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How Can Google Index your Site Faster in 2019


There is no doubt that you need to put in a lot of hard work to come up with a website that makes an impact. With so many websites pitching customers, only the best ones are able to make a true impact. However, people are only going to view your website if it has been indexed in a proper manner.

Google indexing is a proper process through which Google bots search for a new website or new pages that have been added. The speed of this process depends on various factors. Some parameters help in improving the speed of the indexing process. It is a good practice to speed up the indexing process. This is because as soon as the indexing process has been completed, people would be able to view your website.  To get the indexing process completed in a convenient quick manner, using a Website indexing tool is the only option.

Here are some easy and convenient ways to accelerate the indexing process in the year 2019

  1. Adding a site map will speed up the indexing procedure

As it is mentioned above, your website would be visible in the list of search results only after it has been indexed in a successful manner. If your website does not have a sitemap, the indexing process would not be that quick. This is simply because Google bots would take more time in locating your website. A site map shows the sequence of pages. For instance, if the “about us” page is listed after the “home” page, the sitemap should show this arrangement in a clear manner. The sitemap provides Google bots with the sequence in which the website has been built. This obviously increases the overall indexing process and the website is added to the search engine database in a quicker manner to index page.

2. The use of social media channels is a strong option

Social media is the strongest method to create brand image and promote a website. Through social media profiles, you can increase the indexing process and improve SEO benefits. Google gives immense priority to brands having successful social media profiles. Consider that a brand has a high count of visitors on Facebook. It is expected that such brands would get their websites indexed quickly as all these users would eventually visit the company website. Social media is a very easy and quick way to get traffic on the brand website. Hence, if you have not created social media accounts till now, do not waste any more time.

3. The website speed is critical

The speed at which your website loads has an impact on the indexing speed as well. Slow websites take more time for indexing. Thus, website owners should check the loading speed of their website and also compare it with what other similar websites are offering. It is very common to lose customers as well as get indexed after delays if you have a slow loading website. The pace of a website is reduced mainly when you are uploading too much data on one page. Make sure that you are using animations only when they are needed.



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