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How To Be a Good Gamer


Games were always meant to be entertaining, but more and more people have discovered the competitive aspect of console and PC games in the past few years. However, different game titles may require a different amount of effort to be competitive – while some games are relatively easy to learn, others may take a lot more time playing and watching tutorials. If you want to learn more about the tips and tricks to being a good gamer, then you are in the right place! And yes, don’t forget to check out the best gifts for gamers at SolidGuides and see if anything could help you in enjoying the best gaming experience.

Practice Makes Perfect

No-one has ever gotten good at anything without practice. Practicing games allow you to learn more about the game mechanics and all the interesting interactions that can give you an edge over your opponents. Some more complicated games may take a lot more practice, so if you want to be truly good, then you should be prepared to invest a potentially unhealthy amount of time practicing. Of course, you should remember that physical and mental health is more important than gaming achievements, so make sure to rest properly during your practice sessions.

Master Your Control Settings

Games come with default control settings that the developers consider to be comfortable. However, depending on your keyboard, mouse and past gaming experience, you might have very different preferences when it comes to control settings. In addition to fine-tuning every key bind and mouse setting, you should also try to stick to the same control settings since this will help you develop muscle memory that will undoubtedly enhance your performance in games.

Do Not Avoid Educational Content

While practicing can enhance your performance in games a lot, you should not underestimate the importance of gaming streams, tutorials, and videos. Thanks to them you can quickly learn tricks and techniques that might have taken years to be discovered, and you will get the hang of them in just a few hours of practice.

Stay in Tune with Changes to Your Game

Many online games and a few offline games get updates regularly after their launch. These changes usually involve not just bug fixes, but also optimizations that may change the power of certain characters, spells, skills, equipment, etc. As long as you stay up-to-date with these changes, you should know, which are the so-called ‘meta’ characters and builds that you can use to have the edge over your opponents.

Use Text and Voice Communication

If you are playing a multiplayer team game, then you should know that your skill alone is not enough to secure success – you need to work with your teammates towards the common goal. The best way to enhance the performance of both you and your team is to use communication as much as possible so that you can synchronize your actions and plans to give you an advantage over the enemy.

Regardless of how good of a gamer you want to be you must remember that the primary purpose of games is to provide entertainment. You should do your best to control your nerves and stay polite to other players, even if the game is not going in your favor. Remember that there is always a next attempt when it comes to games, and you will have a chance to fix your mistakes, improve your gameplay, and achieve your goal.


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