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9 Of The Best GPS Watches For Kids in 2020 – Reviewed


Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best GPS Watches For Kids to buy in 2020? 🤔

We got you covered in this buyer’s guide. 😎

Let’s dive right in.

Watches around kid’s wrists were just a timepiece; you know to tell the time and ensure they get home on time. However, times have changed; with security becoming slimmer and a prerequisite to children’s safety and security, a watch does more than just tell time.

Modern smart wristwatches include functions that enable parents to track and keep tabs on their kids, a worthwhile feature for peace of mind but these watches allow kids to improve on their fitness; receive or make calls, get entertained and stay connected with home and enable them to make new friends.

For a parent, this is an investment worthwhile, but what exactly should a parent look for in a smartwatch and how should you pick the most suitable for your kids. Like most wearable device for adults, kid’s watches also have enjoyed the same evolution as well.

In this article, we will try to look at Smartwatches that not only allow seamless communications but has GPS, camera, are durable and easy to use but these watches also provide room for kids to fiddle with it (as they will anyway).

It should also be easy to wear, light around the wrist, waterproof (definitely), and a portable size screen to enable them to see without straining their eyes.

Best GPS Watches For Kids: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. TickTalk Universal Kids Smart Watch Combo

What are you looking for in a smartwatch for your kids? If you can think it, TickTalk got it. This smartwatch combines GPS tracker, video, FaceTime, voice, Wi-Fi, message, camera, and other extra features that every parent will love.

GPS Watches For Kids

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So before you ask, how much? It is expensive but worth the price. In addition to all these features, TickTalk made them in colors that kids will love, they are bright, bubbly and fun. In fact, some come in two color combinations like black and blue, etc.

One thing that parents and kids will love with this smartwatch is the intuitive ability, very easy, and simple to understand interface, you don’t need too much lesson going through the menu and the navigation is super entertaining and fabulous for any kids.

TickTalk offers excellent 2-way communication, been paired with two consistent telecommunication companies T-Mobile and AT&T, the smartwatch uses 4G LTE signals but needs a SIM card pairing to enable the GPS tracker function.

Below are some of the features of The TickTalk Universal Kids Smart Watch Combo that earned it a spot in our list of Best GPS Watches For Kids to get in 2020.


  • Large, readable and bright touchscreen for kids
  • A combination of GPS, LBS technology, and Wi-Fi make TickTalk smartwatch for kids provide accurate GPS positioning for your kids
  • Enjoy making videos, taking pictures, text messaging and talking with your friends or mom seamlessly
  • We know kids love water, so TickTalk is IP67 and will remain functioning when placed in a one-meter deep watch, rainfall, shower or even a rainstorm
  • Get your child walking and improve their fitness level with the pedometer or get them ready for school with the alarm feature. Keep tabs on dates and times using the calendar.
  • SOS features allow you and your child to communicate even in low network areas or when they are in trouble
  • FaceTime with mum and compatible with Apple or Android devices
  • A good smartwatch for kids ages 4 to 14 years

Overall, TickTalk is a smartwatch that any kids will treasure. It is also one that parents will love, the accuracy of the GPS, and the ability to track who is calling your child or who they are calling is especially important. The parental control is outstanding on this smartwatch for kids.

2. XPLORA GO SIM Free Smart Watch for Kids

With SOS function, calls, messaging, camera, and a pedometer are some features that this SIM-free smartwatch for kids possesses.

GPS Watches For Kids
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For parents who don’t think it is time for their children to own a wristwatch, the XPLORA GO is an elegant purple color watch that allows kids to make calls and receive them directly on their wristwatch.

In addition to waterproof capabilities, it has a school alarm function. You can be sure that your kids will be up and ready for school at the right time. 

Furthermore, for moms, this device is easily paired with your smartphone letting you not only track their movement but calls made and received calls too.

You might want to keep calm about over monitoring them as this smartwatch won’t add anybody to the contact list without your approval. A sure sign of relief for parents, which is good.

Below are some of the features of The XPLORA GO SIM Free Smart Watch for Kids that earned it a spot in our list of Best GPS Watches For Kids to get in 2020.


  • To give parents total control of their wards, XPLORA GO allows parents to shut off all features of the watch from their phone, which they can do, especially during school hours. This allows the smartwatch to go dormant and just tell only time, or enable them to call you
  • The sound quality is exceptional with a crisp, clear microphone, and speaker allowing an incredible way of communication.
  • No space for head jack, which is excellent and eliminates private conversation that parents like.
  • A GPS tracker that is steadily updated with your kid position sent to your phone. To ensure child safety in times of danger, the XPLORA GO has an SOS button that when depressed, sends an alert with your child’s position to your phone for help. 

Ability to set safe zones to ensure your child’s safety, this also enables you to monitor their movement but also sends you a notification when they step out of the zone for any reason and the time they did.

Other features that will make your kid love this smartwatch are:-

  • Fitness tracking feature enabling them to stay fit and encourages them to get and stay healthy
  • Ability to sync it with their Playstation and play their favorite games
  • Has an exceptional battery life of 96 hours allowing them to enjoy the device without the need to charge it
  • Wi-Fi enabled, compatibility with most networks, lightweight and light on the wrist
  • Simple, intuitive interface especially for a young child
  • Excellent camera and waterproof abilities making it a fabulous piece for young children.

Overall, the XPLORA GO is perfect; for parents, it is god-sent as it allows them to monitor their kids and how they are faring away from them. Stay safe, stay connected with the XPLORA GO for ages 5 to 12 years without breaking the bank.

3. DUIWOIM Smart Watch for Boys and Girls

Looking for a smartwatch for your daughter or son with excellent positioning accuracy, SOS, and a host of fun features to keep them busy, this is it?

With the high rates of missing children, kidnapping, and kids falling into circumstances that keep parents on their toes, a GPS device is the best way to go.

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However, buying a GPS device for your child makes it look as if you don’t trust them; so a watch with other attractive features will take their minds off the tracking features but will give parents that peace of mind they so desperately needed.

The DUIWOIM smartwatch provides parents will excellent geolocation using WiFi, LBS and GPS, but the smartwatch needs to be fitted with a SIM card to activate these features and keep track of their position.

DUIWOIN designs are for kids, it is simple, easy to use, and consists of a 1.44-inch square face touchscreen with a front-facing camera, an SOS button, and a charging port.

Available in only two colors – pink and blue, this watch is an excellent swimming or watersport wristwatch with an IP67 rating that protects it from dust and water.

It can stay under a meter of water for 30 minutes and still remain active and functional enabling you to do all your activities.

Below are some of the features of The DUIWOIM Smart Watch for Boys and Girls that earned it a spot in our list of Best GPS Watches For Kids to get in 2020.


  • Overall, DUIWOIM has excellent sound clarity making calls a breeze. It does need a SIM card to activate its smart features especially the GPS positioning system
  • Keep them fit with the step counter or busy with the activities located in the wristwatch
  • Monitor your child’s activity and know what they are up to
  • Entertaining, educative, and cognitive development watch for kids
  • Receive an immediate alert when SOS button is pressed with GPS positioning 
  • Has a long battery life of 7 days and great for kids ages 5 – 9

DUIWOIM GPS Watches For Kids might not have all the flashy features that other smartwatches have, but if you are a parent that wants to keep track of your child’s whereabouts and activities, this smartwatch will enable you to do just that perfectly.

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4. Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 Captain Man Smartwatch for kids

If there is a reliable name is smart devices and GPS trackers, it is GARMIN. They have been building smart and GPS oriented devices since forever, and now the Vivofit for kids is not just a GPS tracker but a fitness tracking watch that also enables you to monitor your child’s health, steps, and even sleep pattern.

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The Garmin Vivofit will enable you to keep tabs in their voice calls, messaging; stay connected with them all day, and is the perfect durable affordable, stylish, and waterproof design watch for any child to get along throughout the day.

Garmin is promising a yearlong battery life on this smartwatch, it is definitely no surprise considering how battery life fair on most of their products. 

Guess we will have to put that to the test? However, parents who have used this device for their kids attest to the outstanding battery life and its durability.

Below are some of the features of The Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 Captain Man Smartwatch for kids that earned it a spot in our list of Best GPS Watches For Kids to get in 2020.


  • Although the phone doesn’t have the GPS monitoring feature, it does allow you to keep track of your child’s health, behavior, and sleep pattern from your smartphone. The device allows you to track their chores and a fun way to ensure it is done.
  • Have a kid that needs to improve on their weight, this smartwatch enable children to track their fitness activity and break previous records for a reward. They get to make a move on the Garmin board game which pushes them to work harder
  • Tired of the old strap, just pop out the console and change it, it is that simple.

Overall, the Garmin Vivofit might not be the GPS positioning smartwatch that is expected, but it will help you build a complete child that is responsible, morally sound and knows the value of hard work and reward.

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5. Owl Cole Best Smart Phone Watch for Kids

Find your kids as they wander away from you immediately with the superior tracking capabilities giving you a 24 hours tap on your kids every time. The Owl Cole watch comes in vibrant colors that kids would love. 

GPS Watches For Kids

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Designed for kids age 4 to 12 years old, it has 1.44 inches; this smartwatch only supports 2G and 3G technology and needs a SIM card inserted to activate the smart feature including the GPS function.

Below are some of the features of The Owl Cole Best Smart Phone Watch for Kids that earned it a spot in our list of Best GPS Watches For Kids to get in 2020.


  • It has excellent connectivity with the parent’s smartphone allowing you to keep tabs on them. Furthermore, this watch allows the parents to get a notification on their phone if the child removes the smartwatch from their wrist.
  • To keep tabs on their position, parents can set a secure zone; they get an alert when the child walks out of the set zone.
  • Excellent GPS accuracy combines LBS with a minimal error
  • Enjoy water sports and playing in the rain with the IP67 waterproof rating
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Comes with SOS feature to three contacts, voice mail, and ability to make and receive calls including a block call option for an unknown number
  • Help your child build a fitness routine with the calorie and step counter or stay busy with the educational games in the device.

Other features are:-

  • Very lightweight and easy to use interface
  • Remote control camera option allows a parent to take a picture of the surrounding area where the child is without their knowledge
  • Has a battery life of 3 days

Overall, the Owl Cole Smartwatch phone is giving parents the power to be parents with immerse tracking and visibility capability of their kids wherever they are, you know you will always have that peace of mind at home. So get one if you have fears about your child’s whereabouts.

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6. Benobby Smart Watch for kids

GPS Watches For Kids

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This is one of those smart kid wrists watches that you will never purchase because it is not a brand that screams, but if you are looking for smartwatch that has all the features including GPS, SOS, fitness trackers, message, call, and camera functions, you have just got yourself one of the best. 

And it is affordable too.

Available in two different colors, this smartwatch comes with a flashlight feature that your child can switch on if they find themselves in the dark; the silica gel material is safe and non-irritant to the child’s skin.

Below are some of the features of The Benobby Smart Watch for kids that earned it a spot in our list of Best GPS Watches For Kids to get in 2020.


  • A super responsive touchscreen with simple to use buttons clearly positions to enable your child to know how to use the watch without help
  • Suitable for 3 years and above
  • Supports two-way calling feature, call blocking abilities that prevent people from harassing your kid
  • Nano SIM card control
  • Parents can connect to the smartwatch to monitor all calls made to and from the watch from their smartphone
  • Combines GPS, LBS, and WiFi to provide an accurate position of your child
  • 3 numbers SOS, flashlight, camera, and excellent after-sales services
  • Monitor your child’s health and fitness activities

Overall, the Benobby smartwatch for kids is the best watch a parent could get for their kid. Asides from the water-resistant features and GPS, this smartwatch allows parents to monitor their child call, location and camera through the remote control app on their phones.

7. Lsflair GPS Children’s Watches Phone

GPS Watches For Kids

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Knowing where your kids are is good, being able to remotely control their camera or voice calls takes parenting and security up a notch effectively from your phone without any stress or invasion of their privacy. In addition to these features, it offers SOS, alarm and easy to use features great for a kid ages 3 to 12 years.

Below are some of the features of The Lsflair GPS Children’s Watches Phone that earned it a spot in our list of Best GPS Watches For Kids to get in 2020.


  • Accurate positioning of your child with a combination of GPS, WiFi and LBS real-time technology that allows you to remain in contact with your child through the app on your phone
  • The GPS tracker updates you about your child’s whereabouts through a voice message
  • 3 numbers SOS alarm notifying you of an emergency
  • Activity tracker including pedometer keeping a tab on their health
  • Extremely clear sound for 2 way calls and educative games to keep the young one entertained
  • Camera, voice message, group chat and child’s route to school and anywhere

Overall, this watch is worth the buy, wears nicely, and light for a child’s wrist. With 0.3 miles error, parents can rest assured that their children are exactly where they are supposed to be always. And the best part, it is affordable.

8. Vtech KidiZoom GPS Watches For Kids

Looking for an educative and innovative smart wristwatch for your child, VTech is the brand for you. Made by one of the American largest electronics makers, this wristwatch contains innovative and educational activities for kids of all ages.

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With a silicone bracelet soft to the skin, this square face touchscreen watch has a simple, intuitive interface that comes in two bright, vibrant and beautiful colors that every kid will love.

Designed for ages 4 to 0 years, kids get to enjoy the super clear cameras for pictures and videos with a variety of filter options to make it fun and entertaining for them which can also be uploaded to a computer and printed out using the USB connectivity port on the smartwatch.

Below are some of the features of The Vtech KidiZoom GPS Watches For Kids that earned it a spot in our list of Best GPS Watches For Kids to get in 2020.


  • Been a kid watch, it is packed with games and activities that will excite most children including dancing, puzzles, and logic games
  • Customizable features with over 55 layouts, a calendar, calculator, alarm, stopwatch and timer
  • Has a battery life of two weeks and memory space of 256MB

It does have all the GPS and WiFi features, it is one of the best waterproof smartwatches for kids.

9. Jsbaby Waterproof Kids Smart Watch with GPS/LBS

Although this is another excellent watch, which is tagged waterproof with an IP67 rating, it will not survive underwater for that long hence should be avoided for water sports or in a water environment for too long.

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However, for kids ages 3 to 12 years, this smartwatch is packed with a host of other features that parents and kids will love.

Below are some of the features of The Jsbaby Waterproof Kids Smart Watch that earned it a spot in our list of Best GPS Watches For Kids to get in 2020.


  • Excellent sound clarity when making or receiving calls or when recording a voice mail message
  • 3 contact SOS number for emergency situations which is activated by depressing the button for 3 seconds
  • Needs SIM card to activate the GPS feature with connectivity to the parent’s smartphone to allow them to monitor their movement and activities?
  • Can only connect with a 2G without SIM and 4G with SIM

Overall, this wristwatch with its super accurate GPS positioning system is putting parent’s minds at rest, especially for young kids that are off on their own like on a school bus.


Some buying guide for a smartwatch for a kid is weight, the material the straps are made out of (you don’t want one that will irritant their skin), the cost, the ease of use, and compatibility to the parent’s smartphone.

We know the one for us and would love to know which one you like? However, smartwatch for kids is the most innovative object of the 21st century that is helping parents stay calm while pursuing a career and having their kids roam the community with adult or known supervision.

Although the GPS Watches For Kids 2020 list seems overwhelming, the most important factor is been able to stay connected to your child anywhere they are. GPS features are usually on most smartwatches are activated when a SIM card is inserted in the gadget.