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9 HoneyBook Alternatives To Manage Your Business 

It is very easy to get overwhelmed when running a business. It isn’t a simple task as there is a myriad of chores lying in front of the businessman such as emails, appointments, meetings, invoices, drafting templates, preparing the scope of templates, and taxes.

This trend continues at an even faster pace as the business soars. As the business grows, an entrepreneur requires a virtual assistant to keep track of the to-do lists and appointments along with keeping a check on the productivity levels.

While one is likely to find multiple apps offering assistance in daily chores, what an entrepreneur really needs is a standalone app that offers everything under one banner.

These apps are built with the sole motive to provide all the necessary services ranging from saving money, helping the businessman work under a budget, managing the workflow, setting appointments, and helping the entrepreneur manage high levels of productivity.

Platforms like HoneyBook and HoneyBook Alternatives are designed to balance the lives of people who struggle with paperwork, emails, meetings, appointments, clients, leads, and vendors.

As of now, there are many such apps available for free on your mobile device to help you manage your day-to-day operations.  

HoneyBook is one of the most popular apps available on Android and iOS devices. It is an online business management platform that makes work easier in addition to keeping the person organized and professional.  

About HoneyBook:-

HoneyBook is a popular platform that provides cohesive management for all aspects of the business. It is essentially a client management tool that simplifies workflow and helps business owners with booking clients, getting smooth payments from leads, and faster appointments.

Launched in 2013, HoneyBook aims to provide the new age of businessmen with tools and project management features to streamline their business. 

This website enables a business to work smoothly with clients starting from lead generation to project completion. It offers features like contract and proposal preparation, invoicing, document management, client communication tools, meeting scheduling, and online payment among various other services.

The platform became increasingly popular due to its easy user interface, easy setup, and reasonably priced subscription. It essentially allows a budding entrepreneur to find big communities for support along with a clean aesthetic.  

However, just like every other website, HoneyBook has its own share of drawbacks. It lacks customization options and doesn’t process payments through widely popular payment modes like Venmo, PayPal, and Stripe.

There are many more HoneyBook Alternatives on the web that offer similar tools with more modes of payment, extra features, and customization.  

Best HoneyBook Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Hello Bonsai  

One of the most popular alternatives to HoneyBook, Hello Bonsai features more than 200,000 freelancers and agencies from across the globe.

The product suite of the website is specifically designed for freelancers with a complete offering of tasks required to run a freelancing business.

It is designed to suit the needs of multiple projects at once with the help of automation. Hello Bonsai automatically generates legally binding contracts and acts as a base for all important documents.  

Best HoneyBook Alternatives

Hello Bonsai has a free limited version for users to try and they can run a maximum of three projects under this version. However, at only $24 a month, Hello Bonsai is a cheaper and better option than HoneyBook which costs $40 a month.

The premium package with advanced features in Hello Bonsai costs $34. This platform is considered one of the best HoneyBook Alternatives as it delivers three times fewer late payments along with paying 13 days faster on average.

There is also a workflow plus plan that has features like client forms, customization, branding, and subcontracting.

After logging into Hello Bonsai, it asks the users a few questions like what type of work they do. There is also an “other” option if the user’s work doesn’t fit into any of the seven categories.

After a few more questions, users will be able to access the central dashboard that has all the features that the platform has to offer.

Some of the key features are:-

  • Create a new proposal 
  • Draft a contract 
  • Create an invoice 
  • Time Tracking 
  • Tracking expenses 

It is an excellent platform to keep track of various projects and allows users to track their time efficiently. The automated contract creation feature is smooth and saves the business some hassle of hiring a lawyer.

Along with this, the language automatically adapts to the user’s home country and the dashboard gives you a general rundown of ongoing projects.  

2. Dubsado 

Dubsado is also a client management system that features invoicing, contracts, questionnaires, and a lot of other features to save time. Dubsado is one of the most popular HoneyBook Alternatives in the market due to its ease of use.

All the forms in Dubsado have the same setup and the automated workflows are the best feature of this platform. Dubsado was founded by a husband and wife duo but it is currently operated by a 30-person team.

Intro to Dubsado Workflows

Customer service is an area that Dubsado does more efficiently than HoneyBook and they value customer feedback above all else.

There are various customer service options available for users:-

Help Docs:- Just like most websites, Dubsado features a highly detailed section of frequently asked questions along with detailed answers to each query.  

Live Chat:– Live chat is the best way to directly get in touch with a voice agent and get all the queries solved quickly.  

Email support:– If there is a specific or personalized query that cannot be solved over a live chat, reaching out via email is the best way to go. Users have also received replies from the CEO of the company.  

If a user is wishing to make a switch to Dubsado from any other platform, Dubsado will smoothly transfer all their old CRM records in one go. In addition to this, the team at Dubsado will also help the user to get started with the first 10 forms. 

Dubsado also auto-fills the logo with colors to create branding and it is very easy to start the client onboarding process here. Dubsado also has a completely free plan for 3 clients with no time limits and at $350 a year, it is considerably cheaper than HoneyBook which costs $400 a year.

Users can manage multiple brands with Dubsado as well but there is an extra $10 per month for each brand added. The payment happens in all currencies and there is a feature to set up recurring invoices for clients to pay a fixed amount every week or month.   

3. Insightly  

Insightly is another customer relationship management tool that features lead routing, workflow automation, and relationship linking tools.

It enables businesses to streamline sales and project management processes which are essential in engaging prospects and contacts.

Insightly is one of the best HoneyBook Alternatives that is great for small businesses requiring a centralized contact and simplified complex workflows. Insightly also provides workflow and task automation tools that let you focus on nurturing relationships with leads and clients.  

This is Insightly CRM

Insightly’s features are designed to streamline sales with features like in-app dialer and integrations with 250 third-party software.

Some of the key features of Insightly are as follows:-

Sales:- The lead routing tool automatically assigns a new lead to the sales representative with the best chance of cracking the deal. This is based on the daily activities of the salesman like marketing campaigns, emails, phone calls, and meetings. Insightly also enables a business to send bulk emails, monitor delivery, and track rates.  

Relationship Linking:- Through Insightly, a business can keep track of the family ties and friendships between the contacts in email conversations. This is particularly helpful during the relationship nurturing phase.  

Project Management:- This platform facilitates a seamless flow by automatically creating a record after a sales opportunity. These records contain all the details connected to the client including contacts, notes, emails, and files.  

Mobile App:- The mobile app of Insightly allows users to update records during fieldwork. This app also comes with a card-scanning feature that automatically adds information after scanning business cards.  

Reporting:- The home tab has leads and project dashboards that provide a visual representation of different metrics like sales by an individual sales representative and leads by source. It can also generate sales forecasts and conversion rates.  

Insightly offers a free subscription for two users, 2500 records, and 10 mass emails per day. Along with that, Insightly has 3 subscription plans, but only the basic plan is cheaper than HoneyBook.

The Plus plan is $35 per month, the Professional plan is $59 per month, and the Enterprise plan is $129 per month. There are also add-ons like unsightly voice which costs $35 per month and CRM support and service which start at $1500 per year.  

4. Bitrix24 

Bitrix24 combines the variability of customer relationship management software and social networking tools to provide active space for small and medium businesses.

Bitrix24 is considered one of the bestHoneyBook Alternatives because a user can use at least 90% of the tools for free.

It contains everything a small business would invariably need to manage and collaborate across the company along with a seamless platform for all the documents, tasks, calendars, contact, leads, and more.  

Best HoneyBook Alternatives

To gain access to the software, a user has to create an account and invite the other team members to join. The dashboard is called the “activity stream” and here, the business team can collaborate, view each other’s progress, and assign each other tasks.

The pricing is a little complicated as compared to HoneyBook but there is a 100% free version for users who are on a budget. There are 3 sub-tiers: Start ($24 a month for 2 users), CRM ($69 a month for 6 users), and Project ($69 a month for 24 users with fewer Features).

There is also a business plan with 2 tiers. The standard costs $99 a month for 50 users and the Professional costs $199 a month for unlimited users.  

There are 5 main categories of services offered by Bitrix24:-

Communications:- There is a video chat feature, chat rooms, and workspaces to convey information throughout the company. The HR management system helps with employee attendance, payroll, employee directories, and reports. Bitrix24 also boasts unlimited cloud storage and document management systems.  

Tasks:- The task management software ensures that tasks are executed properly and everything stays on track. The group task manager allows the businessman to monitor the time spent on projects and hold employees accountable for their actions.  

CRM:- Bitrix24 allows the user to get funnel management tools, pipeline management, and sales automation tools along with sales reports and customer data.

The marketing team gets a plethora of ways to promote the brand through CRM via email marketing, calling, voice broadcasting, social media ads, text messaging, and much more. Even with the free package, the business will be able to target 1 million emails a month.  

Contact Center:- Customer support includes a live chat feature on the website along with an active social media presence to remain connected with the clients.  

Websites:- This is also included in the free feature of Bitrix24. The visual website builder with landing pages also has e-commerce stores that can be accessed through drag and drop. There are free domains and hosting, and templates are optimized for mobile users.  

If a user is having a hard time communicating with the team, Bitrix24 is one of the best HoneyBook Alternatives. Although the communications are on a public platform, the social intranet is useful to quickly solve concerns without having to repeat the same in various message threads.  

5. Plutio 

One of the most sought-after HoneyBook Alternatives in the market, Plutio is dedicated solely to freelancers and solo professionals.

It is an all-in-one business management platform that provides robust solutions to help businesses work closely with customers and collaborate with their teams, all from one place. 

Introducing Plutio - The fundamentally better way to run your business 🎉

Plutio is renowned to be a reliable productivity solution due to its software. The application software eliminates the need to juggle multiple subscriptions and enables users to connect with their existing apps with a click of a button.  

Plutio has numerous benefits when it comes to the management of businesses:-

Easy to use:- The features in the platform can be re-envisioned and customized to suit the needs of the business. With over 20 languages available on the platform, Plutio has an amazing outreach due to its multilingual nature. It also enables the users to switch between businesses from a single login. 

Painless time tracking:- The powerful time tracker on Plutio allows businesses to monitor their time from anywhere. It provides real-time stats like total time-lagged, paid and unpaid time, and billable time. The timesheets also enable the owners to visualize the employee’s time entries which can be downloaded as editable XLSX files.  

Powerful CRM:- The reliable CRM model of Plutio allows businesses to build better relationships by revolutionizing workflows. The platform allows the user to invite and add people to collaborate on projects and each person is assigned a comprehensive profile that has all their information.  

Streamlined communication:- The robust inbox of Plutio has all the reliable tools to streamline communication and enhance collaboration. The live chat features, snooze, canned responses, email sync, and instant direct messages simplify the business management process.  

HoneyBook does not have two payment processors, which gives Plutio the added advantage. Plutio has 3 subscription plans with different pricing: Solo at $15 per month, Studio at $20 per month, and Team at $30 per month.

Even with the premium subscription plan, Plutio is a cheaper alternative than HoneyBook which costs $40 per month.

Solo does not offer a client portal or access to inviting contributors to the space. However, by spending $30, a user can gain access to the client portal and invite contributors.  

6. 17hats 

17hats is a tool designed specifically for smaller businesses with fewer staff to manage day-to-day operations like billing and scheduling meetings without relying on manual labor.

17hats was established in the year 2014 and it has quickly gained a reputation in the market to become one of the bestHoneyBook Alternatives. It is primarily focused on automating the business process and helping businesses manage the necessary operations when dealing with a large number of clients.  

New leads are generated very fast and this feasibility allows the business to turn their potential customers into regular ones. Along with that, it improves customer relations.  

17hats has enabled a feature that allows the business to be paid quickly by building attractive and professional invoices with high efficiency.  

How To Maximize The Potential Of Every Lead For Your Small Business

The platform also sends automatic payment reminders to clients so that the business can maintain a professional outlook. 

The automated workflow ensures that the user does not perform repetitive tasks and makes custom invoices, contract quotes, and much more. The workflows can be selected from the templates provided by 17hats or can be customized by the user.  

The client profile management manages contact details and important notes for clients on the dashboard. This dashboard also features a schedule for 3 days where upcoming meetings, deadlines, and projects are pinned.  

17hats currently has more than 20,000 businesses signed up on the platform and this number gets higher every day. Unlike HoneyBook, 17hats supports Stripe for e-checks along with PayPal, Square, and authorize.net.

There is also a client portal that helps the clients check the status of their projects, get contracts, and pay invoices. 17hats has 3 subscription plans: A monthly plan at $45, an annual plan at $295, and a two-year plan at $395.

The monthly plan is in fact more expensive than HoneyBook, however, the annual plan and two-year plan are cheaper. 17hats also has a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

7. Salesmate 

Salesmate is an encompassing solution that allows all sales representatives to access the tools required by them in a few clicks. Through Salesmate, the representatives can get directly in touch with their leads, prospects, and their existing clients in a personalized manner and this eliminates the need for any additional software.

The sales drip campaign feature for SMS, email, and tasks enables the sales representatives to automate tasks like customer outreach so that they can focus more on their customers. 

Salesmate has Outlook and G suite applications that let the sales team put all their customer data in one place. The platform integrates with more than 100 applications to streamline their existing workflow.  

Integrated calling tool:- It only takes a single click to connect with the client through the built-in phone in the software. This software also records the calls and takes notes to smoothen future communications. 

In-app texting:- The inbuilt text sender makes it easier for the sales team to update their clients with promotional messages and announcements.  

Increased sales team productivity:- Salesmate has a suite of reports that enables the managers to monitor the productivity of the sales team and this can be easily paired with the call recording option.  

Automated workflows:- Salesmate automates the redundant tasks which allows the sales representatives to devote more time to getting new customers. This feature can be leveraged by building a standard workflow with action triggers.  

Transparency:- The Salesmate reports and analytics feature tracks everything within the sales funnel which enables the manager to find ways to enhance the process.  

Product Catalog:- Salesmate can house the product catalog which becomes beneficial to the sales representatives during a sales call. Through this, they can inform their leads regarding the prices and availability and the user can link them to promotions as well.  

Salesmate is effectively used by more than 4000 companies globally and this makes it one of the best HoneyBook Alternatives in the market. Salesmate is also cheaper than HoneyBook with 3 pricing plans – the starter pack at $12 a month, Growth at $24 a month, and Boost at $40 a month.

The premium plan is the same as HoneyBook, however, HoneyBook has a cheaper annual plan at $34 a month. Salesmate also comes with a 15-day free trial as compared to HoneyBook’s 7-day free trial.  

8. Studio Ninja 

Studio Ninja is one of the most amazing HoneyBook Alternatives for photographers and creative artists with an easy setup option.

This business management software automates mundane and repetitive tasks so that they can focus on providing exceptional service to their clients. Studio Ninja is a reliable solution for all studio business owners.  

Best HoneyBook Alternatives 2

Simple Setup:- There is no requirement for any additional hardware or software expertise to set it up as the interface is intuitive. It is very simple to create custom workflows, manage bookings, automate the process, and tailor the payment plans.  

360-degree business view:- The schedule is automated according to event plans and customer inquiries are strategically converted into leads with all necessary information in one place. These lead inquiries can transform into invoices and the clients can be automatically notified of their meetings.  

Streamlined Payments:- The platform can be configured to provide easy payment options with PayPal and Stripe available to allow the clients to pay online. There are also automatic payment reminders to ensure that the clients are informed of their obligations.  

Studio Ninja has 2 subscription plans and both are cheaper than HoneyBook. The Pro plan is $20.90 a month and $16.90 per month if billed annually.

The master plan costs $30.90 a month and $25.90 a month when billed annually. These prices are on the affordable end although Studio Ninja has no free trial feature.  


What can I use instead of a HoneyBook?

You can make use of tons of HoneyBook alternatives, including FreshBooks, HubSpot Sales Hub, monday.com, and Calendly. You can download them from the Play Store and begin to work on them on your smartphone.

What kind of program is HoneyBook?

HoneyBook is a client management software for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to make an impact in the market. You may want to use it when you want to find an easy method to manage your clients.

Is HoneyBook good for bookkeeping?

HoneyBook is extremely good for streamlining your entire client flow. Besides, it helps keep track of the bookkeepers and accountants. It also helps immensely in managing client communication, scheduling, and even billing from one point itself.

What is a CRM HoneyBook?

The CRM HoneyBook is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) application that can help small businesses. It manages the business processes that range from invoicing to inquiry, managing projects, signing contracts online, and issuing payments.

How does Paperbell compare to HoneyBook?

Paperbell is similar in features and capabilities to HoneyBook. It is an online software tool that can help you operate your small business efficiently. Some of the main features include appointment scheduling, contract signing, billing, and so on.

How much is HoneyBook per year?

They have several packages for you. Depending on your requirement and affordability, you can choose it. For a year, the app will cost you around $390. The unlimited plan costs around $39/month, and the annual plan comes at $390 ($78 in savings).

Does HoneyBook report to IRS?

HoneyBook reports the funds that are processed through their platform to the IRS. That is, the users should have earned more than $20,000 and made close to 200 payments using the app. Besides, you should have earned close to $600 or more in HoneyBook referrals.

Do you need an LLC to use HoneyBook?

Yes, it would be ideal to have an LLC before you use HoneyBook. This can immensely help when a dispute arises. When you wait too long, then you will not get the protection that the LLC offers.

Do I need QuickBooks if I have HoneyBook?

It works like this. You will need to have both online subscriptions in QuickBooks and HoneyBook. The HoneyBook account can only sync with QuickBooks online, which is meant for small businesses, simple start, essentials, or plus versions. It does not sync with self-employed.

Are HoneyBook and QuickBooks the same?

They both are not the same as the purpose is somewhat different. The user’s category can be the difference. The HoneyBook is a CRM tool, while QuickBooks is an accounting software tool. But many users tend to integrate both the tools to manage customers, invoices, and expenses.


In order to look for the best CRM website, there are certain features that business owners should keep in mind. A good business management tool should be able to track the time, organize clients and projects, and ensure that the payment is done at a fixed time.

Along with that, the platform should have a reasonable price, a simple interface, features specific to the business, automation tools, project management, payment processing with multiple currencies and payment gateways, and customer support channels. 

As most of the HoneyBook Alternatives offer more or less the same feature, the only striking difference remains the subscription price.

This is why many small business owners are looking for an alternative to stay on budget to get their work done. If you are looking for a budget CRM, these 8 HoneyBook Alternatives can definitely come in handy.