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How I managed to miss my flight, because I was playing Roblox

When it comes time to share an embarrassing incident in the company of new acquaintances, I always do not miss the opportunity to tell about the incident when I missed my flight because… I was playing Roblox. People usually burst out laughing when they hear about it.

However, this time we will not pay attention to this story, but rather analyze why this happened? What specifically caused me to miss my flight even though I was sitting right next to the boarding gate? Let’s have a look!

What is Roblox?

Games like Roblox

“It is a global platform that brings people together through play” – that is how Roblox gaming platform is being presented by their creators. Let’s be honest, it is absolutely true. Roblox itself is not a game, it is an online platform which contains games developed by its users.

The answer for those who wonder how many games there are on the platform at the time – there are more than 20 million games. Therefore the statistics, that over half of the United States children who are 16 years old and younger have at least once in their lifetime used Roblox gaming platform, becomes much more likely to believe.

But why is the games platform so popular? Why is it so special as well as engaging that it makes people miss their flights? After all, there is more than one game platform on the Internet, but they cannot boast to experience such a great success as Roblox does. 

Here are 4 reasons which might explain the growing popularity of Roblox:

  • You may play it on various devices

One of the biggest advantages of this platform is that it works perfectly on various devices. Perhaps one person prefers to play online games using a laptop, another using a tablet or mobile phone. Regardless of what one prioritizes, these games work great on all devices. This means they are easy and comfortable to play, they maintain high graphics quality and maintain the same level of player satisfaction regardless of the chosen device.

This is an important reason for the platform’s popularity. That is because other gaming sites neither cannot boast of having this, nor they have such a wide variety of games to choose from. Some people say that the platform could be even more popular if there wouldn’t be regional restrictions which do not allow access to it freely. The great news are that a Virtual Private Network service is a tool which will always help in such a situation: https://cyberwaters.com/best-vpn-for-roblox/

  • It allows you to improve your creativity

Roblox is highly appreciated because of the given opportunities to improve creativity and imagination. This platform allows its user to bring out almost everything he/she wants. It is normal that you do not always succeed in your ideas the first time. But here comes a community of developers who are always ready to lend you a hand!

Furthermore, there are a lot of tutorials on various video platforms. As they come in various ranges starting from beginner, it allows the platform’s user to learn much easier.

  • Social interaction makes it even more charming

Friendly community is another significant aspect which has much influence on whether a person will engage with the platform or will continue to look for something that would meet their expectations better. In this case, Roblox is more than perfect. It allows people to meet and go on digitals adventures together!

As statistics show, there are a quarter of million regular players and many more who join the community in order to play some games when they want. Today Roblox community is proud to have more that 200 million users. This is a huge community, where it is simply impossible not to find people who would be dear to your heart.

  • You can download Roblox for free

Having in mind that Roblox is being played mostly by kids and teenagers, it is extremely significant that it would be free of charge. Since the platform’s core users don’t necessarily have the ability to purchase the games they want, they will prefer free content.

For example, “Minecraft” – another popular game among children and teens – costs around $30. Therefore, it is natural that although it is extremely popular, it has not been as successful as the Roblox platform. That is because of a really pragmatic reason – because money that kids simply do not earn and do not have. Meanwhile, their parents usually do not give priority to paid online games either.

Finally, it is significant to note that all Roblox gaming platform members, whose created games were successful within the community, are rewarded with monthly Roblox subscriptions and various upgrades. In this way, the users of the platform are encouraged to create and share their creativity with each other as well.