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Why Businesses Should Hire Remote Developer Freelancers, Writers, & More


Contracting a freelancer makes business owners unusually uncomfortable for some reason.  Despite many jobs gradually disappearing from fulltime rosters due to the waste of time and money, many managers are still against freelancers/contractors being on the payroll.

One hand, salaries, and inhouse employees mean in their minds “greater control and teamwork,” but this has been easily disproven as untrue.  While it feels like more work is being done in an office, if you’ve ever worked in an office or read a Dilbert comic, you know better.

Offices are cesspools of inefficiency in many cases. Socializing, internet browsing, and dwindling attention spans all play a role.  Efficiency is more often based on micro-management than in making progressive developments that ensure better project completion and overall team function.

The decision to outsource or hire remote developer freelancers or writers seems like it would create a disconnect and remove the collaborative control that many egoic managers and project managers rely on for their feeling of safety.  The reality is that many are discovering it is far better to pay freelancers and contractors a bit more (or less) and let them work remotely than hiring someone and keeping them in-house.

A few reasons:

  1. It saves space.
  2. It saves money on full-time salaries if you pay by the hour and monitor results/progress.
  3. It cuts down on costs on both sides regarding time.

Paying for an office for someone that a company plans to cultivate makes sense. But, if your business has a flurry of smaller simple code monkey jobs, it doesn’t make sense not to hire remote workers that for a fraction of the price can get the job done.

A Scenario

Beyond hiring remote developers and writers as your first choice, there is another reason to have a few on standby as needed.  When a developer on your team calls in sick on an important day, it’s not an option to simply not have a replacement. The solution? Starting off by working with a handful of web developers on a trial basis remotely, and then using whoever you need in a small part on each project. The ones that prove their responsiveness, attention to detail, and ability to adapt/get the work done are the ones you can use for “emergencies” when things fall through the cracks.

4 Things To Look For When Hiring A Remote Worker In General

A remote worker has a few key characteristics that make them useful in a unique way:

  1. They have a schedule that compliments your business/team.
  2. They are reliable, responsive, and able to follow instructions without much handholding.
  3. They know how to take and act on criticism quickly.
  4. They take responsibility for when things don’t work well.

Each of these characteristics is important. While, this is true of any employee, there are advantages to have a remote worker that isn’t based on your time zone and one that is.

For projects that need to be continued to be worked on even when parts of the team needs rest/the business day is over, remote workers can continue to work on assignments if their time zone is different, allowing further work to get done “overnight.”


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