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13 Best Google Chrome Themes For Enhance Browsing

Do you ever feel that the Google Chrome browser you use daily looks too monotonous and quite boring? Yes, every other Chrome user feels the same. Using an Internet browser has become a basic need of our virtual lives and we surf across these browsers a lot around the clock. 

Looking at the same flat and non-attractive browser makes your experience a bit dull which distracts you from your work, studies, entertainment, or whatever for whatever purpose you are using the browser.

So, to bring in some changes in your old, dull, and boring Google Chrome browser, why don’t you give Google Chrome themes.

What are Google Chrome Themes? 💁

Google Chrome is one of the most preferred and widely used Internet browsers around the globe. Most users like to use this browser just because it offers endless options for user customization with its Chrome Flags and Chrome themes.

But if you wonder what themes actually are and how they work? Here is your answer! 

Chrome themes are basically a type of browser extension which are designed with the purpose to enhance the browsing experience of a user.

The Chrome themes are designed in such a way that they can offer a new, unique, and special look to your basic Chrome browser and as per your preferences or interests.  

There are tons of Chrome themes available on the internet. You can get a chrome theme of your choice from the Chrome Web store where both paid and free themes are available.

There are different types of themes available in the google chrome themes gallery store such as; 

  • Dark themes 
  • Space themes 
  • Minimalist themes 
  • Artistic themes 
  • Nature themes 
  • Movies, Comics, Games, and TV-related themes 
  • And Many more… 

Still, it becomes quite tough for new users to navigate across the store and find a perfect Google Chrome theme for themselves that matches their interests.

So, to help you out, we have rounded up some of the best chrome themes, which you can use to transform your browsing experience; 

Best Google Chrome Themes: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Beauty 

Beauty (Get Here) is a Nature theme for chrome designed to give you an experience of natural aesthetics even in a city crowd.

Beauty is one of the most preferred Google Chrome themes by nature lovers and people most often use this theme to give their Chrome browser a bit more calm and satisfying look. 

Best Google Chrome Themes

Talking about the theme, the primary background of the Beauty chrome theme features a vibrant pink sunset over a mountain range and plain green fields with hilly forests that spreads far away and reaches the mountains. The theme features multiple colors which symbolize the various aspects of life. 

The theme is available for free on the Chrome Web Store and is supported on both Windows and macOS devices. Atavi.com develops the theme.

The Beauty Chrome theme has more than 2 million users and is rated 4.5 stars among 1584 reviews by users from around the globe. 

Here are some other details about the Beauty chrome theme that you should not miss; 

  • Developer- Avita.com 
  • Released on- 26 December 2021 
  • Size- 4.57 MB 
  • Type- Nature theme 

2. Sahara 

Have you ever wished to view the Sahara desert on starry nights? The Sahara chrome theme (Get Here) can give you the view on your desktop exactly as you imagined.

The Sahara theme is bliss for nature lovers who admire every aspect of nature existing on the earth. 

Best Google Chrome Themes 1

The primary background of the Sahara chrome theme is made up by the designer by compiling multiple images which are clicked over different days at the same location, at the same time.

This image displays the endless spread of stars of our milky way galaxy over the Arabian sands of the Sahara desert. 

The background of this theme is so detailed that you can even view a caravan and a trail of camels over the dunes.

The theme also features its own unique design for the browser tabs which gives a feel of the desert sand in the clear sky at night. 

Before you download the theme, go through some of the details about the Sahara Chrome theme mentioned here:-

  • Developer- Peter Noordijk 
  • Released on- 7 March 2013 
  • Size- 945 KB 
  • Rating- 5 of 5 stars 
  • Downloads- more than 50,000 
  • Type- Nature theme 

3. Colour Fusion 

If you love to play with colors and multiple color gradients make you feel good, then the color fusion (Get Here) is the perfect theme for your Chrome browser.

It is a simple yet elegant Chrome theme that eliminates the old monotonous vibes of the plain white color of the browser. 

13 Best Google Chrome Themes For Enhance Browsing

The theme is a subtle mix of different colors which creates new and unique color gradients in the background. The Color fusion theme gives your browser a more bright and punchy look which might not suit a person who loves dark colors.

But if you love to have vibrant and beautiful colors on your desktop, there’s no better option than a fusion colors theme. 

Color fusion features different colors for different tabs on the browser which makes the tabs look distinctive, visually appealing, and makes it easy for the user to identify them.

With different hues on each tab, it becomes quite easy to navigate across them and group them as per your preferences. 

Want to know more about the Colour Fusion Chrome Theme? Here are few more details for you:-

  • Developer- ChromeThemer.com 
  • Access- Free for a lifetime 
  • Released on- 18 June 2019 
  • Size- 885 KB 
  • Rating- 4.5 of 5 stars 
  • Downloads- 1 million+ 
  • Supported language- English (UK) only. 

4. Real Moon 

The real moon (Get Here) is one of the most popular space-based best themes for google chrome available for free on the Chrome Web Store.

The theme is perfect for a space enthusiast or a person passionate about exploring the endless boundaries of space and the universe beyond Earth or has a keen interest in astronomy. 

13 Best Google Chrome Themes For Enhance Browsing

As the name says, the Real moon theme features an actual image of the earth’s moon clicked by a set of different telescopes.

The image displays the lunar surface and most of its details are clearly visible which creates the most realistic visuals of the moon. The bright, large image of the moon is complemented by a dark background filled with glittering stars. 

The real moon theme does not have any separations for the browser tabs and the main image with stars in the background extends into tabs sections which give a uniform look. This might feel odd for some users, but the theme’s aesthetics gives it a unique yet satisfying look. 

Here are some other details about the Real moon Chrome theme:-

  • Developer- chrisjaka 
  • Access- Free  
  • Released on- 5 November 2014 
  • Size- 9.74 MB 
  • Rating- 4.4 of 5 stars 
  • Downloads- 10,000+ 
  • Reviews- 166 

5. Minimal 

As the name suggests, Minimal (Get Here) is a Minimalistic Google Chrome theme available for free on the Chrome Web store. Very few minimalistic themes are available in the store and thus it is quite tough to find a good one.

Although very few users prefer using minimalistic themes, still Minimal is one of the most downloaded minimalistic Google Chrome themes.

Best Google Chrome Themes 6

There’s nothing exciting about this theme as it just has a simple background with a gradient of white, gray, and black color.

However, it is not as dull as the basic white chrome theme. It can be said as a slight touch of different hues of black on a white background to make it stand out. 

The theme is ideal for those users who often use their laptops or computers at workplaces as the theme complements the environment of an office or workspace very well.

The decent background of the theme makes your content stand at the forefront and the tab details are also clearly visible. 

Although the Minimal Chrome theme does not have much for its appears, still it has a few other details that are mentioned here:-

  • Developer- Seth Corker 
  • Access- Free  
  • Released on- 18 August 2012 
  • Size- 1.15 MB 
  • Rating- 4.5 of 5 stars 
  • Downloads- 20,000+ 
  • Supported platforms- Windows and macOS. 

6. Blue/green cubes 

Blue/Green Cubes (Get Here) is a geometric google chrome theme that has a quite interesting yet least distracting design which goes easy on your eyes.

Neither too vibrant nor too dull, Blue/Green Cubes is the perfect theme for a user who prefers a blend of minimal design with better color contrasts. Blue and green create the right mix of hues. 

13 Best Google Chrome Themes For Enhance Browsing

The feature which makes Blue/Green Cubes different from other Google Chrome themes is that every time you hover your cursor over a tab, the color of that changes but remains close to the basic colors of the theme. So each time you navigate across tabs, you will see a new shade of blue or green over it. 

The primary background of the Blue/Green Cubes theme is a cubical pattern with each cube having a different shade of blue or green colors.

These cubes are randomly arranged to give a mixed-matched look to the browser where the blue color is more dominant over the left side while on the right side, more shades of green are visible. 

Here’s a detailed overview of the Blue/Green Cubes chrome theme for you:-

  • Developer- Thomas 
  • Access- Free  
  • Released on- 15 February 2016 
  • Size- 1.45 MB 
  • Rating- 4.8 of 5 stars 
  • Downloads- 2 Million+ 
  • Reviews- 2188 

7. Harvest paisley 

One of the best free artistic google chrome themes available on the web store, Harvest paisley (Get Here) is a brightly colored paisley design-based theme.

Paisley pattern is an ancient ornamental and textile design which consists of different non-symmetrical shapes in multiple colors. The design mostly consists of shapes of flowers and petals. Harvest paisley theme is designed by keeping in mind the four seasons on earth.

Best Google Chrome Themes 8

The colors chosen for this theme represents the autumn or fall season, while the background symbolizes the harvest season along with a muted frame that complements the tone of winters. This creates a perfect blend of modern colors with ancient art. 

The theme does not feature any separation for the tab’s sections and the primary background extends over these sections.

However, the bright colors of the background make it difficult for the user to locate the bookmarks option as it is placed in the top-right corner by default and it camouflages with the background. 

If this does not feel enough for you, here are some additional details about the Harvest paisley chrome theme:-

  • Developer- egano.blogspot.com 
  • Access- Free  
  • Released on- 1 October 2013 
  • Size- 458 KB 
  • Rating- 4.3 of 5 stars 
  • Downloads- 10,000+ 

8. Lone Tree 

Lone Tree (Get Here) is a free google chrome theme that is based on the concept of mystery and loneliness.

It is a simple and serene theme that consists of multiple elements that radiate different feelings such as joy, calmness, silence, and restfulness. The idea of this theme is derived from the Chinese yin-and-yang sign and culture. 

13 Best Google Chrome Themes For Enhance Browsing

The beautiful imagery of this theme features a contrasting lone tree on the top of a grassy hill. The background features a subtle blend of crimson red and slate dark blue color with night scenery.

The background is filled with bright, twinkling stars spread all over the horizon, giving an astronomical touch to the theme. 

The theme features a separate light blue section for the tab’s sections which makes it easily usable. Also, the Dark blue background is kept on the side of control options so that the options are clearly visible and do not blend into the background. 

Other details about the Lone Tree chrome theme are as follows:-

  • Developer- Jeremiah Megel 
  • Access- Free  
  • Released on- 30 November 2019 
  • Size- 2.87 MB 
  • Rating- 4.6 of 5 stars 
  • Downloads- 2 Million+ 
  • Reviews- 6465 

9. No Man’s Sky 

No Man’s Sky (Get Here) is the first video game-based chrome theme in our list which is actually inspired by a popular open-world, survival game, No Man’s Sky.

This theme is widely preferred by avid gamers and fans of the No Man’s Sky game. Although the theme is based on a video game, it is not less than a beautifully animated masterpiece. 

13 Best Google Chrome Themes For Enhance Browsing

The unique thing about this theme is that it features a dark toolbar with a light-colored theme. The tabs are highlighted with a mint green color which complements the main imagery.

Themes with such color combinations are rarely available on the internet and thus, this makes the No Man’s Sky theme popular among users around the globe. 

The main imagery of the theme consists of a Unique Blue-green tone on the upper portions which represents the sky of a foreign planet with a large yellowish-grey outline of a sun rising from the horizon. At the bottom, a bright red colored grassland is designed which extends to endless boundaries. 

As the theme is based on the video game, the No Man’s sky theme has some interesting other details which are mentioned here:-

  • Developer- eamal27 
  • Access- Paid 
  • Released on- 25 February 2017 
  • Size- 8.49 MB 
  • Rating- 4.7 of 5 stars 
  • Downloads- 90,000+ 

10. Tardis 

There are very few Google chrome themes that are inspired by old TV series, Tardis (Get Here) is one of them.

Tardis is based on a popular English science fiction series, Doctor Who? The series featured a time machine called Tardis. Thus, this chrome theme is named after the time machine from the series.  

13 Best Google Chrome Themes For Enhance Browsing

The theme features a dark background with minimal grey, black, and blue spiral designs which are rarely visible but adds unique aesthetics and feel to the theme.

On the extreme right side, there is an off-placed design of white squares that are meant to represent the windows of the time machine.  

Tardis can also be considered into the category of minimalistic themes as it is lightweight for your device, consumes the least storage space, consumes minimum data. Although the complete theme is dark-colored, the tabs section is designed grey for easy navigation. 

11. Beautiful landscape 

Beautiful landscape (Get Here) chrome theme especially for those people who love nature and greenery.

As the name suggests, the theme is based on a natural scene that features various aspects such as mountains, waterfall, rivers, sun, and blue sky. Beautiful landscape tops the list of best of best nature-based Google Chrome themes.

The theme features a golden-brown frame with a greenish shade on the tabs section which creates a unique blend of colors. This combination symbolizes the deep forest.

Other than this, the background image also features vibrant shades of green, orange, and yellow that resonate with the wholesome vibe of nature. 

The main imagery of the Beautiful landscape theme features a sunrise from beyond the mountains which are covered by clouds. The orange-reddish tint of the sunlight extends to green grasslands at the center of which lies a waterfall and a deep pond. 

Few other details which make the Beautiful landscape chrome theme a bit more interesting are as follows:-

  • Developer- Chromeposta 
  • Access- Paid 
  • Released on- 3 December 2016 
  • Size- 292 KB 
  • Rating- 4.8 of 5 stars 
  • Downloads- 70,000+ 
  • Reviews- 5500 

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12. Space Planet 

Here’s another space-based google chrome theme for our list, Space Planet (Get Here). The theme is inspired by mesmerizing beauty and unmatching the wonders of the space.

Space planet can give a unique and fresh look to your browser. The Space Planet Theme is perfect for those users who like to have space-based aesthetics on their personal devices. 

13 Best Google Chrome Themes For Enhance BrowsingThe main background of this theme features a high-resolution image of Saturn which covers almost 50 percent of the screen.

The background is in a dark-bluish tint and the sections for tabs and controls are colored with a different shade of blue to give them a separable look from the rest of the window. 

Various elements of space along with Saturn are visible in the blue background. The rings of Saturn are dominantly seen going around the planet and one of the moons of Saturn is also visible in the center of the image. 

Here are some of the other details related to the Space Planet chrome theme which you might need to know; 

Few other details which make the Beautiful landscape chrome theme a bit more interesting are as follows:-

  • Developer- Thee pupil 
  • Access- Free 
  • Released on- 21 April 2017 
  • Size- 3.54 MB 
  • Rating- 4.6 of 5 stars 
  • Downloads- 50,000+ 
  • Reviews- 2731 

13. Colors 

Exactly as it sounds, Colors (Get Here) is a color-gradient-based chrome theme. The Colors theme has a more funky and vibrant look and gives your chrome browser a more easy-to-go and relaxed feel.

13 Best Google Chrome Themes For Enhance Browsing

The design has used multiple color combinations to achieve this type of look. Colors are one of the most vibrant Google Chrome themes available on the web store. 

The Colors theme features splashes of multiple vibrant colors from the top of the window which spreads randomly all over the background.

The tabs and control section is also covered with these splash colors which makes it quite tough for the user to navigate across the different tabs.  

The Colors theme is very light sized so you also would not need to worry about the storage in your space.

Other details about the colors chrome theme are as follows:-

  • Developer- Promideus 
  • Access- Free 
  • Released on- 3 August 2021 
  • Size- 3.59 MB 
  • Rating- 4.3 of 5 stars 
  • Downloads- 1 Million+ 
  • Reviews- 2688 

The Wrap Up 

If you have come this far, now you know that Google Chrome themes can help you change your browsing experience and transform it into a whole new, different vibe that neither feels too boring nor too dull. We all use Google chrome every day and it’s better to enhance its looks as per your preferences. 

So if you also want to bring some changes to your old chrome browser, you can definitely check out and apply any of the Chrome themes we mentioned above and we are pretty sure that you would find the most perfect out of them for yourself. Then don’t wait, Go and give them a try now!