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Growth of Gbwhatsapp and It’s Features in 2019


Do you enjoy using WhatsApp?

If yes, then you are going to love what I am going to share with you.

What if I say that I there is a version of WhatsApp which is far better than the original WhatsApp.

It has got more features and customizations compared to the WhatsApp. And yes, it is completely free.

So the name of that application is GBWhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp is the modded version of WhatsApp. And this version of whatsapp is more powerful than the original whatsapp.

You may ask- What do you mean by modded version?

Let me tell you what a modded version of an application means.

So when developers modify the source code of any application, in order to enhance the application’s capabilities and features. That version of the application is known as the modded version.

Just like that, there are many modded versions of WhatsApp are available on the Internet. But GbWhatsapp is the most popular among them.

Due to the features and simplicity provided by GBWhatsApp it is the most popular modded version of WhatsApp.

Let us look at some of the features provided by GBWhatsApp.

Features of GBWhatsApp

Copy Status

In GBWhatsApp you can copy the status of your whatsapp contacts. Which you cannot do in the WhatsApp.

And this is really amazing. So if you like status of any of your friends or colleagues on whatsapp then you can simply copy their status.

This you cannot do in WhatsApp but GBWhatsApp allows you to do it.

Send More Videos and Photos

In WhatsApp you can only send 30 photos simultaneously. But in GBWhatsApp you can send more than 90 photos simultaneously.

Which is really cool. Because you send more photos compared to your friends and colleagues.

WhatsApp allows you to send very low size video files. But in GBWhatsApp you can send video files up to 50 mb of size. This is said to be one of the reasons on why people call it a premium version of the original application named Whatsapp.

Hide Blue Tick and Double Tick

In WhatsApp you are not allowed to hide the ticks. But in GBWhatsApp you can hide the blue tick and the double tick as well. This is the best feature as rated by users all around the globe.

And this is why people love GBWhatsApp compared to the WhatsApp.

Because it allows them to enhance and increase their privacy. Now even though you will receive and read the messages on whatsapp. Nobody would be able to know whether you have received or read the message or not.

Go and use the GBWhatsApp app if you found the features of GBWhatsApp cool.

Final Words –

Thank you for being such a kind reader and let us know if we have missed out on anything via comments section

That’s it from us on part of top features and uses of Gbwhatsapp, we have also given a breif introduction on Gbwhatsapp, and talked a lot more about the application above in the article.


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