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How does a Content Management System help your business?

This article will demonstrate to you all the benefits of custom content management system, explain how it works and in what cases it’s relevant to use it! First, it’s important to mention that leaders in the Web development market, like Tino.Design, choose CMS! That’s why you need to pay attention to this system. 

A Content Management System, or CMS is a software, which appeared in the 2000s, facilitating the creation of a website. As a result, the owner of the site has the possibility to manage the information it contains.

This ability to manage the content of the site is an essential criterion, to ensure that the information presented, is up to date with the news, and regularly enriched.

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Moreover, CMS is a type of software, allowing the creator of a website to design, and update its web pages. It means If you have some computer knowledge, you will be able to build and administer the site by yourself, without necessarily resorting to a third party (web design or development professional). 

What’s important to know about features of Custom Content Management System

You need to be aware of some features of custom CMS to understand the system more. It’s necessary to underline that with the help of CMS you can count on:

  • Management of the contents of a website, with automatic application of the predefined formatting;
  • Collaborative creation and publication of content;
  • Management of users, rights and permissions assigned to them.
  • The most used CMS are (non-exhaustive list): WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop.

Why is CMS beneficial for your business? 

The arrival of CMS on the market was revolutionary and made it possible to take a big step in the field of web design. Indeed, facilitating the updating of web pages brings many advantages! 

First of all, regularly updating and enriching the content of a website tells its visitors, and search engines, that the information it contains is fresh and relevant. It also helps to encourage visitors to return to the site, and therefore to retain a community.

Updating and adding content also gives, and above all, the opportunity to improve natural referencing, and therefore the visibility of said site. This is really the main asset of CMS.

On the other hand, be careful: Content Management Systems are not necessarily to be put in all hands. 

Content management systems have paved the way for empowerment on the web, and have been the source of the creation of many web pages. However, be careful, because they do not allow website owners to be completely autonomous, in the administration of all the elements of their web pages.

Indeed, the possibilities offered are often limited, and generally require computer skills (including mastery of web languages such as HTML and CSS, see PHP).

In addition, in terms of cost, it is difficult to have a precise vision of the investment necessary to create and enrich your site, because CMS have free and paid features. And it is possible to have to pay a bill a little salty at the end of the day, without necessarily having considered it originally.

Thus, CMS have represented a great step forward for the creation and management of a site, but are not suitable for all audiences! It’s understandable that it is not for all projects, because they do not necessarily offer all the autonomy and freedom hoped for. 

However, note that today it is quite possible to create a website without knowing how to code.

How to be totally autonomous in the management of your site?

Nowadays, solutions definitely exist, and allow you to gain even more autonomy, in the management of a website, without the necessity to have computer skills.

Web development services make it easy to build pages, using pre-designed tools: site templates, prefabricated features, pre-designed content blocks, etc. All these elements can be added to the site, with a simple and unique mouse movement. And all the changes are directly visible on the screen.

You see, sometimes there is no need to hack the HTML code, no need to spend time fishing for information on the forums, no need to learn computer languages.

A website development services like Tino.Design lso provides intuitive tools, to customize the elements of its site: 

  • colors, 
  • layout, 
  • content, 
  • images and fonts.

They do it in order to build a unique website, and to make it evolve at will. Website builders are newer web design solutions. They are an innovative alternative to CMS, and allow users to gain autonomy and freedom, in the creation and management of their website.

Is CMS for everyone?

There is no doubt that you are now well informed about CMS. That’s  why you know how it works, the benefits it brings to your business, and the disadvantages that we can possibly find there. But then how to make your final choice?

To summarize very simply, you can opt for a CMS in the following cases:

  1. If you have a major web project: you want to create a major online store, an institutional site, or a website with a complex computer development.
  2. You have good knowledge, or at least, a strong attraction for web development.
  3. You are not afraid to spend time in front of your computer, around the creation and updating of your site.
  4. If, on the other hand, you have never created a web page yet, you are new to computers, and / or you have little time available, we advise you instead, to move to a website builder.

However, as you know, every process of creating a quality technological solution, regardless of its nature, goes through certain stages – prototyping and writing a technical task, developing a unique design, HTML-coding, front-end and back-end programming, testing the finished product to ensure  its perfect quality. This is done by special qualified teams. All of this is not a piece of work for one person. That’s why it’s better to choose an experienced company to create the perfect product for you. This way you will be absolutely satisfied with the result.