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How can you Unlock your iPhone? – Step by Step Guide


How can you Unlock your iPhone? – Step by Step Guide

The manufacturers around the globe are aiming to achieve perfection; the perfection which will lead the consumers to select their products over the others. The smartphone industry — which has revolutionized the modern world —is extremely competitive. In order to become successful, the manufacturers focus on two things: quality and variety.

iPhone, one of the leading manufacturers in the world, is renowned for its durable products. If you buy latest iPhones, then your phone is already unlocked. However, if you have a tight budget and you look at older models of iPhone then chances are that your phone is locked to a particular provider.

Even if you find yourself in a position where your phone is locked, don’t worry! Because you are not going to be stuck with it for long.

Here’s a complete guide showing you how to unlock iPhone models; either through code from a network or by using a third-party service.

Is Unlocking of iPhones Legal?

For all the users who want to unlock their iPhone, it is completely legal only if you have finished the payments of your contract or you have purchased complete ownership of the smartphone.

If you are yet to complete all the payments, then it means that you are not the owner of the device yet and you might have to consult with your carrier beforehand.

Unlocking Process

Back in the day, the process was rather simple but with the advancements in technology, the security, in particular, has advanced.

However, this guide aims to provide you with the best ways to unlock your phone right away. Let’s take the iPhone 7 as an example, so this is how we’d unlock iPhone 7.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your laptop and then open iTunes.
  2. Back up your files and apps.
  3. Once backup is complete, click Restore.
  4. Insert your Apple ID password if asked and then confirm that you want to restore the device.
  5. Once completed, restore your data again.

After this process, there are chances that your phone will be unlocked. If it still isn’t then your carrier has blocked this method of unlocking and you will need to contact them for further instructions.

Jailbreaking for Purpose of Unlocking

Users can jailbreak their phone if they want to unlock it. However, one thing to remember is that your phone will remain unlocked only for the duration in which your phone remains jailbroken.

If you get an update and you install the update, then your phone will no longer be jailbroken and your phone will again become locked.

Furthermore, keeping an older software on your phone may not also be the best possible idea as latest software updates are supposed to bring new features, remove any existing bugs and this is all you might be missing out on.

How to Check If Unlock Worked

The process of figuring out whether your phone is unlocked is rather simple, just follow the following steps:

  1. Turn off your phone. Hold the sleep/wake button and swipe your fingers as directed.
  2. Eject the SIM, if any, from the phone.
  3. Insert your SIM in your phone and turn on the phone.
  4. Once on, try making a call.

If your phone connects over the new network then this means that your phone has been unlocked.


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