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How the combination of GPS and IoT works for vehicle tracking

People these days are well aware of the basics of GPS- Global Positioning System. The GPS based devices or machines send and receive messages as signals from the satellite network. It helps the users to pinpoint the location of the device anywhere in the world. On the other hand, there is IoT which is commonly known as the Internet of Things. It is a way of transferring information without direct human and computer interaction. The physical objects are connected through powerful sensors that can collect and exchange data.  

Use of tracking apps for your iPhones

The application of IoT in the GPS based location tracker for cars and commercial vehicles has taken tracking system to the next level. The combination of IoT and GPS means a powerful technology, using which companies and individuals can precisely track, monitor and assign deliveries. Further, the service calls, fuel management, employees monitoring, etc. can be done in a more appropriate manner and without using conventional methods.

The device with a combination of both the IoT and GPS can bring a lot of benefits to the fleet based companies. It can help in overcoming the primary issues of time and revenue loss faced due to traffic issues. Such a device can scout ahead to find the best possible routes, to ensure timely delivery of goods and services. It also assists in getting the insight of driver’s driving behaviour through the data like speed, duration, and detours, if any. It helps the companies in efficiently operating the business with optimal use of resources. Eventually, it will make customers happier, which can enhance the company’s reputation in the market. 

KENT CamEye is the best name in this particular technology combination. This dash cam with GPS location tracker for cars and heavy vehicles fits perfectly into anybody’s need. It works on 4G connectivity and helps in collecting the data through its mobile app or Fleet Management Portal.  It’s a plug and play device that hardly takes the effort to install. Moreover, it’s a non-OBD based device and doesn’t need any internal wiring to work. Therefore, the manufacturer’s warranty on the vehicle remains intact. 

Here is the list of data that KENT CamEye collects using IoT and GPS and provides it to the end-user:

Know the Real-Time Location of Vehicles: KENT CamEye offers the real-time location of the vehicle and displays interactively on the map. The user can keep track of the route on which the vehicle is travelling. In case, the driver is going off track, intentionally or by mistake, then users can immediately stop and guide him to get back on the right route. 

Geo-fencing Alert: In most of the cases, pilferage in goods supply vehicle occurs when it is on the way to delivery. To make this happen, the driver usually takes a detour to evade anybody’s sight. Geo-fencing alert by KENT CamEye gives relief in this issue.  Using this feature, the user can draw a virtual boundary around the location, on the map. When the vehicle would cross that boundary, the user will get an immediate notification. This way, the chances of pilferage can be discouraged, saving the loss of the asset.  


Get Alert for the Misuse: This IoT and GPS combined device help to deter the chances of vehicle’s misuse. It has got powerful sensors that readily sense the breach of set parameters and sends alert to the user at the same time. Whenever the vehicle crosses the speed limit, in-cabin noise level, and duration of engine idling and AC-On in parking exceeds, the user gets alert for them. For instance,  if the user has preset the speed of the vehicle at 80km/hr, and the driver accelerates it to 100km/hr, an alert for over-speeding will be sent to the user. Subsequently, the action can be taken against rash driving cases.

Trip Analytics: KENT CamEye captures and records trip related details like place of origin and destination, stop-over places, trip start and end timings, maximum speed, distance travelled, average temperature, total alerts and much more. It assists fleet managers or individuals in understanding the driving pattern and behaviour of drivers. Additionally, it helps in mapping the performance of the vehicle to derive its health. As a result, fuel and maintenance cost can be managed efficiently.

KENT CamEye is the best example of a location tracker for your car or fleet featuring the combination of GPS and IoT. KENT CamEye is available for ₹17,999 with 3-months free subscription. You can also get a free demo. To book the demo, call at 011- 66765030.