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9 Best Hairstyle Apps To Find Your Perfect Hairstyle

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Mobile Applications have gone a long way since their initial introduction. Different evolutions of android and iOS applications saw rapid changes to the application framework across the years.

With the latest developments in application development, augmented reality, and morphing, VR has added to the vast list of evolved approaches toward application interactivity.

Fashion is also a part of the app development list, with an innovative application launched every other day. The specialties of these apps are interactivity, information, and accuracy. 

Hairstyling applications are currently in the trend and immensely popular with users across all age groups. The features of these applications should be interactive and informative in a way that finds popularity with users. 

Nowadays, you may worry about the type of hairstyle you will adopt and whether it will suit you. Fashion and appearance are indeed essential aspects of today’s life. Understanding this, app developers have started bringing innovation in this field too.

When looking for a haircut that suits you, you can choose an app that superimposes your face with a hairstyle template embedded.

Always remember that there is no age restriction on teaching a new hairstyle to yourself. It can happen whenever you feel like it. 

Best Hairstyle Apps To Try Out Different Haircuts

1. Perfect 365: One-Tap Makeover

This application is currently the highest-rated one in the App Store for virtual makeup, hairstyles, and fashion.

You can try more than 30 hairstyles, 20 makeup trends, and many such activities by using your front camera and simulating a look.

Best Free Makeup App l Perfect365

Media portals have also endorsed this application, which includes makeover and hairstyle tutorials by famous artists.

Some makeovers are affected to suit Red Carpet looks, and every update brings more exciting features to the frame.

You can rotate the look across your face, and the resolution of the image captured is always HD. Save them in your gallery and send them to your friends and family.  

With some exciting color palette features available, the app gives you some great features for easy touch-ups and an idea for your professional salon about a makeup outline. You can even save those looks for later and share them on social networking sites


  • The video tutorials of the application help with a fabulous makeover. 
  • Its mobile imaging technology is indeed state-of-the-art. Rated above 4.2, this application has millions of downloads and great reviews. 
  • The application’s beauty, fashion, and hairstyle suggestions help you find the perfect look. 
  • The HotStyles initiated in the application are all set at a one-tap notice. 
  • The application updates are regular, and bugs are rare. 


  • Ad-clouded application with ad-click baits occurs frequently. 
  • Performance issues are a bit of a problem for some devices. 

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2. Magic Mirror Hair Styler by Touch Multimedia

Going by its name, Magic Mirror is an application that perfectly suits a hairstyle enthusiast’s needs. You can take pictures of your wishlist hairstyles and share them with friends and family.

Magic Mirror, Hair styler

The interface is not very latest but serves the purpose of more than 30+ sets of hairstyles and makeover looks. 

From mohawks to ponytails, you can get hairstyles across various genres that can match your personality.

The demo version is pretty basic, but the professional one has a sophisticated face detection system and a huge array of makeover looks.

Hairstyle options are available for both men and women. The updates come with new makeovers and hairstyle simulations. You need to choose the perfect fit. 


  • A rotation tool is available for pictures that do not fit into the simulator frame. You can edit the picture and set your face according to the image template. 
  • You can use four character profiles while utilizing the hairstyle and makeover features. Two characters, each male and one female, are available. In the pro mode, you can upgrade these features. 
  • You can also choose images from your phone gallery and import it into the application in the full version of the application. After that, embed the best makeover look for the character in the picture, save it and share. 
  • The interface is smart, non-complicated, and great for users across all age groups. 
  • Function mechs are available for users to stream hairstyles. 


  • The hairstyle outputs are not very realistic and will not be able to clarify if they go well with your look or not. It is good for fun-based use but not for a professional salon-based hairstyle idea. 
  • The professional version is high-priced according to the features inside the application. 

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3. YovoGames’ Hair Salon

This application indeed makes you a queen or king of the fashion world. It is overloaded with a makeover, hairstyle, and other styling tips with a real-time simulation of your looks.

Салон красоты - игры для девочек

It also has an interesting and interactive interface, which makes it very popular with people of younger ages.

Not only use this app for a hairstyle idea but use it to surprise and charm kids with funky hairstyle images morphed on them. 

There are many ideas to choose from blow-dried, curled, permed, straightened, etc. It is more like a game where you need to makeover or style your characters.

Each of them needs your professional ideas, and according to your output, they give you bonuses. This is more like an educational styling game for children but is quite popular with older age groups too! With more than 100,000 downloads to their kitbag, this app is one of the most popular casual genre apps in the Store. 


  • This is an educational game popular with children from different age groups. 
  • It has an interactive look and feels. 
  • It consumes a minimum memory on your Android Device. Also, its battery consumption is minimal. 
  • You can teach your kids salon tips and styling ideas from this application easily. This can be one of the most innovative approaches rather than routine studies. 
  • Sharing options for the application’s results are available. 


  • Performances of the application are outstanding, but looking at other aspects, the ratings should have been more satisfactory. 
  • This application did not have many advertisements before. But in recent times, the advertisements have doubled. 

Download on Google Play Store

4. Hairstyle Try On

This application, exclusively designed for Apple users, provides a variety of hairstyle bundles into different categories.

The application is recent in the store but provides a quality output, not to mention the scores of downloads under its belt.

Best Hairstyle Apps

The reviews are also pretty satisfactory. Since this application is a Lite version, memory usage is out of the question.

The look and feel of the application are pretty basic, enabling users of all age groups to employ it efficiently. 

There are more than 15 hairstyle ideas available and 500+ styling tips. They are all segregated under different categories for the quick referral of the user.

Instantly simulate the choice’s look on your face and detect how well it would go with your look.


  • The application is well-created and has many reviews for new users.
  • The application consumes less memory; therefore, you need not worry about RAM usage. 
  • The application’s overall performance is satisfactory. 
  • Hairstyles across different lengths are available, which helps you understand the best fit very easily. 
  • Application updates are regular and include new features every time. It has also adapted well to iOS 13. 


  • Advertisement and app failure under poor internet conditions are regular things. Bug fixes are not done regularly in updates. 
  • Reviews, in some cases, are abysmal, and the overall ratings are pretty average. 

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5. MettleTech’s Hairstyle Changer 

This application is not entry-level but has been in the App Store for a while now. Just look for the cutest and most suitable look that goes with your face.

This application has countless simulated hairstyles that use the front camera to capture your face and the particular hairstyle.

These applications may not always give the best results but provide an ideal outline of what the looks can result in. 

The hairstyles are restricted gender-wise but are available for girls, boys, and even older people. You need to choose the one that suits the outline of your face, attributes, and overall looks.

Styles, including blonde, brunette, and golden brown shades of hairstyles, are also available. The recent updates have also brought beards and mustache styles into the foray. 

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of MettleTech’s Hairstyle Changer, which adds to the Best hairstyle app for android list.


  • There is an excellent collection of hairstyles, hair hues, and mustache/beard styles for different age groups, regardless of gender. 
  • Great editing features for adjusting user images into the hairstyle template for better clarity. 
  • 50+ image effects are available, along with pinch and zoom functions. This helps the user understand the best outlook they need for a great haircut. 
  • Saving and sharing options are available inside the app, enabling the user to send it to family and friends for suggestions on adapting the new hairstyle. 
  • This application can be used for fun-based purposes as well. Also, it is suitable and interactive for all age groups. 


  • Poor reviews by users on the App Store, along with different technicality issues, including advertisement scores. 
  • Even with 1,00,000+ installs, the application is not very compatible with higher Android versions, as it is a basic app and has not been updated for bug fixes. 

Download on Google Play Store

6. Hairstyles- Fun and Fashion

A Kaufcom creation, this application is not very popular with fashion freaks, but its interactivity sets it apart.

Before going to the hairdressing salon, look into the front camera while using this application to choose your best-fitting hairstyle.

Choose the one that goes best with your personality, along with one that won’t need repeated maintenance and is easier to manage.

Hairstyle Apps

Some may choose complex ones, which will also work well when simulated from this app. The app interface is not very modern, but it does serve its purpose.

The app’s performance is also pretty satisfactory for a less-than-30 Mb application, making it popular with users who need it for occasional purposes. 

The application has a different store of hairstyles separated under different themes, e.g., party, formals, decent, sizzling, etc., for understanding the tone of hairstyle the user wants.

Once the user finds a fitting style, the application’s hairstyle simulator does the rest. Screenshot or capture the image, and share it with your salon when you go for the haircut. 

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of Hairstyles- Fun and Fashion that makes it add to the Best Hairstyle Apps for iPhone list.


  • This application has different hairstyles separated under different categories and themes, making it easier for the user to locate their most suitable fit. 
  • Resizing features are available during the post-edit of the hairstyle simulation. This will help during the haircut process from the salon’s end if you want an accurate cut as the image. 
  • Dozens of social networking platforms are linked to the application, and you can share them with your friends. Likes include Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, etc. 
  • Create cool image effects or photomontages with your friends using this application and share them with your friends from the app
  • Using the app, you can also create an attractive and personalized wallpaper of screen backgrounds. 


Application performance is outdated, but the scenario has recently changed following the latest update after a long time. 

Reviews are abysmal, and the application rates are less than average on the App Store itself. Complaints like overflowing apps and private data compromisation are frequent with app users. 

Download on Google Play Store

7. Beautylish

Learn the basics of a makeover and hairstyling through this application, which is more like a Wikipedia of the styling world.

This is where makeout salon artists and stylists answer people’s queries on makeovers and grooming.

No matter your style, the application has a ready answer for your needs. 

9 Best Hairstyle Apps To Find Your Perfect Hairstyle

Rated 12+, this application is interactive and suitable for younger and older age groups. The variety of content is not constrained to a specific area but is pretty diverse.

The application interface is excellent and exciting, making it easy for non-tech-savvy users to grasp the techniques easily.

Reviews of the applications are satisfactory, and people have rated this app extensively, making it one of the most famous in the category. 

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of Beautylish that makes it add to the Best Hairstyle Apps list.


  • It has mild and suggestive themes, appealing to all age groups. 
  • It is compatible with all Android versions. 
  • The ratings are average, but the number of downloads sums up it.
  • Choose from thousands of makeup tips from professionals who can help you adapt your desired outlook. 
  • Fashion tips are not product-scamming oriented. They are basic and genuine in most cases.  


  • The application is very ad-friendly, making it problematic for users to use it over longer durations. 
  • Application improvements and performance is not very state-of-the-art. 

Download on Apple App Store

At the time of our research on Best Hairstyle Apps, we found a video about “10 Hair Care Myths You Should Stop Believing,” which is worth watching. 🤴😎

10 Hair Care Myths You Should Stop Believing

8. Cute Girls Hairstyles

With a simple outlook, this app can work wonders and help you choose the best hairstyle before your hair salon visit.

This application, which consumes minimum data on your phone, tends to be one of the most effective makeovers and hairstyles.

9 Best Hairstyle Apps To Find Your Perfect Hairstyle

Choose from 50+ hair-braiding or styling tips across different categories. Blonde, brunette, American hairstyles, small-girl-based hairstyles, etc., are available for the users.

However, the application is mostly feminine-centric, and males can find no use. 

It has bookmarking options for the images you wish to see later on. The zooming, cropping, and editing options are indeed useful in creating a proper idea of whether the hairstyle suits you.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of Cute Girl’s Hairstyles that makes it add to the Best Hairstyle Apps list.


  • Most of the image outputs that are simulated for the hairstyles are available in HD quality. 
  • The application has an excellent interface with a seemingly easy handling feature, making it useful for non-tech-savvy users to get their favorite styling ideas. 
  • There are tons of styling ideas in its galleries waiting to be used. 
  • There are tutorials available for the users to understand styling tips or how to do these makeovers or stylings sitting at home. 
  • Swiping through hairstyles and simulating them instantly is an excellent addition to this application.  


  • Reviews are unsatisfactory, and the application does not yet have a standard download amount. 
  • The app is mostly ad-ridden, and the interface’s fundamental outlook doesn’t make it very popular with Generation Z users. 

Download on Google Play Store

9. Beautify 

The application is available for free on both Apple and Android devices. With different makeover tips and ideas, the app is interesting for an opinion about a particular style.

It includes many hairstyle ideas for different age groups, face shapes, and ethnicities. Just choose the one that goes best with your outlook and personality.

Well, the application is indeed popular worldwide and has countless downloads and reviews.

Beautify is an application that led from the front in the fashion and lifestyle genre of applications until 2018. The recent updates have lost some ground, but application improvements and bug fixes will again gain popularity. 

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of Beautify that makes it add to the Best Hairstyle Apps list.


  • It has a massive following and dozens of downloads to its name. 
  • The application has an interactive and exquisite interface, making the outputs seem very Professional. 
  • The makeup tips and tutorial links embedded on Youtube are constructive for users looking for serious makeover tips before visiting the salon.
  • A pimple eraser, hair colorizer, and more features are available for a great makeover idea. 
  • You can choose images from your gallery and beautify them by using post-edit features available in these applications. 


  • Hairstyle features are much fewer compared to other applications. This app is creatively used for post-editing images. 
  • Bug fixes are not regular, and inadvertent advertisements make it a problem sometimes for users. 

Download on Google Play Store

📗 FAQs 

Below are a few queries on Hairstyle Apps that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

What is the best hairstyle try on app?

Some popular ones include Style My Hair by L’Oreal, Virtuagirl, and Hair Color Dye by ModiFace.

These applications let you virtually try on various haircuts and hair colors to get an idea of how you could appear with a fresh cut or color.

To determine which app you will enjoy using the most, it is a good idea to browse reviews and test out a few.

What is the best virtual hairstyle site?

Style My Hair by L’Oreal, Hair Mixer, and InStyle Virtual Makeover are websites that offer virtual hairstyle try-on tools.

Is there an app that lets you try different hairstyles?

Hair Color Dye by ModiFace,Virtuagirl and Style My Hair by L’Oreal are apps that allow you to try on different hairstyles virtually.

free hairstyle apps for iPhone

Hairstyle Makeover,Hairstyle Magic Mirror,Hair Color Dye by ModiFace,Virtuagirl and Style My Hair by L’Oreal are free hairstyle try-on apps for iPhone.

Conclusion on the Hairstyle Apps list

Hairstyling Tips and features are available all across YouTube and tutorial applications. However, hairstyle simulators give you a great idea of a look that will align with your overall personality.

Some of the application has just been created for fun-based purposes. But, these applications need to provide fruitful results.

With a seemingly increasing demand for fashion and lifestyle applications on Android and iOS App Stores, these hairstyle-simulating apps are becoming very popular nowadays. 

Applications like Hairstyle Lite, MettleTech’s Hairstyle Changer, and others are indeed helpful in providing a raw idea about basic styling techniques for users.

Some of the applications on the list may not be very well rated or reviewed, but some serve the purpose even without consuming much memory space.

Some applications come with added makeup or styling tutorials that can prove very useful. Some apps have tips to help you adapt a particular hairstyle sitting at home, even during a quarantine. 

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