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Hostgator Review 2019


When the discussion turns to web hosting, HostGator consistently gets high praise for all that they offer. Not only are they suitable for those people who are looking for simple hosting plans for an individual website, but big businesses and resellers count on them as well.

Due to its wide variety of options, affordability and features, many in HostGator review articles claim them to be the best option available today. Here is a closer look at all the different plans they have.

Shared hosting

For those people who are looking to run a small business website, a personal website or something else like that, a shared hosting plan is going to be the best option overall. Not only is it extremely affordable, but there are still a lot of different features a person can enjoy.

There are three different plans for shared hosting, and they start at just $2.75 per month. This is a great deal for people who need unlimited disk space and storage, but just one domain. There is also a baby plan and a business plan for those who are taking care of multiple domains.

VPS web hosting

Virtual private server hosting is a step up from shared hosting offers, as it is for those who want a little bit more horsepower overall. Only a few websites will be using the single server, so that means resources can be much more powerful and reliable.

Priced at $19.95 per month and up, any person who has a website and expects to have a little bit more traffic than usual should look into this option. It is not really too much more, and it might not be needed to pay for dedicated servers.

Dedicated web hosting

If a person really has a website that sees a lot of traffic and needs the most amount of attention, dedicated web hosting is the only way to go. Yes, it is expensive, priced at $119 and up per month. With that being said, most websites that actually need dedicated web hosting are probably making a decent amount of money one way or another anyway.

Servers at this level are going to be extremely reliable. HostGator offers options for both Linux and Windows, which is something a lot of competitors do not offer. With plenty of storage, RAM and monthly data transfers, a person does not really feel ripped off in anyway to pay a heavy price for a dedicated server.

Reseller web hosting

Finally, anyone who is looking into starting a web hosting business can use HostGator to their advantage. This is a very easy way to deal with offering hosting plans without having to deal with any type of infrastructure.

Plans for resellers start at just $19.95 per month, and for a little bit more, a person can get unlimited storage and monthly data transfers. The best thing is that HostGator allows a person to utilize their own branding for all the servers a person rents, so it is much easier to grow a business. They also offer 24/7 tech support for people to rely on.

Why HostGator over the competition?

HostGator has more than a few different challenge is when it comes to web hosting solutions. Not only does it have a very trusted name, but the pricing and the number of options have really made it difficult for others to stand up to them. While there might be a few companies that have one or two offerings that can stack up head to head with HostGator, no one is going to find the overall options anywhere else.

For that reason, HostGator deserves a perfect 5/5 rating at this point. They are the best hosting solution in 2019 overall, and they are already working hard towards keeping that claim in the future as well.


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