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Find out how your site is being searched


Find out how your site is being searched?

Google’s Search Console provides a fascinating insight into what people who visit your pages are searching for, which pages Google is showing them and how many people are clicking through to your site.

Here is the Process to Find out how a site is being searched

Sign in with your Google account and select the Property (website) you want to look at. If you don’t already have one registered, you can click the ‘Add property now’ button.


The main screen charts how many times people have clicked through to your site, and list the search terms they were looking for

Find out how your site is being searched

Click a specific search term in the list and it will be used as a filter. You can use other filters to view different subsets of results, including specific pages, the countries that the search originated from and the device type (desktop, mobile or tablet) that the searcher used.

Find out how your site is being searched

You’ll also find useful statistics from the different options above the filters. Tick the boxes to add them to your chart. As well as the total clicks, you can view the number of times your site was displayed by Google (‘impressions’), the average clickthrough rate and the average position your site held in the results.

how site is being searched

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Hope my article “Find out how your site is being searched” helps you to identify, how your site is being searched.


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