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How Do You Know If You Snore


How Do You Know If You Snore

According to Wikipedia, Snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping. In some cases, the sound may be soft, but in most cases, it can be loud and unpleasant. Snoring during sleep may be a sign, or first alarm, of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Fitness trackers aren’t the only apps that are good for you, in this article I tried to comes out with the best Snore app collection for you to make you healthier.

Here are the best apps for your answer “How Do You Know If You Snore”

Do I Snore or Grind

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Some people snore or grind their teeth while sleeping, disrupting the sleep of partners and spouses. To settle sleep-deprived arguments over this you can use the free app Do I Snore or Grind (two separate apps on iOS), which records the noises you make while you
sleep and offers solutions that can ease the problem.

How Do You Know If You Snore

How Do You Know If You Snore

Install and open the app, then tap Allow for each permission request (allowing the app to record audio, access media and detect your location) so it will work as intended. Click Next repeatedly to move through the tutorial until you reach the app’s main menu,

It’s a good idea to record your normal snoring levels so you can compare it with the
levels after trying some of the app’s suggested remedies.

Tap the Start button, then tap the Start button, then place your phone (fully charged and switched on) face down, with its microphone pointed towards you, within a foot or so of your pillow and raised so it’s level with your nose. The app will start recording your sleep 30 minutes from that point

Once you wake, tap ‘Show recordings’ to see a chart of your night’s sleep by an hour . Tap any peaks to hear audio recordings (when we did this we actually heard thunder from that evening’s storm, as well as the sound of our teeth, grinding).

The app offers solutions to reduce your snoring. Tap Add Remedies to see these – they include having a warm bath before you go to bed and avoiding caffeine – then tap whichever approach you want to try. To compare your night’s sleep with ones you’ve previously recorded, tap the three horizontal lines (top left), then Statistics.

Sleep Better

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Getting your snoring under control might help you and your partner sleep better,
but it won’t necessarily make you feel more refreshed when you wake. Free app

Free app Sleep Better tracks your sleep cycles – distinct periods of time which may
involve deep sleep or light snoozing – to identify the ideal time to wake you.
It does this by monitoring your movement and breathing (via your device’s microphone).

The aim is to avoid waking you when you’re in a deep sleep, which will make you feel much groggier. To achieve this, Sleep Better will wake you at any time in the 30-minute period prior to your alarm call when it deems you are sleeping lightly.

Install the app, click Next to go through the tutorial, then sign in with your Google or Facebook account, or tap ‘Join now’ to create a new account. Once you’ve logged in you’ll see a time at the top of the screen (which is the default time Sleep Better’s alarm is currently set to). Slide the number up and down to choose a wake-up time.
Once that’s done, a wake-up period of time will be displayed just below the time
you set. By default, this is the 30 minutes before you’ve set your alarm to go off.

You’ll need to buy the paid-for version of the app (£1.99) to increase or reduce this time period, but we found half an hour worked well for us.

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Hope my article “How Do You Know If You Snore” helps you to identify your snoring problem.


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