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How Does Coupon Website Work?


You surely have heard about “extreme couponers.” They are able to go shopping and pay like $100 for products that are worth $2000. Of course, it feels like it’s impossible, but it’s true. There’s even a reality show, where you can observe what preparations for “extreme coupon shopping” looks like.

Whether you like it or not, people started to expect that they’ll get special promotions. Why do people love them so much? Why do they use coupon codes websites so often, and how do such sites work? In this article, you’ll find the answer to all these questions.

Nowadays, pretty much nobody is shopping, especially online, without making sure that there are some decent discounts, coupons or promotional codes available. According to statistics, almost 150 million people in 2021 will be using coupon codes. People like to use such sites because they allow them to save money. But coupon websites wouldn’t stay around if there was no profit that comes from their existence. So how do they earn? You have to know those coupon websites are pretty much online advertising places, and they are creating and developing customer databases. But first things first –  how does the coupon process begin?

Offer Advertisement

Of course, first of all, there has to be a business that will provide a discount and start cooperation with certain coupon websites. Then the process begins, and the site can announce that particular promotion is available. The offer will usually appear on the website, but it might also be sent by email to newsletter subscribers. It’ll often highlight similar promotions and offers in the local area, based on the data that they collected on the customer. Some coupon sites will also advertise their best promotions using different ways, for example, through social media, television or radio. 

Information for the Customer

If the customers are interested in the promotion, they will click on the button that will take them to the coupon website. There they will be able to find all the necessary information, for example, the date of promotion expiration, cost of the coupon or size of the discount. What happens next? Customers might purchase a coupon, that allows him to save a certain amount of money, or get a coupon for free.

Let’s use Noon coupon codes as an example. So, let’s say that you’re a potential customer, and you’ve just found a coupon that you needed. There’s a code that you have to copy and use while you’re purchasing an item that you want. You can save it or have it sent on your email. Now, when you’re ready to buy something from a specific website, it’s easy. Choose a product, enter the code that you got or purchase, and you’ll automatically save a certain amount of money.

Spreading the Word

So, most people are happy when they manage to save some money. And when they see that something worked out, they are more eager to share the information with their friends and family. Websites often encourage their customers to share information about them by clicking on a “Share” button, because obviously more people will be able to hear about them, and their offer, and use it to their advantage.

Win-win Situation

Okay, so the transaction is finished, but what do coupon websites have from it? After all, it’s the company who got the money for a particular product. It’s true, but obviously, businesses don’t keep all the money. Part of it goes to the coupon websites, which managed to encourage the client for the purchase. After all, without the promotional code, they wouldn’t be that likely to purchase the product. It often depends on the type of deal that the website and company agreed to, but the website will usually keep part of the profit from each purchased or used the coupon. 


Most coupon websites don’t focus on a particular niche – their offer is very wide. However, there are websites that specialize in promotions from specific categories only, for example, travels, fashion, technology or grocery. Websites that are providing coupons in one category only will often use their e-space for advertising. 

Also, sometimes you can see pay-per-click types of advertisements when sites will receive a certain amount of money when somebody clicks or view the ad. If the income from ads is high enough, coupon websites might even be able to give coupons for free, as then the traffic volume increases, and therefore profit from ads is higher as well.

The popularity and sudden increase in the number of promotional code websites is not a coincidence. People expect to get discounts and promotions, and that’s why they use coupon sites so often. When potential customers get exclusive offers and bargains regularly, they are likely to spend their money more often. And it makes coupon websites an excellent advertising platform and affiliate partner.


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