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13 Of The Best Health Coach Apps To Keep You Healthy

Health Coach Apps Are designed to help you to lose weight, maintain blood pressure, get fit, prevent diabetes, keep track of sleep, or manage chronic conditions.

We reviewed around 25 available apps in the Google and Apple App Store and came to the 13 Of The Best Health Coach Apps for our readers. 📗

So without further ado, let’s see the results.

Good health is the most vital gift gifted by god. To be healthy, one has to be very alert and determined. Everyone wishes to have good health. In the present world being healthy has become a matter of fashion.

The policy is eating the right to live healthily. Does the question arise on how to keep oneself healthy in a big busy city? A city has a bad ecological condition. People here are always in a hurry to do everything.

There is a lot of tiredness. People forget to drink water. Instead, they prefer having coffee to stay awake and make their day longer to work more and thus, earn more. Again, the question arises of how to keep track of everything in this busy world.

The present world is the digital world and so many health apps are also present there. Nearly 3.4 billion people are using tablets and smartphones worldwide.

Research by the mobile industry indicates that almost half the people have at least one health app on their phones. This brings the question that to what extent are the health apps beneficial for us?

Are Health Coach Apps beneficial?

More than 300000 health apps are already available on mobile. But the fact remains that the majority of these apps are not regulated or reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration i.e. FDA.

It does not monitor or review the health apps if they are not proposed or connected to a medical device.

Any app which intends to maintain or encourage a healthy lifestyle, but is not related to diagnosis, cure, treatment, or prevention of any condition or disease, is not taken to be a medical device.

Much more research studies are to be conducted to actually determine whether the available wellness and health apps aid to improve health and if so, then to what extent.

Though the health apps help keep track of health along with all health-related issues, they cannot replace health providers. It is vital keeping up with their personal healthcare visits.

In these visits, one must inform them about any such health apps if they are using one. This will help the healthcare provider to understand and manage the overall health issues.

Best Health Coach Apps – Our Top Pick 👌👌

Below is a list of the apps that will help to keep oneself healthy. These apps remind us about our daily routine habits and keep track of the different health indicators.

Having good health in the present world is a great achievement. A healthy body and mind make me feel better and more energetic. A healthy person can do and achieve much more in life.

1. Sanitas Health Coach

This is a wonderful health app. It has a pedometer that measures the everyday steps taken. Walking is very useful to lose weight. The weight must be recorded every week and the change must also be kept track of.

Best Health Coach Apps

The blood pressure must also be measured. This will show an increasing graph to lose weight. This app takes into consideration the kilocalories burnt per day which is important to be in knowledge. 

This app keeps track of sleep time also. It tells for how many minutes and hours one has slept. If anyone sleeps for very little time, which is not good for health, then the sleep time must be increased.

Enough sleep gives more energy. It also calculates the amount of muscle and fat in the body and the amount of water taken in a day.

The weekly statistical record of all these indicates the progress in achieving the health goal. The steps number can be increased to lose weight faster. The app helps to become and stay healthy. This app has been watched nearly 500 thousand no. of times.

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2. Samsung Health

This is among the top health apps. It has a pedometer that works without an internet connection. The pedometer counts the steps independently.

More walking keeps one to be healthy. So, one needs to set a goal and follow it. The goal can be adjusted according to their requirements. The app even provides various workout options.

If anyone wants to run instead of walking, then the option for that is also available. The running mode needs to be turned on. The app will automatically calculate the running mileage. The person can find out how time has been spent on running.

Also, a record of things eaten and calories burnt daily can be kept. Accordingly, the app will calculate how many calories are required and sufficient to be eaten by that person.

If he does overeat, then the app suggests a beneficial diet so that the person loses weight. The height and weight can also be kept recorded in the app.

This app even keeps a record of the duration of sleep. How much time must one sleep also be suggested by the app?  Good sleep is an indicator of good health.

A little sleep causes various health problems. The app also records the amount of water drank daily. Coffee lovers will love this app because it will help them to reduce their intake of coffee.

The Samsung health app has been used nearly 500 million times. It is a good health coach. It is simple and helps one to be healthy and happy.

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3. Lark

Is your aim to be healthy and prevent diabetes? Are you willing to lose weight? The Lark can perform as your personal trainer. Weight loss and diet can be monitored.

It motivates us to take care of our health and sends motivating quotes that inspire the user to be more careful about health matters. It reminds me of everything like drinking water timely. It acts as a flawless health coach. 

13 Of The Best Health Coach Apps To Keep You Healthy

Lark design is amazing. It is free of any advertisements. It keeps the track of sleep time and finds out how much sleep time is sufficient for that particular person. It helps to avoid diabetes.

If a record of the food taken every day is kept, then this app can calculate the amount of fat, carbohydrates, and protein taken daily. Accordingly, it makes a chart of the diet.

Too much eating can lead to obesity and this app helps to stop overeating and be healthy. It has been watched by more than a hundred thousand times. 

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4. Health & Fitness Tracker with Calorie Counter

This app is designed that the user can become a health guide for himself. There will not be a necessity to hire a coach for daily health issues. It has various health indicators.

It can track height and weight. It calculates the number of kilocalories so that one can keep control on the diet pattern. The diet programs can be chosen according to the requirement of the individual. The food quality can also be checked. 

Best Health Coach Apps

This app has the option to keep track of the calories burnt. Being overweight makes a person feel lethargic. The more the calories are burnt the more the weight reduces.

The app also has a water counter which keeps the count of water requirement of the body and the water intake has done actually. The counter is designed interestingly in the form of a tank wherein the water drank is poured till it reaches the daily decided goal. 

It is an indispensable health guide that helps in all ways related to health like reducing tummy, being more energetic, recognizing oneself, and making any needful changes.

It has already been viewed by nearly one million people worldwide. The motto of this app is to care about the health and live happily. 

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5. Workout Trainer: fitness coach

To maintain health, one must involve a sport suitable for him. This app helps the user to choose such a sport. Accordingly, the app suggests various kinds of exercises and also keeps a record that the user does not miss them any day. 

Workout Trainer by Skimble - Android download on Google Play

Exercise feeds the body and mind. But the way to do the exercises incorrectly posture and in the correct way is very necessary.

This app provides many tutorials which present information about them. The app also provides information about which exercise works on which muscle and how to do it correctly. 

Any questions related to health are answered professionally by the trainers. Right eating and doing sport lead to a healthier life. The app was viewed by nearly ten million people. The app helps to be healthy and happier.

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6. Schaeffler Health coach

The search for a health coach comes to an end with this app. The app clears any confusion regarding the selection of a good health coach. It includes different coaches worldwide who are time available to give the best assistance regarding health.

13 Of The Best Health Coach Apps To Keep You Healthy

The coaches are specialized in various fields. Any questions can be asked to them and they help to gain more knowledge to become healthier. The app advises on healthy and harmful food. After using this app, the desire for fast food reduces. 

The app helps to reduce the tummy effectively and quickly.  The coaches connected with the app not only are specialists in health matters but also guide them to adopt any sport useful for the user.

The coaches are very inspiring and keep on motivating the user regarding any life issues. The app reveals all the health secrets. Various kinds of diet programs are there.

There may be confusion about which one to choose, whether the lactose-free diet or the Mediterranean diet. The coaches are there to guide.

They provide sufficient information about these different diets and help the user to select the one which is most beneficial for them. It makes the user energetic, healthy, and happy.

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7. Wellness Coach

It is a modern designed app. It tracks the weight and sets the everyday goal. The track of weight loss and blood pressure is kept by this app which is very necessary to be maintained health.

The heartbeat and duration of sleep are also recorded which helps the user to relax the body. It presents the graph of weight loss and thus, motivates the user to be more conscious about the health issues and work hard to continue with it.

Terraillon Connected Product Range (English)

There is a pedometer in the app that suggests to the user how much to walk daily to lose weight steadily. Walking is an exercise that is among the healthiest ways of losing weight.

Walk-in an open ground with greenery all around not only keeps the body fresh but also keeps the mind fresh. It makes one feel happier.

The app provides tips regarding health issues. It reminds me of mealtime. The app also awards its users. It gives more than sixty trophies for performing proper health tasks.

It also acts as a health indicator and helps to become healthy. The wellness Coach app ranked number 7th in our Best Health Coach Apps list to download.

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8. Huawei Health

It is a modern health app that makes the user delighted to use it. It counts the steps, records the daily routine, and helps the user to perform his tasks without delay.

13 Of The Best Health Coach Apps To Keep You Healthy

The app includes running mode. The route followed can be viewed. The color presents the speed of running. It also helps to reduce weight and keep track of height. The app also helps in selecting the appropriate diet program. 

It sets a daily task for the user like what exercise must be done, how much time must be allotted for doing exercise, what to eat and how much to eat, etc.

Accordingly, the app reduces or increases exercise levels. It also helps to decide what sport must the user play based on interest and need.

It creates a competitive environment among the users and motivates them to more and more use it and benefit themselves. 

More than one hundred million times this app has been watched as it has proved to be a professional coach for health. It motivates the users to continue working on their health and be happy and full of energy. Huawei Health app ranked number 8th in our Best Health Coach Apps list to download.

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9. Fitbit Plus: Health Coaching

Are you suffering from health problems? Are you in the confusion about whom to contact? You cannot decide whether or which health provider to be consulted. Fitbit Plus has the answer to all these questions.

13 Of The Best Health Coach Apps To Keep You Healthy

Any questions can be asked to the health coaches connected with this app who are professionals in their fields. The coaches motivate and provide assistance to the user regarding their health.

They give a lot of information about the nutrition one must have to keep healthy. They even suggest what tests the user must do and which doctor to be consulted. 

The blood sugar level can be kept track of. The analysis of everything helps the user to prevent developing diabetes. The app is very simple and easy to understand and use.

It even acts as a reminder of medicines so that the user can take the prescribed medicines timely. 

The app also helps to make a daily schedule of the user which will include how much to walk, exercise, what to eat, what to avoid, and many more things.

The app helps to be happy and healthy without much worries and confusion. Fitbit Plus: Health Coaching app ranked number 9th in our Best Health Coach Apps list to download.

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10. Health Mate: Total Health Track

As the name indicates, this app helps with various health aspects. It makes a chart to keep a record of the weight and maintain it properly.

13 Of The Best Health Coach Apps To Keep You Healthy

The diet can be adjusted according to weight. It tracks sleep time and heart rate. More sleep makes the body feel relaxed and energetic.

The app has various inbuilt fitness programs. Anyone can be chosen based on the requirement of the individual. It keeps track of running via GPS. The kilometers covered, calories burnt and food taken are recorded on a daily basis.

Health Mate: Total Health Track app ranked number 10th in our Best Health Coach Apps list to download.

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11. Vida Health

This app gives support and helps to maintain health. It acts as a personal health guide. Millions and millions of health tips are notified to the user from this app. It becomes an individual coach guiding individuals with the best health tips. 

The health progress is recorded and changes are made as and when required. It provides all information related to nutrition, sports, fitness, and exercise.

The coaches guide in all possible ways. The app helps to keep learning and grow steadily. New good habits vital for health can be developed that will help to be healthy. The app is very famous because of the result it gives to the users. Vida Health app ranked number 11th in our Best Health Coach Apps list to download.

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12. Life Log: Keeping Track of Life

Life Log as the name suggests maintains the health log. Its interface is very bright. The colors make the app interesting.

It keeps the count of calories burnt and achieves the determined goal. It also helps to choose a suitable sports activity for the individual. It measures the weight, records the changes, and helps to maintain a normal weight. 

13 Of The Best Health Coach Apps To Keep You Healthy

Life Log has a pedometer in it which counts the steps walked. Walking in the open ground is very healthy. So, it makes the user aware of the walking benefits and keeps reminding him about his daily activities.

Making the users aware of using public transport or walking also helps to save the environment. The app was viewed by more than ten million times.

It helps to be healthy and happy. Life Log: Keeping Track of Life app ranked number 12th in our Best Health Coach Apps list to download.

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13. RMDY Demo

This app helps to keep track of the food eaten and accordingly advises to stay healthy. All information regarding the food is provided by it like how many calories a particular food has or what should be eaten for protein and carbohydrates.

Best Health Coach Apps

There must be a balance among the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals intake by a person. This app suggests a balanced diet considering all these and helps the user to be healthy and energetic.

If a person is on medication, then this app even acts as a reminder to take the medicines on time. It notifies the user about them. It measures blood pressure and keeps a record so that the pressure is always under control.

The daily calorie intake is recorded and helps to stay strong and slim. It becomes a personal coach who not only takes care of the health of the user but also answers all the queries and questions.

The app has a pedometer that tracks the physical activities of the user. It suggests to the user how much to walk daily and accordingly increases the steps.

The hours of sleep recorded help to relax the body when it is very tiring. The app even has the facility of helping one to be happy and calm. RMDY Demo app ranked number 13th in our Best Health Coach Apps list to download.

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Future depends on the Medical Apps

Medical apps are very beneficial to patients. In the near future, it may even happen that these apps may take over some of the responsibilities and work of the doctors. They may ease off the work of the doctors and make the patients less restless.

The apps not only help to take care of the health efficiently if followed properly but also are economical.

The patients and normal human beings also opt for these health apps with great enthusiasm and are experiencing favorable results which are the main cause for the popularity of the apps. 

The survey about the apps depicts that the patients wish to achieve more and more from these apps. But still few doctors are not ready to accept the benefits of these apps or are still waiting to see more achievements.

These apps provide all the facilities from doing blood tests to performing any physical tests. Even a few analyses regarding mental health can also be done on these apps. But there is still a long way to go and convince the argument regarding the more involvement of these apps in daily lives. 

The Lifestyle Apps help to Stay Healthy

A healthy lifestyle means not just consistent exercise or proper nutrition. It also includes proper sleep, good care of the body with the mind, timely medication, and most vital, following the doctor’s advice to stay healthy.

The good health app manages all the mentioned elements. Thus, it can be very well stated that this article provides various options for the users to opt for any of the health apps suitable for them. All the apps have been selected depending on the content, their reliability, and the reviews from the users.