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11 Best Gumroad Alternatives To Sell Digital Products

The era we live in now is the era of entrepreneurs. We can see small businesses budding everywhere. Some businesses bloom into something big while some just fade out with time. However, businesses now are nothing like they used to be a few years back.

Everything has become digital. You do not have to take your products and knock on every door to advertise them. For businesses with big investments, publishing would not be a big deal.

However, when it comes to small businesses, they have to be very careful in what they do for marketing. If the marketing cost exceeds the profit, the whole point of starting a small business becomes pointless.

Nevertheless, the increase in the usage of the internet has become a boon to small business owners. Since everything has become digital, you need not spend much of your money, time, or energy on marketing and selling your products.

There are various social media platforms nowadays. They can help you promote your business and increase sales. If selling your product online is your ultimate goal, Gumroad is an excellent choice. However, the application has its own shortcomings too.

This era has made us understand that nothing is irreplaceable. Even the most efficient applications have competitors. Gumroad is no exception. To avoid the shortcomings of the Gumroad application, you can go for the best alternatives.

The internet provides you with a plethora of choices and leaves you confused. That is why we are here to the rescue. As you read on, you can see the top best alternatives of Gumroad in which you can invest your time and money for your bussing business.

Best Gumroad Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌

1. SendOwl

SendOwl is one of the most popular Gumroad Alternatives. An article regarding Gumroad articles in Reddit states that SendOwl is the most appropriate alternative among the list.

The application includes one-click upsells, services selling, and shopping carts. Selling your products online is easier and safer in this application comparatively.

The pages on this website are extremely user-friendly. When you check out the website after your shopping, the webpage uses your native language.

By doing so, it makes it easy for you to access the website without any hassle. One of the best features of the application is that the sellers can restock their products and sell them if the customer does not check out the product.

With SendOwl, you can sell your products on basically any social media platform. You can also sell your products through blogs and email.

You can customize different aspects of the website according to your expectations. Based on the number of products and the subscription, this website provides you with three different excellent plans.

Best Gumroad Alternatives

These plans start from just fifteen US dollars. You can wonder why this alternative of Gumroad is more expensive than Gumroad itself. IT is because of the quality and added features of the website.

SendOwl provides you a trail plain free of cost. Therefore, you can use it till the plan expires and proceed with the subscriptions if you are happy with the website.


  1. This website does not have any transaction fees.
  2. The pricing is very reasonable and affordable.
  3. Sellers can choose plans and offers according to their expectations.
  4. Provides great offers and upsells.


  1. The website does not encourage an A/B split test.
  2. It does not have the live chat option to interact with the clients.

SendOwl is one of the best and safest options if you are looking for an alternative for Gumroad.

How to Use SendOwl for the First Time (Its so easy!)

2. Sellfy – Sell Your Products

Sellfy is one of the most reliable e-commerce platforms to use if you are looking for the best Gumroad Alternatives.

You do not have to create a website to sell your products since Sellfy is an e-commerce platform. You can embed your website to the Sellfy cart whenever you want.

Best Gumroad Alternatives 1

Language support is one of the most attractive features of this platform. The platform provides multiple languages according to the location of the clients.

This feature gives the buyers the comfort of having someone that can talk in their native language in a foreign country. The platform has an inbuilt emailing feature that helps you to manage your digital marketing easily and safely.

The platform provides you with various appealing features and also lets you customize them according to your wish and will. However, it has got premium plans as well.

You can access the newsletter feature only if you subscribe to a premium plan. It has got multiple plans according to your various needs. Most of the plans start from twenty-nine (29) US Dollars per month. There is no transaction fee. However, you might have to pay the processing fee if you use this platform.


  1. You can customize everything on this platform.
  2. There is no transaction fee.
  3. You can get through reports from this platform.
  4. It allows the sellers to customize their domain.
  5. It makes branding easy.


  1. You will have to pay an extra fee if your sales exceed a certain level.
  2. You can make your payments only in limited ways.

Sellfy is one of the most popular alternatives for Gumroad as an e-commerce platform. You can benefit a lot from using this platform. It also helps you save a lot of your time.

3. PayKickStart

PayKickStart is again one of the most promising Gumroad alternatives. If you are opting to find a powerful checkout platform, PayKickStart is the best choice for you.

The best thing about this platform is affiliate management. It helps you sell your products, memberships, and services in the quickest ways possible. It helps you reach customers quicker and safer. Giving out fancy coupons and offers elevates your sale to the next level.

The platform provides you with one-click upsells, coupon codes, and offers with an aim of increasing the conversion rates in your business.

Best Gumroad Alternatives 2

The platform has an auto-complete feature. This feature helps your customers to fill in their address and email address quickly and makes the process hassle-free.

The platform provides a trial plan free for fourteen days. You can extend the plan if you like their service.

It has various plans for your needs starting from twenty-nine US dollars. None of the plans this platform provides need a transaction fee. You can always go for a different option if you are not satisfied with the service.


  1. PayKickStart requires no transaction fee.
  2. It provides you with both free and paid trial plans.
  3. There is no limitation on your sales. You can sell as much as possible.
  4. The platform has Webhooks and API integration.


  1. It does not have A/B testing.
  2. It has a very basic UI.
  3. The platform does not support crypto payments.

If you looking for a selling platform that will be a step-up for your business, then PayKickStart is the most appropriate option for you.

4. Podia

Podia is one of the most famous tools that offer similar services as that of Gumroad. The platform is the best for sellers who wish to market their products and services across time zones.

The application is the best option for anyone who is keen on investing right. This platform provides you with multiple exciting features. You can link your website to this platform and earn more profit.

Podia also provides you with the option of making more upsells and bundles. You can use these exciting features to sell courses online.

Unlimited hosting and bandwidth come along with this website which is exciting to use. If you wish to reach a wider audience, you can always use this platform.

Podia demo - A look behind the curtain at our all in one platform for creators

It is extremely helpful for bloggers who wish to get more audience. You can literally customize every aspect platform. This application provides you with a fourteen-day free trial to choose whether you wish to continue this or not.

Even if you get a basic plan, you can always upgrade it into a better plan according to your expectations. Getting paid plans will give you better features than the normal ones.

The platform does not demand you to pay any transaction fee. However, you will need to pay the processing fee.


  1. The website provides you with a free trial plan.
  2. They do not charge any transaction fee.
  3. They provide you with multiple marketing features.
  4. They have Robust built-in marketing.


  1. The email communication system is very basic.
  2. There is no customized CSS.

If you aim to get a better and wider audience, this platform is the best choice for you. You can customize everything according to your expectations and get the most of the benefits.

5. SamCart

Samcart stands out from the others by having the special feature of A/B testing. However, it is only available on cloud-based.

SamCart offers a lot of special features more than other checkout platforms. One of the most appealing features of this application is that it offers features that help you integrate and connect your page with automation tools like Ontraport, active campaign, Infusionsoft, and Hubspot.  The platform supports affiliate marketing.

It also comes with cart abandonment. The platform provides you with both free and paid plans. You can use a 14-day free trial to see if you wish to use this furthermore.

You can always use a basic paid plan to check if the platform meets your expectation. If it does, you can upgrade it to better plans. Nonetheless, to get the maximum benefits out of this platform, you need to subscribe to the highest-paid plan.

What is SamCart? [Who is it For?]


  1. This platform provides you with a free trial.
  2. There is no transaction fee involved in this platform.
  3. This platform allows you to utilize webhook integration with certain plans.


  1. It only comes with Stripe integrations and Paypal.
  2. You need to count your tax manually on your own.

6. ThriveCart

If you are a budding entrepreneur who is looking for a wider audience, the ThriveCart platform is the best choice for you. The platform offers more features than other platforms comparatively. It is one of the most trustable Gumroad Alternatives.

It provides multiple special features like A/B testing, webhooks, coupons, and many more which helps you make more money and increases the conversion rate.

The unique marketing features of this platform will help you sell services, products, and memberships by promoting your products. Providers of email marketing, payment choices, and funnel builders have seamless integration with this platform which makes it easier for you to pitch a sale. 

ThriveCart also offers a built-in sales tax calculator which you can utilize to save time and ease your work.

You can utilize all of the features listed features by paying for a subscription at just ninety-five US dollars per month. This user-friendly platform allows you to expand your business and increase your sale.

This platform has everything a budding entrepreneur needs. The platform makes sure to give out the best benefits when you choose expensive plans. Those expensive plans are worth every penny you pay.

They make no compromise in the quality of their services. The greater the price, the greater the quality is. Therefore, do not hesitate to make your investment in this platform.


  1. Built-in tax calculator to save your time
  2. The platform is user-friendly and fun to use
  3. The platform comes with a lot of integration options
  4. It provides you with complete report analysis with layered filters
  5. The platform does not require any hidden fees and transaction fees
  6. It provides you with an advanced A/B split test.


  1. It has very limited customization options.
  2. Only limited templates are available on the platform.
  3. The plan is more expensive than other platforms.

If you wish to make your small business into something big, you need the kind of support ThriveCart has to offer. It is one of the most sensible investments you can make for your small business.

7. CartFlows

When you are an owner of a budding business, you might have a lot going on in your mind. Since most businesses start to bloom only through digital marketing, you must be keen on choosing the right platform to invest in for the development of your business.

If you are in any way looking for a good alternative to Gumroad, you are in the right place. CartFlows is one of the best and most famous e-commerce platforms.

You will just need to do your blogs on WordPress. Hosting woo commerce is another necessity. However, the platform has a list of features that will help you do every part of marketing quickly and effortlessly.

You can increase the conversion rate and sales on your website by smiley using the funnel templates. The good news is that you can customize the templates according to your preferences. The platform allows you to do the A/B testing before you finalize your payment.

This way, you will be able to make a clear decision about making an investment in this platform for the growth of your budding business.

The platform provides you with unlimited upsells and down sells that will help you boost your business and increase sales. The most unique feature of this platform is its record tracking option.

CartFlows analyses the ups and downs in your business and keeps a track of them. It also provides a report towards the end of a certain period of time. You can look into those records to see the progress you have made in a limited period.

You will be able to find this feature in the dashboard. The platform provides you with an amazing free trial plan. However, the features are limited.

You can always enjoy the unlimited features of the platform with a paid subscription. It is best to have an annual subscription since you can save a lot of money that way.


  1. Cartflows is compatible with page builders.
  2. There is no limit in the upsells and downsells.
  3. The platform provides you with a special cart abandonment feature.
  4. The global check-out option is available.


  1. The platform does not have A/B split testing.
  2. The free trial plan is not really beneficial.

8. Selz

Digital marketing is the deal of the day. You can absolutely grow your business from scratch if you can digitally market your products wisely.

You can go from literal zero to a hundred in a few months purely with the help of digital marketing. Therefore, it is important to know which platform to invest in, to not be at loss later.

If you are a fan of Gumroad and you wish to find an alternative to it, Selz is the best choice. Selz provides you with all the features of Gumroad and more. You can create your online store using Selz.

Welcome to Selz (2021)

The best thing about this platform is that it does not stop with helping you set up an online store. It also lets you use your website and blogs on the platform. You can earn more customers and increase your sales because of this option.

You can also sell your products from your social media pages directly without any hassle. Besides, Selz stands out from the crowd by allowing you to sell physical products.

While most of the other e-commerce platforms just allow you to sell digital products, Sellz allows you to sell products that are physical. This feature is very unique about this platform. You need to get a paid subscription to use this platform.

You will also have to pay an extra amount for a credit card payment. However, as you reach higher levels, the fee will eventually get lower.


  1. Selz is highly user-friendly.
  2. The user interface in this platform is very simple and easy to learn.
  3. The multi-channel platforms option is available on this platform.
  4. It allows you to access your social media pages directly.
  5. Provides unlimited hosting for digital sellers.
  6. The platform provides unlimited bandwidth.


  1. The platform demands you to pay extra charges for credit card payments.
  2. The features in this platform are comparatively more basic.

If you are looking for some high-quality services, Sellz is the best option for you. Growing your small business can be hard. However, with a companion like Sellz, it becomes effortless.

9. PayHip

Small businesses are nothing without e-commerce platforms. To develop your business from the scratch, you will definitely need the company of an e-commerce platform. There are many platforms available on the internet that can help you with it.

However, if you are looking for the most efficient one, you can choose PayHip. PayHip is more expensive than Gumroad. The free plans in this platform are not as attractive as the ones available on other e-commerce platforms.

11 Best Gumroad Alternatives To Sell Digital Products

The platform is popularly known as a one-stop e-commerce solution platform. You can utilize the features in this platform to maximize your sale. You can sell both digital and physical products using this platform.

The platform provides you with attractive features that will help you increase conversion rates and sales. The platform allows you to customize your pages according to your preferences.

You can change everything according to your style. You can change the theme of your digital marketing platform as and when you wish.

Though this platform lacks some of the features available in other platforms, it outstands the crowd by providing excellent quality.


  1. The platform provides the beginning trail free of cost.
  2. The commission rates are comparatively low.
  3. The platform has a simple user interface.
  4. It is extremely user-friendly.
  5. The platform provides copyright protection for your pictures.
  6. It has an excellent affiliate system.


  1. The customer support service is not that good.
  2. Lacks a few features.
  3. The platform is more expensive.

 If you own a small business and want to reach a wider audience, this platform is the perfect choice for you. You can get many services needed for your small business on this platform.

You can trust this platform to boost up your business since they make no compromises when it comes to quality.

10. Hyax

You can literally create your own online e-commerce store in a couple of minutes. You can sell your products physically using this platform. Besides, you can also sell memberships, online services, and courses using this platform.

The Hyax platform allows you to create courses even without asking for any of your card details. It is an all-in-one platform that allows you to market your products and reach a wider audience.

The most unique feature of this platform is that it can customize tax and VAT according to your business.

You need not do any of the tax-related processes manually. Most of the time, people tend to make mistakes when they calculate manually. The risk of losing your hard-earned money in invoices is comparatively very less if you use this platform.


  1. Allows you to utilize any one of its plans for free.
  2. Set up your tax and VAT.
  3. Provides you with a free SSL certificate.
  4. Helps you build sales funnels effortlessly.


  1. It does not have a free trial plan.
  2. Minimal Hyax branding in the beginners’ plan.

Hyax is one of the most recommended Gumroad alternatives. It has a lot of appealing features that will surely help your budding business bloom.

The platform covers everything that a growing business needs in the aspect of digital marketing. You can get multiple features for a reasonable and affordable price. Their services are of promising quality.

Final Words

The platforms listed above are a few of the best Gumroad alternatives. The internet gives you multiple options. Most of the time, it only leads to confusion. That is why we have shortlisted the best options for you. You can easily compare the options listed here to come to a better conclusion.

You must keep in mind all of your expectations when it comes to an e-commerce platform. You must make sure you consider all of the options listed above.

That way, it becomes easy for you to choose the platform that suits your business the best. While some platforms give you more features, some promise top-notch quality.

Therefore, it is important to check all the different aspects of the platform before deciding to invest in one. Maintaining small businesses can be difficult.

Developing them can be more difficult. However, you can always save a lot of your time and money using the help of e-commerce platforms like the ones listed above.

The hand-picked platforms listed above are the most recommended platforms for people who sell digital products. There are options for selling physical products as well. However, choose the one that provides you with the most benefits.