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9 Of The Best Handwriting To Text Apps For Your Productivity

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Handwriting To Text Apps to turn handwritten notes into digital texts? 🤔

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Are you worried about the increased workload that comes with this time of the year? Why add manual note transcription to the workload? We’ve been at this point before, where we needed to turn handwritten notes into digital texts as quickly as possible.

That is why we went into thorough research on apps that can help. Thankfully, we were able to find some of the best handwriting to digital text app to help.

These apps can scan, recognize, and even convert handwritten notes to digital texts within minutes. The digital documents can be edited and stored on any device or on a cloud service, depending on your preference.

These apps can be the perfect solution for students that need to complete homework or take school notes on the go. It is also great for sharing meeting notes and protocols.

We’ve taken the extra step to review eight of the best handwriting to digital text apps for you. Take a look at them and the features of each:

Best Handwriting To Text Apps: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Pen to Print – Convert Handwriting to Text

Let’s begin our review with an app popularly known as Pen to Print. From the name of this app, you can tell that it is designed to transform your manuscript text into a digital one.

Making the top of our list means that it is one of the best handwriting to text apps out there. Apart from offering so much functionality, it also has an interface that is generally easy to navigate. It is the ease of its interface that draws most people to it. 

Handwriting To Text Apps

For starters, let’s take a look at how to use the app. We must state categorically at this stage that this is an app worth owning for everyone who in one way or the other has to work with many files and notes.

Students would also find this app helpful for day-to-day note taking and saving. Imagine the ease of copying from a friend’s note – no more need to try to figure out incomprehensible words in your friend’s syllabus.

From the start, the app would redirect you to a page on how to use it. You would need to read the article carefully to understand how the app generally works and how to navigate. Once done, you will need to show examples of your handwriting to the app. 

Pen to Print - Handwriting to text app

What the app does when in full operation is to scan and detect your paper notes, then turn them into a clean digital report on your device. Additionally, the app also offers you the ability to make edits directly on it in areas where you notice mistakes.

However, you may not be needing this feature, if comments and claims are anything to go by. Several reviews claim that the app does very well at detecting words and turning them into sentences that flow with other sentences. 

Additionally, the app automatically stores every text added to it in a cloud service that’s easy to enter. What’s more? The app offers a feature that allows you to detect your meeting diary and turns its text into a table that can be synchronized with your calendar or other note apps. 

Generally, the Pen to the Print app is a perfect app to have if you intend to get rid of old copybooks while keeping the data is safe.


  • Word detection technology 
  • Easy to navigate interface 
  • Cloud storage of contents.

Overall, this is an app worth owning for students, workers, or parents that want to ease the process of transforming written notes into digital texts. Everybody can use it.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

2. Text Fairy

For those that have had any experience with this app, it will not be a surprise to see it this high on our list. It is unarguably one of the best handwriting to text apps on the app market.

Handwriting To Text Apps

The app offers a lot beyond just copying your notes and transforming them into digital texts. However, it is because of its ability to scan information on paper and convert it into digital texts that it is most popular.

That shouldn’t be surprising – after, that’s the primary purpose why the app was created. However, the creators of this app have added a few features and functionalities to make usage easier, better, and more encompassing. Hence, its appearance is on the top of our list.

To start with, the app allows you to store an unlimited number of documents in your profile. This means that you can create and save as many documents as you want, rest assured that you will have them at any time you want.

Text Fairy App Preview

We also need to state here that the app comes with an impressive recognition feature that can be set up in every situation. More specifically, the app allows you to adjust and modify the viewpoint of a pic until it can scan at its best. 

Like the first app we reviewed above, this app also comes with a feature that allows you to manually make corrections in areas where you’d find the need to. What is more?

You can pick a format for the final doc from a selection of formats. When done with the doc creation, you can either decide to share it with your colleagues or save it in a cloud.

Unlike most other apps of its kind, this one doesn’t contain any ads and comes containing over fifty different languages. 


  • Cloud storage of documents 
  • Over fifty different language selection 
  • Share option allows you to send completed docs to friends. 
  • Special word recognition technology. 
  • Free to download on Android and iOS app stores.

Overall, this is an app to have if you are looking for a handy tool that can help you transform manuscripts into texts. It is easy to use; hence, starting would not be so much trouble for you.

Download on Google Play Store

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3. PenReader

PenReader is top-notch handwriting to text app that is developed and offered for free to people that are looking for an easy way to transform their notes into digital texts.

It is such a fantastic app, and the number of positive reviews that it has generated over time is enough proof of its quality. It is one of the few apps that we can recommend without any fear of disappointment.

Over time, the popularity of this app has soared. The use of this app is pretty easy, and that’s one of the biggest drives for a lot of users. 

How to use:-

Go to the Android or iOS app store, search for PenReader, and download for free. Once you’ve succeeded in downloading and installing this app, you can go on to launch it and begin using it.

9 Of The Best Handwriting To Text Apps For Your Productivity

Usually, you will just be taken through the permission page where you will be required to allow permissions to a few things on your phone.

After that, you can begin scanning your notes and converting their content into digital text. You will be able to save the outcome to your phone from where you can access it at any time

On the features of this app, PenReader comes with a lot to make every use a breeze. For example, the app has a spell check feature that allows you to fix mistakes without any issues.

In case you are yet to get the whole point of this app: It is designed to empower you to new notes right on the screen of your device. This is great for ease of usage and availability at all times. 

The app has undergone so many upgrades since its initial release, and thanks to those upgrades, it now works well on smaller screens just as it does on larger screens.

Additionally, the app features an instrument that allows for the recognition of words that are partly written. 


  • Advanced word recognition technology 
  • Free to download on Android and iOS 
  • Integration into different screen sizes.

Overall, this is the perfect app for you if you usually write notes but don’t often have a copybook at hand.

Download on Google Play Store

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4. Google Handwriting input 

Of course, being an app from Google should show you just how much quality comes with this one. It is one of the few handwriting to text apps whose popularity has spread beyond borders.

9 Of The Best Handwriting To Text Apps For Your Productivity

If you’ve ever had to search Google for an app that would transform texts from your manuscript into digital texts, then you’ve probably come across this one.

This app is worth owning, for its level of efficiency, and for the ease of usage it offers. It is an app that is basically designed for Android users, offering them the ability to write on the screen of their phones and turn it into full-on text.

We will briefly review how the app works, but first, let’s consider the original idea behind the creation of the app is.

First, the app was created to help salvage the situation in instances when you need to write down notes of happenings quickly, and you don’t have a paper or a pen at hand.

Of course, the continuous popularity of mobile devices has made it almost impossible to go out without a phone. Just flip your phone out of your pocket, and you would be able to copy from a friend’s note. Well, not everybody can go fast enough on their keyboard, hence, the need for including the cookbook feature on the phone. 

9 Of The Best Handwriting To Text Apps For Your Productivity

In addition to that, this app functions as a fully-featured stand-alone app, so you will not need needing any extra device or app to work on it or to save documents.

In other words, the app has a very impressive level of word recognition, such that you wouldn’t need to use a stylus as you would do in most other apps.

This works well, even when you will find yourself writing on a small screen. The app goes a step above most others by featuring the use of emojis to express emotion. This feature helps to make the app less boring.

Let’s also mention, at this point, that you can use the app to manually modify words, lines, and sentences if you don’t like the way that they appear. 

Generally, this is an app that can be used as a notebook anywhere and at any time. Just flip your device out of your bag when you need to take notes, launch the app, and you will be good to go.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

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5. Handwriting Notepad

Looking for the right app that will empower you to take quick notes on the go? Then this is the perfect stuff for you. Handwriting notepad has been around for a while, and quite frankly, it is found enough to make it into our list of best handwriting to digital text apps.

Handwriting To Text Apps

It brings some definition to the niche in terms of functionalities and features. One looks at the app’s interface, and you can tell that it is built to serve.

It seems that the main reason for the creation of this app is for it to help when you need a digit memo pad on the go. However, over time, the developers of the app have seen reasons to create additional features to increase its utility.

Things like autosave and manual edit help you take full control of your work on the app. The autosave mode allows for the recovery of your document even in moments when you mistakenly close it out of your rush.

Additionally, the app makes provision for the possibility to add some pictures as you take your notes. This is to make your note more readable, but if you don’t have the time for it, you can skip that. What’s more? You can make changes to a saved quick doc later. 

How to use

The makers of this app had the users in mind when they developed this app. Hence, they made it pretty easy to use. Go to your app store and download for free, install, and it is ready to be used – no additional payment or need to register anywhere.

The app, however, requires a few permissions before full launch to allow for more optimized usage. Once you’ve granted the permissions required, you are good to go with using your app for the first time. An on-screen wizard shows you your way around by directing you on where to go at each time. 

The app comes with a powerful identification tool to make note transfer easier even at times when your spellings are not right. With the identification feature, you can also transfer notes from a friend’s book, no matter how their handwriting looks.

The app also allows you to zoom a page and pick any writing tone of your choice. You can even turn the background into a lined workbook. 


  • Powerful word recognition technology 
  • Autosave that allows for instant saving 
  • Zoom in zoom out during edit
  • Handwriting selection.

Overall, this is the app to own if you are looking for a fast-working app that helps you make readable notes in record time. The Handwriting notepad app is growing in popularity, and there are good reasons for that.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

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6. Penultimate

It is not a surprise that the Penultimate app has made it to our list. After all, it is one app that has been gaining a lot of positive reviews for satisfied users in recent times.

It is another exciting handwriting to text app with so many features. Quite frankly, this is an app that will be handy and useful to you as a student, lecturer, academician, secretary, business person, or writer.

9 Of The Best Handwriting To Text Apps For Your Productivity

During the review, we tested most of the features in this app, and we can tell that it works like magic. The app empowers you to make digital notes on the go and when on the job.

Besides, you can also use other features provided by the app to make work easier and better. Quite frankly, it empowers you to have the ideas that you’ve jotted down before developed into a proper digital note in a very creative way.

The app works as a pen and paper, the only difference, however, is that it will always be with you, ready to be used. 

With this app, the productivity level of your phone just got higher. You are now able to put on reminders that will tell you when a doc is due to be sent to a person.

If reviews from users are anything to go with, then this app boasts of an outstanding word detection feature that allows you to detect words in the contest in which they are used, without having a problem with spelling.

Besides, the app offers you the capability of picking your preferred color of writing instrument, as well as the ability to zoom the page. 

We also found the ability of the app to sync with Evernote quite fascinating, so you can install it and create a user account right away. Doing that would allow you to keep your note saved there forever.

The app also allows you to quickly arrange your note by splitting it into topic sections and different collections.

There’s a need also to mention that the app comes with a built-in professional spell check that allows it to fix your mistakes automatically. There’s so much more about this app that you will get to discover when you begin to use it. 


  • Professional spelling check 
  • Auto synchronization with Evernote
  • Powerful detection. 
  • Free for download on Android and iOS stores.

Overall, this is an app you want to own for its ability to give you an edge taken notes when the need arises. It is also easy to use, so you wouldn’t find it any difficulty adapting to the app.

Download on Apple App Store

7. INKredible 

Handwriting note is a very easy-to-use app that empowers users to translate recordings into text on their phones. 

Let’s begin by taking you through how you can use this app to your advantage. For starters, it is a very intuitive app because it lets you write on your more, just as you would have ordinarily done on a sheet of paper.

Handwriting To Text Apps

If you want, you can as well use a special tool provided on the app to make writing easier when using a small screen, but that’s totally up to you. Most users have, however, learned how to write on the app with no extra equipment after a couple of tries.

Additionally, the app allows you to be able to customize the whole process of writing motes. With this feature, you will be able to modify the shade of your writing instrument, its size, as well as its saturation.

What’s even more interesting is that the app provides you the ability to zoom in and out when you need to check the smallest details.

Let’s also mention at this point that the app gives you a chance to either write on a lined copybook or a clean paper sheet depending on your preference. You can also adjust the tone and texture of the paper to fit exactly what you want.

Additionally, you can integrate emojis and pictures from your phone into manuscripts.


  • Professional detection technology 
  • Available for free on Android and iOS app stores
  • Integrates with other phone features 

Overall, this is an app that allows you to either make original digital notes on your phone or to translate already taking notes into texts with a more professional look.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

8. Good Notes

The Good Notes app is developed to simplify the process of transferring notes to digital records. 

The app is unique compared to most other apps in its category, especially in the way it works. First, it does well to imitate your usual writing style on paper.

9 Of The Best Handwriting To Text Apps For Your Productivity

In other words, it is made to function as a regular note-taking app, although with a beautiful interface. Let’s state at this point that apart from letting you write, this app also comes with several customizing features to bring a personal touch to your writing. 

Of course, you know that colorful notes with marks, images, and drawings help to make study easier and better. That is why this app allows you to add all those with ease. More precisely, the intensity of the writing instrument can be modified to make your doc unique and readable. 

Overall, if you are looking for an app that is suitable for creative note-making, then this is undoubtedly the app to look out for. It is free, so you can get it right away.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store


There you have it, right of the best apps for translating handwritten notes into digital texts. Whether you are a student or a business person that needs to take stock of inventory, you need these apps to help make work easier and better. Download the best for you and start using it now.

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