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13 Google Earth Alternatives To Have Better View Of The Earth

With passing time, science has introduced us to several amazing technologies and concepts that are simply mind-blowing in many ways. Technology has aided humanity since it was first introduced, and it still continues to do so.

We won’t be where we stand today in the 21st century without technology backing us up. With the help of technology and gadgets, several feats are possible today that no one at a time would’ve ever dreamt of. 

One of the best gifts of technology is smartphones and applications that serve countless purposes. One of the most crucial applications out there that most of us have grown habitual of using without being aware of it is the ‘Maps’.

That’s right, it has been a while since we developed the technologies that are used to track, find and share real-life locations via the internet. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing precisely some applications or software that are the best Google Earth alternatives. However, before that let’s learn a bit about Geobrowsers and Google Earth.

What are Geobrowsers?

Geobrowser is a term most people won’t come across often. It is not something that is regularly talked about. These are applications or software or programs or modules that serve the purpose of Geobrowsing.

It also goes by the name of Geonavigation. For understanding what Geobrowsers are, it is important to understand what map applications are and how do they work.

As mentioned earlier, there are several map applications out there that are used on a daily basis by countless people across the globe. They use these map applications or software on their phones and their personal computers to figure out a number of things.

What makes Geobrowsing different?

What makes it different from the usual usage of map applications is that it is a lot more detailed and vivid. As for an accurate definition, Google Earth seeks information via the internet in a way that’s the inverse of a traditional web navigation path.

In simpler terms, it lets users access the geographical information around them by bringing together a digital or a virtual map, and their location together.

This means that they can learn more about their surroundings and that too in a unique, and more informative way than using a physical map or a map application. It is basically surfing a virtual map from your point of view via the internet.

Google Earth – What do we know about it?

Google Earth is a Geobrowsing or Geonavigation application or software that is available for almost every platform out there which includes Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows as well.

Google Earth Alternatives
A Web View Of Google Earth

As mentioned earlier, it is accessing geographical information of our surroundings that are collected via satellite and aerial imagery, and Geobrowsers are the applications that act as a medium for us to access that information.

Google Earth is the prime example of Geobrowsers, and using it would help a lot in understanding what it actually is.

Google Earth uses images captured by satellites, and information available on the internet to provide us with useful info regarding our surroundings.

Features and more

The best part about Google Earth and other Geobrowsers is that they allow us to see and explore our planet Earth in a unique way, and the reason for that being their representation of Earth as a three-dimensional globe.

In simpler terms, we can see the geographical data in 3D, and that includes our surroundings as well.

Google Earth Alternatives 1

In this manner, they are able to provide us with more accurate information than they ever were. There are several options in the application of Google Earth that help us explore Earth(inclusive of our surroundings of course) which include alternating the three-dimensional view that we see by tilting, zooming, rotating, or panning it.

As mentioned earlier, there are Google Earth versions for every platform out there. However, some versions offer different functionalities than others. 

The biggest example of this is the Google Earth Pro that comes for desktops and costs roughly around 400$ on an annual basis for a year-long subscription.

Best Google Earth Alternatives – Our Pick 👌👌

As mentioned in the previous section, there are certain causes that create the need for alternatives to Google Earth. These causes often are disadvantages of these applications, or lack of certain features, or simply possible inconveniences while using them.

At this point, one might begin to feel the need for an alternative to Google Earth, an alternative that’s better at Geobrowsing and has more functionality, or isn’t inconvenient to use.

With that being said, let’s not delay anymore and discuss the best alternative software or applications to Google Earth.

1. Maptitude

Maptitude is the first application or software on our list of the best alternatives to Google Earth. It is equipped with a Geographic Information System which is designed in a unique way. Maptitude’s geographic information system provides you with some really important elements for it.

Google Earth Alternatives 2

These elements include the demographic data of your surroundings, digital maps that always display the latest and updated information, and other tools that are of great use for analyzing our surroundings and the overall data collected by the software.

We can use all of that information to figure out how the location will have an impact on our business. It is a really great tool for the purpose of Geobrowsing and can be a decent alternative to Google Earth.

An introduction to mapping software by Maptitude

2. ArcGIS Earth

Similar to Google Earth and Maptitude, ArcGIS Earth is yet another useful software for similar purposes. The GIS in the name of this software stands for Geographic Information System that we discussed while talking about Maptitude.

It is a really important feature for all software and applications out there for Geobrowsing purposes.

13 Google Earth Alternatives To Have Better View Of The Earth

ArcGIS Earth has a lot of features and functionality that make it one of the best alternatives to Google Earth, and all of these tools and features are intended for providing a quality and informative experience to everyone.

GIS ensures that the information shown on the software or the application is precise, and is a feature we should stay on the lookout for if we’re looking for an alternative to Google Earth.

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There are certain open source projects available on the internet for all sorts of purposes. The best part about them is that they’re easily accessible, and are usually quite efficient in their respective fields. QGIS is one such open-source project.

Google Earth Alternatives 4

It is an open-source geographic information system tool that is ideal for multiple purposes. There are certain features that we get access to which won’t be found accessible in most of the other Geobrowsing software.

QGIS comes with certain features that let you view, organize, analyze and even edit the data you see. Besides all that, you also get the feature of composing maps that you can print later.

It is apparently easier to setup up in comparison to Google Earth and is great for business-related as well.

4. Global Mapper

As the name suggests, Global Mapper is yet another software or application that we’ve placed fourth on this list of the best alternative applications to Google Earth.

Global Mapper is one of the best applications meant for Geobrowsing, even among those which are mentioned in this list and there’s a reason for that. 

Global Mapper is an application with an exceptional diversity of datasets and functionality. The main reason behind this variety of available data on Global Mapper is that a diverse set of all sorts of data would be helpful to all kinds of people.

Be it a beginning user, or a geographic information system expert, both of them can get what they want from Global Mapper. Besides all that, it is software that has a simple, beginner-friendly user interface, and is greatly affordable as well.

All of this when considered together, makes Global Mapper one of the top contenders for the best alternative to Google Earth.

Introducing Global Mapper Pro


5. AutoCAD Map 3D

AutoCAD Map 3D is the fifth software on this list of the best alternative software to Google Earth of all time. This is great software for the purpose of Geobrowsing, and all the other purposes that come with it.

The user interface is simple and beginner-friendly, and the application itself is quite fun to use. AutoCAD Map 3D is one of the few applications that offer GIS along with the support for mapping data, which is quite useful.

13 Google Earth Alternatives To Have Better View Of The Earth

There can be several uses of mapping data, including design and data management. AutoCAD Map 3D provides us with a unique experience. It is better at support than Google Earth itself according to some reviews.

AutoCAD Map 3D is a great software for all sorts of people. It doesn’t matter if they’re new to this or they’re skilled experts in the field of geographic data management.

AutoCAD Map 3D is equipped with every feature a decent Geobrowser should have, and that is the main reason why it is one of the recommended alternatives of Google Earth.

6. MapInfo Pro

MapInfo Pro is also a Geobrowser that is quite popular and has a user base spread across the globe. It is a great tool for learning the geographic information around you and is pretty helpful as well.

MapInfo Pro can be used for the purpose of mapping and geographic analysis, and it’ll do its job perfectly.

13 Google Earth Alternatives To Have Better View Of The Earth

With a beginner-friendly user interface and top-notch features backed up by the latest cutting-edge technology, MapInfo Pro is a tough competitor for other rival Geobrowsing software or applications.

The same can be said for Google Earth as well, and MapInfo Pro definitely has what it takes to be an ideal alternative to Google Earth.

7. NASA World Wind

Just like QGIS that we discussed in this article earlier, NASA World Wind is also an open-sourced project. The best part about the NASA World Wind Geobrowsing software is that it offers huge functionality with a variety of features.

13 Google Earth Alternatives To Have Better View Of The Earth

It is a Java-based open-source project made especially for developers who can use it to gain important info and use that information for designing applications. 

It is the best tool for developers all around the globe. The database NASA World Wind boasts is simply massive and is known to have satellite imagery of the finest quality.

It is a great tool that we can use for learning about the geographical properties around us and we also get access to topographic maps in the NASA World Wind, which is a cherry on top of the cake.

It offers a variety of controls for browsing purposes as well, and it makes the Geobrowsing experience a unique one.

8. Google Street View

Before you harbor any doubts, know that Google Street View is a completely different application than Google Earth, although their purposes are quite similar to an extent. Yes, that’s right.

Just like Google Earth, Google Street View is also software meant for Geobrowsing, but in a unique manner. As the name suggests, it is an application that shows you the views from many streets across the globe.

13 Google Earth Alternatives To Have Better View Of The Earth

It is a thrilling experience to be able to see the view from a random street of any city or any part of the world.

Google Street View isn’t just limited to the popular streets of the world, and that is exactly what makes it special. It offers a panoramic view of surroundings from a certain point on a street on your device, and trust us, it is a lovely experience.

It adds a new meaning to this, and it can provide some of the best virtual tours in quick minutes.

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9. Zoom Earth

Zoom Earth is a web-based application and is a great alternative to Google Earth. The functionality this software offers is the best part of it.

From unique navigational features to extra features such as weather updates, this software has a lot of features that common software would lack.

This is precisely the center of attraction of Zoom Earth. The collection of imagery this software has is simply massive, and the map viewing features it offers are under the full control of users. You can zoom, rotate, tilt, and even access the history of the imagery of a certain place in Zoom Earth.

Google Earth Alternatives 9

One other unique feature of the Zoom Earth Geobrowsing application is that it uses real-time earth simulation for updating the info and imagery on a regular basis, and that is precisely why the data on Zoom Earth is accurate most of the time.

At the time of our research on Best Google Earth Alternatives, we found a video about “18 Places Google Earth Doesn’t Want You to See” which is worth watching. 😎🤴🤩

18 Places Google Earth Doesn't Want You to See

10. Marble

Marble is the tenth Geobrowsing application on this list of the best alternatives to Google Earth. Marble is known to be one of the best Google Earth alternatives and there’s a reason for that.

There are several viewing modes in Marble that help in learning completely about a location. Marble’s features aren’t only limited to viewing the Earth as a 3D globe. It has a lot more than that to offer, and that is the reason why we had to include it in this list.

The multiple viewing modes mentioned earlier are useful in viewing the topographical feature of any location on the map, and we also get the option of viewing weather updates such as temperature and precipitation data.

Besides that, Marble also lets us real-time traffic updates alongside a navigation system similar to that of GPS.

Similar to Google Street view, we also get the option of accessing street view in Marble as well. Marble offers all of these quality features for absolutely free and is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

11. 2GIS

This is yet another software that is known to offer 3D views of many cities across the world similar to Google Earth. This is a great navigational tool and is an ideal alternative to Google Earth as well.

It is a multi-purpose tool with a lot of functionality that can help you in learning about your surroundings in depth. The user interface of 2GIS is pretty easy to get used to and the navigational controls are fairly easy as well.

The best part about 2GIS is that the maps of cities in it are very detailed and the information about them is quite precise as well. 2GIS is software that’ll definitely help you out on daily basis.

12. HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo is the thirteenth software on this list of the best Google Earth Alternatives, and similarly to Google Earth, it offers the view of several locations on the globe in 3D. It is a complete package in itself, to be honest.

13 Google Earth Alternatives To Have Better View Of The Earth

Simple map navigation, 3D earth view, location search and directions leading to them with traffic updates, etc. are the main features that HERE WeGo offers. It is an ideal alternative to Google Earth and is quite helpful in day-to-day usage as well.

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What more should we know about the best Google Earth Alternatives?

These were our picks for the best alternative software or applications to Google Earth. Google Earth isn’t just any application for viewing our planet Earth as a 3D globe. It has a lot more to offer.

There are countless day-to-day uses of an all-in-one navigational Geobrowsing software like Google Earth. Just like Google Maps, Google Earth can also be used for general navigation in any location and to look for certain places or localities.

The information on Google Earth is massive and it isn’t limited to just a mere map of a state or a nation. 

As mentioned earlier, Google Earth lets you view the planet as a 3D globe, and for that, it uses the user’s point of view and the concept of a virtual map altogether. That is how it is able to present a 3D view of our surroundings based on the location we are.

When it comes to viewing, the most widely used feature of Google Earth is the satellite view or the aerial view. Google constantly makes use of satellite imagery and information relay to update the information and datasets available on the Google Earth software.

Why the need for alternatives to Google Earth?

Although Google Earth is an ideal application or software for Geobrowsing, it has its share of disadvantages, that is precisely why there is a need for alternatives to Google Earth.

These disadvantages include low-resolution imagery of some locations, all-time internet access, poor representation of some certain areas, and a high bandwidth requirement for decent performance. All these reasons combined together make you feel the need for ideal alternatives, and that is what we’re going to discuss in the next section.


In this article, we discussed some of the best Google Earth Alternatives. This software are known for providing a quality experience along with unique features that are absent in Google Earth.

A decent Geobrowser should be an all-in-one package and shouldn’t just lay emphasis on viewing a location in 3D. This article helps in day-to-day life with things such as basic navigation, weather updates, traffic updates, and directions.

These Google Earth Alternatives boast a wide variety of satellite imagery along with an accurate database that gets updated at regular time intervals. It is actually fun if you have the right software to do so, which will guide you and help you learn about your surroundings in an easy manner.