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How Much Should Data Recovery Services Cost?

Ever since we have started to live in the technological era, data has become a central part of our lives. Be it videos, photos or anything else at all today everything is stored on our devices; phone, laptop or PC etc. As important as it is, it brings along with it great risks. 

Suppose you have a lot of personal data in your HDD, SDD or any other storage medium and it gets deleted deliberately or without your consent. It would be a nightmare and the loss you would bear is not imaginable.

How Much Should Data Recovery Services Cost?

Similarly, data is crucial for businesses whether they are small or huge corporations and enterprises, data loss can be a big problem especially for such companies who need to keep record of every single thing.

Nevertheless, to help you in your difficult time, data recovery services are there for you! If you are looking for data recovery services and want to know more about them, here is what you need to know!

What are data recovery services?

A data recovery service is dedicated to recover your corrupted or lost data. These services salvage data from corrupted, damaged or inaccessible files. You can avail this service to recover data from e.g. external and internal hard drives, solid state drives, flash drives. Optical media (CDs and DVDs) etc.

Common types of data recovery services

There are some type’s data recovery services which are

common. These include:

  1.     In-lab recovery

This type of data recovery is designed for any physically damaged media which needs specific equipment along with a clean repairing environment. The media storage could be HDD, SDD or any data storage device.

In-lab recovery will make you pay through the nose as it involves technical diligence and expensive tools to repair a physical damaged device. Also, the chances of data recovery from such devices are extremely low.

  1.     Software for data recovery

For the recovery of simple end-user data such as corrupted and deleted files, this software can be used. Many free softwares are available in the market and some also offer free trials but keep in mind, these are not much reliable and don’t recover every bit of the lost data.

Recovery software works fine when there is no physical damage to your device. They are relatively less costly than in-lab recovery.

Free and trial versions of data recovery software available online will end up adding to your frustration. It is better to invest money in a data recovery firm as they have the right softwares and tools to deal with data loss.

  1.     Server recovery and RAID

This service is for RAID setups and multiple drive servers that make use of special algorithms for storage.

If in-lab recovery will fork out extra dollars from your pocket, server recovery will definitely cost you a fortune. As Businesses, not individuals, use servers to store their data, the high price of recovery can never be a match for the worth of data stored in the servers. Their survival depends on it.

What are data recovery cost? 

Data Recovery costs are variable and are greatly dependent on the situation. The factors that determine the cost of your data recovery are several. How severe the damage is and what the size of your hard drive is, are two determining factors. Also, the amount of effort needed to recover your data may actually increase or decrease the cost. As discussed earlier, if the work is simple it may cost you much less than if it requires some more effort.

A few online companies offer you a free evaluation so you can have an idea of the cost before actually investing there. These companies should be preferred as they will let you know what you are getting into. If the data is less valuable than the money you will spend to recover it, you should dump the storage device right away.

Nevertheless, apart from your work, companies may have different data recovery cost based on their expertise. The qualifications and certifications, data recovery technology level, engineer’s experience among others are several factors that may alter the cost that you will have to pay for data recovery.

In most cases, you may want to go for a thorough research for yourself before trusting someone to do your work. It is due to the fact you want confidentiality, so no one can steal your data which might be sensitive or personal. Different companies may be offering the same services at different prices, so you should compare the different costs and check their customer reviews before you decide which data recovery service you are going to choose.

Many companies like SalvageData have a great variety of services along with their rates. These rates are variable based on the amount of work that is required. This is just one company among the many others that you can find online.