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How kill switch protects your PC


We can’t imagine our life without the Internet as we can perform lots of tasks online: entertaining, educating, and even working. That’s cool! But still, our personal life is getting less private nowadays.

How kill switch protects your PC

There are hackers and other third parties trying to access our personal information. How can we protect the data kept on our PCs? VPNs are a dime a dozen nowadays. Everybody knows their benefits related to online privacy. But fewer users realize that VPNs with kill switch are especially critical.

Why? Let’s dive right now and find the answers to the main question: ‘’How does kill switch protect your PC?’’

What is a kill switch?

Kill switch is broadly defined as an emergency stop. As far as VPN services are concerned, it is a special feature integrated into VPNs, which is used to prevent leaking of user personal information (above all others, this is the information that can be used to identify you as a network user).

How does kill switch work?

In order to understand how VPN kill switch works, let’s imagine you would have the situation like this:

You surf the Internet via VPN, and suddenly it stops working because of unknown errors. What does it mean for you? Now your internet connection isn’t encrypted, and your real IP address isn’t hidden.

If a VPN service has a kill switch function, and it is enabled, all incoming and outgoing traffic will be blocked so that your IP address isn’t exposed to the network.

What data on your PC can be invaded?

PCs keep lots of personal data, which can become a target for third parties. There are 4 ways to access your personal data and violate your online privacy: browser history, camera, data storage, and messages.

The information that can be invaded is passwords, connection logs, IP addresses, and any details about you that would violate your right for online privacy.

It’s worth paying special attention to IP addresses that can be exposed if a VPN is not enabled with a kill switch.  Let me explain what your IP address can tell about you. As you can see from the picture below, local IPs don’t identify you as a user, but public IP addresses are individual and assigned as the unique number to any user of the World Wide Web.

How kill switch protects your PC

So, your IP address contains the information about your true geo-location: country, state, city (town) and ZIP code. Thus, once your IP is exposed, your true location is revealed to the network.

How to use the VPN kill switch on your PC?

Kill switch features can be either used in VPN apps by default or enabled manually. That’s why here is the list of steps to follow to protect your data from undesirable leaks:

  • Check if your VPN provider offers the feature.
  • Then go to ‘’Settings’’ of your VPN app.
  • Turn ‘’Kill switch’’ on.
  • Never turn it off when you are connected to the Internet.

 Protect your PC and never forget about your right for being private online.

About the author

Dainan Gilmore is an enthusiastic expert in cybersecurity and works as a data privacy advisor for Bestvpnrating.com.


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