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Had it With Facebook? Here are 3 Safer Alternatives


Since the cat has been let out of the bag after the Facebook data scandal, the social network’s reputation has taken a serious dive, to the point of many thinking of leaving the platform entirely. But trouble has been brewing for a while, and people already had grievances about the constant political baiting on the site, misleading information, and intrusive publicity.

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The younger generation seems to be the one leading the exodus, with 44% of users between the ages of 18 and 29 declaring they’ve completely deleted the app in a recent study. However, this could eventually be a godsend for platforms who know how to cater to this generation’s needs and concerns. Here are some safer alternatives to Facebook you could consider.


Emenator is a platform that aims at creating a new social experience where the user’s data is not a commodity. The platform allows users to explore their interests, share their thoughts and ideas, and consume content on a streamlined platform that can be customised based on the user’s specifications.

One of the great things about Emenator is that your information will never be sold or shared with a third party and the experience is totally ad free. The platform also allows you to post and attend popular events, create groups, and has a neat video platform that allows you to not only watch videos, but create your own and use the video interface as a storefront to monetise your page.


While a lot, if not most, people think Facebook’s practices are questionable, a lot are reluctant to make the switch because they don’t want to lose ties with their direct and extended family. If you have family living across the country, or in a different country, Facebook was until now a great way to communicate with them through images, videos, and stories.

However, networks like FamilyWall allow you to do the exact same thing, but without the privacy issues. All of the communications you’re having with your family on the site are done through a secure and private cloud. They also promise that your data will not be sold. You can use it to post shared calendars for events, create private groups for members of your family, and shared task lists among other things.


Another thing that kept Facebook relevant over the last few years was when it came to the connection with the local community. Facebook gave users the ability to contact townspeople around the area and organise events, discuss security issues and send warnings, sell items they didn’t want, and really feel a sense of proximity with others around where they lived.

This is exactly what NextDoor is trying to do with their new network. Not only does it allow you to create private groups with members of your community who have been verified, but your data will never leave the site.

All of these platforms are solid alternatives for Facebook if you value your privacy and are tired of getting sold something at every corner. These could lead the next generation of social networks, and change the way social networks do business forever.


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