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11 Best Grim Dawn Mods To Upgrade Your Base Game

Some games are too good to be true, and one of those games is Grim dawn. It might be possible you haven’t heard its name because it has a particular niche. Grim dawn is one of the games that started on Kickstarter and made a big into the gaming world.

The game has everything that you look for in an action pack role-playing fantasy game. Even IGN has said it is one of the best ARPGS which gamers get to witness in years.

Once you start playing this game, there is no going back. There are so many new places to explore and things to find out about the story that you will remain invested throughout the year even if you play the game each day. 

In addition to this, to make things more interesting, the game development has allowed Grim dawn mods in the game. These grim dawn mods will make your gameplay better and more engaging.

You can enhance the graphics if you want, or you can speed up the loot giving system. So you get better loot and in high quantity.

There are tons of mods that you can find for the Grim dawn, but this article is about the top 10, which makes your experience better and makes the game more enjoyable for the players who have invested so much time in it.  

A little Background About Grim Dawn 

It’s a game where you enter a world where humans are on the brink of their extinction, and nothing can stop this from happening. Iron is now valued more than gold, which used to be the most expensive metal back in the normal days.

You will be surrounded by sadness and the fear which the apocalyptic world brings with it. When you start your journey, there are a lot of things that you might not know about the game, like its storyline and the characters.

But as you start exploring the vast map, you will understand how each character present in the game has its own complex story making it one of the greatest ARPG of all time, standing toe to toe with Diablo 2.

Why You Should Play Grim Dawn in 2020

When you feel like you need something more out of the game, you can always go for modding. The Grim dawn mods are easy to install in the game. They work in harmony with the system to provide the best experience without any frames dropping or uncertain crashes. 

Some Of The Key Features Of Grim Dawn 

A game is nothing without its key features, making the game more interesting and stand out from its competition. Well, here are some of the critical features of the Grim Dawn, which will show you why this game is best in its class and why you need to be playing it right now. 

Dual Class:- When starting a game with a role-play element, you will find out that you have the freedom to build your character from the set of characters already present in the game.

Well, in Grim dawn, you get to choose a wide variety of 6 different classes from which you can have over 25 skills and modifiers that you can use per class. You can be a soldier, demolition, Nightblade, Arcanist, and Shaman. The choice is yours to make, and it will affect your gaming style. 

Lots Of Item Skills:- A game is incomplete when you don’t have enough skill to upgrade too, but when it comes to Grim Dawn, you are in for a surprise as you can find tons of items that will help you boost your skills.

You can find common, magical, rare, epic, and if you are lucky, you can even find legendary class loot. In addition to this, you can have a Grim dawn mod, which allows you to have more loot per hour.

Meaning you can have better loot for the same enemy which you have killed. You can have more than 20,000 possible magical affix combinations with your armor and weapon and over 200 rare affixes with all this. 

You Need To Make Choices:- There is no straight path to the end of the game. If you are looking for something simple, play Minecraft, this game requires you to have strategies, and you need to make crucial decisions as well when you are playing this game.

Each step you take in the story will give you options to choose from, which will decide what will happen next.

Strangers on the road you have met once in your journey or a whole village can go down in shambles with your one decision, so you need to be prepared for the consequences. Right now, the game demands you to collect 35 quests and 75+ lore notes in the game world to be able to finish the game. 

There Are Friends And There Are Enemies:-  You can earn up a favor from someone in the game with the help of human fractions, which will allow you to open up new quest lines that will lead you to rare items and rewards.

Some of the fractions you find in the game can be turned into allies if you play your cards properly. But if you had one, you are making enemies with the other half lot.

All the hostile fractions you encountered in the game will remember your deeds, and your work will only deepen their hatred for you. So you have to be careful when you are dealing with them. These hostile fractions can send several people to hunt you down. 

Devotion Plays Vital Role:- There’s a hidden layer of skill that only pro players know and know how to use properly. To get more bonus points in the game. With the help of devotion, you can get powerful secondary effects for your class skills.

You can unlock these reward points by connecting the giant constellation map by finding the destroyed and corrupted shrines to get them restored. These sirens are hidden throughout the world, and you need to find them to earn bonus points. 

Rebuild The World: The world is ending, and the human race is on the verge of extinction. You can help the locals get back on their feet by finding out the necessary things to rebuild the structures.

You can also rescue the survivors, who can then be a part of your tribe and help you reach your goal in the game. 

Multiplay Is More Than An Option: There is no better way to play video games than to have your friends in a virtual world assisting each one out in their storylines.

You can ask your friends to join you over, or you can make new friends online with its vast number of active multiplayer user databases. 

Combats Are Fast-Paced:- When you hit your enemy, the blood splatters on the ground, making combat look more gruesome and physical.

In addition to this, the game has ragdoll physics in it, so when you hit the enemy, they will react like a real person, and each blow will have its weight. You can go on a rampage fighting door to door, house to house in quest of looting everything that you find in your way. 

Camera Position Can Change:- To rotate the camera is fully optional. You can see the beauty of this virtual world and always have an optimal angle when you are fighting. Thus, it will give you a better sight of attacks that your enemies are preparing for against you. 

Dynamic Weather:- You might have heard about this one feature in lots of games, but in Grim Dawn, the developers have taken it up to a notch where they have brought new life to the region-specific climate along with several weather effects.

A sunny day in-game can become cloudy, and in no time, you can experience rain as you do in real life. Variable wind gusts will blow the grass and the windmills in the area in different directions. 

Compatibility:- If you can’t play it on your system, then what’s the use of it, right? Well, the developers of the game have optimized the Grim dawn so that even the low PC config can easily handle 60 FPS and give you the pleasure of playing one of the most well-crafted Action RPG games of all time.

Given below, we have provided you with minimum system requirements for this game along with Grim dawn mod requirements. 

  • System: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Processor: x86 compatible 2.3GHz or faster (Intel 2nd generation core i-series or equivalent)
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series or ATI Radeon X800 series or better
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card
  • Other: 4GB of memory is required to host multiplayer games

Do You Need To Have Grim Dawn Mods? 

Here’s a thing: grim dawn mods are simply an extra line of code added to the code of the game. It doesn’t temper the main code, which is written in most cases.

When it comes to Grim dawn mods, the mod community has done the moding to enhance the playing experience and make the game more fun to play and enjoy. 

But if you are not the one who likes to tweak their games and want to play the game as it is, then you are good to go. There is no increase in the number of dialogues with modes, and there is no extended storyline.

Few games do it in with the DLC, for which you need to pay some amount. But that’s not what you have to do here. With the base game, you get the complete version, and you can enjoy it too. But with the Grim dawn modes, the game will look and feel more beautiful and intriguing to the players, respectively. 

Best Grim Dawn Mods: Our Top Pick 👌👌👌

1. Larger Cursor 

The game developers have kept in mind the need for Hud and the cursor, which will help you find the way, but if you are not comfortable with both of these, you can get a bigger cursor using this mode.

Best Grim Dawn Mods

This QoL-enhancing mode by the creator name Dreadmoth increases the size of the cursor from 32X32 to 64X64. This will protect your eyes from strain, and you can easily locate different objects on the hud map. 

Click here, to check out the mod.

2. Grim Legion 

One of the most popular grim dawn mods when the game first came out was the Grim Legion. This Grim dawn mod shines due to its clear mission statement. As a result, the game becomes more challenging to the player even though the base game has the same essence to it. 

11 Best Grim Dawn Mods To Upgrade Your Base Game

Moreover, the game remains the same, but you will see the pacing has been affected a little bit. Now the game is a bit faster, and there is more mob density, which increases the intensity of the game’s action.

You will also see that now stronger enemies are likely to show up on your path, and they now have some real fighter brains as they don’t like cannon fodder anymore. 

The devotion signs, which we have already told you guys about in the beginning, will be working in every difficulty of the game. Lastly, you need to be aware of the corrupted spwanners now. So always be prepared to fight some of them. 

Click here to get this mod.

3. Aetherial ReShade 

We have no issues with the dark and gritty look of the game. You might have heard about the game called Dark Souls. Well, you never hear their fans complaining about the game being too dark as it just adds another layer of depth to the game.

11 Best Grim Dawn Mods To Upgrade Your Base Game

But if you want to show this game to your kids and you don’t want them to be scared of it. Well then, Aetherial ReShade has got your back covered. 

Creator ThreshProductions come with this colorful reshade of the game, which saturates the color, sharpens textures, and enhances the game’s overall look. It also adds a new color palette to the game file and makes it more appealing in visual FX. 

If there’s a one Grim dawn mod you want to try to make your game look more stunning, then this is the mode you should go for. 

Click here, to check out the mod.

4. Grim Truce Mod 

So you have completed the side quests and have gone through several adventures in the game. Now you must be thinking, what else is there for you to explore in this game? 

Well, we are glad you asked, sorry, but this time again, we are turning to Dark Souls for reference. With this mod, the skills tree is completely changed, and now the combat works just like dark souls.

Best Grim Dawn Mods

In addition to this, just like the Souls game fashion, now the camera will come down to an over-the-shoulder perspective, giving players a more immersive experience. 

When you die, you will be losing all the experience points you have earned in your gameplay, talking about the game being too hard to play. 

Click here, to check out the mod.

5. Dawn Of Masteries 

Well, if you want to make your game filled with the quest, you can install Diablo 3, Grim Quest, and Cataclysm mods individually. But what if we tell you, you can get all of them in one mod.

The Dawn of Masteries by Gdstash is a compilation of all the modes which we just mentioned above. It features the best of the masteries from different modes. Along with this, you get to have minor cosmetic additions as well in your game. 

All of this is served to you in a golden platter, which you need to install only once, and then you are ready to experience all of these modes in your single gameplay.

The number of variations you will find in this mode is completely insane. If you think the base game’s masteries are holding you, this is your chance to find your true potential. 

Click here, to check out the mod.

6. Item Assistant 

11 Best Grim Dawn Mods To Upgrade Your Base Game

We can’t deny that this mode needs to be part of the base game. The Item assistant developed by Slippery Pete is one of the Grim Dawn mod that will make your playing time much easier. It gives your player unlimited storing space. It also lets you sort out the weapons based on their damage type, defensive stats. 

This is more of basic stuff, but we don’t know why the developers didn’t put it in the game in the first place. 

Click here, to check out the mod.

7. Path Of Grim Dawn 

If you compare this game with the other of the genre, you will find out that something makes it a bit different from the other, and that’s its slow-paced gameplay.

11 Best Grim Dawn Mods To Upgrade Your Base Game

With the help of this Grim Dawn mod, you will be able to speed things up like cooldown times, speed cap, and mob density to increase the game’s intensity. It is quite similar to the path of exile. Lastly, the mod has PoE skills, which will help in adjusting the pacing of the game. 

Click here, to check out the mod.

At the time of our research on Best Grim Dawn Mods To Upgrade Your Base Game, we found a video about “What Happens If You Spend 100 Hours Playing Video Games” which is worth watching.

What Happens If You Spend 100 Hours Playing Video Games

8. Grim Dawn Reborn – Best mods for grim dawn

When some mod has a reborn in it, you know the base game has to be revamped, but with this mod, the developer has tried to show the best of things that the base game has to offer.

The creator of this mod, Ddem1, came up with the brilliant idea of finding out the new way to play the available classes. It is done by mostly expanding the build options, thus making the skills look better and cooler.

He also introduced new skills for each mastery, making the players push themselves to reach the top of the individual skillset. 

On the other hand, the Grim Dawn Reborn also upgrades the itemization, and more importantly, the monsters which the player will be fighting in the game. When you are facing a monster, there is a chance that it will come up with a remnant version of it. 

If you can beat the monster, you will get a special item that will allow you to make the monster your pet. It makes the game more fun to play. 

Click here, to check out the mod.

9. Faster Loot 

A lot of gamers like to do things the old way. They want to set themselves up on their monitors and grind until they finally achieve the reward to unlock the skill. But other players are not so patient or, shall we say, focused.

They want to enjoy the game. Well, suppose you are the one that falls under the second category. In that case, you might want to check out the Faster Loot mod by user Mugwumpshasnoliver, making the game easier for the people bound by the time constraints.

It increases the drop rate of the special items which might not come as regularly as they should be. You can expect to get epic and legendary drops now and then when you installed this mod in your base game. 

Moreover, the user has guaranteed that the probability of getting legendary loot is increased by four times, making sure that you do this quite often.

As a result, players will be able to enjoy the game to the fullest even if they could not devote their time to the game. After all, it’s just a video game. There is certainly less chance of you making a huge amount of money from playing it all day. 

Click here, to check out the mod.

10. Apocalypse 

This last mod in our list completely overhauls the base game experience. It is one of the best, and you can even say it’s our favorite. The creator 3ijou makes five completely new masteries in addition to tweaking the game’s leveling mechanism and skill system with this mod. 

11 Best Grim Dawn Mods To Upgrade Your Base Game

Moreover, you get several new types of equipment in the game and new crafts, so there’s a lot to be explored here. If you are looking for something which still keeps the looks and the feel of the base game, you should check out cataclysm, which is also made by the same developer. 

Click here, to check out the mod.

Wrapping Up 

So there you go. These are some of the best Grim Dawn mods you need to have if you are looking to upgrade your base game with mods. You can have other mods as well, and they all work fine with each other. But our list of grim dawn mods gives you the best of the best, which will make your gaming experience better at least five times, that’s for sure.