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Home Automation via Bluetooth with Android app


Today we will talk about how can we turn off and on the Electric appliance with your android phone over Bluetooth, so it is quite listen lazy but what if we make it then that would be awesome. Now I don’t know about your technical expertise, but to me it seems to great effort to get up and flick a switch on an appliance. Let it be if we have Lamp or Electric Fan which will be control via Android
So in this Blog I will attempt to show how to connect an Arduino to your android phone via Bluetooth and then with just push of button from android app to control high voltage devices using relays

Download Androdi APK

Download Source Code

Electricity is dangerous so please be careful!!!!

So without further ado let’s charge in!

Collect The hardware!

1.One Arduino UNO

2. Bluetooth module HC-05 or HC-06

3. One Relay module

4.Jumper Wires

Please Follow these steps to make it complete
-Download Arduino IDE
After the installation
open Arduino IDE

Upload the sourcecode.ino by following the steps

Source code

//——–BT app control———//

int switch1=11;

int Received=0;

int switch1_state =0;

void setup(){




void loop(){



Received = Serial.read();



if (switch1_state == 0 && Received == ‘1’)






if (switch1_state ==1 && Received == ‘1’)







Here you want to connect Arduino UNO via usb cable

Select the source code with name of sourcecode.ino

Done Uploading
After it grab your smart phone and install the android app, then go to setting and connect the Bluetooth with Bluetooth Module

Open the app and hit Bluetooth icon and select your Bluetooth then its good to go push the button for off and on the relay with your mobile phone!
here are few steps you have to figure out

Steps of Android app

Work process

A simple home automation project that uses Arduino UNO, Bluetooth modules and smartphones. The goal of this project is to use smartphones to control different home appliances. The project’s work is explained here.

When the power is turned on, the connection indicator on the Bluetooth module starts to flash. We need to start the “Bluetooth Controller” application on your smartphone and connect to the Bluetooth module. If pairing is successful, the LED becomes stable.

Now in the application we need to set different keys for different loads and the corresponding values that must be transmitted when the key is pressed. The figure below shows a group of buttons for controlling 4 loads and one additional button for closing all loads.

Application of this project

With this project, we can remotely turn the device on or off, using your phone or tablet.

By including light sensors, temperature sensors, safety sensors and other sensors, automatically adjust the room lighting, air conditioning (room temperature), door locks and other parameters, the project will be further extended to the smart home automation system, the information to our phone.

In addition, we can connect to the Internet and control the home from a remote location via the Internet and monitor security.


The system requires a continuous supply of power to be practical, otherwise we may not be able to control the appliance.

Therefore, the best way to effectively design a system is to simultaneously control both by hand and by hand


Hope that was informative and you were successful.

Electricity is dangerous so please be careful!!!!

The possibilities for this I feel are endless you can add loads of devices and then create functions in order to control several at once.

Here is the Video of my project I just add the LED on Relay.


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