new invention that came up recently in 2021. This app is considered to be the best replacement for Goodreads.

Using StoryGraph, the user can have inbuilt as well as customized shelves where he or she can add books according to currently reading, read, to-read, and most importantly unlike Goodreads, the app provides its users with a “did not finish” shelf. 

Best Goodreads Alternatives 3

With variant and enhanced features, the app gives its users a much better experience. The book reviews on the app are done by bringing more factors into consideration which makes it easier for the user to select a book, and thereby it attracts more users to it. 

The app also serves the purpose of being your all-time support by keeping a track of the number of pages you have read and also you can set an annual book or page goal and you can always track the improvement in your reading goals. 

To keep the users motivated, the app also conducts several reading challenges where you can participate and get an opportunity to win. Being a social app, The StoryGraph brings in the feature of making new friends and seeing what your friends are enjoying reading. 

Another efficiency of the app is that the users can select books according to their “mood”, which is very innovative. Moreover, you can always get in-depth recommendations of several books on the app. Thus, the app is the foremost alternative for Goodreads. 

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5. LibraryThing: Your Library

Being home to over two million book lovers, LibraryThing is an online bookstore, calling itself Facebook for books. Such Goodreads Alternatives helps you store and share book catalogs and other book metadata. 

You can also create your personalized catalog wherein you can store your book preferences, moreover, new and different varieties of books can be searched on the app by genre and can also be easily added to your catalog.

Best Goodreads Alternatives 4

The app is super-easy to operate and user-friendly. Books can also be added to your catalog by scanning their ISBN numbers. It is like an online library for its users.

Adding onto this, your books can be subdivided and sorted with different tags, which makes it a time-saving factor for the users. Not only this, an exciting interaction with like-minded people can be done on LibraryThing. 

The app matches Goodreads in the perspective that it allows the users to catalog various books from different and wide-ranging sources and can have an extremely prominent social aspect to it.

On the contrary, LibraryThing is a mix and match app for movie minds, music lovers, and bookworms, because in addition to books, a user has the benefit to track movies and music on the platform, that too free. Hence, LibraryThing is like a one-stop app for multiple users.

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6. Revish: Read what you like!

Revish is an easy and extremely simple book reading site where you can write and manage book reviews. You can simply share your reading experiences with others.

For all the books and titles that you have read, you can create a book review. Revish provides you with the privilege of making your reading list. The reading list maintained can also be shared with your friends. 

9 Best Goodreads Alternatives To Meet Your Favorite Book

The ability to make several friends on Revish makes it worth using. With an easy share of your book list, your friends can easily have access to what you are reading or what you are looking forward to reading.

Another appealing feature of Revish is that the users can create a personalized reading journal, apart from a reading list. The reading journal helps you to keep an in-time record of what you are reading. 

Not only this, but Revish also encourages and promotes its users to take part in group discussions which are way too exciting.

It is the platform to interact with several other people, who like to read books as well. Apart from being a part of group discussions, you can organize and create group discussions too.

With its API and wide range of widgets, Revish allows its users to add their Revish content to their self-created website or blogs if they wish to do so.

Revish is an old-school app that does not include too many modern or modified features, but it perfectly performs its job of being an alternative for Goodreads. 

7. Book Browse: Read Everything Here!

BookBrowse is an online reading platform providing its users with the best in nonfiction and contemporary fiction, as it claims. Books on Book Browse can be shortlisted by applying filters to your searches.

You can filter books on Book Browse based on four major criteria. Those are-

  • By Genre
  • By Theme
  • By period
  • By Settings

Book Browse primarily markets itself as a magazine for all book lovers. The books recommended and provided by BookBrowse give an in-depth vision, perfect insight, and a better understanding of the book, and ourselves too.

After you have read a book on BookBrowse, you can look for the “read-alikes”. Under the read-alike recommendations, you can find more than 4000 contemporary books of over 3000 authors.

BookBrowse provides the most extraordinary and exceptional books for its users. Without much trouble, a user can always rely on BookBrowse to search for books, and can never get disappointed. The platform is super easy to operate.

The user gets a wide range of books that can be free or paid for. With a premium subscription on BookBrowse, the user gets access to several add and magnificent features.

Before reading or wanting to read a book, a user can always go for a book review that makes it easier for him/her to choose the perfect book. Moreover, the user gets access to reading guides and even author interviews on BookBrowse.

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8. BookTrib: A destination for book lovers

Adding onto the list is yet another super amazing alternative for Goodreads. BookTrib is for those who are creative and super innovative.

BookTrib supports aspiring writers by featuring their freshly written works. BookTrib also provides a platform for industry influencers who believe in helping new writers flourish, and to keep their books alive.

The most enhancing feature which separates BookTrib from others is that, apart from reading books, the users can also get easy access to news.

So, BookTrib is a worthy option to choose for book-reading. It is like a “dream come true” for all the bookworms. This cataloging platform also allows its users to leave book reviews after having read a particular book. 

Almost all kinds of an interesting and varied range of articles can be found on BookTrib. This adds to the user’s experience and the user can never get enough of BookTrib.

Also, every article that is found on BookTrib is written with immense depth and the articles are absolutely insightful and undoubtedly worth the time and effort.

Another distinctive feature of BookTrib is that it provides its users with the opportunity to have live chats with authors. This makes BookTrib even more exciting and fun.

On moral grounds, BookTrib includes the facility to give away old books or books which a user might not need in the future. This way, the giver saves up space and the taker saves up the money. Therefore, BookTrib acts as an important link between the two. 

9. Libib: An all in one solution

Libib is an extreme app for those who opt for multiple pastimes rather than just reading. At Libib’s Library, there are slots divided for books, movies, music, and even video games.

A user can find everything here, on Libib. You can have and maintain your personalized list of the books you prefer.

9 Best Goodreads Alternatives To Meet Your Favorite Book

All your books can be easily collected and categorized on Libib. Your personalized collection can also be shared with other friends of yours. With an extensive database, Libib is more or less like an online library in its functioning. 

Being a member, a user can painlessly create his/her profile that can be searched by other members as well. Libib also serves the purpose of being a messaging app, wherein the user can send messages to people. The messaging system matches that of Twitter.

Being a prime cataloging app and website, a user can do as much cataloging as he or she wants. Libib has a cap of 100,000 items, which is undoubtedly way too much for any user. 

The instructions here are so effective that even a new cataloger can easily become proficient in creating supreme bibliographic records.

Libib is handy to operate and works very well. A manageable track of all your favorite and important books can be kept on the app. Concluding, the app suits all your major entertainment-based needs.

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Final Verdict

Had it been a few years back, there would have not been any other app available than Goodreads for all the book-lovers and avid readers. But now the tables have turned. 

Though Goodreads is an amazing app/site to interact with people, to get access to several books, to track your book reading goal, to add reviews for books, and to get suitable recommendations of your choice, there are still certain aspects where Goodreads lag! 

For instance, there’s no option of searching for friends on Goodreads. The app doesn’t seem to be user-friendly at all. No emojis or GIFs can be used by the users on Goodreads. Goodreads have turned out to be bothersome and time-consuming for the users.

But being a part of such developed technological surroundings, a user no longer has to be stuck on Goodreads. 

There are a lot of Goodreads alternatives, which are easier and handy to operate. Concluding, you always have the right choice ready for you. All you need to do is to go for it and save yourself from the trouble!