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How To Add Servers On Minecraft

If you’re wondering “how to add servers on Minecraft”, then you’ve probably already created a customized server and you want to start playing using it. 

The process to add servers on Minecraft is simple and I’ll outline them below in easy to follow steps. I will also be giving a guide on some of the Minecraft servers that new and existing Minecraft players might find interesting.

Steps On How To Add Servers On Minecraft

The steps below are based on the premise that you have already created a server. If you have not, you will need to find out how to do that. It is pretty easy too. 

If you have created your server, then move on to the steps below to add that server and start playing on it.

Step 1 – Launch the Server

Run your batch file to launch the server. Your batch file is usually named the same as your server file. 

When the server starts running, navigate to the Minecraft launch page and load the Minecraft version that matches the running server.

If you’re running server 1.15, you will have to load Minecraft 1.15. 

Please Note: If the server becomes outdated because there are new versions of Minecraft available, you have two options. 

You can update your server or you can keep loading the Minecraft version that matches your server. 

Step 2 – Set auto-launch (Optional)

This step is not necessarily a step forward. It is just a one-time setup that ensures whenever you launch Minecraft, it’ll open with the version that matches your server. 

If you don’t want the automatic launch, you can skip this step and go to step 3.

When you perform this setup correctly, you won’t have to choose versions especially when updates come. You’ll just launch the version your server currently supports.  

If you want this option, navigate to the Installation tab on your Minecraft launch page. 

How To Add Servers On Minecraft

Select the +New option. A menu will appear giving you options to name the installation and choose the Minecraft version you want.

How To Add Servers On Minecraft

I always advise folks to name the installation using the server and version number. Then choose the version that matches the server you have.

Then click on the Create option to finish the installation process.

How To Add Servers On Minecraft

Find the installation you created by searching in the search bar next to the + New icon and launch it by clicking on Play.

Step 3 – Connecting on Multiplayer

If you skipped step 2, you should have the Minecraft main menu open before you. And if you followed step 2 properly, you should be there too. 

In the main menu, click on the Multiplayer option.

How To Add Servers On Minecraft

When the Multiplayer menu opens up, navigate to the Add Server option, and click on it. 

How To Add Servers On Minecraft

When a new page appears, you’ll see spaces to be filled. The spaces include

Server Name – Input the name of your server here. You could also input a name that’s catchy, funny, or has deep meaning.

Server Address – If you’re going to be playing alone, you might input localhost here. But if you want to allow other people to join your server, you will have to input your Public IP Address.

How To Add Servers On Minecraft

Please note that if your unique public IP address falls into the hands of hackers, it might be used to launch attacks against you.

Confirm your changes and your server should immediately start to connect. 

Step 4 (Needed If The Server Does Not Start Connecting)

If it doesn’t work, you might need to add a colon and the port number – “:25565” after your public IP address and it should show a green bar signifying connection. 

Launch and you’ll be able to start playing on your server and others will be able to join your server too.

Joining Servers

If you’ve got a particular server you’d like to join, the steps are pretty easy. 

Just click on Multiplayer in the Minecraft main menu and select Join Server

How To Add Servers On Minecraft

Name the Server with whatever name you prefer. Then input the IP address of the server you want to join and connect to. 

If you didn’t make any mistakes with the IP address, you should be able to connect and start playing. 

4 Servers You Might Want To Try Out On Minecraft

Servers expand the gameplay in Minecraft, that’s why they are such a huge hit with gamers. 

Some servers will require you to download some files before they can run. It is part of the normal process.

There are a lot (a whole lot) more servers out there for everywhere but I have chosen a list that should contain something interesting for most people.

1. WesterosCraft

Avid GOT (Game Of Thrones) fans were sad when the franchise ended but now you can immerse yourself in the world of Westeros and become a King or whatever you desire. 

The developers aren’t finished yet though but with Kings and dire wolves, it’ll still give you a rush if you’re a fan.

IP Address – mc.westeroscraft.com

2. Autcraft

A server specially designed for autistic kids. It does not contain violence or any inappropriate media content. 

It serves as a huge learning and relaxing environment for autistic kids to feel safe and still have fun.

Before you are allowed to join, you will need to apply.

IP Address – mc.autcraft.com

3. Grand Theft Minecart

Mirrored after the Grand Theft Auto franchise, this server allows gamers the opportunity to go on murder sprees and use all sorts of tech like tanks, cars, and really cool weapons.

IP Address – mc-gtm.net

4. Minewind

If you’d like to do the nasty things you think about daily in a safe space, this server is for you. 

You will be able to ruin other people’s buildings and generally cause mayhem. It might be cathartic to pour out your anger or grief there.

IP Address – play.Minewind.com

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The process of how to add servers on Minecraft is relatively easy when you’re either adding the server you created or you’re joining an already created server.

There is an element of risk attached to putting your IP address out there. DDOS attacks might be launched on your system if the address falls into the wrong hands. 

Thanks for reading the article, I hope it proves useful to you.