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11 Of The Best Home Security Apps For Android & iOS

With the passing time, the issue for home security has been rising day by day. The major problem of theft is among the business people. Usually, if both wife and husband are on the job, none is there to take care of the house.

They need to take proper precautions in such cases. But what can help them to keep an eye on their house when they are at work? The third eye to them is home security apps

Now you must be thinking, what are the security apps for your house, and how will they help you? The simple answer is the mobile phone that holds the third eye to connect you with the house and surroundings sitting anywhere.

Now your house is no more at risk of theft. You can keep your belongings safe and secure with the best apps for home security listed below.

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Best Home Security Apps: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Kuna Home Security

Prevent break-in and secure your home from wherever you want by installing the Kuna security app. Being one of the best home security apps, it is well-designed to set up and control your Maximus security light, Toucan camera, and Kuna smart security devices. It’s time to control your home security cameras with Kuna Security. 

Kuna | Smart Homes. Safer Neighborhoods.

How can you use the Kuna Home Security?

  • First, create an account and then connect it with powered devices fluently. 
  • Now your kuna powered device is to connect with Wi-Fi.

Once you are done with the connectivity, you will have access to all of Kuna’s authoritative preventative security features:


  • With the detection of any activity, Kuna begins recording and sends actionable alerts. You can see what’s happening and fix an effective response.
  • It’s now stress-free to witness whoever is in or outside your home with auto-greet features, recorded messages, and a direct two-way intercom. So, you need not worry about what’s happening outside. You just relax and record everything in this security app.
  • You can speedily call the police in the event of an emergency or sound an intense 100dCB siren right, which is as large as a motorcycle, from the Kuna home security app.


  • It streams two-way audio and lives HD video anytime with this app. So, there is no need to know what’s going on outside your home.
  • With Kuna’s technology, “Smart Decisions,” you can monitor activity 10 seconds before and after it is activated.
  • Share crucial and memorable events with family, law enforcement, and friends.


  • Trouble-free to set a schedule, permit dawn to dusk-mode, and turn off your lights and on, and change motion detection sensitivity with the Kuna Home Security app.
  • To reverse, you can click on the “back in time” on the device. It gives you a chance to download every incident captured free with this app.
  • To control your outside lights, you can use voice command with the new Alexa integration or chime.

You can also opt for a premium plan to enjoy exclusive features with Kuna Smart Home Security App.

Click Here to download Kuna Home Security for Android.

Click Here to download Kuna Home Security for iPhone.

2. Security Camera CZ

Turn your smartphones into home security cameras and spot motion during the day and night time with the Security Camera CZ app.

Best Home Security Apps

It records spotted motion as a series of photos rather than video and permits you to surf the captured images rapidly. Moreover, you can watch as well as record live video, whenever needed with this app.

How can you use the Security Camera CZ app?

All you need to set up this app is two Android Devices and the internet.

  • Install the app on an unused phone, create an account, and choose the camera mode.
  • Then, install the app on your regular phone, log in with the same account information, and select Monitor mode.

Now you become eligible to enjoy the following features of the app:

Motion Detection:-

  • Being one of the convenient home security apps allows you to watch over your property when you are on your way.
  • Avoid unnecessary alerts with exceptional resistance to false alarms.
  • Adjust settings with the option “Turn motion detection off when I am nearby.”

Change your Camera Settings:-

  • Adjust camera resolution according to the environment
  • Easy to switch between front and rear camera to get the best possible results
  • When motion is detected, use the siren option.
  • Access to portrait and landscape more to adjust the focus manually
  • Provides automatic storage management along with capture history up to the past 15 days.

Monitoring and the Remote Control:-

  • Now, it’s possible to monitor your cameras with windows, android, or other devices while watching and recording live HD videos.
  • It includes a two-way talkback function along with night vision features.  Thus, the app is beneficial to use as a baby monitor, senior care,  and pet care camera.
  • Restart or turn off your cameras remotely and enable auto-run, in case, unpredicted device reboot.
  • Sync with Google Drive effortlessly and access your captures from wherever you want

All the features are entirely free to control your camera devices from any place through your smartphones.

Click Here to Download Security Camera CZ for Android.

Click here to download a similar app to Security Camera CZ for iPhone. 

3. Netvue- Home Security Done Smart

Enjoy associated and real-time home security and management experience with Netvue. This security app makes it safe, quick, and stable access to keep an eye on your home from anyplace and anytime. The app provides a complete solution for mobile internet-based smart home devices.

11 Of The Best Home Security Apps For Android & iOS

How can you use the Netvue- Home Security Done Smart app?

From the front door to the backyard, you can check every corner of your home with these home security apps.

  • Download the app either on Android or iPhone from the website and then install it.
  • Create an account by connecting it to a Wi-Fi network.

Enjoy exclusive features of this app:

Two-way Video:-

Automatic Motion on a Timeline:-

  • The security app automatically detects odd motions and sends alerts to your smartphones instantly. It lets you be informed of all the potential threats.
  • The events get elucidated repeatedly by different colors on the timeline. It allows you to know what happened at what time instantly.

Multiple Unit Selections for Timeline:-

  • You can slide the timeline to check the events that occurred in a long period. So, now it’s easy to verify the happenings with multiple timeline unit selections instead of sliding it all the time.
Pause Replay:-
  • Wherever and whenever you want to confirm the details, you can pause the replay option.
  • The app allows you to customize certain zones in which events should be detected. It helps you to avoid false alerts.

Though it’s free to download the app, you can also go for the paid premium plan to record and store up to 14 long days of continuous video.

Click here to download Netvue for Android.

Click Here to download Netvue for iPhone.

4. Home Security Camera WardenCam

Now you can quickly secure your home with your smartphone and keep the third eye on it. Here is Home Security Camera WardenCam for both Android and iPhone users.

You can easily download home security apps on mobiles and tablets to stream the live and past recordings and check what exactly happened at a particular moment. 

WardenCam Home Security Camera - Quick Demo

How can you use the Home Security Camera WardenCam?

You can easily check every corner of your house sitting remotely from the front door to the backyard. 

Secure Sign In:-
  • Download the app on your phone.
  • You can quickly sign in to the app with Google for encrypted access for the device and the camera. 

Enjoy the following features on your application:

Motion Detection:-
  • You can keep a constant eye on the mobile phone with an automated motion detection schedule.
  • The motion detection feature is to siren one alarm so that it threatens the thief.
  • In case you want to store the video, link it to cloud storage like Google Drive or to Dropbox.
  • Now enable 24/7 recording of the home area.
Receiving Alerts:-
  • In case an intruder is detected by the application, it will give an alert to you with a siren alarm. 
  • Now you can playback the recordings of the past and let you know what exactly happened at the moment.
Two-Way Audio:-
  • You can easily talk and watch while streaming live video. 
  • Easily your voice can reach the people in front of the camera. It helps in preventing any negative action by an intruder.
Cloud Storage:-
  • In case you want recordings for past events at a particular moment, you can store the recordings in cloud storage. 
  • This cloud storage can be Google Drive or Dropbox available with the space in GBs. 

Also, you can detect the low light conditions during nighttime. Thus it automatically enhances your video during the dark. 

Click here to download Home Security Camera WardenCam for Android.

Click here to download Home Security Camera WardenCam for iPhone.

At the time of our research on Best Home Security Apps For Android & iOS, we found a video about “12 Ways to Protect Your Home While You’re Away” which is worth watching. 😎🤴

12 Ways to Protect Your Home While You’re Away

5. AtHome Camera

Get your home monitoring application as AtHome Camera to keep a check and monitor the entire house area with easy download from the app store and play store.

This application has been integrated with the best and most advanced security options with flexible functioning. The main feature of this home security app is compact controls with the best system interface for easy use. 

Turn your old smartphone into a security camera
How can you use the AtHome Camera?

Now let us turn on the CCTV camera on your mobile phone with the best application.

  • Download the AtHome Camera on your iPhone or Android Phone. 
  • Sign In to the application with the encrypted security details. 
  • Now select the option “Add by CID” or “By QR Code.”

Enjoy the following features on your application:

Two way-Talk:-
  • Now you can easily send a voice message through the installed camera inside your home sitting remotely.
  • You can talk to your pets and other family members very easily. 
Multiple-view Display:-
Alarm System:-
  • In case an intruder enters your house, you can easily detect them as the siren alarm will ring.
  • In case you miss any video, you can rewind it at any time. 
  • You can view the summarized video of 24 hours as a short video in minutes. 
  • The feature of time-lapse helps you easily monitor the activities done in your absence. 
Security and Privacy:-
  • The unique ID with which you will login to the application or the videos that you are streaming is all safe and secure. 
  • You can easily protect all your videos in the cloud storage connecting your application with it. 
  • All the data that you are going to add to cloud storage is all protected. Thus it saves your critical data from being leaked. 

It is all about how the AtHome Security Camera keeps your house safe and secured every time. 

Click here to download the AtHome Security Camera on Android.

6. Surveillance & Monitoring – TrackView

When it comes to home surveillance and monitoring, we always choose the best option for it. TrackView application is one of the best applications to use in such cases.

It can provide a compact size and high-quality monitoring for your house. Also, TrackView is the best home security app to show compatibility with any gadget to keep the third eye on your house.

TrackView-Video Monitoring, Cloud Recording and Location Tracking
How can you use the TrackView Application?

To install the TrackView application, you can easily do it with small clicks. 

  • First, you need to log in to the account, and you can use your Gmail and password for log in to it. 
  • If you are using this application on two devices, then use the same ID and password. 
  • Now enjoy watching your house and keep monitoring it. 

Below are the various features of the Video Monitoring application to enjoy house surveillance.

Network System:-
  • You can easily connect through different networks with this application.
  • Use 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi-, and other networks for easy access.
Quick Installation:-
  • The installation of the application is quick in minutes. You can sit remotely and keep an eye on your house.
  • It just needs to log in with your Gmail ID.
Wireless Connection:-
  • There is no mess of the wires to connect with the application. 
  • Wireless connection of the camera and application means easy and quick monitoring.
Two-way Audio:-
  • If you want to send a message to your pet and other family members, you can easily speak to them.
  • A Two-Way Audio connection helps in connecting with the people sitting home. 
Family Locator:-
  • The main feature of this application is the GPS locator for the family members. 
  • You can keep track of the family members and their activities at a particular moment.
Night View:-
  • You can get a clear and visible view of the camera during dark nighttime. 
  • The night vision mode helps you to view the dark areas. 

TrackView is all about providing the best real-time details with a secure connection.

Click here to download TrackView on Android.

Click Here to download TrackView on iPhone. 

7. TinyCam Monitor- IP Camera Viewer

Meet a new option of TinyCam to keep your house on a monitor under your surveillance. It is a secured application for private and public space.

It is the best home security app for the best video recording and then storing it to the cloud storage for future reference. You can easily view your house every corner with the fantastic resulting in video quality. 

tinyCam Monitor PRO for IP Cam for Android (2 min trailer)
How can you use TinyCam Monitor- IP Camera Viewer?
  • Download TinyCam on your android and iPhone device quickly from the store.
  • Now login to the application using your email id and password for further use.

Below are the main features to use TinyCam Monitor:

Amcrest Camera:-
  • TinyCam Monitor application features the use of Foscam and Amcrest Camera. 
  • The best quality recorded video for future reference.
Time-Lapse Recording Option:-
  • You can get a summarized view of 24 hours of recording in just a few minutes. 
  • It helps you to keep an eye on the house activities held in your absence. 
Layout and Camera Options:-
  • You can enjoy the surveillance view through the different layout options available for you. 
  • The platform is user-friendly for smooth operation and quick usage. 
Sequence Mode:-
  • If you want to switch to your camera, there is an option for a sequence mode. You can quickly get through it.
  • This option of the sequence mode is for automatic camera switching. 
Group Cameras:-
  • If you want to share the group cameras with others, it is effortless with TinyCam Monitor- IP camera Viewer. 

You can get the best view of the effortless free. However, there is also an option available for premium services to this camera. 

Click here to download TinyCam Monitor on Android.

Click here to download a similar app to TinyCam on iPhone.

8. Mobile Security Camera (FTP)

Mobile Security Camera is the best way to turn your smartphone into an in-hand platform for home security. As compared to other applications, this home security app is the best and simple to use and update quickly in less time.

Best Home Security Apps

You can easily use this application on your mobile phones and other suitable gadgets. The best part is, this application is available for both the app store and play store. 

How can you use a Mobile Security Camera?

To use this functions equipped application, you need to follow the below steps:-

  • Download Mobile Security Camera on your mobile phones from the app store or play store.
  • Now login to the application with the Gmail ID and password.

Below are the basic features of Mobile Security Camera (FTP):

Cloud-based Security:-
  • In case you want to store the past recordings with you, it is easy to store them in the cloud storage in your Google Drive or Dropbox. 
  • As compared to the other applications, you can easily set up surveillance systems for this application.
Optimized FTP Services:-
  • For better security options, Mobile Security Camera uses optimized FTP services. The security camera supports FTP options. 
  • It will add the secured data to the cloud storage safely. 
Supports Webcam:-
  • Mobile Security Camera supports the best webcam for both android and iOS users. 
  • Whether you need home security for your family members or your assets, this webcam will help you quickly detect the problems in case it occurs. 
Revolutionary Security and Monitoring:-
  • If you want revolutionary security and monitoring options, Mobile Security Camera quickly offers you this option. 
  • The premium starts at $1.5 for a month that offers the best security options than traditional security. 

It is all about the best security options and features available with a Mobile Security Camera. All the functionings available are free, but you can even upgrade to the premium version. 

Click here to download a Mobile Security Camera for Android.

Click here to download Mobile Security Camera for iPhone.

9. Presence Video Security Camera

If you want a smart solution for home security, choose the Presence app for the same. It is the best home security app for monitoring and surveillance of your house.

11 Of The Best Home Security Apps For Android & iOS

It is easy to use apps by connecting with different devices. This application is from People Power Company to help the parents monitor their child and their activities efficiently. 

How can you use a Presence application?

With the easy installation and use steps below, you can quickly monitor the activities inside your house sitting remotely. 

  • Download the Presence application on your mobile phone in minutes.
  • It is easily accessible through different gadgets and devices.
  • Log in to the application with an ID and password. 

Below are some best features of the Presence application:

Monitor with the Presence:-
  • With the easy option of live streaming for the video available of the Presence app, you can easily monitor your home activities. 
  • You can turn on the camera with a remote operation, which enhances the visibility and functioning of the app. 
Presence Alerts:-
  • If something happens around in your house but you are not present, you will get proper alerts for it. 
  • You will get alerts with emails, push notifications, or in-app notifications.
  • These video alerts will allow you to know what just happened with the house. 
Share with Presence:-
  • If you want to connect multiple viewers for the same video inside the house, it is possible with the Presence security app. 
  • You can share the video of your dog and children playing and keep them under your eye monitoring. 
Post Motion Detection:-
  • You will monitor every change you see in your house. 
  • You can easily save the motion detection videos to the cloud storage and even share them with others on the Twitter account. 

With Presence, you will be tension-free to note if children have arrived home or if there is some theft inside your house. Presence keeps you updated always. 

Click Here to download the Presence for Android.

Click Here to download Presence for iPhone. 

10. Nest

If you want to have a significant security alarm system, then better you visit Google Nest. It is the best way to monitor every side and corner of the house and for other casual places.

This application is easy to use with the best user interface for easy operation. Learn about various features and the way to use this application.

11 Of The Best Home Security Apps For Android & iOS

How can you use the Nest application?

Nest application is easy to use with the best mobile user interface to capture the videos of the house. Learn the below steps to download and use the Nest application.

  • Visit your mobile’s play store or app store and download the Nest application.
  • Install and login to it and connect it with the security camera of your house. It is effortless to set up and use.

Below are the important features of Google Nest for security reasons:

Nest Thermostat:-
  • You can easily allow or disarm the alarm system and then visit the Nest Cam easily.
  • You can get better alerts if an intruder enters your house.
Secure Alarm System:-
  • You can receive a reminder alert. This option is useful when you forget to set the alarm and leave the house.
  • You will receive an alert for security on your mobile phone. This will let you know what made the alarm trigger. 
Nest Protect:-
  • If there is smoke and a carbon monoxide alarm, that speaks to give an alert through the phone. 
  • There will be a silent alarm from the phone, along with the app silence. 
Nest Hello:-
  • The Nest Hello option lets you know who is knocking into the house.
  • There is a 24/7 video streaming option with a 1080p HD quality video. Get an easy alert in every movement in the house.

It is all about the Nest security app to keep you updated regarding the home activities that you cannot visit to see every time sitting at home. 

Click here to download Nest App on Android.

Click here to download Nest App on iPhone.

Different Features To Expect For The Home Security 

Home security will form a picture to set up a person to sit in front of your house and look after it. However, you need to be fresh in these views. The methods of security have developed over time.

There are no more push-button security panels for the house. In recent years, there have been advancements in the ways of home security. With the changing technology, the digital era has developed a lot. It has made it possible for you to secure your house entirely with in-hand gadgets like mobiles. 

However, what features should you expect from such advancements? Here are some basic features to choose the best app for securing your house. 

Able to control from anywhere:-

In the traditional system for home security, you need to sit in front of the house and monitor individual buttons for home security.

However, smartphones help you in controlling sitting anywhere away from the house. You can now search any corner of the house with better management over the devices. 


In the traditional systems for home security, an intruder can use different techniques to disable it. The same problem is faced if you set up a cable connection for securing your house.

However, in the present time, wireless and cellular connections have changed the entire state. It is the dedicated option for the security of the home to work with internet services. 

Activity Alerts and Awareness:-

In case you are away from your smartphones for a while and an intruder enters your house, then you will get an alert as a siren alarm of your phone.

This system will let you know what’s going on and check if the kids have arrived home safely or not. Many apps even use GPS locators to locate the activities of different family members in the house. 

Proactive Safeguards:-

Another best feature in the security apps is the smoke alarm. In case your house catches fire, the smoke alarm in the camera will ring. The CO and water sensors will activate that works in case of emergencies.

Also, it is a safeguard for your house to trigger the thermostat to shut the air conditioners and slow down the smoke. 


The app you choose for home security must feature a user-friendly design with an organized layout. It helps in providing a clear-cut view for home security.

For monitoring your house quickly, you need a user-friendly design to work in minutes. Also, the features of easy accessibility and disability must be easy to carry out. 


Viewing such a list of home security apps, you must be confused to find the best one for you. However, look for the one that has overall usage. However, make sure that the one you choose is the best and simple with the best user interface such that they do not face any problems further.

The best application will pair up with the hardware counterparts. There is a wide variety of security range available for us. Yet, the choice is yours, which one you want to have. 

The above-mentioned primary features to look into a security app are a must to see before you plan to install it in your home.

Make sure the application must have good device compatibility to connect your smartphone quickly without hassle. Also, many people like to connect with their smartwatches. So those apps must be easy to access.