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Harness Instagram Marketing For Your Real Estate Business

Your real estate business has a true potential to boom with Instagram marketing. Let’s show you how they are well suited for each other.

 Instagram is the leading social media giant with about 1 billion active users per month. Started first as a photo sharing platform, it now allows you to add videos, stories, and carousels. You can showcase properties along with their location data and thus maximize reach across many demographics and geographics.

Best Apps Like Instagram

Not only that, you can harness the parent company, facebook, sophisticated ads marketing campaign to effortlessly showcase the properties across targeted locations. 

Here we will share with you six ways to harness instagram marketing for your real estate business. So without further ado, let’s get straight to them. 

Social Proof of your business:

If you have an established real estate business and are just catching up on instagram marketing, one way is to build brand credibility is social proof. It is a proven way to get your clients interested. 

Whenever you sell a property, take a photo with your customer and post it on Instagram. Politely request your clients to do the same. They would be happy to do so if they got the best deal. This social proof will deliver a message to your potential customers that you are a trustworthy, dependable company. 

Showcase prospective properties:

We believe that you are already applying this strategy, but if not, you are at fault to miss such an enormous opportunity. Feature what is currently for rent or sale. Add effective visuals: Photos and videos. And along with it, you must use proper hashtags to make sure that it reaches the right users. 

A lot of business misses the opportunity by just posting a digital version of a print flyer. If you don’t stand out, you are not getting anywhere. 

Keep in mind that there are different ways to showcase a property as instagram allows you to post content in the form of  slideshows, Stories, ad carousels, and videos. Do use them judiciously.  

Pro Tip: Using Instagram Direct you can showcase your feed to a selective group of people. This will help you to further narrow down your audience, and thus can truly boost conversion rate.  

Engage Your Followers:

Your instagram account doesn’t have to be too salesy. Posting random photos of real estate isn’t just enough to grab the attention of your audience. You would have to improvise for sure. 

Sharing interior design ideas is one way to get the attention of your audience. The engagement via comments and customers queries will boost your account reach. Another way is to create a poll in instagram stories and so allow your audience to engage with you.   

Pro tip: People just love to look at real estate. To get their attention, you can share the photos of dream properties: luxury homes, Mansions and Beach getaways. That way you can tap into the aspirational curiosity of the audience. 

Just in case you have a new instagram account, but an established real estate business, you can be a little off the books with user engagement. There are sites, (for instance LeoBoost) that allows you to get rapid user engagement. 

You can grow Instagram likes, followers and story views to fast track your account growth. Fake it till you make it. 

Showcase The Unique Peripherals:

The property itself isn’t just enough to get your potential clients interested. You will have to pin down why it’s better for them. And photos are a better way to get your message across. After all, Instagram is essentially a photos sharing platform.  

Maybe it’s the architecture, the community around it or the unique interior of the property that would get them to lend you the ears, you never know. But you should be creative with the ways of sharing and ideas of photos. 

Educate Your Audience:

Buying or selling property can be difficult for your potential customers. There are many technicalities involved from listing timing to getting a favourable mortgage. 

Enters a professional real estate firm like you. By sharing invaluable insights regarding the whole process you can engage the reader on Instagram. By doing just that you can establish yourself as a trusted leader. 

By adding value to the life of your audience, you won’t just material benefit from it. Rather, you will get prestige and fan loyalty. 

Use Instagram Ads:

Advertisement got a lot better with the rise of social media marketing. Now-a-days, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on traditional marketing. With Instagram ads, you will be able to get your message across to the right audience at the right time.

Be very careful to craft an instagram advertisement as it would be watched by hundreds or even thousands of people(depending on the money you invest in it) Get it designed by professional designers, and most importantly, do add a Call-To-Action. You will have to show the audience what to do next. 


We hope that all these tips will help you truly reap the benefit from your instagram account. But whether you apply them or not, be very clear about the effectiveness of instagram marketing. It really works. All it takes is patience and grit from your side, so whatever it takes, don’t give up on it. Otherwise, you are truly missing out on a powerful way to scale your business.