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Use the Hidden features of VLC Media Player


The open-source tool VLC Media Player is considered to be all-rounder when it comes
to playback of songs and videos. But by no means is this its only talent. The following
functions are hidden in this tool.

Adjust picture and sound:-

Use the hidden features of VLC Media Player

If the sound and picture are not in sync while watching a video, click on “Tools” and select “TrackSynchronise ” during the playback. You can move the soundtrack as per your requirement under “Audio/Video”. Once you have corrected the error, confirm the same by clicking on “Close”.

Stream music for free:-

Use the hidden features of VLC Media Player

Under “View”, click on “Playback list”. In the list on the left, you will find various free streaming service providers under »Internet«. You can start the playback by double-clicking on the desired song. You can also save the song on your PC by right-clicking on it.

View and save web videos:-

Copy the URL of the video from your browser, click on »Media« in the VLC Player and select the option »Open Location from Clipboard«. You can start the video by clicking on “Play”.

In order to save it on your PC, go to “Tools” and “Codec Information”. Copy the address in the field at the bottom, insert it in the address line of your browser and press
[Enter]. You can store the video on your PC by clicking on “Save” or “Save page as” in
the browser menu.

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Hope my article “Use the Hidden features of VLC Media Player” helps you to explore your favorite  VLC player.


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