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13 of the Best Google News Alternatives You Can Rely On

Have you been using Google News to stay connected to the world? Well, it is an excellent way to keep yourself updated on what’s going on in the world and be informed every step of the way. 

Google News is one of the best platforms that covers events from all around the world and you would not need any other source. However, if you are not satisfied with it and looking for a change, you can check out the list we have curated for the best Google News Alternatives.

There are multiple instances when Google News failed to deliver authentic news. Hence, many users have switched to other alternatives that are much more trustworthy and can be relied upon. 

So, we did our research and came up with a list of the best Google News alternatives that you can download on your smartphone. Let us see what we have here.

Best Google News Alternatives – Our Top Pick

1. Microsoft News – Google News Alternatives For Recent News

Microsoft News is one of the best Google News alternatives and is very reliable to use. It is known to be one of the oldest news portals that have been trusted for its genuine reports and sources all around the world.

Best Google News Alternatives

In fact, over the span of time, users can now download an app on their Android as well as iOS smartphones for free. The UI is pretty simple as seen on the web and for smartphones, it can be customized based on your preference.

Moving on, you can either select the MSN worldwide news or simply let it automatically select your location. Also, it allows you to select the language as well in which you wish to read the news. 

From celebrity news to sports, it covers every single section you can think of. On the menu panel, you can also check out the current temperature in your location. Moreover, it even supports dark mode on the app which makes it easier to use it at night and reduces strain on the eyes.

if you are using the Microsoft Edge browser then click on the setting gear icon in the empty page screen and select the option “informational” and select your country to get the localized news.

Best Google News Alternatives 1

If you are using google chrome then use the Microsoft news chrome plugin. get it here.

Platform- Web, Android, and iOS

2. Apple News

If you are an Apple user, you cannot miss out on using the official Apple News on your smartphones. Since this is an Apple product, it is personalized only for iOS users. This app is pre-installed on your iPhone, iPad, and you can also use it on your Apple watches conveniently. 

Best Google News Alternatives 2

It only takes certain minutes to set up the app so that you get the latest and real-time updates on the events happening worldwide. As an iOS user, you can even get the Apple News+ subscription that has a lot more features than usual. 

It is not free to use and you need to pay for its service. Some of the major aspects that it covers are Audio stories, access to all local newspapers, access to hundreds of premium magazines from around the world, up to 6 family members can use it with zero extra cost, and a lot more.

If you are not sure about the News+ subscription, the tech giant allows you to get a 1-month free trial before you can make a move.

Platform- Only for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

3. Flipboard – Google News Alternatives For all the stories you care about

We have another brilliant app that supports every platform. Flipboard is one of the best Google News alternatives you can find on the web.

The UI is the most interesting aspect of this platform and you can even add or delete the different categories of your choice. Well, this platform covers every single local newspaper as well as top-tier magazines so that you need not subscribe to them separately.

Best Google News Alternatives 3

Some of the major publications that you can find here are New York Times, Time, Atlantic, BBC, and a lot more. From getting news about your weather to getting the latest updates on the events happening around you.

If at all you feel that there is certain news or info worth saving to read in the future, you can use the + button on the top and add it to your list.

Moving on, it covers all the major languages too so that you can read it without any hassle. Some of the languages you will find here are Spanish, French, German, etc. Also, if you are interested in Sports, or if you are interested in politics, it covers every news that you need to know. Flipboard asks its users to personalize the app based on what they wish to see.

Platform- Web, iOS, and Android

4. Inshorts

If you are someone who doesn’t like to read massive blogs or news articles that do take up a lot of time, Inshorts might be the best option to go from here.

Since you are looking for something then Google News, you can simply download the app and keep yourself updated. However, it is important to keep note that this app is only available for Indian users. You can view the language in Hindi as well as English.

13 of the Best Google News Alternatives You Can Rely On

It might be a similar app when compared to Google News but overall it does serve some purpose of providing news to the general public.

The basic concept that this platform follows is that it creates short clips of the news for the users that do not take more than 60 seconds to read. It is more of a summary of the news that covers the main points that save a lot of time and space.

This platform is available for both Android and iOS users. You can read hundreds of news clips within minutes and keep yourself updated. Rather than going through a massive chunk of unnecessary news, you can simply download Inshorts where all the info is highly accurate and approved from genuine sources.

Platform- iOS and Android

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5. Associated Press (AP)

To add another one to our list, we have Associated Press which has been in the industry for over decades now. It is one of the oldest and also covers news from all around the globe.

AP is not only the most trusted news site but also provides unbiased information to the world and its readers. From covering politics to sports, you can read anything and everything with absolute accuracy.

It covers all the local reports, documentaries, photo stories, and much more that you might not get on other new sites.

Apart from their web-based platform, you can even download their Android as well as iOS apps that are much easier to use and helps to keep you updated. Well, the interface is pretty simple to use and does not have any ads whatsoever.

You do not need any subscription and are free to use. Also, the app provides you with options where you can decide what news you are interested in and create your own news feed. Simply select the categories and the app will keep you updated on those specific topics.

Platform- Web, iOS, and Android

6. Pocket – Google news alternatives To Find Your Focus

We have something pretty unique here that does not offer content to the users like any other sites we have mentioned.

Instead, it is an excellent app that you can use to save all the content and links here to read them anytime you want. All the relevant and important articles that might be of some use to you can be added to it

You might be thinking why did we add it to this list. Well, it deserves this special mention since once you have added your articles.

Pocket will now start to recommend to you the articles based on what you have saved. Not only this, you can even save what you wish to watch later, or listen, or even buy. Also, it helps you to highlight certain parts of the article you are reading and save it for later.

13 of the Best Google News Alternatives You Can Rely On

If you are using it on your browser, add it as your extension and save as much content as you need. Moreover, you can download the app on your smartphone for much easier usage and more productivity.

You can start off with a free subscription and explore a bit. Furthermore, you can choose to check out the premium version which has tons of features.

Platform- Web, iOS, and Android

At the time of research on Best Google News Alternatives, we found a video on How to Spot Fake News which is worth watching if I hate google news. 😎🤩

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7. Reddit – Alternatives to news

If you haven’t yet been a part of the world’s biggest community that covers every petty and major news update from around the world. Reddit is one of the best Google News Alternatives in the internet world currently and you are missing a lot if not yet signed up.

The platform is free of cost and almost every user of every age group uses this platform to stay connected to the world. It might not be similar to any other news site you might have come across.

Well, Reddit is a platform that is governed by the people itself and everything mostly is genuine and reliable. You can find multiple groups or say subreddit that you can join with just a single click. Either you can switch directly to the news tab or simply stay connected as an individual to every piece of info that circulated in there.

From knowing about the latest stock market situation to politics, it has everything. The users or the followers speak and discuss every other matter so that the spectators are well informed. If you are a part of it, you might want to try out their highly stable app for your Android phone or iOS.

What makes Reddit different?💁 Here is the best tips for you.

What makes Reddit different? | 6 tips for new redditors

Platform- Web, iOS, and Android

8. Yahoo News

Yahoo News is yet another trusted news website that acts as a great alternative to Google News. It is one of the oldest on the list including AP, Reddit, and much more.

You can check out multiple aspects of the news from a trusted source. It covers news from our corner of the world. You can choose a specific site for your country and look for national news as well as international reports in the same place.

Although it does not support any app currently, you might have to stick to the web version. This serves as the only disadvantage over everything.

As soon as you click on the link, some of the categories you can explore are politics, Science, Health, Coronavirus, Videos, documentaries, and much more. It even has a small section that displays the current weather of your location.

On Yahoo news, you can not customize your news feed in any manner since it is a web-based platform. However, you can always click on the niche you wish to look at and check out the news and reports specifically.

Platform- Web

9. Inoreader

Have you heard of Inoreader yet? It is one of the best Google News alternatives on the web. Inoreader is an RSS-based platform that brings to its users the latest news from different platforms.

Best Google News Alternatives 6

You can read and share the content on the web very easily and get genuine information from around the world. The best aspect of this news site is that it not only provides you with the latest news content but also social media posts, podcasts, documentaries, and a lot more.

You can easily download the application on your Android, iOS, and Windows phone. Make sure to edit the settings through which you can get push notifications, emails, alerts, etc marked as reading criteria to have the best experience.

Simply search the right keyword you are looking to get info on, and then subscribe to it so that the platform can provide you with all the news related to it with proper alerts.

It even has a night and day mode which you might not even find in some of the most popular platforms yet.

There are millions of readers on this site that check out the news every single day and keep themselves updated. Furthermore, through the app, you can filter out the topics you need to know more about.

Platform- iOS, Android, and Windows

10. Feedly – Google news aggregator

We have another news aggregator application or a website that is based on RSS feeds. If you do not know how it works, well RSS feeds allows the users to keep track of multiple websites at once to keep away from many hassles.

Similarly, Feedly is one such platform available for all devices. The most unique aspect of this platform is that it is integrated with an AI assistant named Leo.

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Well, Leo helps users to filter out the content they need. Simply put on the keyword that you are hoping to get the updates for on your news feed.

Leo will curate all the content on the web from different resources in that particular topic and list it on your feed so that you can read it anytime. You can even choose different niches such as marketing or blogging, or simply anything and the assistant will curate the application with content most relevant to it.

To add more to this, you can share the content you read on multiple social media platforms with a single click. It is also a highly secure space and takes care of your privacy as its priority.

You can start off with a free plan that offers over 100 sources to follow and only three feeds to filter. Anything above this, you need to buy the subscription.

Platform- Web, iOS, and Android

11. Bundle Breaking News

There is no denying the fact that Bundle is one of the best-designed news applications on the web. The stunning use of colors and UI is beyond anything. It is something unique that any user would love to use.

13 of the Best Google News Alternatives You Can Rely On

Simply put, this too acts as a news-aggregator that covers news stories from all around the world and gathers them from multiple platforms to you. Some of the categories you will find here are Technology, Science, Finance, Sport, and Art & Culture.

The platform is believed to be gathering over a million readers each month. You can find every single feature you have used on Google News.

Download the app on your smartphones and create your profile. Similar to other RSS feeds based apps, this too gives you complete liberty to choose what you wish to read.

The bundle makes sure to keep you notified about all the local news, breaking news, updates, and much more on your devices. If the local news is too disturbing for you, there are options to only read content that is of some use to you or for your learning purpose.

Platform- Web, iOS, and Android

12. Nuzzel

If you are looking for a platform-specific to business news and information, Nuzzel is an excellent choice. It was named as one of the best apps in the year 2016.

You will find readers and professionals from some of the top names in the media and technology have been a part of this platform for authentic news.

13 of the Best Google News Alternatives You Can Rely On

In fact, it even gives the opportunity to curate a newsletter that hardly takes a few minutes. Nuzzel offers a personalized news experience to its readers so that you read what you want to.

If you do not wish to be involved in politics but only in sports, there are multiple options to filter out all the news you do not want to be a part of. You can download the app on both Android and iOS smartphones.

The UI is pretty basic but the content is real. There are options to work on both dark and light themes whichever fits you the best. You can start off with the free version and if you need more features that it has to offer, simply get the subscription which is highly affordable too.

Platform- Web, iOS, and Android

13. Inside

Lastly, we have another very popular news site that delivers newsletters to its subscribers. Inside isn’t exactly similar to Google News, however, you can easily keep yourself updated through this platform.

The main focus here is it breaks the barrier between the audience and the reporters. Well, there are way too many platforms providing the same content over and over again. 

To reach more readers Inside provides its platform through which you can subscribe to the newsletter on multiple topics. Inside simply posts all the content you wish to read and it reaches you via email.

All of these are available for free of cost. However, to get the maximum benefits and get more features, you can apply for the premium version.

You can unlock all the exclusive news, podcasts, insights, and much more on your premium service. There are multiple plans to choose from based on the number of newsletters you can get on your mail.

Also, there are options to even go for the team plan where your entire team can access the content and keep each other updated likewise.

Platform- Web, iOS, and Android


What is the best alternative to Google News?

The best alternatives to Google News are Microsoft News, Apple News, The Week, Flipboard, SmartNews, GroundNews, etc. You can use them to stay connected to the world.

What is the best free news feed?

Feedly is a popular RSS feed reader. You can use it to organize and read top blogs conveniently. Apart from Feedly, Inoreader, Feeder, Good News, etc., can be used for free news feeds.

What is the most reliable news app?

Different news apps are popular for various reasons. Apple News is known for its affordable access, while Google News is appreciated for providing many free articles. Flipboard has a customized news app.

Is Flipboard any good?

If you are looking for an excellent layout to get top news stories, Flipboard can be a perfect option. The customized magazine feature adds a personal touch.

Is Google News any good?

Google News can be a great way to get daily news. You will also get the local weather update on the top of the screen. It is excellent for both consumers and content producers.

What is the best free news app for android?

Google News tops the race of best free apps for android users. However, Flipboard is not far behind and has been used by many to stay updated with the latest news.

Is Flipboard better than Google News?

If you are looking for a friendly UI and like following others, Flipboard can be significant. However, if getting in-depth research or downloading articles is the purpose, Google News is the accurate match.

Do Flipboard cost money?

One can use Flipboard for free. There are no charges for either displaying or curating content on the platform. You can also become a publisher on Flipboard without paying money.

What is the best free News app for iPhone?

Flipboard is the best option for iPhone users. Apart from Flipboard, Zite, CNN Mobile, Breaking News, Pulse, AP Mobile, etc., are popular alternatives.

Is Apple News a free app?

Apple News+ is limited to Apple devices only. You cannot use Apple News on Android or PC. Apple News costs $9.99 after the free trial is over.

Final Thoughts

Well, you can find tens and hundreds of similar sites that serve to be the best Google News alternative. We have made sure you switch to something that is genuinely an excellent approach.

Many sites on the web are filled with biased and fake news that tries to manipulate readers and their perspectives. Hence it is needed for some reliable news source to come into action and which can be trusted.

Some other news sites we did not mention in our list that are equally good but are specific to certain countries are The New York Times, The Economist, BBC News, etc.

These are genuine news sources that do take care of the sources they pick up and provide an unbiased approach to their readers. One of the best news aggregators such as Google News that you can trust is Reddit News.

There are multiple such sites but not all have such a massive following. People form communities and groups on RSS feed-based sites where readers are from all around the world.

Whether it be a topic based on Stock Market, Business, Politics, Sports, and everything else, you can find it all here. If at all you have queries regarding anything you can let us know here. Also, are there any sites that need special mention, let us know in the comment section below.