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Google supremacy over the internet


Market share of all internet search queries that ran using Google services
91.4 percent

Number of global search queries per second

Number of global search queries in all of 1999

A single search query consumes
1 kilojoule (kJ)
(which is enough to heat one litre of water by 0.24 degrees)

Number of devices using Android as the operating system
2 billion

Google’s 2001 profits in US dollars
6.98 million

Google’s 2016 profits in US dollars
19.5 billion

Google’s storage capacity is estimated to be more than
15 Exabyte

Active users of Google Photos
500 million

Photos uploaded daily to Google Photos
1.2 billion

Number of active users of Google Drive in the year 2013
100 million

Number of active users of Google Drive in the year 2017
800 million

Active users of all Google services account to
14% of humanity

Duration in years of videos that are viewed daily on YouTube

New videos (in hours) that are uploaded to YouTube in a minute

Number of subscribers following PewDiePie, the most successful YouTuber
57.3 million

Number of employees worldwide

Percentage of female employees
31 percent

Applications received by Google yearly
1 Million

Total length (in kilometres) of the streets photographed for Street View
8 million

The computing capacity of a single cloud TPU that is used to train artificial intelligences is
180 Teraflops

Increase in Google stock since the initial public offering in the year 2004
855 percent

In 2009, legal tax dodges enabled Google to pay profit taxes in Europe of no more than
3 percent

In June 2017, the EU Commission slapped Google with a fine of
2.42 billion euros

Applications available for download on Google Play
3.24 million

Estimated number of pages indexed by Google
30 billion

Total assets (in US dollars) of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the two founders of Google
90 billion

The lawns at Google’s headquarters in California are cut by
200 goats



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